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  1. Because the voting tends to be tactical. In Scottish elections it is SNP 63 seats, Con 31, Lab 24, Greens 6, Libdems 5 In UK elections SNP 48, Con 6, Lab 1, Libdems 1 In EU Elections SNP 3, Con 1, Brexit 1, Libdems 1 In local MSP election especially we vote for policies, but in UK election we vote for representation as in Scotland the feeling (rightly or wrongly) that it was geting lost in the larger parties as irrellevant over the needs on the South, especially London.
  2. Stonepark

    22 pellets

    I sm using H&N Sniper lights in mine, flat shooting and readily expandable skirt works well.
  3. 🌩 Strike earths to road, too fast for birds to react to.
  4. Taser only a problem if it is in working order and similarly knuckle dusters only an issue if modern having been made, imported or sold in uk, if historical it is not illegal to posess them as far aS i am aware.
  5. I lucked on a Lee Loader set for 410 which has a 'shell conditioner' as part of the parcel (second from right in picture), this is what is used to widen the mouths where they are not parallel to shell wall. Whilst ok, one turned from brass and drill mountable would allow for quicker and easier use. If you want I can measure mine to give the taper. - UPDATE Excluding the knurled grip, mine tapers from 0.485 to 0.300 over an inch
  6. Go with what you know and are comfertable with, normal sub 45 yard pheasant does not care whether hit with 32 no6 with pigeon written on case or 30g no6 with game written on it.
  7. These look like a pair of 17500's, what did the battery pack come out of? Ok, got it! https://www.eevblog.com/forum/thermal-imaging/flir-ms-ps-ls-thermal-scope-teardown-by-fraser/ manual says battery not user replaceable but Battery Manufacturer I believe is Shenzhen Megmeet Electrical Co., Ltd
  8. If your wife is happy with this, it is very difficult to change things, but you do need to sit down with her and discuss it, and depending on age of kids make it about them if they are still young enough. Certainly, ban tv on family visits (pull plug fuse if need be) , are they there to visit your family and spend quality time or watch tv and get a free meal. If invited to dinner, xmas, hogmany or otherwise, i would always take a bottle or two of the hosts favourite tipple and especially at these celebrations. Not an easy one given the past 15 years and wifes connection with her family.
  9. Get a tree each year (even though just me and wife), decorations and lights are all sunk costs, so tree and bit of electric only costs. Presents (other than sweets etc) are limited to couple of things we like and a surprise. Dinner is full roast, normally cooked by me and quite like a slow roast turkey stuffed with proper homemade pork stuffing with cranberries. No pressure, no chintz and no waste!
  10. Cheers, and probably not the best (i used the earliest loading, which was ok, but not the best finished as roll turn over /wad not quite as tight as i prefer). Plenty of similar evidence on youtube, Federal even have a commercial loading in 410 in usa as well.
  11. TPS wad cut down to shot level as original to long, with 2 over powder card undeneath.
  12. For those who are interested.... 20g No9 TSS out of a Briley Light Modified at 50 Yards doing 1200 at the muzzle from the 410. Shot was slightly off centre on paper vertical axis which is 1m high by 1.2m wide.
  13. It is not to do just with range but for those who only shoot a few geese per year and/or or have the light weight 65mm game gun, 28g of TSS at low to moderate velocity and some choke with plastic wads is a 50 yard killer of geese, without the recoil, pressure and shock and awe of 36g steel in 76mm doing 1600ft/sec.
  14. The software has it all pre-programmed in.
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