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  1. Go into your rfd and try one is best answer, certainly historically Mobil has also been the Bettinsoli fitment. Alternatively contact Bettinsoli and goive them model and serial no and ask them to confirm? https://www.bettinsoli.it/en/form.aspx
  2. Yokohama Geolanders AT GO15 All Terrain, Mud & Snow rated but decent on the roads.
  3. His solo video with 167 geese shows much better shooting... Cartridge of choice 36g No3 Gamebore Darkstorm - Lead - Can be seen at 2:10 listed in equipment and empty cases at 16:10. I do like his Swan hide
  4. Canada Geese in Sweden are similar to the UK in that they are an invasive non-native species and not wanted. Whilst the shooting isn't perfect, few here would critise a 300 pigeon day between 6 novice guns.
  5. 1)Cartridges, kept in a dry moisture free warm environment will effectively keep for 25 years reliably, and longer with some deterioration. There is still WWII surplus ammo being found and fired. 2)They don't but using the quality components in cartridges (high antimony round shot) but not necessarily the most expensive cartridges gives better patterns, especially as you push the edges of the envelope for any given gun\choke\cartridge combination.
  6. Gun fit is important as you are shooting instinctively as the focus is on the target, and you can't correct your mount as easily as shooting in daylight when barrels are more visible. If you are struggling, it might be worth using a glow in the dark bead so that you can see your muzzle in your peripheral vision.
  7. Polychloroprene is the glue of choice for shoes and boots. 50ml Professional Flexible Super Strong Glue for Rubber, Shoes, Leather, Felt, Nylon, Leatherette Fabrics Plus Many More https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CTQT99D/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_ZK2C8BDAJAWQEWCJZRMV?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Use in a well ventilated space....
  8. That's the one. I got some extra bolts and have each bolt with standard nut and a nylock nut to stop it moving and have each bolt set for a pre determined case length, as it saves having to adjust the original all the time, you jst swap out the bolts.
  9. 3d printed one on ebay from a chap in Glasgow sometimes.
  10. It's dificult, if they are locating each day to one area and returning there the next, I would go ahead and shoot it, but if they are all over the field, no wind often means no success as they can feed randomly quite comfortably.
  11. Try a 50/50 mix of Aldi (or Lidls) Specially Selected 100% Freshly Squeezed Smooth Orange Juice with Sparkling water.
  12. I used a Likimat Buddy for my springer pup, just to slow him down a bit for his wet food (mince) in order to give older dog a chance to finish his. Adds about 30 seconds to the experience. Depending on what age it is, might be worth trying to satureat ehim with food for a week, see if that will slow him down. Mine get the raw in evenings, but kibble is available all day for them.
  13. Knowing the bruising no3's cause to geese, I would not be surprised if the pheasants aren't much good for the plate either.
  14. I wonder where Eley might have gotten their figures..... 🤔
  15. Just use it as it is, drink stirrer......
  16. AliExpress has dozens of different brands for sale but all the same torch.
  17. Which one was on your advert?
  18. Bishop was selling one pre-Christma but don't know if it's gone or not.....
  19. Stonepark


    It is very much overlooked, mainly due to descriptions of it's flight as "loopy" or similar, when as long as you know the range, adjusting becomes second nature. If you are already used to it, I would not hesitate to use it. Additionally a 25cal hole is almost twice as big as a 177 (31mm2 v 16mm2) giving a lot of blood loss and distruction, which is needed to take a large squirrel down.
  20. Stonepark


    I use a 25 cal sub 12ftlbs BSA lightning for most of my static squirrel hunting with the H&N FTT. Shots are kept under 25 yards and most are chest shots aiming for the heart and the 25 drops them without a problem as at that range pellets are carrying over 9ftlbs, more than enough to punch through ribs, heart\lungs and the spent pellets are normally lodged in back just under skin.
  21. If a true 28g or thereabouts, 378 means realistically a 7 1\4. I have counted white golds before and got 365 pellets for 28.0g so not much difference, might open a new one up from latest batch to double check. UPDATE: Cut open a 2021 White Gold Fibre No 8 - 28.07g, 380 pellets - 18mm Diana Fibre Wad, 3mm OPC and 1.66g of mixed pink and green 1.5mm flake powder, no oddities and nicely polished pellets.
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