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One from the past...


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I have this framed fly in my study which was given to me by the chap who dressed it.  The designer of the fly was the late Stuart Jarvis,  Head Gamekeeper of Glanusk Estate near Crickhowell.

Over a delicious supper one night we got to discussing salmon flies and which ones we would lean to. Stuart knew the River Usk like the back of his hand and in retirement still acted as bailiff for water below Crickhowell.  He came up with this fly and Brian Fabbini actual dressed it and kindly gave me this one which I framed.   As anyone else come across this fly at all?

I am sure that tied to the correct size, this one is rather large, then it would take salmon as Stuart was no slouch when it came to moving salmon on the Usk.


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...in addition to my story, Stuart acrually related this pattern off the top of his head to try and add materials and make it an impossible fly for Brian to tie. They where actualy out fishing at the time and if you look carefully you will note two porkapine quills in he wing area. Brian actually found out there was such an animal in a local zoo and persuaded the Keeper there to get him some quills, so getting one up on Stuart but they remained good friends for life.

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Yes, I remember Jean and the shop. I have not been down there for over 35 years so do not know if the shop is still trading.  I have not fished the Usk below Crickhowell but have fished a lot of water upstream from the town and we had about a mile and half opposite bank to the Gliffaes Hotel for about seven years. The further upstream you get the more interesting the river gets for fishing the fly and the traditional Usk flies for trout where very lightly dressed, March Browns being a favorite, fished up and across to drift down over the many boulders with a gentle retrieve to keep in contact. Takes being short and sharp by the lovely wild browns.   The first I ever caught was upstream towards Brecon and my host had it gutted and in a ABU smoker in seconds and we had it for breakfast on the bank. Delicious.  I purchased one on getting home and still have it and use it, to this day.

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