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  1. 100% agree. This thinking and mindset behind 'big bags' is all disproportionate. Many people within the shooting industry claim 400 bird days are extreme, unsporting, etc etc. If you actually break it down a 400 bird day between 10 guns is 40 birds each over 5 drives is 8 birds a drive. Can anyone deem that to be excessive? If so i suggest you give up pigeon shooting or lamping vermin where numbers typically exceed that per gun.
  2. Since when was written permission required? I think a lot of this is people on both sides making it up as they go along.
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I think I am going to have a go at making a set and see how I go.
  4. I am looking for a set of shooting sticks for when out with the rifle. Having done a quick search there seems to be a huge variation in price. Obviously I don’t want to spend more than I am forced. But don’t want something which is unfit for purpose either. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Many thanks
  5. zipdog


    So sad that a lady had to die for the ego of one spoilt man. The man who shot her should also be held accountable and put away for a long time. But in the good old USA i bet nothing at all happens.
  6. Having recently gone through buying a new airgun.... All i wanted was something to replace my 20 year old Webley exocet which had come to the end of its life. Something cheap but solid. What a nightmare the airgun market has become, all rubbish made in either China, Turkey or Spain. Having owned one spanish airgun in-between and learnt my lesson I wasn’t going there. I just wanted someone around £150 and simple. To cut a long story short i ended up spending £400 on a HW97 K. Yes its very expensive for what is a sub 35 yard tool, but HW and air arms are the only guns on the mark
  7. I know it seems like an age away but it's only two years, and most of that we will be locked down at this rate. Id apply for a gun licence, which will probs take 12 months anyway, then wait until you're 17 and buy one. I think its still 17 to buy a shotgun. The second reason for this is your build will change a lot in them two years also, so it will save you buying another gun when the first no longer fits. Get an airgun in-between to keep you amused.
  8. Some of the comments are unbelievable. If I was a pheasant I think i would rather fly over someone with a 80-1 ratio than a 3-1. Game shooting always has been, and always will be a social occasion. As long as all efforts are made to dispatch any wounded game and the gun is safe that’s all that matters. You are out in the field to enjoy to countryside not to kill as much as possible. Ps the man shooting 3-1 will still wound far more birds than the lady shooting 80-1.
  9. no-one ever got anywhere by sticking to all the rules.
  10. I agree with Ginger Cat. The Americans and lots of other countries certainly helped but the part the Russians played in WW2 is vastly covered up and removed from history which is scandalous. It was most probably because our government wanted to paint Russia and communism in a bad light following the war. For anyone questioning the part Russia played take a look at the total military deaths by country during WW2. It might open your eyes!!
  11. We either Lockdown fully or not at all. This half hearted tiered approach is getting none of us nowhere.
  12. Shooting in Lincolnshire, big flat fields, the 17 HMR is the perfect tool. I have a 22lr but its noway near as versatile as the HMR. Ammunition quality is certainly a problem at the moment, groupings are all over, but even despite this it still out performs a 22. The only other calibre i would consider is hornet but I don’t get time to reload to make it cost effective. I have a CZ, v.good rifles. If i was buying now I would also have a good look at the Tikka rimfire range. Can't comment on them personally but I have a tikka centrefire and its accurate.
  13. Jenson Button now there’s a real driver. Been world champion, don’t give a **** anymore, goes out partying till 2am.
  14. Thank you for letting me know.
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