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I don't have many muscles left but the few I have I keep pulling, so decided to make some serious sacrifices with my kit.

Cut back to seat, 2 good nets, 2 flocked full bodied crow decoys, empty sack, folding saw, secateurs, ball of string and idividual first aid kit plus water.

I had a text over the weekend, wheat sown, can I keep the pigeons off please. 

Packed 10 home made pigeon decoys plus skewers to my kit.

Half way down the field I was congratulating myself on halving the weight when I pulled yet another muscle in my calf, so glad my walking stick is strong.

Putting up the nets, 3 crow came in and I dropped 2, so I had 1 on the bouncer 1 in the pattern with the 2 flocked.

For the sake of it I put out a comma type pigeon pattern about 30 yards to my right but as I'd not seen any pigeon thought it might be a waste, it was.

I can't commence shooting untill 0830 and by 0915 (I know that cos my phone rang) I'd had a constant stream of crows coming in.

After the phone call, nothing for 45 mins. I decided to pack up, as I packed up 1 more.

A good mornings work and home for lunch and my afternoon nap.

Unfortunately due the terrain I only picked 4 by the hide and another 2 walking up the field.

Day of rest tomorrow and out again Wednesday. 


Wheat sat on the surface, no wonder the crows come in.


My rather poor pattern.


Just 4 picked due to terrain.

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Nice one Centrepin , we very rarely see that much grain left behind after a field is drilled , well worth keeping an eye on it and hopefully you will get a nice couple of hours in the sunshine without having to much pain in your joints .

THANKS for posting     MM

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