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  1. I have a viessman fitted in my house steve. It come with a 5 year warranty but A 10p rubber seal failed inside it after about 2 years so I contacted them and they only honour the warranty if you have it fitted and serviced every year by one of there approved engineers but I think most manufacturers are the same now day
  2. Hi, any one in the market for a Timber Wolf Chipper ? It is a TW 13/75G and in very good condition. I brought it a long time ago as I was doing a lot of tree work at the time and kept it as I found it ideal due to it’s size and capability and ease to store. Im look for £1500 for it please and not really looking for offers at this time as it’s a reluctant sale. picture is no of my machine just for reference as mine is in storage till the weekend
  3. Now I’m no longer working in the workshop I have decided to part with another one of my snap on toolboxes. This one I’m selling is a 40” black top box and roll cab in very good condition. I would like £1300 for it please
  4. Me and my partner went into asda to do a big shop. When it got to the end the woman behind the till asked my partner for her id for the alcohol which she didn’t have so my partner turned to me and asked if I had my wallet on me which I pulled out. The woman behind the counter said to my mrs sorry I can’t except his id because I know his buying it for you. My mrs politely turned around to her and said well enjoy putting that lot back then and we walked out the shop and left the lot on the counter.
  5. I would need to check and get back to you. It had a service in March
  6. Hi, I’m thinking about selling my road reg kubota rtv 900. It is a 2011 machine in camo and is the full cab version with hydraulic tipping body I would like £5000 for it please It now has a ifor Williams back on which can easily be removed if necessary I might be able to deliver but please ask first
  7. I have seen some of the videos of him chasing them on the bike and he is doing 90mph in a 30mph zone and the wrong side of the road and takes a island blind on the wrong side of the road at high speed. That could of been me or you coming the other way or kids crossing the road Vigilante driver kills on camera https://mol.im/a/9063629 via http://dailym.ai/android Watch the videos and see if you still have the same opinion
  8. My mates daughter has always wanted to be in the force and recently achieved her goal. She told us that most of the time they are just sat up in the car’s checking car reg as they drive past on their own phones as it’s quicker than their system and picking on drivers as it’s an easy conviction/money. She voiced her concerns to her boss who wasn’t interested. She is now reconsidering her life options as that’s not how life should be.
  9. Hi, this is my air rifle if anyone if interested please contact me.
  10. I’m lucky enough to have a good number we work with
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