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  1. Ultimate Deer Data online training available only from the British Deer Society is an interactive training package enabling you to acquire and test your knowledge in preparation for taking the Deer Stalking Certificate 1. A you need to no well worth £20 learn and test yourself
  2. If you are decoying on a field that is not yet planted how can it be for crop protection ?
  3. I managed a couple of hours this afternoon my hide is getting on for 25 years old 12 pigeons and crow. On new drilled wheat on top of resent harvested beans. Shot a couple of pigeons laid them out as decoys.
  4. Booked in 09.27 on Thursday for the flu jab
  5. Well done for him and you must be so proud
  6. Which gun shop did you get it from cheers
  7. What a super day today even the Lancaster made a fleeting fly over
  8. Seeing as the game fairs and such like are not what they used to be. I am going to have a day at Southwell it looks like a good day out and not to far away
  9. Nice one have fun flying it
  10. Looks like you had a good day enjoy
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