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  1. jeffgg

    243 brass

    What primers have you used
  2. Welcome all the best. If you let us no your location it can sometimes help us to help you. cheers jeff
  3. Welcome from a Derbyshire lad whom wed a Grimsby lass. There is a range down the coast from Cleethorps
  4. jeffgg


    . Has been in a relationship with Charlotte Corney, owner of the Isle of Wight Zoo, Lots of animals to french kiss in a zoo
  5. Try brake cleaner but try it on a place where it cannot be seen first good look.
  6. 500ma so that will be a 24 hour charge for a 12 ah battery
  7. Good looking stock.All the best Was it a shotgun wedding.
  8. If creosoted cannot be used in construction or housing as it is a fire risk. Looks like pitch pine. Good for a gate post but not long enough for a pair so that leaves use it in the garden
  9. welcome from a chesterfield shooter to another cheers jeff
  10. yorkshire kindness at its best. The friendlies people and county in England
  11. same here in chesterfield the farmers need rain
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