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  1. going on from what i have said just found this article in an old edition of the shooting times it reads it is uncommon for dogs to remain unconscious for longer than a few minutes. many dogs that remain collasped are conscious but unable to stand ,either through pain or weakness. Hypoglycaemia is a common cause of collapse, so try offering a high-calorie foodstuff i always carry Glucogel , a fast acting dextrose which can help significantly do check carefully for wounds, as these are easily misseed hope this is of help
  2. hi pantheman i would look to cutting down to 2 meals a day from 5 months old with set meal times ie between 7am-8am and again between between 4pm -6pm (these are my times) as to get them in a routine between meals as for messing the run with luck it should start to get better with age but would advise a later walk than 8 pm for it is a long time for a youngster to wait especialy as it starts to gets light at 4am and the pups will start to wake with the light and morning chorus plus going down to 2 meals should make a difference it is never too early to teach them to hunt but keep it short and fun, if you are planning to run the pair as a brace then training needs to be done with both dogs together but it is complicated and hard work and very stressfull , otherwise take each dog out seperate for training and never let them self hunt as this can cause a headstrong dog, start with teaching them to quarter first and keep them close they will soon learn the difference between play and work good luck and good fun TH
  3. NTTF may i just add a few comments to this fantastic post from my own experience if using a lead or rope to act as a muzzle you may wish to put something in the dogs mouth to keep it open so it has 2 ways of breathing and could stop the dog swallowing its own tongue as for collapse that copuld happen from many reasons in a working dog usaly heat or energy exhaustion for heat cold drink and posibly a pond or water course if water not to cold otherwise wet towels like suggested and for energy yes a solution of sugar water or honey but most people carry a mars bar it will work as good and leave the dog to rest even carry it back to the car and on fits prevent overcrowding as when the dog strarts to comes round this will cause unnessary stress this like i said is from my own personal experiences
  4. as the stalk went it was early one afternoon and the starlings were just starting to arrive to thier roosting place a small spinney at the end of the farm normaly it was nothing to see anthing from upto probaly 1000+ starlings but no way was a count possible but the size of the black mass was something else a black carpet over the field as i crept up on them, i fired the first barrel over top of them and the a second as quick as i could pull the trigger this then resulted in going to get a wheel barrow as not enough hands or pockets as i was wearing shorts at the time (no wise cracks) can't tell you the exact number dead in the air but used 71/2 shot from express (marcuss they were some shells) as for lord rodney he was only jealous
  5. looks like you had to many in the hood already, just make sure you go round the right way on the round about
  6. i had 3 widgeon and a teal with my 5 shot auto on one flight on another i had 3 mallard with the first and 2 mallard with the second but the best ever was 57 starlings with my over and under those were the days
  7. sounds like a good relationship you have going on there , a good supply of fantastic tasting meat , if you don't do burgers with the off cuts then it is a worth try vennie burgers on the barbie the bigger problem is when out with a shotgun how many times are you going to be loaded up with ssg'g or spsg's or AAA's or an equivalent cartridge suitable of a killing shot on munties , when a muntie is runnig away from you at thirty yards what part of the body are you shooting at so it can be killed outright with the least amount of suffering and also while it is running away from you can you tell if it is a buck or a doe which is heavily pregnant or a doe suclking a calf , atleast when out stalking with a rifle you can observe the animal in question through a set of binos or a cranked up scope (part of the kit you would need while stalking) so if you are shooting a doe you hav a better chance of not shooting one with a dependant calf that is likely to starve i would hope when you flash your lamp in a field of sheep ,a fox will stand out like a sore thumb but a munty will look the same just like a dog or brock does , we only have six species of wild deer in this country one of them is the muntjac ,how many other countries can you go and shoot them, i wonder , not put on a pedestal but more the fact to be appreciated for what they are a species of deer that we are lucky to have
  8. russ91 my personal choice would 243 for foxes and deer upto fallow sika and red hinds then a 30-06 for falllow bucks ,sika and red stags also good for boar (except in france ) and a top gun in africa the only reason i don't recommend the 308 as they are the same size case as a 243 but a bigger head , sometimes a mistake can be made in haste and a mix up between 243 and 308 may occur , open licence first ticket near impossible get your DSC1 it will open doors th
  9. thats the safest way to go as if it does not say on your ticket what the conditions are for your 223 you hav left yourself open for negligence if ever pulled up on this ,as each calibre has a condition of use i presume AdamW, you hav such knowledge of the deer you hav been told you can shoot , if not get some as the deer's welfare is at stake here th
  10. ziplex another method you could try is take another dog with you , that does pick up , this inturn will hopefully make her a bit jealous so causing the reaction that she needs to get there and pick the dummy up , if that works then slowly as she gets more interested in picking up away from home you can start to steady her up and take the other dog away, if this does not suffice you may just hav to resort to using dead game either rabbit or pigeon if using pigeon then you must put a string around it or elastic band as this keeps the wings folded in and stops her getting a mouthfull of feathers , pigeons are best used frozen as this will get her used to cold game before you try her on warm and also means you can put it back in the freezer for the next session , and further sessions after that, some dogs never take to dummys that well in a strange enviroment (ie away from home) ATB th
  11. sorry roadkill to ask so late but would like to know more and what species of tree and how old?
  12. hi all this is what is written on my ticket relating to a 5 shot semi-auto i hav (10) the smooth-bore gun(s) to which this certificate relates, shall be used only for the destuction of vermin on land over which the holder has permission to shoot for that purpose with that class of firearm, the smooth-bore gun(s) may also be used for clay pigeon shooting all i needed was to hav permission for vermin controll and i was already on an open ticket , the flo added clay pigeon just incase i needed to practice i think CharlieT is spot on and you need to clarify, as there is less regulations on multi shot shotguns like there are on a rifle, as a 3 shot, multi-shot shotgun is the same as a five just more expensive to run and a bit more fun
  13. another method i use is to walk the dog to heel and drop a dummy while walking after 10 yards stop sit the dog down and using back as a command cast the dog of for a retrieve , doing this about twice a night while on a walk till the dog or bitch gets a hang of it so then increasing the distance as training days go on , if you can use the same path way or training place (straight lines are better ie long straight pathway or hedgerow or along side a building if that is what is available so the dog does not deviate of its path) the dog cottons on a bit quicker from the previous training session as it remembers fom past attemps this helps as using the word back so it knows to go back in a straight line for blind retrieves so when it gets to 100 yards or so then stops and looks you can shout back and hopefully the dog will do a uturn and start going back a gain fetch i only use in a marked retreive but also use back if the dog has not gone far enough back and looking at you for help
  14. not sure it's such a good idea to advertise the fact deer can get caught and die in a snare , with all the controversy over snaring foxes that is legit since they have died from your hand as such or through a method you hav chosen ,albeit designed to trap a different animal, because they are cloven hoofed, they now become classed as fallen stock so cannot be passed on into the food chain in the way of sold privately or to a game dealer , (you can put it into your own freezer though) so diposal of the carcass legally has to be incinerated such a shame that such a good source of meat is often lost in this way our job is hard enough to prove right to the converted let alone the antis but you are right they do stink almost about as bad as brock
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