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  1. same here in chesterfield the farmers need rain
  2. There is a lot of factors to consider.What are you shooting, deer .target or long range.Type of rifle barrel and twist rate.With powders its horses for courses A lot of loaders use vit 140, I load 100g speer spbt using vit 540 for a 1 in 10 twist barrel
  3. Nikko Sterling 603 never let me down
  4. Kenwood Chef 46 years old and still going strong
  5. jeffgg

    Lager, ebay.

    A head called Ted
  6. Same old faces. Head masters office in Kes
  7. Any day out with the gun is a good day. If i do not get a shot all day i am still happy just to be out in the countryside
  8. Welcome i am up the road in Chesterfield cheers Jeff
  9. I managed to get a roll of conveyor belt i used it in the front of the land rover.Its hard wearing and easy to clean
  10. jeffgg


    Its about about time this project got under way. Hopefully will bring munch needed income to the area providing jobs and reclaiming the land
  11. you can hedge cut crop side with consent of ministry
  12. Brother had his scraped and had a good pay out .Now they are sending them to Spain for repair.
  13. A ticket to the game fair and gardens at Hatfield
  14. You say it has a LT77 box and now you say it has a LT85 box
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