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Birds of prey


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A few years ago I was asked by a work mate, if I wanted to go up to Hereford for a days ferreting with him and his Harris Hawk which he had trained from a chick.

He also had a Peregrine male bird which he was selling to the gamekeeper, who kept a Goshawk and was passionate about flying birds of prey and was taking us to land where he flew his birds.

I was picked up on the morning and the bird box with the Harris Hawk was in the back of the vehicle and I sat in the cab with the Peregrine Falcon perched on the gloved hand for the 60 mile journey.

It sat, quietly hooded on my gloved hand, and was absolutely stunning.

On arriving at the home of the gamekeeper, we were shown his Goshawk and settled the Peregrine into it’s new home.

We left his home and went to his permission and flew the Goshawk in the morning on bolting rabbits and was amazed the speed and agility of the bird as it flew approximately 18” off the ground and looked like an exorcet misile.

In the afternoon my mate flew his young Harris Hawk, and I was very impressed with what he had achieved, training his first bird.

As we entered the gate into the field, he let the bird fly free and it flew from tree to tree following us as we worked the nearby hedgerow.

A large cock pheasant was worked out of the cover and the hawk was on it in a second, flying from the tree and only just missing it, and living for another day.

 I was particularly impressed with it catching rabbits and the hawk would wait patiently in the branch of tree, waiting for the bolting rabbit.

The hawk when it missed a fleeing rabbit and it managed to make it safely to a nearby rabbit hole, the hawk would be looking into the hole, as if to say where have you gone.

What a brilliant pastime to have, and what a memorable day.

 I have found a photo of his Harris Hawk and the Gamekeeper’s Goshawk 


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This brings back memories i used to fly and breed Goss and Harris flew Redtails i was a member of the Welsh hawking club for 20 plus yrs i was Ai Goss 30 yrs ago 

went on a few Hawking meets North Wales also at Garlands Shooting grounds great to see a Goss in full flight at Pheasant my Goss used to follow me from tree to tree while i worked my pointer  great pics as well 👍

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