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  1. Deffenatly take the cat off £40-£50 if your lucky and basically take it apart as much as you can be bothered and try differant places and ebay them old suzukis still get used alot by people so you will proberly get more than you think if its in bits especially for engine and gearbox if there good
  2. has any one seen the ferrari prototype bike i sore one at a show years ago and that looked smart!
  3. a Rectangle shaped box with a mesh bottom that just clipps on to the bars at the back and can easily hold 40+ rabbits
  4. last time i fell asleep drunk when i was waking up i heard some one shout now!! and a hose pipe was turned on .............it was up my **** !
  5. dont use autotrader pistonheads is alot better
  6. are you aloud to zero it in england
  7. this is the proper one "Cos I ain't gonna shoot anyone, and no one shoots at me, cos I gotta gun." lol
  8. yerr but the next proper war will proberly be with n korea or china so no looking down the sights just a big red button
  9. youv shot someones racing pigeon and there not cheap http://pigeonstud.com/page800.htm haha
  10. no up north ya get crows by the thousands
  11. the grouse shoot i beat on has 4 never seen one struggle never mind get stuck
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