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    Major Shipping Canal from solway to newcastle as a short cut into main EU ports....... 😜
  2. Stonepark

    Old Topics

    There appears to be a continued resurgance of historic topics/ threads by one off posters, can admin lock these historic threads automatically after 12 months of no posts to the topic?
  3. As above, pattern both guns with same cartridges and compare 30 inch patterns. In theory, any of those chokes and 7.5 28g sporters should drop every pigeon within 40 yards if you are on target and the pattern test should confirm this. If your kills are not as good, you may only be catching pigeon with fringe of the pattern suggesting you are slightly off with gun fit rather than anything to do with chokes.
  4. This years recipe for sloe gin is to 2/3 fill a 2l ginger bottle with berries, add 500g sugar and 1 litre of gin which then just needs a slight squeeze to eliminate the air. Should be drinkable by Chistmas once rebottled.
  5. That is mine laid up for infusing for 2019
  6. Stonepark


    Lock Ken fish are doing well on them, now they adapted their diets.
  7. I handled one last year that local gunshop was trying to shift. Barrels were capable of being drilled out to 32b or possibly even 28b there was that much metal. The comnent at the time was that it would be suitable as a double rifle as that was what it looked like. Also muzzle heavy, i would consider the Yildiz route before commiting to one of these.
  8. Perhaps it was 6 feet = 6' - a double prime 6'' is for inches
  9. I suspect, even if charges were involved 12 months suspensied sentence , 12 points and a fine would all she would get as it was not done maliciously.
  10. Looks like a combination of a tight crimp and very fast powder, pressure pulse is traveling through crimp before it is fully opened and case material strength is less than crimp strength.
  11. Yes, a lot of us started with SxS. Single sight plane is easier to use and recoil more manageble between greater weight and lower centre of gravity. Does your SxS actually fit you and shoot to your point of aim and it might be worth some professional advice before splashing out on an OU.
  12. They are injection moulded, just like regular plastic, so should be no issue with cost. The current generation of Photo degradable wads are desinged to produce micro plastics and should be phased out along with regular plastic wads.
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