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  1. I think it’s free or £30 I can’t remember it’s that much they don’t let you pay it per month lol. It can go into London and Birmingham clean air zones for free as well
  2. Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta van for sale if it’s any use to anyone. It’s a 65reg and done 122k with full history 1 owner 2 keys Clean van for its age not been abused. Im looking for £3300 for it please. more pictures can be sent for any one interested. Thanks
  3. crossy 666


    I’ve just brought a Polaris Ranger so I want a trailer to put that on it and pull it behind my ford ranger. I don’t want a big heavy trailer just something big enough to do that job.
  4. crossy 666


    Hi, I’m currently looking for a smart car trailer or similar if any one knows of one not being used please.
  5. I’ve spent 40k plus on snap on tool’s over the years and found unless you have a snap on man coming around every week to replace all the broken tools there not worth it. I have now left the workshop and gone Mobile and seen about 8 different snap on dealers in various places and not one of them is interested in replacing your broken tools. I wouldn’t do it again.
  6. Hi everyone, We are currently looking for ‘Frozen Steel Shot Wood pigeons please. We can do a deal on either cash or exchange for steel shot cartridges. Please pm me for more details.
  7. sight mark wraith extended rail. As new condition brought brought for my new nv unit but not needed in the end. £45 delivered please
  8. As per tittle. GRS Berserk stock removed from my right hand Tikka T3 Rifle £300 plus £8 postage.
  9. Thanks Steve but I’ve just agreed to buy Daves from him
  10. Hi, has anyone got a Solaris SRX IR Laser Illuminator (must be the dimmable type) they are not using and want to move on at all ? I sold mine when I moved to thermal but I’ve just been sucked back into the dark side again so on the look out.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. We have resent it for his peace of mind. We agreed that it’s best they received it twice than not at all.
  12. Hi, when I have ever brought/sold a gun I have used Derbyshire firearms form on the internet and I thought I received a email back confirming details ect. A friend of mine brought a new shotgun at the weekend so I went on line for him and showed him how to do it on Staffordshire firearms site. He hasn’t received anything back from them yet and started panicking as he don’t trust the internet and modern technology lol. can anyone tell me if this is normal practice please?
  13. If the sale falls through can I have next dibs please I’ve been looking for one of these for a while
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