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  1. also if anyones got excess rabbits / game from season / badly shot venison & game / pigeons etc they'd like to get rid of then let me know …. again all will be minced for dog food
  2. I'm with kent … i think woods ok as a temp kennel (someone home all the time and short periods etc) but something more substantial for longer and security is poor with wood kennels too .. something else to consider (but depends where u live lol )
  3. http://www.dorwest.com/default.aspx …. give these a call they may be able to offer something … good company to deal with i use them myself
  4. anyone know of a good butcher or abattoir that will supply scraps / carcass / tripe etc for dog food in kent or surrounding area ? i need various meat products to meat to my dogs (all will be minced) inc rabbits etc … tried some local but they just won't do it anymore …. prob looking for about 60-80 kilos a month … any help would be great thanks
  5. i had a fabarm with the same sight on .. the only way i managed to get some replacement fibre optics was to buy the full setup inc mount … works out about $30 or so …. www.midwayuk.com did have them but seems an issue with their site at mo as can't get it to load
  6. normally its about £100 for an o/u or sbs to be reblued .. should be cheaper for single barrel … the gels ok and can get a good finish but u need to spend time with the prep . get rid of all the rust and take barrel to a polished state with iron wool (0000) to get the best possible finish . fabarms are good guns though very underestimated
  7. jinxy72

    Gun Watch

    the new system is a pain compared to the old way … BUT .. i can see why its been done .. some people sell lots of guns on PW inc some dealers so why not put a little charge on it and raise a little funding for the site to help cover costs etc … if the sites busy then bandwidth will soon get eaten up and costs will rise … i don't think £5 is an unfair price to ask
  8. thanks for ur help guys .. appreciated
  9. hi all .. a friend is a young musician and has a chance of a lifetime to play at the green man festival IF he gets enough likes … check this link toms page if u like his music or are willing to help them pls click the link then hit 'like' … he's worked his butt off since he was young to gain a place at cambridge and gain this chance .. any help would be great voting closes at midnight thanks
  10. good bargain for somebody .. barrels too short for me but it is a bargain price .. good luck with sale m8
  11. I've made it with apple juice form netto .. the juice isn't from concentrate and is about 70p per 1.5ltrs .. I've found that u need to add very little if any sugar to have a drinkable 'cider' … i also just use a general purpose brewers yeast and add some cherry juice sometimes after the initial ferment for a 'fruity' taste … strawberry vimto too can also be added which taste great .. a bottle per 5 gallon bucket
  12. cheers hendersons ill take a look
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