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  1. I used to pick up hundreds while out walking the dogs. The half decent ones got sold to the golfers in the office for between 50p and £1 each depending on make and model, Pro V1 and Pro V1x being the most expensive. AB
  2. Always wanted a 916 or 996, but also always had a real hankering for a yellow 748!
  3. I've got a Musto tweed and an Alan Paine Tweed jacket. The Musto is now 11 years old and still comfortable, warm and waterproof. The AP is nice but just not the same quality tweed as the Musto, a bit stiffer, not quite as nicely fitted, but still a good jacket for early season days. As they say, you pay your money, you take your choice, but i always wait and buy my shooting gear in the sales, really not bothered about someone thinking i've got last years tweed on! AB
  4. AlistairB

    Nice to see

    If it was earlier today, i was watching it from the garden AB
  5. Mine's in upside down, i took the dividers off and stuck them back on with double sided tape AB
  6. Yes, I've had my Admiral refund. We have their "everything" insurance (3 cars, contents, buildings, named items etc) and it is always cheaper than taking out individual policies. AB
  7. Sporting Targets is opening on Wednesday i think EDIT: Apparently they are not opening now until the CPSA has clarified the position further
  8. Ive just bought one of these in the sale for walking/training ion the cold weather, seems pretty robust https://www.alanpaine.co.uk/kexby-mens-waterproof-smock AB
  9. I had a 3 for about 80,000 miles and only had to fix 2 x EGR valves and the air suspension pump. I've had a D4 for 4 years that i've done another 80,000 in and the only issue with that has been front lower suspension arms needing replacing. AB
  10. They do have forked tails, but they can look flat when broadly spread
  11. I did my renewal through Beds, Herts, and Cambs at the beginning of the year. Sent off everything three months in advance, didn't hear anything until the week before expiry, then a call with the FEO and my new ticket was on the doormat 3 days before the old one expired. Neighbour who has just put his first application in has been told up to 6 months wait.
  12. We have outside alarmed with a Pyronix Enforcer wireless system using a combination of PIR's and impact sensors for the entry points most likely to be sledgehammered. You can add cameras etc later and monitor the whole lot and set/unset from your phone or fobs. AB
  13. We've got a Siemens Bean-to-cup as well as a Dolce Gusto pod machine which never gets used anymore as it's just no comparison. The Siemens can make pretty much anything you want and takes ground coffee as well as beans, but also self cleans and decalc's itself. For the beans, we order from The Bean Shop in Perth who have a good selection in 250g bags with the roasting date on the label so you know it's freshly done. AB
  14. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/ashford/news/drunken-clay-pigeon-shooters-home-raided-by-armed-police-187438/
  15. AlistairB


    I've got PlantSnap, and so far it's been pretty accurate. Mind you, I've only tested it in the garden so it shouldn't be too troubled by that!
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