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  1. thanks speak to you soon
  2. l sent you 4 pm to you about the warranty as you not got back to me l am not lnterested in on now .
  3. hi l will be going saturday and sunday. thanks
  4. hi delt with this member genuine person had armasight drone from him thanks
  5. hi the new drone will be rebadged as the black env10 and the black env15 they are made at the Armasight Drone factory . thanks
  6. hi they are not what clive ward brought out. l had a email from Cliff Ray Optical Solutions Limited he said he been back to the factory where they are put together . thanks
  7. hi you can get them at Optical Solutions Limited they said they may look in to repairing the old armasight drone as well. thanks
  8. hi l looking for some browning lnvector DS chokes the extended chokes tube. thanks
  9. hi l have a remington 1100 semi auto barrel 25 inch stamp full on the barrel it missing the foresight bead £65. thanks
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