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Proposed Bully XL ban


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1 minute ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

So ban every breed that would be that heavy!   



As to your second point, I very much feel that these low lifes will ALWAYS find a way to impart their supposed superiority, just like the big posh car brigade.

So that's no labs, springers and an awful lot of working dogs banned then, plus a huge range of other dogs.

This has all been done before with the American pit bull terrier and yet here we are, give it a couple of years if that and we'll have the next status breed, either that or there'll still be illegally owned bully XLs, who've been given the kudos by being banned.

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1 hour ago, Penelope said:

Well, justify why the fighting/baiting breeds are needed, then?

Why are any of the breeds needed, very few dogs are actually used for their intended purpose anymore.

Besides the Bully XL isn't even regarded as a breed in the UK, while in America, it's considered a failure for the breed to show any aggression which shows how little relevance your argument has. The original baiting dogs were bred for dog fighting and not for tackling people, which is a totally different thing (for instance, a dog that shows aggression towards dogs very often has none towards people, it depends on training, previous exposure and breeding.

What has happened is chavs have got hold of them because pitbulls were banned, they have taught the dogs to be aggressive and are breeding dogs with the drivers necessary to make aggressive dogs. 

Like I keep saying ban the bully xl and another dog will take it's place, the kangal is already lined up, so my question to you, is what's the answer once that happens?


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Just for demonstration here's a clip giving you an idea of the size of a Kangal, that looks well socialised. Ps this is obviously not an attack despite the description.


Here is a second link of a much smaller Kangal who isn't even being aggressive in the sense of a dog wanting to go after people, it is simply nervous and has had it's defense drive triggered (the difference for anyone interested is a dog delivering a defence bite tends to bite with the front part of the teeth, disingaging relatively quickly and almost darting in and out like a boxer, a prey driven bite is delivered with a full mouth bite, they tend to hold on, rag and deliver further full mouthed bites, like a pack of wolves once big game is bought down and no longer a threat. It tends to be far more severe, and is almost always the type of bite delivered on healthy adults when there's been a fatal dog attack)

Now imagine what that first dog could do in a full blown attack if it wanted to. What are we going to do about scroutes buying dogs like that?

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57 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Oh I agree, so what do you propose?

Just let TERRIBLE owners have pointless attack animals?

I can only see two options, leave as is and except there will be attacks, licence people like we do guns.

There is a third option of banning any dog over a weight capable of killing a grown, healthy adult, but it would preclude most working dogs and current pets and be almost Impossible to implement I'd have thought, I posted my thoughts on that in a earlier post.

Anything else I can thing of is going to be totally ineffective.

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