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I'm lucky that I can sit in front of a hedge, under a sitt tree in the shade behind some undergrowth. Several small fields with a lot of hedgerows with trees along them. I just use camo with good gloves & face / head covering. I used to use nets but realised birds were looking down on me so the net done nothing. In the shade of the tree I just sit still untill the last minute, another thing I realised, black barrels glint in sunshine.

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4 hours ago, Houseplant said:

Just to add something else in to the mix. I've had great success with a ghillie suit on waterfowl when I need to move around from spot to spot frequently. I've had game birds that you can't normally get within 200m literally pecking around my feet.

Ghillie suits are good, especially the withered grass light shaded variety for wildfowl season.

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14 minutes ago, Acerforestry said:

A very late reply  I know but I'd forgotten about this thread - does any particular company make good quality ghillie suits?

Most come from China and are just resold under different names.

Withered grass is the one to go for and are good for rushes, winters grass, stubble and general British arable countryside.

stay away from the green ones as they are too dark unless against fir trees, gorse or Holly.

I got mine direct from AliExpress.



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5 hours ago, Acerforestry said:

Ok, oddly enough I had seen a Chinese version online not that long ago, i must admit it pains me that so many goods now are from there - you would think nowhere else in the globe is capable of producing anything now. I'd rather pay three times the price for something made in Europe or the US

Unfortunately the jump in cost is not 3x but 10x.

I had looked about for true non-China sourced suit but unless I made my own, it was looking like $300 plus import charges and vat and even then it was made in the USA but did not spec where they sourced their material from. UK sourced was £130 just for jacket being camouflaged (which you supply) at minimum with price going up depending on what was needed.

I also looked into sourcing the materials from China and that worked out about £60 on it's own with me having to pattern and sew jacket and trousers and then affix strands.

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