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  1. Buy an auto you don’t get that problem 😉
  2. crossy 666


    The biggest worry for us is in are eyes if we even mention the word we are all worried about having are Tickets taken away from us but for me that would make it worse and could push me over the edge as it’s one of the only ways I find to cope with it. I have seen some stories on here were people on here have managed to get help and keep there ticket but I bet that’s not the case for everyone.
  3. Hi, I’m looking for a Night Master Fully Adjustable QD Mount or something similar so I can fit a ir torch to a rail if anyone has anything before I order a new one
  4. Hi, I’m currently looking for a wraith night vision if any one has one there interested in moving on ?
  5. Too far for me at that price sorry
  6. They said they need proof and because they tell the neighbour when we have had the machine installed on the two occasions the neighbour just behaves and as soon as it’s gone there back to being in there hot tub till 3am singing and drinking with loud music playing and smoking drugs. The council have admitted to us there reluctant to kick her out because she is arrears with her rent and if they kick her out they won’t get it. This woman has never done a days work in her life and sleeps all day then drinks and dose drugs all night. She makes her money by being on her back with different men coming and going at all times.
  7. I’m currently having the same issue with my next door. we got in touch with the local council who brought around a sound medicine that checks the levels. The house next door is council owned and What they didn’t tell us when they dropped it off is they had informed there tenant what was going on. How useful is that.
  8. Where abouts are you mate ?
  9. I want to do the same mate. I already have one buffalo river cabinet so trying to find a second to match.
  10. Thanks mate I will give them a try but I’m only looking for a buffalo river cabinet.
  11. Hi, I’m looking for a buffalo river gun cabinet if any one looking to move one on.
  12. It seems to be a rule around my way were your only allowed to drive a tractor on the road if your using your phone at the same time.
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