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  1. Never mind the gun, I’ll have the furniture it’s on.
  2. They would love him, as all of pigeonwatch does
  3. I cannot fathom how she does it. Extremely talented to say the least.
  4. It’s a fair size dog so he’s clearly the owner. I can’t imagine a stranger being able to hoist it and abuse it. i agree with scully.
  5. Had egg curry many a time but never a cheesy version
  6. Duckandswing


    I know how you feel. It’s a pain like nothing else. Really sorry for you and the family.
  7. I think we have a repo. Might be better than a plate. I’ll have a look and get it sent when I find it.
  8. There must be. Who would have known? Maybe caught doing something a little naughty in it. Aye aye Sailor...
  9. Good man. I’ll hunt you one down
  10. I love the Ditchman posts. He reminds me of that programme James May did where he reassembled retro machinery and such. i think there was a lawn mower and maybe a kenwood mixer? I think you should do more threads ditchie
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