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  1. Max 20m I would go with the 22. If you ever fancy poking out a bit further the 177 is the one to have. I have a 97k 177 in beach for reference.
  2. I hate Piers Morgan but he’s spot on in this case and can’t believe he hasn’t got more support. Harry and Megan are ridiculous at the moment.
  3. How many figures do you want? Yes everyone makes mistakes but the point is Donald throughout the whole of his presidency was only concerned about himself and not for the greater good of America.
  4. All the wars you’ve listed were fought in the interest of the nation. There may have been dubious claims as to why the war was taking place but the aim was to secure land or resources or neutralise and external threat to the USA. Trump however couldn’t care less about what is best for America. All he cares about is promoting his own ego and image.
  5. The man is a fool and he has so much blood on his hands it is unreal. If I killed one person you would all be shouting I should be hanged. Trump through his incompence and provocative speeches has killed thousands. The poor young lady who stormed the Capitol building who was killed acting on his behalf while good old ‘aggressive’ Donald hid behind his team says it all. He could never lead troops into battle. He’s scared of real danger. He’s a pathetic man who is all words and no action!
  6. Having owned Landrovers I would say certainly not the Landrover 😂! Sorry! Landrovers are always having little niggles, this breaking, this snapping, this slipping, this sticking. I bought my first German car, and as much as I didn’t want German, its been the most trouble free car iv owned. 130,000 now and all iv replaced is a wheel bearing and an exhaust coupling in its life. Serviced once a year at the local independent.
  7. Depending on your excess and no claims bonus it might just be worth having a word with a local repair shop and fixing it that way. Alternatively, depending on the make of the car you might be able to pick up a newish bumper online and fit it yourself if you’re handy with spanners.
  8. You can adjust the head to have the beam as wide or tight as you like. For foxing i have it tight, for rabbits i widen it out a bit. It's a very versatile torch, fits in as well for walking the dog or a bonfire party as it does mounted on a rifle. its never going to be a good as the lightforce 170 I have but for its money and place its perfect.
  9. https://torchfactory.com/evo-75-torch The best and cheapest torch i have found. Good out to 300 yards, even further for spotting foxes. Batteries last ages. If you fancy a different colour just buy a different led pill.
  10. And then there was the man who runs a local gun shop. He decided, which police approval apparently, it was a great idea to scan everyones shotgun certificates into his computer so you didn’t have to take it with you when you needed cartridges!! I told him No Way! Firstly if he gets hacked the criminals have a list of lots of shotgun holders within 30 miles, secondly there’s nothing to say that a person hasn’t had their licence revoked in-between him scanning it in and their next visit! Apparently that thought hadn’t crossed his mind!!!!
  11. I must admit i find the law surrounding this ridiculous and contradictory. In my profession I must undertake GDPR checks on my clients before undertaking work. According to the relevant chartered body I must hold copies of ID on file!! The whole system is crazy and while I would like to think everything is kept 100% secure its just another added risk in identity fraud. I wouldn’t like to think how many people hold a copy of my drivers licence or passport. Because that is what is required by GDPR!!! Who is to blame if I am a victim of Identify fraud?
  12. 100% agree. This thinking and mindset behind 'big bags' is all disproportionate. Many people within the shooting industry claim 400 bird days are extreme, unsporting, etc etc. If you actually break it down a 400 bird day between 10 guns is 40 birds each over 5 drives is 8 birds a drive. Can anyone deem that to be excessive? If so i suggest you give up pigeon shooting or lamping vermin where numbers typically exceed that per gun.
  13. Since when was written permission required? I think a lot of this is people on both sides making it up as they go along.
  14. Thank you for all the replies. I think I am going to have a go at making a set and see how I go.
  15. I am looking for a set of shooting sticks for when out with the rifle. Having done a quick search there seems to be a huge variation in price. Obviously I don’t want to spend more than I am forced. But don’t want something which is unfit for purpose either. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Many thanks
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