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  1. Fitting a shotgun cabinet

    If fitting a cabinet it has to be fitted to the permanent fabric of the building. Your block work represents that. I’ve used threaded bar many a time with resin. I’m not entirely sure about fitting above the skirting as it may make it easier to jack the cabinet free. Plus the weight of the cabinet will put unnecessary weight on your threaded bar. I would cut the skirting out so the cabinet sits on the floor and is supported. The FEO may or may not hang off the cabinet to make sure it’s secure so if sat on the floor it has extra support.
  2. Police Interceptors - Channel5

    I agree, I would also be more worried about a drink driver than a occasional recreational drug user who stays in their home and has the occasional joint. Unfortunately, drug usage can be much more than that. I guess I just never understood the need. Obviously, it’s each to their own.
  3. Police Interceptors - Channel5

    No I don’t. I despise drugs.
  4. Sporting tattoo's

    I have a whole host of different tattoos. Fifteen at last count. You can’t see any of them unless I’m in a short sleeved shirt though. The only shooting related one I have is the Browning buck mark logo on my back with Celtic influences. I’ll try and work out how to post it if anyone is morbidly interested. I’ve had a few more since. That photo looks a tad fruity 🧐
  5. Help

    You need to get some electrolytes into you. Try some high five in your water plus the skins compression shorts or leggings
  6. Simply rude people!

    I cannot abide being sworn at, there is rarely a need. This certainly isn’t a scenario that warranted abusive language. i mean really? Swearing like that in a shop full stop is wrong, but in a gun shop at an RFD? An apology is required from the gentleman as a bare minimum. If no apology is forthcoming then there is no remorse for his actions and he clearly believes such behaviour to be the norm. Which is wrong in my opinion.
  7. Gun Cabinet Requirememts,

    Same for me. Threaded bar and resin. Just needs to be securely fixed and take considerable effort to break free.
  8. Greener, W. W. Martini action BEAST 12 gauge

    I’m pretty sure the riot gun version took a specific cartridge designed only for those police issue guns. That looks like GP greener or general purpose shotgun. Classic rolling block action not totally dissimilar to that used in the Martini Henry .45 boxer rifle.
  9. How near, how far.

    It is a breadcake. Make that three Yorkshiremen
  10. Amazon Prime

    I have prime. Worth it for the music alone which is a brilliant service.
  11. What’s for Christmas?

    That’s the same one as mine. Meant to be a good beginners machine.
  12. What’s for Christmas?

    Metal detector for me
  13. First childhood crush

    Sweet baby Jesus! Smouldering
  14. First childhood crush

    Sally Fields in smokey and the Bandit.
  15. new car

    That is a good looking ride. Hard to beat BMW quality.