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  1. Has any one been today and how was it cheers Jeff
  2. Or built to cover a family pet
  3. Saturday for me all being well
  4. Welcome, No pigeons one pigeon ore one hundred good days bad days hot days cold days wet days its all part of the life of a pigeon control just enjoy being out there all the best
  5. Hello and all the best from Derbyshire.
  6. Devcon and a gallon of dulux
  7. Looks like the hotel in one of Lovejoys episodes when he goes looking for tinker
  8. Cheers i always forget about Gregory's at Tansley will give them a try when i rebuild the summer house
  9. looking good where did you get the timber from in the end cheers jeff
  10. A well respected gentleman rest in peace sir
  11. Nice one i have a sip 14" not the best but does what i need it for
  12. jeffgg

    council tax

    Why should a single person house get a discount when using the same facility's as a family. Same bin collection same street lights and so on. Two OAPs in a care home one worked all there life save money own house has to pay for care. OAP 2 **** head never worked a day in there life, same care home same size room same food same care. We have got to pay it and that is it
  13. 1% I will take that sub contracting rates less now than seven years ago. I set up a limited company to work on a new contract then laid off no pay no gov hand out no work for 6 months. back working now playing catch up
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