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  1. a big sharp axe and a block of wood , watch those heads roll for good , guillotine was a lovely machine so quick and clean a mean machine . those were the days .
  2. pan fryed pigeon, in Chinese curry sauce and chopped up onions , put in bowl with mixed herbs and topped with noodles , I had today , yum yum .
  3. telescopic fishing pole, with a funnel at the end plus lofting hooks and 4 flexicoys that doe's it for me.
  4. I think they watch too much of Arthur dayley , out of minder , would you buy a car of this man, I don't think so , these type of people are still out there be warned after reading this.
  5. kenholland

    Vectan AS.

    clay and game , or Folkestone engineering or the shooting show in February N E C if nobody can help good luck.
  6. it's just human nature , to keep stum , if you want to sell your house , otherwise it might take longer to sell , but at the end of the day if they want your house , some people may think it is a small price pay , o k.
  7. 6 crows 2 jacko;s today , on stubble, next to winter wheat , 11 till 1/30 615
  8. if they come in, in one's and two's that better than little gangs , as one bang educates the rest , keep it up , well done.
  9. do the rounds on Monday, first time out in 4 weeks , but will be careful on the tracks, even though we have had no rain , not expecting much after reading these reports , still it will nice to get out .
  10. weather forecast for sunday is dry they say , turn up, use your eyes, watch the birdy make a decision , this time of year , can be iffy , wet underneath doesn't help , just go for it , good luck.
  11. I was there last week never mind.
  12. if they are debreasted it's ok, up to a point just replace them when they get a bit rough looking , [ not natural ] you will know I am sure.
  13. a bit more cover would have helped , a few birds spotted you , but you still had some nice shots, well done.
  14. take no notice j d , they are just jealous that you had a day on the pigeon, plus a free mule, I will buy you some carts for xmas , if times get a bit hard for you .
  15. I got mine on the road to mandala .
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