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  1. Duckandswing


    Let’s be honest, he isn’t exactly skipping around the place and won’t have the best eyesight nor reactions I imagine so I doubt he should really be behind the wheel of two tonne of Range Rover. I understand he is fiercely independent but no doubt had a body guard who could have drove. Seems a bit silly really and could have been much worse.
  2. Duckandswing

    Recommendations for 1st shotgun

    And at very reasonable cost too
  3. Duckandswing

    Weather over the Wolds.

    You really cannot beat Mother Nature for things of beauty
  4. Duckandswing

    ATA Sporter

    Got to agree with this. I take my pump guns over anything else as I simply love shooting them.
  5. Duckandswing

    Remington 870 Wingmaster

    When you do have a nice one, i’ll Buy it off you 😁
  6. Duckandswing

    Remington 870 Wingmaster

    I completely agree, but finding a nice one is particularly difficult. I’ve been looking a long time for a mint one. Lots of them get ruined by being heavily modified with all this magpul stuff.
  7. Duckandswing

    Remington 870 Wingmaster

  8. Duckandswing

    Remington 870 Wingmaster

    Do you guys know who stocks these new in the UK?
  9. Duckandswing

    VINTAGE FISHING TACKLE, any PW member use ??

    £1 and 10s. I find something romantic about predecimal currency.
  10. Duckandswing

    Cleaning shotguns

    This thread has reminded me that I might need to get around to cleaning mine. I used to be quite good at doing it but it’s dramatically tailed off over recent years.
  11. Duckandswing


    If you don’t mind me asking, how long did the sharpening and blueing process take overall?
  12. Duckandswing

    Pump Club

    Second dibs
  13. Duckandswing

    Molly 2010-2019

    I really do feel for you. I lost my 9yr old collie early December to kidney failure which was totally unexpected. I didn’t realise it would have affected me quite as much as it did. Chin up fella
  14. Duckandswing

    Coat Rack

    I never thought I’d have coat rack envy, but my word I do
  15. Duckandswing

    Coat Rack

    I love it. I’m inspired to make one myself now.