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  1. Duckandswing

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    2 xl for me if you do them
  2. Duckandswing

    Decorative Machete SOLD

    Is that a Collins Machete? I can’t quite see in the photo. Please let me know
  3. Duckandswing

    Plasterers...HELP PLEASE!

    Amosite and crocidolite use was banned in 1985, whilst chrysotile was banned in 1999 I think. So structures constructed post 1999 shouldn’t have asbestos containing materials in them. Anything before that date will or could.
  4. Duckandswing

    Shotgun certificate

    Mine is five years, but perhaps it’s changed?
  5. Duckandswing

    Bush/Tree ID please

    The birds can have them. I always thought they tasted rank and smelt that way too
  6. Duckandswing

    Bush/Tree ID please

    Guelder Rose or Latin name as above. They HAVE to be cooked before you eat them.
  7. Duckandswing

    the Hungerford Massacre

    Shall I tell you what I sometimes wish. I wish I could shoot a lever action winchester. I wish I could shoot a colt 1911. I wish I could shoot a Thomson m1a1. I wish I could shoot a single action army. Etc etc etc I can’t in this country. So I shoot my shotguns. I do this safely. I would shoot the above safely. I’d even shoot them at a range and hand them over afterwards for safe storage. I can’t though. I don’t need to shoot anything, but I love it. It really is that simple. i also collect militaria and the like. I don’t know what that makes me? A gun nut? I’m not entirely sure. I am with Scully on this. Why can we not have what we want?
  8. Duckandswing

    Older Discovery Advice Please,

    For a grand I’d be asking for a fresh MOT to be put on it. A garage selling a car could easily do that for you. With the exception of rust and for that money I’d be looking for a years motoring without spending anything else, I.e. the tyres are good, no smoke on start up, no unusual rattles or oil leaks etc. You don’t say what engine it is, but if it’s the V8 you are talking some serious fuel costs.
  9. Duckandswing

    Heat Hazards for dogs include artificial grass.

    I’ve changed my dogs routine. Walk early before it heats up, quick walk after work and then a nice walk at about 10.00pm. Even then it’s too hot to work the collies.
  10. Duckandswing

    Vegan in the family

    I want to come to your wedding, the food alone sounds amazing and right up my street. I’d put a vegan meal on for him, because as you say it won’t cost much. Id make sure he knows it’s your day and there will be a pig roasting. Likely wouldn’t stay anyway.
  11. Duckandswing

    Suzuki Jimny.

    I like it. Looks expensive though.
  12. Duckandswing

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    I do think there may come a time when the public will take it upon themselves to protect themselves from this kind of behaviour. If you were attacked in such a manner and there was no apparent justice or future protection, would you simply let it happen again? I do not think I would. I think there may come a time when the general law abiding public stands up for themselves against the minority of thugs out there.
  13. Duckandswing

    So what would you do?

    It’s a difficult one. When faced with that knife I’d think twice about getting out. If my kids were with me I just simply don’t know.
  14. Duckandswing

    Garage Roof Leaks. Corrugated Asbestos.

    Long armed roller. Rubberised paint or bitumen. The asbestos won’t hurt you if you don’t break it and breathe it in.
  15. Duckandswing

    Jungle fowl or Ornamental pheasant

    Aye, it’s a Amherst