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  1. crossy 666

    Testing Bullet proof glass 1952

    I pass thanks
  2. crossy 666

    Primos Gen 3 sticks (warning)

    I brought my gen 3 from Bushwear and they were nice enough to throw the adapter in for me 👍
  3. crossy 666

    Nite site Viper

    All the nite site does is copy the cross hairs onto a screen so in no way can it alter the zero.
  4. crossy 666

    Havalon hydra knife

    I have 2 mate and love mine. One with the scalpel blade in the other with the saw blade in to cut the bone. You definitely wouldn’t want to slip with the scalpel blade that’s for sure
  5. crossy 666

    Tikka T1x MTR.

    As above, I would have one sat in my cabinet now if they did it in SS
  6. crossy 666

    Large chest freezer

    Can I ask were you are please?
  7. crossy 666

    Dragonfly laser illuminator

    Pm sent
  8. crossy 666

    Fishing Boat

    Almost makes me want to take up fishing looking at that. Looks a nice bit of kit mate good luck with your sale
  9. crossy 666

    Browning  Stainless Stalker .308

    I have the same set up and love it. Good luck with your sale ?
  10. crossy 666

    Almost 4 years away and it might be back.

    Let us know when you get it back mate and hope it’s not in to bad of condition
  11. crossy 666

    Farmers to be paid for shooting badgers

    If there going to start paying for them I’m going to start collecting all the ones from the side of the road I see and start freezing them. Then as soon as put them on the floor a quick hole in the back of the head job done. You think I will get away with it ?
  12. crossy 666

    02 nissan navara , crew cab.

    Pm sent
  13. crossy 666

    Shared Firearms on tickets for £20?

    No sorry he only lives a couple of miles up the road
  14. crossy 666

    Shared Firearms on tickets for £20?

    I too have been doing this for years with my dad
  15. crossy 666

    New purchase ?

    As said I also use the rest on mine when I bait up for rats