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  1. you have certainly been busy pc, never mind the battery sounds like you could do with a recharge, there is nothing wrong with your birthright so don't you fret, she should bow to you with a result like that , well done my sun, with that amount of leg worth BIGFOOT sounds better.
  2. at least you took enough shells to get your p b , how many times have we heard people say if only I had took more carts I would have had a good day, well done my son.
  3. 4 crows 3 jacko's 20 bore hushy all young un's. TOTAL 583
  4. had a blackpoint delux side lock , I think I paid about £200 many years ago nice gun.
  5. yes, but think of all the education we have all learnt from this you should be proud of yourself.
  6. most of my eley 3inch magnums look like that once fired, nothing to worry about I shouldn't think ,you might get the odd one that looks like that one .
  7. if you are looking for an auto , look no further , I would buy it , but have the wetlands version mine's a keeper, well worth the money, good luck with the sale.
  8. a mole's skinners knife , very smart , ditchy you have always been a cut above the rest.
  9. so that's what a blue carpet looks like , you certainly haven't lost your form pc , it just shows the amount of pigeons out there , that bit of lockdown must have give them time to regroup well done all.
  10. it's always a suck it and see situation sometimes , you always try to cut them off at the pass , thinking this should do it , only to find they have been watching every move you make . it's like a pigeon type chessboard, still you made the effort , and got a result , well done.
  11. you are shooting well, but that third shot would come in handy , could you borrow an auto maybe and give it a try ,otherwise another good vid , keep em coming , well done.
  12. I noticed your block type hide didn't put the birds off, I do try and use a v pattern if possible , but hey If it works it works , well done.
  13. maybe I might say that, once I have got through 6000 grand italia plus 1000 hulls sporting plus 1000 of this , and 1000 of that , so you see i'm ok for the moment.
  14. sam neyt are good , youtube.
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