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  1. Use blue diamond 28g no8 and fiocchi fblack sporting no8.5it interchangeably. Put 150 BD through franchi semi last weekend with no issues.
  2. Folkstone engineering supplies, Diana type Evo II wad 14mm is clone of what Eley use but no Over Powder Cards. Better to use 12mm wad and 2mm OPC to make up the 14mm.
  3. Bullace (no thorns), sloes have large thorns up to 4 inch long.
  4. That is mine up and running, 850g sloes, 500g sugar and 1 litre Greysons gin per bottle.
  5. 28g no 7 will kill pheasants and smaller sub 40 yards, ***** & **** Or 28g no6 and **** & ***. Or 25g no6 and *** & **.
  6. Why not get the after market led replacement bulb for it from eBay.
  7. Aldi Greystone London Gin, green bottle 1l for just over £14. Fill 2\3 2l sparkling water\lemonade bottle with sloes\bullace, add sugar to fill gaps and just cover sloes, add 1l gin, squeeze out any air and keep in warm place , shake once a week for 6 weeks until suger is dissolved and mature for remaining time. Rebottle back into gin bottles for long term storage for which you will need 1.3l of bottle for every 1l of gin originally used. Makes a nice smooth slightly syrupy slow gin.
  8. Not that would be noticible at normal ranges but at extreme range the degredation of the pattern may result in more injured birds and you may get 45 yards instead of 50 yards.
  9. Scythe....... Keeps them at bay with little effort, disappear after 4 or 5 cuts as out competed by grass.
  10. You need to go with a 2 stage process. With each shot size and loading you need to refine the 12 bore Packers below the shot inside a wad but outside of the cartridge until you are happy with the conclusion (shot should show 0% to 25% of shot diameter or up to 2mm) of top layer of shot above the wad tips and record each scenario. Once this is done, you then adjust the column height of a wad by introducing 10g over powder cards or cork wads under the plastic wad within the case to you have the correct height to get a good crimp.
  11. BPI website https://www.ballisticproducts.com/00bsts.pdf
  12. Eley blues whilst not the cleanest don't themselves leave residue that can't be moved by a mop and wd40. I suspect you may have fired plastic wad cartridges previously and they have left a residue which the blues have then dirtied up as that 6 to 8 inch in front of the chamber us where melted plastic is normally deposited by the plastic wad. As above bronze brush rotated in a drill is easiest solution to remove, then polish up (burnish) your barrels at that point with the mop and some moly grease to fill in any micro grooves in the barrel walls.
  13. if available, i will take the maserin.
  14. Slide and spring best to use a spray on dry lube rather than oil. I clean my gas ports once a year with a piece of cut down drill (to shorten length) bit the correct diameter for the ports so it restores to original diameter and just twist it back and forth with finger tips.
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