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  1. a cold day for the missus , a hot day for you, well done my son.
  2. i wasn't happy with the mod choke that came with browning maxus wickedwings , so spoke to bret at brieley chokes and we selected teague's invector plus in 1/2 and 3/4 , patterned them at 35 yds both looked good plenty in the middle, tried them out on the pigeon and crows , they were happy with them too , at £48 a choke , not cheap but well worth it to me.
  3. keep the missus happy now that you are jab free of that , you can plan you shoots a bit early now , good luck next time.
  4. we all expect the same routine every year but farming pattern's are changing with some crops that normally go in have stopped , we just have to go with the flow, saying that, just makes it a little bit harder to have a good day , at least we are lucky enough to be able to get out for the day and take it all in.
  5. bin watching too much fast and furius.
  6. in the 60's i could go into most second hand shops they had a rack of shotguns all makes mostly english boxlocks , would buy one , use it the weekend , if i didn't like it i would take it back and swop it for another with a price adjustment, one was a harry mcrae of ediinburgh £40 ish .
  7. shot a pigeon , inside it's crop was full of small shell snails.
  8. i know times are hard , but sounds a bit desperate , good luck.
  9. out in the morning at 71 i won't worry about bag size just a day in the hide , but will still keep a look out if anything developes , i know we are all itching to have a bash just got to keep looking all that magic phone call.
  10. every time you have beans on toast you can think of that good day out well done.
  11. the stock doves do give the woody's a bit of confidence round your decoys , but i had a hundred plus milling around a few years back made it a bit iffy trying to shoot mr woody.
  12. i put eley impax through my 1891 william powell hammer gun they don't kick , kill well to.
  13. glad he kept going with the drill , weekend 's weather looks better, good luck.
  14. putting that shim on to drop the stock made all the difference the pigeon seem to agree as well ,i think the maxus 2 is what it is nothing much of a difference , bits here bits there still plenty to choose from in the auto world.
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