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  1. out on Wednesday cabbage call out.
  2. an auto would come in handy , by the look of some of them shots when you needed that third shot on hit birds , otherwise your shooting o k.
  3. must get lureing myself , that as spurd me on , well done.
  4. out of my auto's I have a webley and scott 812 , Turkish jobby I paid £400 from a game fair 4 years ago hit's had a hard life but never missed a beat, with his £700 to spend he should have no problem.
  5. with all these rounds to try what is the minimum sample's gun shops will sell to people ? .
  6. ditchy's always been a bit of hot stuff with or without the rad .
  7. did my rounds today , they have just started to take an interest on the barley young ones are out early this year , pockets of 50 's here and there , he as just cut the grass aswell plenty on there tooo, will keep an eye on this, after that photo damage.
  8. I'm glad you kept to G L with that row of bird scarer's in the background , well done.
  9. J D is like an uncle archie cotes he takes you under his wing , and tries to put you right , bless him.
  10. same here mate, trouble is I have got enough ,just added a browning maxus wicked wings, but that is still a good buy for some one.
  11. I remember the grandson shooting his first pigeon with my miroku skeet gun , good on you J D.
  12. nelson's column would be a good place to start ,get sxxt on 24 /7.
  13. lets hope we can beat the brexit deadline on this cannot come soon enough.
  14. great, that will come in handy to mop up the drips at N E .
  15. put a 96 in , missed 3rd place in b class by 5 targets , still I shot straight on Saturday shot an 80 last time I was there , thinking of packhams smily face sperd me on.
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