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  1. Stonepark

    Barrel blowups

    For a view of what it looks like, Demolition ranch (not my favourite but sometimes interesting) on Youtube have a video called the Overloaded Shotgun. Can see barrel banana, wad stuck in barrel in front of explosion and shot squared from pressure.
  2. Stonepark

    Barrel blowups

    If it doesn't sound right or recoil as expected, or misfires always check your barrels. Having suffered from multiple 'duds' over the years, I have only once had a stuck wad and fortunately checked before reloading and cleared with a stick.
  3. Stonepark

    Barrel blowups

    If not the first shot of the day, likely a stuck wad
  4. Stonepark

    BREXIT - merged threads

    What everyone forgets is that contrary to modern media beliefs the the ideology driving the NAZI's was left wing socialism, totalitarianism and natonalism.
  5. Stonepark

    BREXIT - merged threads

    A second Brexit referendum, will immediately open the door to the SNP to keep holding referendums until they get the answer they want.....
  6. Stonepark

    How far

    A bullet exiting a carcase will be tumbling and subsonic, so probably 200 to 300 yards potentially (musket range) at 1000fps but more likely 50 to 100 yards (large ball bearing shot from catapult velocities of 300fps)
  7. Stonepark

    I'm going vegan

    Actually our ancestors ate a lot of meat (hence paleo diet fad) whether as fish, shell fish or game as this was the only place to get extra energy to build fat up for winter to survive.once, civilisation took off (i.e. Populations out stripped local wild food supplies and resorted to farming as they had exceeded their environmental capacities ) malnutrition started to become common as the foods harvested lacked the vitamins and minerals of the wild diet but would keep population alive (hence modern breakfast cereals are all fortified). The medieval /working class population continued this way until the 20th centuary and oil replaced animal power, living on mostly subsistance cereal diets (porridge, bread, vegetales etc) but if you look at most native tribes (and the remaining few not modernised ) even as late as this centuary, their diets all had a reasonably high proportion of animal protein where their populations were not exceeding their environmental capacities.
  8. Stonepark

    28g for Pheasant

    A 28b with 21g to 25g of no7 (clay fibre loading) will drop any pheasant within 35 yards so no need to worry on that score. My 410 with 21g of no7 is more than capable of this. The pattern will be the same width as a 12 bore, just slightly less dense, however at the ranges above are more than adequate to kill cleanly each and every time without resorting to too much choke. (IMP and 1/4 or 1/4 and 1/2), try to avoid a gun that is overchoked.
  9. Stonepark

    Battery for lamping

    Can either use the same or fit a lithium equivilent which is lighter but you need a new charger plug if uou go down this route.
  10. Stonepark

    Notice from Police I didn't stop at an accident

    Talk to a solicitor. Ask police for any and all evidence of an incident. Often this is a fishing expedition or people trying a scam.
  11. Stonepark

    Left handed falcon FN19 .22 wanted

    Other than seals, not a lot to go wrong with them , and seals is only a 20 min job with right tools, also fully tuneable and accurate.
  12. Stonepark

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Wolves also tend not to tolerate foxes in their range and one of the possible benefits of reintroduction of wolves would be the potential reduction of fox territories and are less interested in ground nesting birds/eggs than foxes are.
  13. Stonepark

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    Perhaps if I had just said brown hares living in the hills for Kielder but for Scotland/Peak district it would be mountain hare, but yes, a Lynx can pull down a red hind, especially if it was ill/old/starving, red fawns/immature animals are also available 6-9 months of the year but they could also probably manage a fully fit one, though I doubt they could get a mature fit stag.
  14. Stonepark

    Responsibility for bridge?

    I would suggest, especially if your deeds are unclear on liability and responsibility that put a limit sign on the bridge of 3tonne. It is unlikely normal vehicles /lgvs will give an issue (1.5t per axle) if the bridge is well constructed and showing no issues, the problem will be if someone gets a delivery of ready mix (3 axles, short wheelbase) each at their 13t maximum loading) or other large HGV.
  15. Stonepark

    Lynx reintroduction rejected

    1) Mountain Hare, Roe, Sheep, Sika, red most likely in that order 2) probably starve to death like any other carnivore if it can't survive by scavenging until it recovers or dies, or uneducated prey (it doesn't take long to educate a flock of sheep as where I live the local sheep ignore my spaniel but head for the hills when they see a strange dog) - human certainly wouldn't be on the menu as we do not act like prey but as another predator.