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  1. For most cartridges the Briley aftermarket choke tends to throw patterns which are more regular and evenly distributed. I have Briley Mobil Extended IC and Light Mod in my 12 OU.
  2. When shooting a 12bore in Scotland, I would go 28g No 7 for Pheasant and smaller, any fibre No 7.5 Euro clay shell (No 7 UK sized), have Gamebore Balck Gold at present 36g No 6 for Duck (if lead), Lyalvale Super Game Fibre, Lyalvale 36g No 3 (if steel) for both flighting and decoying 50g No 1 Lyalvale (Actually a No 2 in sizing in lead) for geese, or 36g Lyalvale Max Steel No 1 If Money was no object, TSS loads (Tungsten 18g/cc), but these have aminimum range of 25 yards due to density of pattern at close range, but, 28g No 8 for game (Pheasant,Duck and smaller) up to 75 yards 40g No 6 for geese to 75 yards Both of those will give a killing pattern at those ranges with moderate velocity and softish recoil, but you are £2.50 and £4.00 a shot respectively, homeloading and probably twice that if a manufacturer decides to produce them commercially.
  3. About £2,000 plus fitting per bollard.
  4. The Gordon System is compressible due to the space in the basewad, giving extra volume.
  5. By increasing the case volume, you lower the peak pressure. Similar to running a 65mm load in a 70mm case with a bit of extra compressible wad to make up the difference. Resulting pressure normally runs lower.
  6. My dad had a 1982 B reg one of those from 86 to 92, great for shooting with sliding rear doors and folding rear bench seat etc.
  7. Stonepark

    Climate Change

    For those who are interested in the science (and history) behind the climate changes the planet has undergone and will undergo again in the future: - 1) PLASMA COSMOLOGY: https://youtu.be/E4pWZGBpWP0 2) COSMIC DISASTER: https://youtu.be/B_zfMyzXqfI 3) CLIMATE FORCING: https://youtu.be/rEWoPzaDmOA
  8. Many thanks.... No, just have a deep interest in the facts and ignore the marketing 'blurb' .
  9. It is not just pyschological, but also physical, generally an increase in price will (but not always) achieve the following for any given load i.e. 28g:- Better quality hull (higher 'brass' and thicker walls reload better but as most cartridges are only fired once, not that important) More consistant powder (less shot to shot variation) Better quality wad (felt with over powder card instead of Diana type only) Higher Antimony percentage in shot (harder shot withstands pressure better resulting in better patterns) Produced on more modern and more accurate machine. However, this does not add up to an extra £100 per thousand in most cases, probably £30, the rest being 'marketing' There is also the issue that a No 7.5 (2.4mm) 3%SB 28g clay cartridge doing 1500ft/sec is £250 thousand, yet the game cartridge equivilent 28g No 7 2.4mm 3%SB 1400ft/sec is £350/thousand.
  10. JBK, From reading your original post and subsequent additions, you have demonstrated you want to achieve consistancy. I would suggest leaving one gun or the other in the cabinet until you are happy with your shooting. I would also suggest as you apppear to be searching for, 1 cartridge that covers 99% of your shooting to a reasonable range. 12b is relatively easy, Gamebore Blue Diamond 28g 7.5 fibre clay cartridge will kill every clay and pigeon within 45 yards and every pheasant within 40 yards with IC and 1/4 choke if you are on target, the cartidges are relatively soft to shoot, good speed, 3% antimony and sized as a UK No 7 (2.4mm) and not expensive. The closest in 20b is Lyalvale Supreme Game, 28g No 7, however the offerings is even more skewed out of whack in 20b than 12b for a proper cartridge that is the optimum combination of pellet size, pellet number, pellet speed etc I note your chokes are nominally 1/2 and 3/4, why? This minimises your pattern spread, meaning you are more likely to miss a bird or catch it with a flyer, resulting in an injured bird. If you want to kill a crow clean at 60 yards, reliably (i.e. 99% of the time), you are going to need 1 7/8 (53g) No 5 through an Extra Full choke and even then you will be sparse on pellets. With a normal load 32g or less, 45 yards is the reasonable maximium for any shotgun. You should not be shooting at "flukey" birds, over 45 yards with a 20b there is no reason or justification as your 20b and carridge combnation is not up to it.
  11. 35 on dial, or actual 35, if the former most likely doing 32-33mph and may avoid.
  12. Stonepark

    Pellet prices

    I tend to order mine from here, delivered in a few days and well packed. https://jsb-diabolos.de/?6-35-25,24
  13. Field Target with airgun would be cheaper and can be enjoyable.
  14. 29g no 6 through your chokes giving 155 and 165 pellets in 30 inch circle 1/4 and 1/2 respectively. Will kill to 40 yards. Stick to what you are happy with using, enjoy the day.
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