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  1. Give the whole action, bore and internal of moderator a good scrub and remove any lead, dirt or carbon deposits. Check all screws are tight and mod is tight as well, worth trying some sandpaper to float the barrel, mine is floated in my stock but only by 1-2mm.
  2. Half malt vinegar, half pickling vinegar, I find good.
  3. It it just me or is the Pattern Control Disc, just look like an Over Powder Card under the crimp?
  4. Unfortunately, the law dates from 1988, when there was no internet to speak of and needs to play catch-up with technology....... Without any additional new restrictive laws being tacked on. Similarly, certificates should have moved on to credit card to carry and paper cert for transfers, marking up rifle ammo purchase at least
  5. It started with varmint rifles, and is moving over, not heard of any laminate stocks breaking down, and certainly appear to be more moisture stable (at least that is reason given for rifle use).
  6. There was a reason plus twos and plus fours were popular.... Shorts by another name in the olden days....... albeit worn with stockings to cover all the leg, rather than the sockless or mini sock fashion currently in vogue.
  7. Old news but also just launched a pistol grip version. £980 for the package, certainly isn't bad.... and for vermin control it would have its uses. A few negative comments on style but certainly, I have been waiting for gun manufacturers to modernise their practical gun ranges (i.e. not just practical shooting but clays and vermin control as well) where usefulness and purpose is more important than style or two barrels.
  8. Have had my 2014 Duster out this week playing in 8 to 10 inch deep snow, in places, 6 to 8 inches on most rural roads, didn't even blink unless on a 1 in 5 or steeper slope where 4x4 was then required due to snow compaction turning it icy underfoot. Trundled along motorway (dual carriage way) at 40 to 45mph in 2 inch of snow with no issue with everyone else in inside lane doing speed of slowest driver (circa 25 to 30mph). Current tyres are Geolanders AT and certainly paid for themselves this week as never struggled to get to where needed. The company duster
  9. Look around as solicitors often have free or set fee wills at times. For altering will (effectively drawing up a new will), probably an hour of work so about £200. It helps if you give them a copy of the old one with changes marked on or on seperate piece of paper.
  10. Next up Tungsten cored small calibre to get weight up... I wonder where that leads..... (pun intended) Problem that is being ignored by the authorities us that all copper or brass rounds are either semi-armour piercing or outright armour piercing compared to lead bullets which fragment on impact and rely on the bullet jacket to hold them together. Why BASC, NRA don't hang on about this is a mystery.......... for safety purposes.....
  11. Electric Duster MkIII
  12. Yokahama Geolanders......... £20 more per corner and not re-treads.
  13. You are correct that Bismuth is less fence than lead (9.8g per cm3 versus 11.g per cm3) as both are alloys adulterated with small amounts of other metals to modify their properties (to make Bismuth less frangible and lead harder). With regards pattern, hard materials pattern more densely than soft materials as it is the damage caused under high pressure on during which distorts the pellets causing them to not fly true and therefore a wider pattern. Bismuth is 85 on brnell hardness, lead is 8 to 12, whilst iron (for our steel pellets) is about 170. Most accept than steel shoots some 1
  14. Agree with the above.... https://www.cdnnsports.com/media/catalog/product/cache/f5b8ec3106966d0a70caa3833e0df530/L/A/LAN6_1.jpg
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