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  1. travis perkins type places.
  2. kenholland

    Climate Change

    china said they need to inport MORE COAL, they seem to live for today, not tomorrow who will stop them , nobody.
  3. it's going to be dry all this week , so you might be able to have another crack at them , out on Tuesday myself , good luck .
  4. you can guarantee that when you start to pack up they arrive , we have all been there , still you made the effort and got some fresh air into him and a day out , I will make him a 4x4 wheelchair , that should help him get about , good on yer lads.
  5. kenholland

    Punt guns

    one of my farmers said his brother as got one tucked up at the back of one of his out buildings covered over with the usual farm junk , been there a fare few years.
  6. cut up 2 pairs of old german d p m pattern trousers into long strips , tied them to some backing mesh , tried it out on a crow session , worked o k so use it on every crow day, they seem to come from miles around to have a look, lucky me.
  7. I just new your magical hide would be dragged in to this somewhere , ditchman would have you dancing the seven veil's aswell , he is into that sort of thing.
  8. just have to think positive , no negative waves will think nothing but good vibes for you, the missus had a papaloma on her boob had a small op last week so we know how you feel , that C was on her mind all the time.
  9. good price , got the wicked wings version , good luck.
  10. a bag of sterilized mixed chippings from the pet shops , use it mostly for the pigeon , but marinate the pigeon the day before , works for me.
  11. the eley 3 inch fibre subs do the business for me in the full choke Mossberg pump, but everybody to there own.
  12. got a small one in the loft of the grandson , still there .
  13. I did buy some fiocchi 24 gram 10 shot skeet last year great for the close stuff , first time I had seen them , just happen to drop in a country type store , he said the clay lads love em had the last slab.
  14. 63 pigeons is more than most will get over the break period , well done at least it as been dry for you , hope you get better soon .
  15. 4 in 3 hours last week , crops full of ivy berries only saw about 20 in that time, have another look in the morning , before it rains on Monday.
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