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  1. a stab in the right direction , probably a file for a phile.
  2. have a look in the morning before the rain comes in , could be that everywhere is so wet and soggy that's why they are staying in the woods , must admit , the last few weeks have been a bit sparse , as said still plenty of food about, suck it and see season.
  3. don't shoot club, but pay £40 every sunday for 100 bird reg sporting.
  4. last rook shoot on sunday, shooting times said , so get stuck in lads till this get's sorted soon good luck.
  5. sounds like that record , who can I turn to when nobody needs me , don't worry j dog you had a result , well done.
  6. one of my customers has a cockapoo, the vet bill this year was £1600 , got halve back off the insurance, I think I will go round the dogs homes for a cheap knockabout, they sometimes have a deal on b o g o f .
  7. I spotted a broom , but I doubt if he will ever use it, nice pattern though , well done.
  8. son shot is dad dead , thinking it was a boar in bushes last week , france or spain .
  9. always take the stick magnet and the metal detector with me , if I am using the auto.
  10. labour will say anything , to get back in power , then when they do , they don't do anything , same old clap trap, we have heard it all before , yawn yawn.
  11. sunglasses for you and the dog , and you could have stayed a bit longer well done you two .
  12. your going to waste mate , you should be on the repair shop.
  13. less plastic on it would be fantastic for a start, after looking at that defender it would burn well.
  14. just picked up a 1000 , were are based , as said.
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