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  1. kenholland

    Ditch is at it "again"

    take no notice ditchy, you are doing a grand job, you multi tasker you I am proud of you mate keep it up, there are a few on here who could do with a service.
  2. kenholland

    Thimbleby Shooting Ground

    I know this is not my thread , but while we are on the subject , I am going to shoot grange farm on sunday, 100 bird reg sporting for the first time , how do you rate it, your comments pleas.
  3. kenholland

    Hide Seat

    office fold up from argos plus a thick piece of foam doe's it for me now.
  4. kenholland

    What a Waste

    have a look on you tube how to shoot more crows you might see something that will help , good luck.
  5. kenholland

    What a day on Beans Stubble

    it's a shame that people now have to stop shooting , when they get to a certain number , for one reason or another we never had this problem years ago ,game dealers don't seem to want them as much ? just spoil's a good day when they are decoying well , it won't stop me, just debreast them and freez .
  6. kenholland

    Invite from a friend

    you won't forget that day in a hurry, it's great when everything comes together , and you can shoot straight , well done.
  7. kenholland

    Wheat drillings.

    still plenty of food about , berries etc your turn will come .
  8. kenholland

    Wheat drillings.

    well done 51hits is better than 51 misses , keep up the good work.
  9. kenholland

    This years flu jab

    looking at your photo I can see why, sorry I could not help it , jab time next week, will it make me shoot better ?.
  10. kenholland

    Change of address

    give them a bell, speak to a human ,that should sort it, you might have to send your ticket in for change of post code.
  11. kenholland

    Nice 100 on Stubble

    that's the way to do it well done my son, shoot it has much has you can before ploughman turns up.
  12. kenholland

    Frozen pigeons

    game dealer in your area ?.
  13. kenholland

    Beretta al 391 12 gauge

    that's a cracker , to bad I have got one in wetlands camo , good luck, the price is right.
  14. kenholland

    Fox Squeaker/caller

    home made jobby on youtube a bit of tin bent over then a small hole drilled through .
  15. kenholland

    2 nd Time Lucky

    he probably owes people money , so he is laying low for a bit , in a hedge with a bottle.