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  1. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    Parting shots directed by Michael Winner. Painful.
  2. Reading

    I’m reading the Hornblower series of novels again.
  3. Hide your Golliwogs!

    One of my favourite films is Blazing Saddles. I mentioned this in work the other day and the look of horror on those below the age of 30 was something to behold. I dare not quote any lines, I’d have been lynched.
  4. Are the Winchester SXP any good?

    Aye that’s it. I think the cartridge is meant to send the bolt partially back so it can cycle quicker. Not sure when I’d need that extra millisecond of speed to be fair.
  5. Are the Winchester SXP any good?

    I’ve had mine for three years and it’s been faultless. Needs racking quite aggressively otherwise it sometimes doesn’t eject a spent cartridge, but otherwise it’s all good.
  6. What Airgun

    My nine year old lad has a gamo junior hunter. He’s not a big lad but it suits him well enough.
  7. Pietta air pistol

    I have one of these. Well two actually. Sportsman guncentre sell them. Really nice reproduction and they load like the real thing. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Colt
  8. which shotgun

    Totally agree. I often use my pump for clays and makes pairs interesting.
  9. which shotgun

    Try a pump? I love shooting all different types. Pumps are generally so reliable and durable. I wouldn’t be without mine.
  10. Fight night.

    After all the mouth from Parker I hope AJ takes him to town. I feel an upset though, don’t know why. Just a bad feeling about this.
  11. worst ever TV programme

    Nooooo gogglebox cracks me up
  12. Are you British

    A welsh woman of all things
  13. Are you British

    Yorkshireman. Independent republic, don’t you know.
  14. I need a new telly ???.

    I have the 55” version. Brilliant picture and colour. 4K is disconcertainly clear on Netflix. The sound isn’t too bad to be fair, but I do still run it through a sonos playbase.
  15. Missfires not so common these days

    Bahahahahahahahaha, fair point!