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  1. Had straight swap over in my old house. Wb24i, it was £1800 cash. It didn’t take them a full day
  2. Rated Howley as a player, never as a coach. Might be a blessing in disguise. I can only see an All Blacks win, but closely followed by either South Africa or England. You just never know on the day though.
  3. I know most of you guys have seen this before but this is my first real glimpse of the defender and it’s heartbreakingly bob. https://apple.news/An5WbRhi1SGC3RnSRd9yNow
  4. Agreed. Spend what you want and enjoy it
  5. I think I am in the minority. Absolutely love tattoos on women 😍.
  6. Ooohhh this is a difficult one... 1. Van Morrison - Into the mystic. Just takes me away. Always close my eyes and drift with that one. Huge Van Morrison fan as it is. 2. Johnny Cash - Hurt. I find it a very grounding song. Makes me question myself and the life I live I suppose. All that from a song hey. 3. Midland - Cheatin’ Songs. I’m a huge Country music fan and this one is modern but old school. Proper foot tappin tune. 4. Sammy Davis Jnr - Mr Bojangles. Almost brings a tear when I listen to this. Played to my nippers at bedtime when they were little. Sat in their room, staring into the dark hoping the little swines would sleep soon... 5. Paul Robeson - Ma Curley Headed Baby. Not a song or artist many would know but my late father sang his own edited version of this song as a lullaby when myself and my brothers were youngsters. He was much older than my mother so grew up with this. A song I’ll always associate with his memory. Bless him.
  7. My lads first language is welsh and he says Golau. Light switch is apparently “Switch Golau”- makes me laugh
  8. I’ve been stopped by the police whilst on my way to the clay ground. They apparently have flags on the PNC that the car is registered to a SGC/FAC holder. They just pulled me over, asked if I was carrying any firearms and asked me to show them how they were being transported. Didn’t take two minutes, and I was on my way.
  9. Certainly looks like a canary seed crop to me
  10. Looks brilliant. I’d be very chuffed with that indeed.
  11. Damn fine looking place to be that
  12. Billy bargain at that price. I already have one and love it
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