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  1. Pictures of gun, sieral no and proof marks often help.
  2. Speak to Cookoff013, he would be your best bet.
  3. 10 days normally, it just dries out any crop not quite ripe, so it is easier to handle without clogging machines.
  4. Unfortunately they sell every model but..... Second Shift
  5. Admin - apologies if in the wrong section... My favourite boots have been Caterpillar Grousers (soft toe) for a number of years, nubuck, sturdy and comfortable, worn with suit or in the farm yard or out shooting when drybut unfortunately they were discontinued when Barretts shoe chain in UK went out if business. Cat now do almost an identical boot called the Second Shift but currently aren't importing to UK due to 'lack of demand' which there won't be as they don't sell it. Would it be possible for everyone to email Caterpillar at info@catfootwear.eu to ask that they start selling this boot in the UK preferably in nubuck (no polishing required, just wax occasionally) to try to generate demand and getting Cat to start importing them? Ideally 1 person a day to keep momentum up? Many thanks,
  6. Just noted that Maxam has a 20b 24g steel recipe on their revised table for SSB150 which you noted and ties in roughly with prediction.
  7. Vectans official sheet allows suggests a 24gram load with 20.3 grains of SSb150 for 600 bar Is the 24g loading suggested going to be excessive in pressure? Unlikely as at only 2\3 max pressure to start with, but it may become increasing uncomfortable to shoot in a light gun. Like Cookoff, I also break down recipes for similar reasons and SSB150, I did for interest, as a potential 410 loading powder and as an aside my calcs suggested 20.6 grains of powder in 20b would be the sweet spot for 24g load and 21.75 as the max but these have never been tested.
  8. Doesn't so much bring harvest forward but ensures it is all ready all at one time. Another 'bad' idea that has grown with glyphosate useage being used for more than weed control for which it was never designed to be put on food close to harvest as residuals are greater on food.
  9. Mellors, Start by providing more information for each loading, just because it is not easily findable, does not mean someone else hasn't done it but we need info. Calibre? Shell primer Powder Wad Shot RTO or Crimp Anything else that is relvant......
  10. I suspect they are paying for the telescopic handersor Lifts, not cheap. Makes my local simulated day shoot, look cheap. https://www.simulatedgameshooting.com/ £225 per gun for 2500 clays per team of 8 guns or 72p per clay (elevenses, lunch and afternoon tea included). Plus 2 slabs of cartridges for another £100.
  11. I bore sight my ou at 40 yards and then adjust Shotkam centre point to match.
  12. Been shooting a Franchi Alcione S for 15 years, just picked up a 2nd hand identical one should anything go wrong with first. If I miss a target, it's not the guns fault! Now just need to make space in the cabinet.
  13. 2 years ago, perfectly healthy trees, one on left has deteriorated much faster than one on right
  14. I cornered the guy on the Hull stand at the 2019 Scottish gamefair over both no7 loads in 12b and 410 pellet sizes being too large. In regards the former, he advised using Sovereign fibre in no7 as no profit in no7 game loading and the latter, everybody just wants no6 so that's what they do them in, no interest in production of a better, more effective cartridge. Though I see they now have a 18g no7 fibre High Pheasant load on their website - not seen any yet
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