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  1. kenholland

    Hold the Porsche.

    £94000 plus for a bit of plastic and rubber you must want your head testing for clots cause that's what you are , still if that's want you want have it ,
  2. kenholland

    Hide Poles ???

    dinesmore corkscrew that's what I use , some fishing tackle shop stock other types .
  3. kenholland

    magnet set up

    p m sent
  4. kenholland

    Winchester Sx4 or Franchi Affinity?

    sorry didn't answer your question , both are good it's up to you what feel's right ask for advice .
  5. kenholland


    repeated repeats there laughing all the way to the bank ripping us off year after year and nobody gives a ####.
  6. kenholland

    Winchester Sx4 or Franchi Affinity?

    have a good look round first all prices will differ take your time good luck.
  7. some of my perms have said they don't care what I use as long as I sort the problem out . but I have used fibre for the last ten years including my homeloads, plus a fibre breakfast to start the day off, everybody to there own.
  8. kenholland

    75 for 17? That can’t be right.

    you have cut him real deep ditchy, what about the belted Galloway.
  9. kenholland

    Oldest Shotgun

    still use my 1891 William powell hammer improved and half with impax 6's in the hide every now and again.
  10. kenholland

    British Shooting Show 2019

    45 minutes away for me, for Friday, I don't really need anything but still worth a walk round , better than the midland at Weston park.
  11. kenholland

    Flocking Pigeons Again

    that glow is your guardian angel watching over you , is your middle name BLUE , great effort once again p c .
  12. kenholland

    Beaters Day

    thanks for the memory, you have brought it all back had some great days and the banter I do miss it but at 69 just sit in the hide and think back when it's a bit quiet on the pigeon.
  13. kenholland

    Suzuki jimny £995

    nice first 4x4 for someone , money's about right , good luck.
  14. kenholland

    Unlucky thirteen.

    suck it and see season , you made the effort j d you have been there before , you could have had HOT barrels if they had come round to your way of thinking, still well done for your result.
  15. kenholland

    Busy Week with a Twist

    the life and times of a pigeon shooter , but that's the way it goes , off in the morning call out over cabbages , trouble is it's close to a few houses so I will use 20 bore hushy and 410 , they say there is a bit of snow on the way on Tuesday , well done P C picture perfect as usual ,