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  1. Not a bad shout. Iv got about 3 simmons kicking about so i really don’t need a scope, so its only the mounts.
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys. Shame to hear about the galling, nearly had my mind made up
  3. Thank you very much for your reply. I am a big CZ fan in rimfire. Struggling to find anyone who sells CZ air rifles though, could you recommend anyone?
  4. Hello, My 20 year old Webley Xocet, Birmingham made, is finally starting to show signs of ages. While i am persistent in trying to get her back on point I still feel she is ready for a bit of retirement. I would have another Xocet in a heartbeat, however, a few years back, i did by a BSA lightning (turkish made), it was that bad its put me off anything made in that part of the world. I understand the new Webley's are much the same, production moved abroad. I have shot a friends Tx200 and it is absolute superb. If money was no object that would be my first choice, however I simply cannot bring myself to spend £500 on a airgun. This leaves me with the HW99 which appears to be well made and reasonably priced. Just wondering if anyone had any opinions on them, or could recommend anything else. Many thanks
  5. It was brazed in. Theres a pin through the action which prevent it from coming out completely too. removed the pin and applied plenty of heat and it eventually pulled out. edit - will add the pin does not keep it tight in the receiver just fits loosely to prevent the barrel shooting off completely.
  6. thanks for the replies. After giving it a lot of heat iv finally got the barrel out. Will try lock tight stud lock and give it another go. Many thanks.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I was hoping there was maybe a simpler remedy. I think i need to try and pull the barrel out completely and see what iv got to work with. Looking like a new barrel job at the moment.
  8. Thank you for your reply. Stupid question but where is the locking screw? There doesn’t seem to be any obvious screw connecting the barrel to the receiver. Many thanks
  9. Hi all My trusty Birmingham made Webley Xocet has served me incredibly well for 20 years. However, of late it has been abnormally inaccurate. Iv have tried three different scopes and mounts and the problem persists. Finally I think I may have found the problem. The barrel appears to have come loose from the action. It will turn about 3mm in either direction then stops solid. I have upload a video to youtube allowing you to see the problem. (Sorry but i was struggling to upload to PW directly) Any suggestions on how i can fix this problem will be most appreciated. It been a fantastic gun over the years. Many thanks Will
  10. Why that measurement though. rather than say 20 bore or 12 bore etc. How does a 18.6 bore differ from a 20 bore. `just iv never heard of a 18.6 bore. thanks
  11. can someone please explain what a 18.6 bore is? Thank you
  12. zipdog

    Premium bonds.

    My premium bonds certainly beat the interest rate i get on my money in the bank. Then again my Bitcoin holdings beat them all but that’s another story 😁
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