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  1. I have decided to keep this now and sell my Wolf instead thanks
  2. Hi I’ve decided to To keep my nitesite egale night vision and sell my nitesite Wolf instead I brought this unit In February this from melbone gun and takle but can’t actually remember using it Comes with memory card for instant recording , external focus, lithium battery to attach to stock case ect Looking for £300 collected or £320 posted thanks
  3. I stopped counting how much I spent on my tools/snap on van when it got to 38k in receipts and I bet I’ve spent the same again in cash over the years. I do a job for someone and they say that’s a good tool how much did it cost and they think I’m being funny when I say I don’t know. If I need a tool to do a job I don’t ask the price because I’m in denial and don’t want to know lol. Yes i do have a problem but I bet I’m not the only one on here.
  4. 07789256615

    1. Can you pm me your number and I send it across
    2. Since changing my job I have made the decision to try and thin some of my tools out a little so I’ve made the hard decision to sell one of my 3 toolboxes. It a snap on tool box, 40 inch wide 4 box stack with a half size end locker that I have added wheels to so it can be rolled around like a tool cart it can ever be left like this or hung back on the side of the main tool box depending on the room you have Very unique box in a white colour and ducati decals brought to go with the bike I had at the time. toolbox is a real head turner! All locks work, all draws and runners work as they should with lock and roll. It does have a few marks due to the usual use In a work shop Comes with keys for all the boxes Can delivery localy for a fee but I would definitely need a hand both ends due to the size and weight. please message if you are genuinely interested and you can come and view or I can try and send some pictures I’m looking for £1850 for it please which I think is a bargain as it probably stands me at £5000+ when I brought it but I just can’t keep them all.
    3. Hi, I have just upgraded my Snap on portable power booster Jump starter pack 1700 12v with a new as I was in credit with my snap on man. Works fine and will jumpstart 3 or 4 big transit type vehicles before it needs recharging. I would like £80 for it please and can send pictures if anyone is genuinely interested
    4. Your correct mate I think you must need a degree in computers to get them on. I can email them if anyone wants some or even better if you are interested pop around one night and we can go out and try it.
    5. I also have a wolf rtek for sale for £300
    6. Hi I’ve decided to sell on of my nitesite egale night vision This is the top of the range unit, (over the viper and wolf units) had the unit only 8 months brought new by my from melbone gun and takle but only used it a small number of times due to having 3 of them. Comes with memory card for instant recording , external focus, lithium battery to attach to stock case and everything you see in the picture Looking for £500ono collected or £520 posted thanks
    7. Can I ask were you are please?
    8. I chose to not have family because I would be the first to admit I’m selfish. I buy what I want and never worry about what others think of me. I have more toys than I know what to do with but I would not say I’m happy. Yes I have worked hard and have a couple of quid but I wouldn’t say I’m happy. When I go I will probably leave it all to a seal sanctuary you will be leaving behind your legecy hopefully setting your family up and helping them as much as you can as your dad had for you. Who is the richer man ?
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