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  1. If you had asked this question a few years ago 22 would have come out on top, now 177 is in fashion. I shot a 22 for years. Have just changed a bought a Hw 97 in 177. There’s nothing in the calibre’s. I have shot one rabbit at 45 yards and one squirrel shooting very fast which I think I may have missed with the 22. But I have also had a few slightly off neck shots which, while the rabbit hasn’t run, it wasn’t instantly killed. I think the 22 would have done the job tbh. I also miss the reassuring thump when the 22 strikes home, you don’t get that with the 177. I don’t regret the 177
  2. if its Philippines then they are good scopes and thats a fair price.
  3. Big Ronnie fan here and enjoyed watching him win. Kyren Wilson is a future Ronnie in my opinion. Both are original in their attitudes, just get on and play the game, have no end of natural ability and play in an entertaining style. Judd Trump had all this potential but unfortunately somewhere down the line he tried to model himself as a Ronnie or Alex Higgins character (the bad boys of snooker), and you can see right through it. If he had just been himself like Kyren he would be a lot better off.
  4. Ideal you would be better with some breathable hessian sacks if you have somewhere dry to keep it undercover, this way you can get some air blowing through it. However if your supplier is selling you wheat above 20 moisture there is chance it might still go mouldy. It's key to have it stored dry. You’d probably be best getting your wheat in October if you can. This way you know its come from a heap rather than straight off combine which could be in a wet crop!
  5. I know a very good old keeper who was headhunted by some big Estates. He was firmly against the killing of large amounts of cock birds at the end of the season. His arguments were not only are they your October pheasants to shoot but the losses attributed to them are vastly overestimated.
  6. Shooting pigeons full stop falls within the scope of the general licence. If you are concerned about the pigeons in your area and their response to any deterrent you should undertake trails to satisfy yourself before shooting. Note the general licence only requires you to satisfy yourself, not an official in a white coat. Every year, gas bangers, reflective spinners and kites are deployed by farmers and I take photos of pigeons continuing to feed in their presence. Job done! GL satisfied.
  7. Very good scoped these. Iv got two 1-5x20 wtc and a 3-9x40 wtc. I would have this one if money was a bit more flush at the moment. They aren’t really ring marks as per with a normal scope that’s been clamped to tight, its just the granite finish on them which gets rubs when mounting, it can’t really be helped with this model. good luck with the sale.
  8. What is interesting is my this logic, none of which i am doubting, bouncers and flappers shouldn’t have enough movement/speed to work at all. I have been trialing a magnet and flapper (on a timer) combination and have been so impressed by the flapper iv considered buying three flappers and ditching the magnet completely. One several occasions, on different days, a pigeon has been unwilling to commit, the flapper has come on just at the right moment and bang, straight in!! Shooting pigeons is a strange old task!
  9. I have long criticised BASC who have done nothing for shooting at all over the last 15 years. They are an old boys clubs, with ridiculous salaries and trade completely off their brand image. People on here get very defensive over them but I am glad some are starting to see the light. Shooting deserves far better, especially at £80 a pop!!!
  10. I have MS and as a consequence of a relapse lost the sight in my right eye for about 6 months. In that period I shot off my left shoulder with the same gun. It took some adjusting but when i got used to it I was away. I really dont think the cast of the gun made any difference. Additionally, one of my good friends naturally shoots left handed. He shoots a right handed gun given to him when he was 16. He’s an excellent shot with it.
  11. zipdog

    .22 hornet

    I will start off by saying that I have a 222! Now with that out of the way I never get why people say such rubbish. If you say to people you’re looking for a hornet they always say get a 222/223 is faster, flatter and has more power. Then step back and next week tell the same people you’re looking for a 222 and they will tell you to get a 22-250 for the same reasons. Tell people you want a 22-250 and they will say you want a 243. Its honestly a never ending cycle. I have a 222 because its best for my needs, the fact its flatter and more powerful than a hornet has nothing to do with i
  12. zipdog

    Co2 or not

    I had a Co2 airgun. Would never have one ever again. Zero was constantly changing depending on temperature, gas was always running out. You think 50 shots is a lot but it really isn’t. Always back of your mind when lining up a shot, am i getting near my shot count, might it have leaked, is there going to be temperature variation. Lastly very expensive to run. Either save the money and get a pcp with pump or get a good quality springer. Or get a Co2 but id be interested the hear your opinion in two years time. Sorry to be negative.
  13. As someone who is in nearly the same position as you. There is no such thing as a good cheap airgun these days. Iv been looking for something around the £200 mark (plenty of money for a 30 yard gun imo) to replace my 20 year old Webley Exocet. Brought it home to me the other day while searching I found an identical Webley to mine, same age, and it was for sale online for £180. 20 years ago, brand new, I paid £80 for mine, with a new scope and mounts!!!! The price of airguns has got ridiculous. My wages certainly haven’t doubled in that time. In fact, I think a lot of
  14. I think Colston destroyed a lot more lives and communities than a ‘mob’ wrecking a statue or two!!
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