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  1. go for it my boy, if he wants you there give him the cover ,and keep in is good books and your perm , good luck.
  2. your teacher said you would be a bright spark one day, well done .
  3. that should reach a few carp, the anglers on here will be putting there orders in.
  4. verbal is easy , I know that we are all in the same boat , we all cannot wait to get out , but it is best to wait and see what happens after the lockdown in a couple of week's.
  5. how many bog rolls do you want for your pigeon meat mate, well done on your last day on the pigeon , till the C V disappears up it's own a//.
  6. should have gone today then , was going in the morning , but now with lock down just have to wait and see what happens after three weeks, well done dad.
  7. insurance right off's breakers yard's ?.
  8. shot oakedge today car park nearly full by 10/30 still coming in when I left at 12/30, Cannock chase was very active as well .
  9. that's cheered me up no end , that's the way to do it, well done.
  10. is oakedge still on in the morning 100 bird reg .
  11. just ordered a sam neyt.
  12. my 6 week extension is up 2nd week of april , from application went in first week of December, it's just a wait and see policy.
  13. I know you are right t c it just came to mind.
  14. the specials got that right , this place is coming like a ghost town they must have seen what was coming.
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