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  1. I don’t think the welsh lads are like that. The coaches won’t let them get complacent. They will stick to a game plan and execute it. I can only see a welsh win.
  2. Duckandswing

    Film 4 9pm

    Bang on. Superb film. Made me tear up too
  3. I occasionally buy a copy but there is very limited content. I enjoy the gun reviews but if I read one more spread on pigeon shooting I may throw myself under a bus.
  4. I’d have stamped the dirty little cretin
  5. It was a good game. England had the first half, Wales the last thirty minutes. Good news for the World Cup, I hope a northern hemisphere side can put on a good show.
  6. Corbyn is an absolute gimp. I detest the man. We shouldn’t take the citizenship off KNOWN terrorists? I saw her interview, she doesn’t give two hoots about it. This whole saga is making my blood boil.
  7. Unjust to strip her UK citizenship? That’s what she harping on about. Treason is treason. What was the penalty for treason?
  8. My dog fetched a brown stick in between a pile of brown sticks. Brings me the correct brown stick in a whole host of other brown sticks. Pretty sure she smelt out her actual brown stick. My dog can fetch a dark red ball in the dark as well as she can an illuminous green one. Pretty sure she smells the ball rather than sees it?
  9. I do sometimes struggle reading these kind of topics. I see game shooting as extremely ethical when compared to say the mass production of chicken or the mass production of pigs or ducks etc. The game just dies in a different manner, after it’s be reared in a nice environment, fed and watered with plenty of space. Then released and either shot or lives to fly another day. i may be entirely missing the point, but if the vast majority of game enters the food chain, which I’m sure it does, then what is the problem?
  10. Get some washers for the bolts as the holes in the gun cabinet are usually quite big
  11. The young lady is quoted as saying “I don’t regret it”. Then don’t come back.
  12. Move to Wales. Gwent police did my application to the certificate on the mat in 14 days
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