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  1. if you buy a co2 you’ll quickly be buying a springer or a PCP. I had a Co2 airgun and the zero was constantly changing with temperature and gas quantity. Waste of time.
  2. I think the idea is that if the gun is in a slip it can’t be shot. Iv been to less formal clay grounds where people think its funny to take a shot at your clay while waiting, or at best shoot it after you have missed to wind you up. Guns in slips prevents such behaviour. I must add that whenever its happened I have never felt it has been dangerous, but with the wrong person doing it, getting excited, it could be very dangerous.
  3. zipdog


    dedicated foxing rifle from a vehicle they maybe have their place. Personally i don’t like the extra weight and feel my own arm resting on the bonnet is steadier than bipods.
  4. You should have taken a video and uploaded it onto social media. But then hind sight is a wonderful thing. On another note though i was came across a car which was all over the road, serving excessively and doing 20 miles an hour. I assumed he was battered. When he eventually stopped I opened the door and took the keys out. Turned out the guy wasn’t drunk but was a diabetic who had got his insulin wrong and was going hyperglycaemic.
  5. i don’t trust any of them, and i voted on, in my opinion, far greater and diverse issues than shooting. Yes you could argue shooting is safer under Conservative rule, and it probably is, but Conservative rule cannot last forever. Enjoy shooting while it is here, but you vote for health care, taxation, welfare and economics. Not hobbies. Just my stance.
  6. zipdog

    Metal detecting

    So is sleeping with underaged girls but the Royals and Landed Gentry turn a blind eye to that 😂👌
  7. zipdog

    Metal detecting

    Just go at night 😀
  8. zipdog

    Pellets for rats

    Good advice, only part I do disagree on is the headshotting bit. I head shot every species with exception of rats and sometimes magpies. Rats always just get a boiler room shot, don’t want to be missing the horrible creatures messing about with a headshot. They don’t travel very far with a shot to front end in my experience. It’s got to be more humane than poison either way.
  9. zipdog

    White Island

    This was my understanding also
  10. zipdog

    Pellets for rats

    I only have a 22 and it’s a old spring break barrel but over the last 15 years I have put thousands of pellets, it’s accurate and has killed most things over the years. I keep my air gun shooting simple, domed pellets for everything, they are the best all rounder. If I want to splat a rat at close range I just put one in backwards! Simples 😀😀
  11. In my opinion any knock big enough to set the rifle off will have damaged, or at least marked the gun or scope.
  12. zipdog

    Poor old Elizabeth

    There have been numerous allegations against him by girls saying they were underage at the time (younger than 18), not just one or two. Many cases have been shadily settled out of court too. By all means go to American states where the age of consent is different to the UK with your definition of a pedophile and see how it works out for you. Not very well I wouldn’t think, unless you have the money and connections Epstein had!
  13. zipdog

    Poor old Elizabeth

    Do you get different news to the rest of us in your part of the world? There’s plenty of suggestion, and I would argue good evidence that Epstein was a pedophile dating back to the early 2000’s.
  14. zipdog

    Poor old Elizabeth

    Yes it does. Ex service members deserve huge respect, but they do not get given the right to break laws or not have to work for the rest of their lives because of their time in service. Prince Andrew is no exception, in fact most when they leave have to undertake laborious work just to keep putting food on the table. All Andrew had to do was not hang around with pedophiles and reprobates!! Something he couldn’t manage.
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