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  1. I also do this as a weekend past time and the biggest expense to me is getting rid of the waist so that helps massive to the cost if I don’t take it away. I brought a chipper to take with me and most people are happy for me to chip on site and leave it for them to get rid of if it saves them money.
  2. Looks like I’ve got to keep looking
  3. I was offered it for sale and think the person trying to sell it me trying to have me over
  4. I have had all of the above and sightmark wins hands down
  5. I know it’s a long shot but dose anyone recognise this 2017 Polaris Ranger HD or the dog ect in the pictures ?
  6. Unfortunately this is the same for me. I love to see them out chasing each other around but so do the lurcher lads so I’ve been told they all have to go.
  7. I couldn’t believe the size of the claws on it when I got it
  8. Got this back today from a friend of mine that that did if for me. I’ve not told the wife yet that I’ve had it done so let’s see how this goes when I walk in with it lol
  9. I found mine to be very bullet fussy at first and would jam a lot and the more I cleaned it the worse it got. I then found out it loves 22 cci bullets and just blow it off with compressed air. I leave it alone running the std mag as I tried all the fancy extended mags ect and it never misses a beat now but I think everyone’s different so you just have to find what yours likes. I love mine and it’s killed so many rats I’ve lost count.
  10. I was looking at a 7k bill so at last this extension has saved me that
  11. crossy 666

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    Pictures sent
  12. crossy 666

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    I would like £40 for it and can deliver. It’s still new in its box I will try and get you some pictures tomorrow mate
  13. crossy 666

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    I have a brand new one if your still looking mate and one down the road
  14. My dad used this company not long ago and they seemed ok
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