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  1. umbrella's left over on a windy make great spikes plus a mini floater stick. well done pc.
  2. don't you dare leave that hide in that state it's like a plucking shed , I want every feather picked up , well done for the effort.
  3. a single piece of sweetcorn always doe's the trick, well done.
  4. nice one that, bought the wicked wings version last month paid £1000. 43 with a part exchange , good luck .
  5. kenholland


    from drill to stubble just keep an eye on it as much as you can for a good day out, over to you lads, its your turn now.
  6. 3crows 3rooks 1jacko and 2 magpies Saturday last TOTAL 132
  7. bought a 30 inch , multi with palm swell £450 from the game fair a few years ago for the grandson , that's a good price , bargain buy to the new owner.
  8. I shoot 100 bird reg sporting every sunday that keeps me sane, plus a bit metal detecting and magnet fishing , nothing happening on the drilling from what I can see , still got a few old stubble fields that haven't been touched yet just keep doing my rounds
  9. hope you get more than I did the other day, waited 6 weeks for my drop got 5p for 96 my dealer said there collection guy said they are up to there eyes in pigeon so that's all he could give me, at the end of the day I was glad to shift them.
  10. see, that lucky four leaf clover you kept came in handy, well you know where to go on a Friday now well done.
  11. 3 crows 1jacko with 20 bore hushy on Saturday last 88
  12. you have a p m.
  13. a bit like the Winchester western great cart on pigeon.
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