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  1. jeffgg


    Its about about time this project got under way. Hopefully will bring munch needed income to the area providing jobs and reclaiming the land
  2. you can hedge cut crop side with consent of ministry
  3. Brother had his scraped and had a good pay out .Now they are sending them to Spain for repair.
  4. A ticket to the game fair and gardens at Hatfield
  5. You say it has a LT77 box and now you say it has a LT85 box
  6. Wildcat is now on the end of my new 243. thanks
  7. FAC arrived today so off to the gun shop tomorrow. New rifle will be a browning 243 stainless, scope Athlon Aires 4.5 x 27-50 FFP. Then i will need a moderator but what are good ones at a reasonable price and are there any to avoid thanks jeff
  8. Got it today so a visit to the gun shop tomorrow afternoon
  9. Well had the visit today FAO seemed happy just needs to check land permission. time scale 3 to 4 weeks but are getting them processed faster at the moment so hopefully sooner
  10. I hope its soon so i can get a gun etc sorted
  11. I sent all forms in on the 23 of September Derbyshire and they have contacted my referees
  12. First post. If all goes to plane how long will it take to get my FA Licence after the visit on this coming Monday cheers Jeff
  13. young man, not been called that for a long long time
  14. Good morning thanks for letting me join
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