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  1. j d 's commonsence and logic is the way to go , you just cannot set up on a stubble field a press the start button , if only for the sake of a bit of patience and observation you get a reward as he said some of you may get lucky though .
  2. same for me today shot one just nothing about it's been like this for the last couple of weeks , so I will do a bit of waggler fishing for a bit and then see what happens .
  3. on my second set of 4 goodyear ranglers on my 1999 susuki vitara on and off road they work for me, got them from just tyres.
  4. if you want a cheap airline, just blow up a balloon , I use on all my auto's for those nooks and crannies .
  5. I just went into hushpower mode not a problem, shot more crows aswell this way.
  6. kenholland

    Semi auto

    well done that should do the job, just get a decent shell and you are away.
  7. o k walked up ,that's fare enough just a bit of fun chat.thank you.
  8. kenholland

    Semi auto

    sorted with what do tell'
  9. doe's your gun fit you ? what chokes do you use and cartridge, in your vid , have you patterned your gun.
  10. must be a lot of queer pigeons round by you then , I will order you some pink catridges, did you watch the naked civil servant last week , don't worry they will still pull em in.
  11. well worth the money, I have the wicked wings version, good luck.
  12. you could just about fit a whirly to dry your smalls on , very smart that's upped the price on the house.
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