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  1. Never been much of a gambler i’ll stick to my bitcoin thanks
  2. Thanks for all the replies, unbelievable really the efforts they seems to be going to!
  3. Tonight when driving home from work i went past a police speed van! Nothing unusual but this time it was 18:45 and pitch black. I am assuming they are using infra red or something, but my question is surely the headlights of the oncoming cars would dazzle the camera? Any ideas?
  4. very nice, fancied one for a while. How much did it set you back if you don't mind me asking? Thanks
  5. Gunblue480 is a great channel
  6. Plenty about in the eastern counties, went Saturday and shot 33, manage just over 40 last Saturday.
  7. I personally think Nikko Sterling make a superior scope to Hawke, especially when shooting in low light. My Nikko Sterling Game King 40mm objective lens is far better than my friends Hawke 50mm at Dusk.
  8. zipdog


    Used to me good but something changed a couple of years ago. Now Subway is awful
  9. zipdog

    Funny eye

    I had a similar thing happen, eye went burly, Over about 3 months lost nearly all of the sight out of it, then retuned to normal after six months. Turned out to Optic Neuritis and revealed a bigger health problem. I go to spec savers or somewhere rather than a doctor.
  10. Its mixing a 16 bore and a 12 bore that scares me. They look so similar.
  11. any joy getting hold of the guy
  12. yes please, ill take one. if you give me your bank detail i’ll transfer funds. king regards Zipdog
  13. the old Webley Xocet airifles i learnt to shoot with were never made with a safety catch. Not saying a safely catch isn’t added insurance but muzzle awareness is King
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