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  1. kenholland

    Groundhog Weekend

    there are a few sad people about , met a few myself , just clear your mind , and get on with it well done p c .
  2. kenholland

    a wet day

    camo umbrella from angling direct , £20 stay dry like me no need to get wet , don't be shy give it a try .
  3. kenholland

    Them blackens. Noooooooo!

    there's always another day , you will connect in the end , at least you had a bash.
  4. kenholland

    Pike fishing -Norfolk

    I bought some fox rage dead bait lures to try do you think they might work against the frozen stuff ? what do you think,
  5. kenholland

    It's an ill wind.

    plan b is better than nothing , well done my son ,
  6. kenholland

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    your sweet enough j dog, you don't need honey.
  7. kenholland

    Beretta A391 3.5 Xtrema 12 gauge

    bit close to Christmas for a lot of people , but well worth the money, mine is a urika love it , good luck
  8. kenholland

    Swivel seat needed urgently for pigeon shooting

    see a few in the skips on people's drives , or office reclamation sites , have a look on free cycle for your area , good luck.
  9. kenholland

    Winchester Grand European 12 gauge

    I would snap this up if I hadn't got enough already, good luck.
  10. kenholland

    Mossberg Hushpower 20 gauge

    into my second year now should have bought one years ago , cracking little guns , good luck.
  11. kenholland

    A very lucky find.

    my miroku hsw 26 inch skeet gun bought secondhand in 1973 for £375 has never had a service still going strong 800 series , good luck with your's j dog.
  12. kenholland

    moped scum, gloves off?

    a push in the right direction , and about time too,
  13. kenholland

    Not Early Enough

    a dark blue result with a Halloween dog well done , dog walkers can be a pain in the backside some are just sad people, never mind , keep up the good work.
  14. kenholland

    Garrulus glandarius

    I can see a pigeon watch calendar looming for the new year, stunning, well took.
  15. kenholland

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    bought a zabala lp 71 this summer on a whim , £ 160 dealer said all his guns are checked over before being sold, any problem bring it back been o k up to now, they call them an upmarket baikel.