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  1. When you charge the car the voltage can be stepped up through transformers in the charger unit in the car or in the external charger depending on the technology being used (most are within the car). Tesla's for instance have a 350volt battery pack and drive system. Often the 12v batteries are a separate battery and charged from the main battery pack with a built in 12v battery charger just like charging battery in a normal situation or an alternator like an ICE car.
  2. Don't forget to use any comments sections to increase our liberties, i.e. lift air gun power limits to 18ftlbs without requiring fac, etc
  3. No Funny, the traditional gun was a single barrel muzzle loader flint lock and then Manton invented the SxS, caplock, internal hammers all came along and were rapidly adopted by shooters at the time. What seems to then gave happened is that the toffs (and certain others) then froze on the pinnacles of SxS manufacturer (i.e. a hand made Purdey or Boss) as best, whilst others kept developing and producing better guns (and often less expensive) and which were available to all in the form of the semi and OU. This is still going on and companies such as Longthorne (w
  4. Just right for wild duck 👍
  5. Sounds good, we are on the home made (bar tortillas) chicken fajhitas tonight.
  6. You are steaming the duck to maintain moisture and using a lower temperature so follow your recipe, but mallard and other wildfowl are always best pink when roasted. I often do a mixed salad then pan fried duck on top with a bramble or rasperry salad dressing.
  7. Depends on size of bird but generally..... Most of the meat is on the breasts, I would pluck breast and filet it with skin on and sear in a hot pan for 1 min each side, reduce pan to med and fry for 3 min each side Total time in pan 8 min), leave to rest for 4 min and ready to slice to serve. If you are going to roast in oven a whole bird, 220 to 240 for 15- 20 mins is enough, if you brown beforehand 10min will be enough. All my duck are served rare to prevent toughness oif the meat due to over cooking.
  8. In my view the OU is a compromise between the SxS and the semi auto. I would use a semi for all my shooting but convention dictates otherwise. Single sighting plane, pointable, reduced recoil, shimmed stocks, magazine, etc make a semi very effective and deadly even for a novice shooter.
  9. Slightly disingenuous in that the average age of a car on the road in the USA is 12 years and 25% are older than 16 years and therefore more prone to electrical fires due to age of wiring looms. The oldest Tesla's are just making it to 12 year old now (roadster 2008) and model s (2012) have 4 years to go.
  10. BPI also do 20-Gauge • 23/4" Length • SpheroTungsten Original-15 Shot • Fold Crimp 20 Cheddite Ched209 Longshot 22gr wad NC20 CSD20 (3)14C28packers in base 3/4oz 328grains 10195psi 1425fps 20 Fiocchi Fio616 Lil Gun 35gr wad CSD20 (4) 18CW28 packer in base OS20 1oz 437grains 5650psi 1300fps
  11. ITX is 10g\cc to tss 18g\cc, tss18 no 6 will roughly do the same in energy at 75 yards as No1 lead or BB ITX or steel BBB. Pattern wise TSS holds a 30 inch pattern with light chokes at 50 yards, all of the others require heavy choke to do a 60 inch pattern at the same range.
  12. The last Berreta Silver pigeon 28 bore (small guage action) I handled weighed in a shade over 5 1/2lb with 28 inch barrels. Positives: - Better pattern than 410 for same loading and in larger loading can stretch to 40 yards (rather than 35 yards of 410) Negatives, 28 bore cartridges are rarer in gunshops than 410 and 1/2 pound heavier gun Bearing in mind you have a 20b which can shoot from an easy 21g to a comfortable 24/25g to an uncomfortable 34g, and shoots No 7, No 6.5 and No 6 (or even no5.5) respectively (best shot sizes to maximise pattern and range on pheasant/p
  13. Stonepark


    New Yildiz OU multichoke is most common, Khan/Revo OU multichoke follows behind, both less than £500.
  14. 36g no3 lead, 36g No1 steel are both suitable over decoys. Depending on what you can get from gun shop, Express, Victory are more reasonably priced, Eley and gamebore less common and more expensive generally.
  15. Well done on another great sounding day!
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