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  1. i use eley's 3inch mags and the subs both do the job , 410 still underestimated , this shows you how good they are ,same gun with full choke.
  2. 11 yesterday ,young cabbages , seem to be on the move a bit.
  3. grandson applied for s g c in chiswick , outside london , said they are not taking in anymore until further notice.
  4. fall out of bed , and start shooting, talk about close encounters that jab made you shoot a bit better , well done my son.
  5. kenholland


    they have watched how to cut rain forest's down, and thought that's the way to go, the slash and burn gang, they don't care they don't have to live with it.
  6. cat think of the summer of 76 that should warm you up.
  7. what year did farmers start to grow rape, it was the lifeline for pigeons.
  8. came across the log book for my 1999 susuki vitara while looking for something else, acquired it in 2003 , blimey that's gone quick, but still going strong, i still see a few isusu troopers about, early version's they seem to be a good buy , still solid underneath.
  9. must admit i love my auto's but shoot the mossberg hushpower 20 full choke with subs a lot more, in the last couple of years.
  10. a couple of helium balloons , to go with your light headed thoughts , don't let us down now , you will find a result in the end i know you will, logging off.
  11. making the move did the trick, could try there next time, good luck.
  12. you can buy mint thins for her birthday mel.
  13. drew of salvage hunters might be interested , good luck.
  14. looks like you will have to put your post code on your drones , then we can charge courier rates for there returns at these prices, just a thought.
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