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  1. Proper job all the years of hard work shows vou must be so proud.
  2. Champion engines are made in china so are not good for continual runing. Se what hire specialists supply as thay will use equipment that has long life and low maintenance.
  3. I love it liver bacon mash and onion gravey at least once a week. I like calfs liver and do not eat anything of a sheep
  4. Thanks for the information will keep my eye on them and see how they develop
  5. Nice work looking good and a tidy workshop
  6. The Wee Dram shop in Bakewell Derbyshire shows it in stock
  7. I wander what they do with the mattresses that returned after 60/90 days. I hope they do not just send them to the next customer.
  8. Its a big problem these days on new houses as the use of cavity insulation stops the air flow and stops the bricks drying out
  9. A smashing idea so thoughtful and look good
  10. Welcome and good look, all the best
  11. Got my e tickets yesterday looking forward to something new.
  12. Six buzzards fly round my perm with no problems. more damage is dun by the magpies
  13. Another good write up. Its not so much what you are shooting at but whom your shooting with.
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