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Beginner - Essentials?

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On 06/05/2023 at 09:32, TIGHTCHOKE said:

John it is a service term, like scran, haverbags, nosebags, dixies and loads more.

All foreign language to me T C , we just like to keep things plain and simple when it come to taking something to eat when going shooting , on a duck flight I take nothing , the very odd time a small flask if the weather is rough so I can have a hot drink when I get back to my motor , on a shoot day the flask is priority , I now do the picking up and we do get a few minutes to have a cuppa before the drive start , at around eleven the guns have there break and we get included in the eats , drinks I leave well alone , at lunch time we get soup and the roll I take is normally enough for me to eat , our shoots are aimed to finish around 3.30pm and the flask is finished off when I go to the game larder to get my brace of birds , so a simple menu and the only nosebags I have heard of are the ones that go under a horse's mouth while having it's oats , something I no longer need a nosebag for .:lol:

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Hi speycaster all you need is a hessian sack, a milk crate, and a dozen shell decoys and learn the best way, the hard way. Save your money for cartridges, the more you learn the more you will shoot. Food take what you want, you won’t have to bring it back. We would take a bottle of pop boiled eggs and jam butties one lad took leftover scouse still in the pan. Now l will go to a chippy or call for a takeaway. Good luck with your pigeon shooting what ever you decide to take or don’t take across the fields with you.

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