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  1. gamebore subsonic 30 g 5 's does it for me .
  2. that's what I call a result , as far as the camera , go pro , but the lads will sort you out , when they read this , o k .
  3. it's not looking good for the pigeon population in your area now , good luck.
  4. I found about 12 ish till 4 seems to be the norm for me at the moment.
  5. must get some of them cartridges , no seriously you can see how he gets is lead just right , great vid that thanks j d.
  6. a few people I know , have had no complaints said they would have another one , it all depends on what you want it for cheap work or play thing.
  7. that's a good score for your first attempt , maybe you were trying to hard at every bird you shot at , so next time just take easy , and you might not miss so many , we have all been there , so don't worry , just as a matter of interest what gun , carts , and choke were you using .
  8. with ground clearance like that , it would not last 5 minutes where I go , I will stick to my vitara thanks.
  9. I use a camo umbrella from angling direct, that should save you getting water on the brain scully.
  10. would have took them to your local gun shop , for a swop .
  11. they said the clay line wasn't much good either.
  12. good gun fit and a decent cartridge makes all the difference , as you have shown , well done my son .
  13. once they get stuck into them edges , they do terrible damage , a couple of hundred yards long x 12 ft wide in some parts where I go, you did well p c , you always find a way , well done , a bit cooler next week for you.
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