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  1. They are not in a pen - they are on my 2 acre pond - im lucky i have a bout 20 ponds of various sizes. These are wild ducklings that come off early - before the flies have hatched - i used about 50 kg to give them a boost early on - these and the farmland birds too. As a shoot we spend many thousands on various types of hungry gap - early breeding season feeding - and reap the rewards
  2. We did feed them meal worms - and we had about 100/150 wild ducklings - it doesnt cost that much at all really
  3. Try meal worms We feed these to the young wild ones The soften and float
  4. Try radios in the pens Park the shoot truck by the pen and move daily Get some straw and branches and make hides Plant brambles over pallets for next year once the birds have left the pen
  5. Good for you - Im not interested in how or far i suppose - Just if they have a chance - but each to their own # All i do know is tame duck will ruin a lovely pond / pool like this
  6. Looks really special = Honestly dont ruin it Get a feeder out and the wild duck will find it - they wont make half the mess Yes i agree Goodness - i wouldnt want to shoot one reared duck let alone 4or5000 !
  7. Thats mega - please dont go and spoil that with tame Mallard - use it for flighting
  8. We just use normal feeders and throw some in the water edge / bank side when passing Ours are wild ducks though
  9. Be good for bugs and stuff that will ! The chicory will thicken up - some of mine from last year is 5 ft tall too
  10. jall25

    Pigeon gear

    Good morning Could you mail me some pics please?
  11. Next year maybe have a look at Chicory Jim - yes the deer love it - but it has tap roots and for these drier times is doing us proud up here regards
  12. Amazingly cheap by the time you have bought the birds and fed them Do you pay beaters ? Do you guys own the land ? Does the farmer subsidise it a bid with cheap wheat and or cover crops ?
  13. Thats very cheap How many guns please?
  14. What time are you checking them at night ? Are they being killed before they go up to roost or during the night ? Gos has been killing a few of ours and daft as it sounds leaves very little mark - until it eats them - i know because i actually saw it On second thoughts If there is no mark on them - and you have thoroughly plucked them - i suggest taking to a vet Maybe they are not been killed but are just dying Pray its not avian flu
  15. If he is sleeping ok - it may be a vet can sort him out for you
  16. jall25


    I think a horse has to eat about 10 or 20 percent of its weight to harmed ? Ragwort is very valuable for wildlife though i do understand peoples concerns
  17. Great stuff See if the farmer will knock that balsam over - another invasive species nearly as bad as the squirrels !
  18. I thought we had stopped this To keep trying to justify it surely must even tell you something about the ethics of it I am actually probably a younger chap and have a syndicate of many ages featuring many teens and mid twenties. It is things like 20/30 ducks each a drive that will end shooting As i said before - i feel sorry for you
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