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  1. I really don't understand why people can't be bothered to clean there guns, it need only take a few minutes with a basic clean... or as long as you want ...... Dirt, grit, muck and moisture can find there way into every nook and cranny , and if left will wreck ejectors, hinge pins etc. A bore snake is good for a quick clean of the bores but not much else... won't do much to remove fouling from plastic or lead.... Get yourself a decent cleaning kit, and learn to enjoy caring for your gun..... i find it very satisfying and part of my shooting day.
  2. I personally like 30 gm 6 , but any cartridge 28- 32 gm 5,6,6.5, 7 or 7.5 will kill Pigeon or crow out to 40- 50 yds easy ....... and if you pace it out it's a long way ! I think your making it all to involved loading different shells in each barrel , just keep it simple.... I normally place my furthest decoy at 40 yds and tend not to shoot birds that are further out if i can help it. Dave
  3. I suspect there are some on here who stretch the truth a bit , you find them in all walks of life..... But the guys on here who post good bags regulary ... PC, Motty etc. Have done the leg work , put the mileage in, found the right contacts and go often enough to get the right conditions on the right day..... the fact that they may be good shots and have good field craft probably also helps I'm sure the majority on here tell it straight.... and as such it should help us all, newbies included, to improve and learn.... Dave
  4. The real benifit of a sxs is they are easy/comfy to carry on a walk round, as i find they sit nicely on the arm. Which one you prefer to shoot is down to the individual..... I've never suffered from excessive recoil, provided the gun fits reasonably well and you mount correctly , unless you are particualy sensitive , in which case use a lighter load. My main rough load would be 30/32gm and the usual 28gm for clays, but i have used 28gm Eley impax which i find a sweet cartridge for field and some guys use 21gm for clays at no real dissadvantage. SxS are nice to own and shoot, but my normal choice would be an O/U.... Dave
  5. My Lab had his done on Monday, he's a rescue dog, 2 years old and had been biting the tip of his tail and legs through stress. Since i've had him ( a month) he's stopped all biting and is happy and settled, however the damage at the tip of the tail wouldn't heal because he keeps wagging it and whacking the wall,door ....anything , the vet has removed about 4"...... he doesn't seem to notice and it's causing him no discomfort so far. He's a lovely boy, and i have hopes to make him my gun dog..... but in the month i've owned him, i've spent nearly a £1000 at the vets.... the tail alone has cost £450 so far... The vet was reluctant to do it , but said there was no alternative as the tail was allready infected. Dave
  6. Andy, i'd be quite happy just going to Martin Gorse... we know it and like it ..... plus the bonus of bacon & brie What time you looking at... 8.45 at Whitfield Mc donalds? Be good to catch up and miss a few clays.. Dave
  7. Just found out i'm available Sunday .... asked for a later start and got it !...... so i'm good to go. I take it's still on.... post seems to have gone dead...... Dave
  8. Hi Andy, long time no see ....... or talk to Just ( last week) got back into clay shooting after yet more drama in my life ..... and would love to meet up and miss a few clays with you... Only fly in the ointment is my shift at work ..... due to start at 13.30 ... will see if i can start a bit later ..... be great to see you and the others again. Dave
  9. Mishka gsd/husky at 8 weeks and at 4 months
  10. This question often comes up...... Pigeon dont feed on growing wheat shoots, but they will feed on chickweed, clover or any edible weed they find. I've had many good days on the crop, but don't expect big bags.... best i've managed is 35...... and unfortunately none of my farms ever grew potatoes.. so i've never had the benifit of that. If the birds are using the flightline and you put out a good decoy pattern, they should come close enough to have a look and hopefully be in range of your gun.... even if they don't want to land. Dave
  11. Hi Andy, Sorry mate, i've been abit tied up of late ,otherwise i would have tried to arrange a day out with you again. Good news is i've got a part-time job at last.... bad news is it's late afternoons/evening work.... still i'm sure we can work out something soon. The other bad news is the poor old Disco is ailing abit at the moment and an MOT is due .... and as usual for me , money is in short supply... still , i hope to get things sorted soon and hopefully be able to get out again .... it's been along time. Dave
  12. Sorry chaps , just read this thread...... Been abit pre-occupied with new job and car that won't pass MOT in the next week or so..... so can't make it this time i'm afraid. Have a good day (we normally do) and i hope to see you all the next time. Dave
  13. Sorry to hear of your troubles Andy, but i admire your restraint.... don't know if i could have shown as much. To put up with such pricks shows great courage and thought of your little un .... not to mention how much a responsible gun owner you are. Glad you are both ok, i hope it didn't upset her too much. Good luck with getting him done though, i reckon the law will just let the insurance sort the car and let him off with a caution... less work for them. Keep well, Dave
  14. Well you certainly brought back some memories, i grew up in the 50's in a small village in Kent. My Dad had a poultry farm and my best friend had a 'Proper' farm with Pigs and Cattle... they grew only wheat and Mangels.... he must have been posh or rich as he had a Combine and a tractor! The fields were small and all bounded by mature hedges .... the stubble was left a long time before ploughing in those days.... we never had huge flocks of birds but allways plenty to keep us happy. I had my first air rifle at 7 , 9mm by 10..410 by 11 and my first 12 (a BSA Snipe) at 13.... different world then though, i could walk through the Village with a gun without causing concern and the Village Bobby would tell us where he'd seen Rabbits or Pigeon as he cycled past..... women would offer Vegtables in exchange for fresh Rabbit or Pigeon... no doors were locked and every other house had a shotgun by the back door.... so different now. Cartridges were very dear and no shots were to be wasted.... i used to buy mine at the local garage, allways Eley Grand prix though sometimes he had Impax..... all size 6. Didn't start decoying untill i got the 410 (up to then we only stalked the woods and hedges)and the first decoys i bought were made of Rubber... how modern was that!... and my first hide net was a hessian garden net with ladies stockings and strips of hessian as scrim. There were lots of Partridges in the fields, few Pheasants.... not many foxes , though they were allways shot if seen. The woods and fields provided their own bounty with nuts and Mushrooms , money was tight and we new how to forage and grow alot of our own fruit and veg . They were hard times, but everyone just got on with it and did what they could to get by. I won't say they were better times, but they were far more relaxed and civilised, and in the main people respected each other and the countryside more than they do now.... there were certaintly fewer do gooders interfering in things they don't understand. Dave
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