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  1. Just looked it up... D037.2 High density, double base, ball propellant similar to Accurate No. 9 is most suitable for .44 Magnum. This propellant gives excellent velocities for the pressures generated and with less flash than other comparable powders. It is intended for use in large capacity handgun cartridges (.357, .41, .44 Magnum and .454 Casull). It is also suitable for some small rifle cartridges (.25-20 Winchester, .30 M1 Carbine) and the .410 shotgun. It is the best with heavier bullets in most calibres. Our slowest handgun propellant. Powder Grams - Grains - m/s - ft/sec - max grams - mag gr - m/s - ft/sec - max bar - max psi D037.2 - 1.200 - 18.5 - 370 - 1214 - 1.300 - 20.1 - 415 - 1361 - 2800 - 40600 SP3 - 1.28 - 19.8 - 371 - 1221 - 1.60 - 24.6 - 415 - 1361 - 2800 - 40600 Compares as slightly hotter to SP3 in 44rem mag with 240gr bullet. Would like to see some 410 reloading data for it, burn rate chart below (don't know how it would come out on screen), on par with Bluedot? Vihtavuori Reload Swiss Norma Hodgdon IMR Winchester Rottweil Lovex Vectan Alliant Ramshot B & P Titewad D013 N310 P805 S011 Ba 10 Bullseye Clays IMR Red WST S015 ZIP N320 RS12 Int. Clays 700X WSH P801 Ba 9 1/2 Red Dot BP 01 Titegroup IMR Target D032 N32C HP 38 IMR Green WC231 S030 Green Dot AutoComp S020 True Blue N330 P804 S035 Universal Cl WSF D036 Ba 9 Unique N340 RS20 HS-6 3N37 CFE Pistol 800X A0 Herco BP 02 N350 Longshot D037.1 Ba 7 1/2 3N38 RS24 IMR Blue P806 D037.2 SP2 Pract. Blue Dot N105 S040 N110 RS30 H110 WC296 D060 Ba 6 1/2 2400 Enforcer BP 03 S053 SP 3 Lil' Gun D063 N120 RS36 200 Reloder 7 R901 S060 SP 10 D073.4 N130 201 R902 D073.5 X-Terminator N530 RS40 Tubal 3000 N133 202 SP 7 TAC D073.6 SP 9 Wildboar N135 CFE 223 IMR4166 R903 S062 BP 06 N140 RS50 203-B Leverevolution Reloder 15 Big Game BP 07 N540 RS52 S065 SP 11 R907 N150 URP Tubal 5000 N550 RS60 Reloder 17 RS62 R904 S070 204 IMR4451 Tubal 7000 N160 Reloder 19 Hunter BP 08 N560 S071 IMR4955 R905 N165 RS70 MRP Superformance Reloder 22 BP 09 N565 RS76 217 Reloder 25 IMR7977 N170 Magnum N570 RS80 IMR8133 SP 13 24N41 20N29 US869 D100
  2. Equal parts is reccommended, but aim for a 2% to 2.5% solution (most shop bought vinegar is 5%.)
  3. Bear in mind that at 30 yards the 25 is carrying almos 2ftlbs more retained energy than the 177 in something like H&N Barracuda extremes (9.7 v 7.7).
  4. Lancer, Just to pitch in and summarise discussions I have had and as noted by others above the 410 is an experts gun used most often used by the young. In effect, due to the very limited tolerances on both gun design (chamber lengths, forcing cones, chokes, bore diameter) and ammunition (pressure, shot size, shot load), if any of these are significantly out of the sweet spot, pattterns are less than effective. With a larger bore, there is more room to manouver to still get an adequate performance but not with 410. Chamber lengths - putting 2 inch or 2 1/2 inch cartridges through 3 inch gun does not give a good seal and therefore disturbed patterns Forcing cones - very short cones do not work well with the long narrow shot column of the 3 inch case Chokes - Most 410's are over choked for use. In my multichoke (Khan/Revo K226), anything more than 12-15 thou and the patterns degrades and gets worse than the lesser chokes. if your patterns are always patchy and random, this is a sign of possible overchoking issues. Over choking also results in patterns narrower than required, making the chance of missing higher, especially when this is meant to be a close range gun. The above 12 - 15 thou with home loads gives me a 64% pattern at 35 yards (about 5% behind optimum) in a 30 inch circle. Bore diameter - not a good idea to run over sized bores as as well as pressure losses, this again this interacts with chokes giving pattern issues Pressure - Until the advent of the 3 1/2 inch 12 bore which matches, the 410 was the highest running pressure gun. Even normal 410 loads are still at the high end of 12 bore loads and therefore need a minimum of 3% antimony for subsonic, 5% antimony for normal pressure to resist deformation of pellets on firing within the chamber. For full pressure 410 loads 6% antimony pellets are required. Shot size - 2 inch No9 has a 20 yard range even when almost subsonic, 2 1/2 inch No 8 has a 30 yard range, 3 inch No 7.5 or 7 to give a 35 yard range (pushable to 40 in the heavier loadings) Any bigger shot size for each cartridge and the patterns go to pants at leser ranges. Why use a pellet capable of killing at 50 yards (No6) or larger and longer, if the pattern peteres out at 25 yards no matter the choke for small/medium game - .However there is an argument for a No4 load (in Scotland over decoys) for geese with a 40 yard range). Shot load - 3 inch loadings are generally getting lighter (down to 16g in some cases). I run 21g loads at the supersonic mark and have no issues with killing pheasants, partridge, pigeons, crows etc over 4 seasons. If I try for more speed (more powder and higher pressure) with 3% antimony shot the pattern goes patchy within 1gr of extra powder. My next loadings will all be 5% antimony clay shot (euro 7.5 ) and I will see what i can squeeze out of them speed wise by upping powder load until the pattern begins to degrade due to pressure. If I can be of any help, drop me a PM.
