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No Animals We’re Harmed in the Filming of this Episode


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We call it ‘Yurt Pie’ - cottage pie for vegetarians 😀.  My daughter approached me with a worried look on her face a couple of years ago when she plucked up the courage to say that she wanted to go vegetarian.  She’s outfished me on holiday and put more mackerel on the bbq than I have, come beating and picking up many a time, her favourite wild meat is pigeon breast and she’s rejoiced at seeing a full jacket on deer carcass in the back of the truck - so I reckoned her decision was was better balanced than most peoples, let alone a 14 year old.  The rest of the family aren’t veggie, but we do try and eat the same meal at least a couple of nights a week.  This one isn’t half bad, cottage pie made with quorn mince and swede & celeriac mash.  It needs plenty of Worcestershire sauce in the ‘gravy’ but that combined with the sweet mash makes for a pretty decent family meal to keep all tastes happy.

Also, in a weird way, it makes tomorrow nights lamb dopiaza seem even more appealing than usual !!



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It looks the business, but I have had a few veggie meals (try to avoid them) - and they often look fine, but are disappointing (to me anyway) to consume.

The best veggie dishes I have had have not been trying to 'look like' a meat dish.  Like a cauliflower cheese, baked cheese topped mushrooms, or a ratatouille - very nice, but better still as an accompaniment to a meat dish.

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