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  1. Soft on the shoulder for the loading due to being slower than VIP's , pattern wise they are decent and certainly better the selcect and VIP loads you have been using, worth patterning the two (VIP and Zeniths) at 40 yards for pellet counting 30 inch circle and seeing what your shotgun prefers.
  2. DtoD is fun to watch, as is John Carpernters Vampires with James Woods
  3. It looks like a Dark Arches caterpillar. http://www.mylifeoutside.co.uk/2015/05/dark-arches-moth-caterpillar.html
  4. Cuckoo Pint/Lords and Ladies is what I know it as.
  5. Not a strict comparison but 223 recoils like a 410, 308 like a 20 bore, the 223 is far easier to shoot, especially out of a light rifle.
  6. It is lead shot that is banned, not lead bullets, so you should be ok with those.
  7. The Royal Highland show is going the same way, £34.65 an adult ticket plus £15 parking. Kids get in free but, the price is likewise out of a lot of people's pocket for a day out. This year there is also no tickets or parking to buy at the door, everything has to be pre booked which I think will catch a lot of people out.
  8. GL allows culling but still does not allow you to use orherwise illegal methods. In Scotland you could use lead inland, in England still have to use steel. Advice: familiarise yourself with the other relevant legislation We recommend that you familiarise yourself with other legislation that may be relevant to your circumstances when operating under this licence, including: Use of lead shot The Environmental Protection (Restriction on the use of Lead Shot) (England) Regulations 1999 prohibit the use of lead shot: on all foreshores (the seashore between the high-water and low-water marks) in England in or over specified sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) - predominantly wetlands for the shooting of all ducks and geese, coot and moorhen
  9. Stonepark

    Why ???

    wi would have to disagree. The 177 is inherently a less efficient Caliber than 22 and 22 less than 25 when judged on energy used to achieve a certain velocity and thereafter of retained energy downrange which is more important, not outright velocity. Said differently a 12ftlbs Springer 177 uses the same volume of air less efficently than a 12ftlbs 22, so you get a correspondingly lower power in 177 for the same compression volume and compression cycle, hence not being able to put a sub 12ftlbs 177 gas ram in a 22 as it takes it over the limit. In a 12ftlbs PCP, all the manufacturers publish their data and expected shot counts and 177 is consistently 20% or so below 22 for (normally) less energy. At FAC, the difference continues with one important aspect as 177 pellets are pushed closer to supersonic (1070ft\sec), their efficiency in air used starts to drop precipitously as energy tops out at around 26ftlbs, which 22 achieves sub 900ft\sec. At your stated velocity of 900 for JSB Exact Heavies, 100yards Downrange a 900ft\sec 177 10.3gr 18.5ftlb will have 596 and 8.1ftlbs, a 22 900ft\sec 18gr 32.4ftlbs will have 610ftsec and 14.9ftlbs. The only upside to a 177 using pellets in fac is arguably it uses less air for the same velocity as a 22, however for the same energy, 177 uses far more air per shot than 22 or 25 and ultimately energy is what counts.
  10. Stonepark

    Why ???

    They were designed to do 18ftlbs...... then downrated for sale in the UK.
  11. Not a pasty, but a slice of Pork, egg and picalilly sausage roll.
  12. Some objective discussions.... On the wider Ukrainian war, for those following the MSM and haven't figured it out by now, whilst taking control of circa 25% of Ukraine to date, Russia has eliminated over 50% of Ukrainian combat effectiveness. Russia's main intention was to demilitarise Ukraine which they are aiming to complete before winter sets in. This will prevent Ukraine subsequently attacking the seceeded regions as it was previously gearing up to do before Russia stepped in and negated 8 years of international arm sales and training in 4 months as Zelensky was building his "invasion force" instead of implementing the Minsk agreement. Unless anyone else has been indiscriminately killing ethnic Russian citizens over the last 8 years, they don't have to worry about Russia invading them, so the rush for Finland and Sweden to suddenly join NATO is nothing more than politics using the "reds are coming" argument to scare their populations into joining NATO.
  13. Note that trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in a Conservation Area will require prior consent from the local authority no matter whose land they are on. The depositing of branches is not correct, you have to offer them back, but most owners would refuse and then you are liable for their disposal.
  14. Same up here, turnip or 'neeps' are Swedes
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