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  1. I have a folding stock for my 10/20
  2. Hi, I’m looking for an aftermarket tikka t3 stock if any one has one they would like to sell. If you do can you pm me with details please.
  3. They were one of my dream 4x4s when I was younger. If you don’t mind me asking what made you buy one
  4. I’ve wonder if there was a way of living the pig saddle/tri pod connected to the rifle so you can carry the lot in one go over your shoulder leaving your hands free to spot ect
  5. Thanks mate I’m on it 😉
  6. Hi, I’m currently in the market for a Zeiss Duralyt IR Scope if any one has one they wish to sell please?
  7. Sorry I can’t tell you much about it apart from it’s a nice clean scope. it was on a rifle that I purchased today and come as a package.
  8. Hi, I have a leupold 6x42 FX-III scope for sale if any one is interested. very clean scope I’m looking for £200 for it please. scope only at this time but might come with a pair of mounts if I can find a set. any questions just ask. I can email/text pictures to any one genuinely interested.
  9. Each to there own really. I have about 5 pairs of sticks but they are my main go to pair if I’m going out on my own. I also have a pair of Viper-Flex Styx Journey 4 Leg Shooting Sticks but only really use them for stalking
  10. I brought mine because I love the way the collapse small enough to transport and carry when out walking on your own and climbing over gates Ect
  11. I’m just interested to see if anyone has found a different way to carry there Primos trigger sticks when out walking around. I mean along the lines of a sling Ect please
  12. Every pair I have ever had jam. it’s so disappointing as I think there brilliant so every time they bring out a new model I buy them hoping they have solved the problem but not yet.
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