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  1. kenholland

    Flush stands

    it's when you miss em all and your face goes all flush cuz everybody is watching you .
  2. kenholland

    Possibly buying a truck

    I would drop it while it's still working '
  3. kenholland

    Shotgun certificate

    ten years would have made my day , it's a pity the licencing department didn't jump at this, considering how snowed under they always are , still that's up to them , maybe they need the overtime.
  4. kenholland

    Benelli semi auto will not cycle

    there is nothing worse than not knowing what the problem is , if it persists , move it on and get another make or take it to gun shop for there opinion , good luck.
  5. kenholland

    Cartridge manufacturing video

    that was brill, load my own , but my quality control couldn't match that, still thanks for showing.
  6. short trip with a result well done.
  7. kenholland

    Possibly the last day on the stubbles

    let me know when you get to that stage when you cannot walk , and I will build you a 4x4 mobility scooter , you poor old thing , saying that the pick up is a good idea.
  8. kenholland

    Botaurus stellaris

    countryfile calendar , your going to waste mate.
  9. kenholland

    Shooting with the Guvnor

    cannot keep a good man down , well done.
  10. kenholland

    Promises made.

    well done , dog photo shy ?.
  11. kenholland


    had a crop full of them a couple of years back , spoke to peter theobold and he said he had seen it many times over the years , variety is the spice of life has they say.
  12. kenholland

    Speed Cameras

    don't have to worry about speed cameras round by us the local's torch em .
  13. kenholland

    Enforcer flying pigeon decoys

    repainted the ten pack they don't shine now , otherwise they work for me, well used since they came out , like everything you just have to fine tune things , but at this price you shouldn't have to touch them.
  14. kenholland

    Leather cartridge bag

    point taken , only use mine for pigeon shooting plus my reloads.
  15. kenholland

    Leather cartridge bag

    I use camera cases from car boot 's and cash exchange's three slot's holds 75 carts tough and strong doe's me .