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the stalking show


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My opinion is if I could only go to one show A year it would be this one. It’s sensibly priced to get in with free parking. The sellers that are attending are only allowed to sell shooting/stalking items and from previous years seems to be vetted quite well so non of these people selling toys,sweets,tools ect and all the other rubbish you find at the game fairs. Also because it must be reasonably price for the traders to be there you find the smaller players can afford to be there so you get to see a lot more random stuff that the big boys don’t like to stock as there’s not enough profit in it for them. One of the biggest benefits is are travelling community friends don’t seemed to have cotton onto this one yet so you don’t have to worry about gangs of them walking around filling there pockets and the chances of you walking out and your Land Rover still being there are quite high. 

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