  5. What you have sounds like dog equivalent of athletes foot (yeast fungal infection) which is itchy until licked to bleeding. Keep toe hair and pad hair trimmed. Look at the natural treatments such as hydrogen peroxide or cider vinegar warm foot bath etc to relieve itchiness and treat fungus each night before bed for 10 min and reduce when feet heal to once a week. Get a set of paw booties and have them on dogs feet whenever outside until healed. Silly question, but he isn't walking on harshly chemical treated surfaces or getting feet in silage effluent or amonia (slurry effluent) as these can cause simikar symptoms?
  6. The British way has always been to live and let live and respect each others rights and ignore radical extremists, and take the measured sensible route however the anti's and the liberal biased media now no longer make that stance feasible as polititians are both mainly townies and now act in fear of a percieved bad media reputation and as such now no longet stand up for individual rights as they did in the past. UK shooting orgs now also need to become political and unfortunately take up an antagonistic position to the anti's in order to preserve our personal freedoms to shoot and hunt otherwise they will be removed both demacratically by bring out voted by liberals and undemocratically by QUANGO's and other organisations.
  7. Just go around to taxi drivers wuth your son and explain that the poluce are aware the phone us with him and can you please gave it back. Best recouse if he won't hand it over is toreporthim to taxi licencung at council with evidence and have him booted off the job.
  8. 300m is the average fall out from shot hence the exclusion zone but as i pointed out on the main gl thread this scuppers an awful lot of sheep farms as they will have to apply for individual sssi licences at a cost?
  9. You are very early in your ownership, and i would suggest at least a thousand shots to run it in then strip and relube and you may gave to go with pigeon loads or heavier to get there. Fiocchi do a pl32 in 8 continental size which may be suitable and still use at clay grounds. The A5 was traditionally designed as an ounce and an eighth gun (32g 70mm chambers) and also able to handle 36g comfortably. In order to make it a 2oz gun (56g 84mm) gun they had to beef up the recoil spring, lengthen the chamber and make the recoil semi auto action longer to the detriment of lighter loads, patterns and shorter cases respectively. No matter the advertising blurb, you have a specialist heavy load/duty wildfowling gun which is not suited to light load clay busting. If you want a clay gun look for a semi auto that will have 70mm chamber/action and ideally run fine with 21g loads and you can pick up inexpensively such as second hand franchi 712 or similar.
  10. Did make me laugh, clearly lifted from a number of different urban and rural pest control manuals and regurgitated without considering the specifics and definately ignoring the environmental issues it raises, not to foget need for planning permission, EN, NH, and felling licences for several options
  11. The MAGIC layer doesn't seem to be available yet, but i suspect this will be a nasty surprise as a lot of sheep farms are within SPA's
  12. Just posted this to BBC Online Complaints: - The revokation of the general Licences by Natural England and affecting 800,000 people is one of the biggest countryside stories in 2019, yet until some unknown person or persons stuck some dead crows on Chris Packhams gate, the BBC did not have any reference or articles to this huge story on theoir website and as of writing this complaint, still do not. How can a story affecting 800,000 people, farmers, food supplies, animal welfare, disease and non-native species not have its own considered article, especially when it involves Natural England a government body being seen to be unprofessional and acting rashly. This appears to be bias of the BBC and in contradiction to your own website statements on unbiased and fair reporting.
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