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  1. Where would you like me to start? BASC’s is all smoke and mirrors and has proven itself effectively useless against all opposition. They receive millions a year in membership and either save it or wasted it, primarily on jobs for the boys. Look at how effective Wild Justice has been with good management and effective campaigning. IMHO BASC either need to get their finger out, with a radical change in management, or we will continue to loose ground to left wing activist groups. The CA have done significantly more than BASC in trying to protect shooting and that is saying something!!
  2. You have to love the extent of BASC’s lobbying. BASC need to be doing far more to promote our sport and its virtues. Active campaigning, informing and winning public opinion, not just being reactionary to every challenge which is launched against us. At the moment BASC is no more than a telephone sales company..... RING RING Shooter : Hello, I would like to be a member of BASC. BASC: You’ve made the right choice, in additional to our excellent insurance cover we campaign throughout all of the UK and Europe to safeguard the future of shooting. Membership is £80. Shooter : Ok. End of conversation. RING RING BASC: Hello, insurance underwriter please can you insure Mr X incase he shoots anyone. Insurance underwriter: No problem its £20. BASC: Excellent. Feet up and tea break time RING RING Shooter: Hello, it appears Wild Justice are challenging our Sport are you going to do something. BASC: Ok course we are working very hard behind the scenes, please keep an eye on our website for the latest updates. Shooter: ok. RING RING BASC: Hello, are you a Lawyer? Solicitors: Yep. BASC: Ah good, its appears a few of our members are getting upset about this Wild Justice group, can you have a look at it for us. Solicitors: Yep. BASC: Great I’ll just update our website to say our Lawyers are on the case, thanks. BASC: Ow p.s do you have a work experience kid who can knock a quick poster together? Solicitors: My 11 year old daughter is on school holidays......... BASC: Excellent. Feet up tea break time RING RING Shooter : Hello, I would like to be a member of BASC. BASC: You’ve made the right choice, in additional to our..................... (Repeat)
  3. if i was using a non FAC airgun 40 yards would be a good shot. If i was using a 22 lr 80 yards plus would be a good shot, if I was using a 223 250 yards plus would be a good shot.
  4. No Im not. Im guessing the OP wasn't shooting a sub 12ftlb air gun also
  5. The irony in the shooting community is unreal. Personally I prefer to challenge myself and would rather shoot rabbits at the top end of my range than murder everything within a 50m radius. To me its fairer on the quarry as at close ranges it stands no chance. At long ranges skill comes into it and I need to be better to make a successful shot, consequently averages go down. The irony is if you rocked up on a pheasant shoot and instead of shooting 'sporting' birds to be sure of clean kill you blasted all the low, but safe, birds, the same people would be complaining about how unsporting you had been. My primary reason for controlling rabbits is crop protection. But the reason I go shooting isn't because I am particularly concerned about farmers profits. It's because I enjoy been out and the challenge. Blasting animals at 50m doesn't give me much enjoyment. Pulling off longer shots does.
  6. Have you tried Walkers yet 😂?
  7. True but to me the cost argument doesn’t coming into centerfire ammunition. You’re not letting rounds off like a machine gun. 223 is certainly a lot easier to get hold of though. A few shops don’t stock 222.
  8. By that logic get a 22-250. 222 is just a nice, very sweet shooting, inherently accurate calibre. Its not over powered for long range vermin and has enough power for larger stuff. The Yanks then took it an add 100 fps to meet their military criteria and the 223 was born. A very good round also, both too similar to argue any significant difference but as a all rounder my sentiments are with the traditional 222.
  9. just get the 222. Best all round vermin calibre ever made
  10. zipdog


    I would say the complete opposite. Short term Crypto is a nightmare but longer term, If you stick to established coins you will be fine. You wont go wrong buying Bitcoin now as long as you do not need to sell for a decade. Short term its incredibly volatile.
  11. zipdog


    Central banks are scared by Libra (the Facebook one) as it is a direct challenge to the traditional columns of power. They are being forced and forced fast to move with the times. This will involve crypto of some sort, which crypto, stable backed coins or otherwise remains to be seen. Get it correct and the returns will be great for you, get it wrong and you will be left with little.
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    What does is maths and cryptography. You are right you have to pick your investments though.
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    Why not Crypto?
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    BSA Mag adjustment

    BSA these days stands for Blooming S_ _ T Airrifles
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