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    European bison

    I fully support the return of all native species which have been made extinct, and until we do so, we cannot hold the moral high ground on habitat loss and extinction elsewhere such as the Amazon. The reason for the extinction of most large mammals in the UK was competition with farming, whether that be sea eagles taking lambs, beavers blocking streams, wolves killing sheep, boar spreading swine fever or causing agri damage, bears killing livestock, bison eating crops\mate with cows, lynx killing deer, raptors such as goshawks or eagle owls killing game birds. There really isn't a good reason not to reintroduce them all, but there are a lot of poor reasons such as they are 'dangerous', too many people, need too great a range, can't protect livestock, will cause flooding, couldn't have flocks in the hills, will kill\displace other raptors, will need to compensate landowners or famers etc etc.
  2. Pellet for pellet, there is little difference on impact (and certainly not noticible to the quarry) Where hard shot wins is in patterning, hard shot that resists chamber pressure deformation with margin to spare flies truer and patterns tighter and better distribution giving better kills. Antimony Percentage Brinell Hardness Max PSI Bar Vickers Hardness 0 4 5000 345 4.2 0.25 5 5800 400 5.3 1 7 9000 621 7.4 2 8 10250 707 8.4 3 9.1 11600 800 9.6 4 10.1 12900 889 10.6 5 11 14130 974 11.6 6 11.8 15050 1038 12.4 12 15 19100 1317 15.8
  3. Last two deals i have had were through mobiles.co.uk or mobile phones direct. Plusnet keep sending me offers and 10gb plus unlimited calls\texts for £10 a month is decent but I prefer O2 so no experience with them but as with all piggy backing firms, I wouldn't have thought any difference with main network owner as other than billing, it is all network owners kit.
  4. Most DD faults in a newish gun are oil\grease\dirt\filings related, take off the stock and flush action with wd40 or similar, paying attention to the inertia part of the mechanism. If it is mechanical it may need a Smith but again until it is flushed, even Smith won't be able to tell if more complicated, unless obvious such as broken inertia spring.
  5. Would that be the EU we will no longer be part of after the 31st December 2020 and for which any EU legislation before then would still have to be enacted through UK legislation which we aren't going to do?
  6. Denatures (cooks) the histamine proteins. Loratidyne or cetrazine cream on it. If going into 'cleggy areas' I normally take 10mg loratidyne (non drowsey) in morning and if bitten another 10mg asap after the bite. Minimises the swelling effects. Look up Thermacell, ultrasonics are useless unless very powerful.
  7. Make sure clean water bypasses the tanks, remove the sediment from the bottom of the soakaway as over time it becomes clogged up. If you have 2 settlement chambers it is a better design than most which only gave one. If you have room on your property for soakaway pipe, perforated pipe with gravel is fine but any changes to system will normally trigger registration and may result in whole system having to be replaced as will putting soakaway on someone else's property. DO NOT WORK INSIDE THE SOAKAWAY TANK WITHOUT A ROPE SYSTEM TO PULL YOU OUT AND HELP CAPABLE OF DOING SO AS THESE TANKS OFTEN HAVE HYDROGEN CYANIDE ISSUES.
  8. Stonepark


    If have had one of the import ones off eBay for 3 years and no issues. Try camo 600m range finder, two buttons on top, battery compartment on bottom simple to use and not too bad on batteries.
  9. Edgar Brothers are importers, Sportsman Gun Centre, pellpax or Surplus store uk would be your best bet.
  10. How about old school, 30-30 or 45-70, out to 150 are fine but a bit more skill required after that.
  11. Buy some cheap fibres from just carts, these are now collectors items and plastic wads
  12. £480 new with beech stock, £550 new with walnut, throw in scope, mounts and bag is at least another £100, say £650 new.
  13. How about each week, one contributer emails H&N for them to be put back into production as I use the Sniper Lights as well as find they work well in older BSA's.
  14. Look on the pachymar Lyman site, they come in small, med and large and thicknesses from 0.6 inch to 1 inch in black and brown.
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