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  1. The proper terminology is actually a Packham of pigeons rather than blizzard 😂
  2. It is normal for a Browning 😂
  3. The barrels are fine. The action and chambers however, especially on the earlier 525 are appalling. The barrels are fine. The action and chambers however, especially on the earlier 525 are appalling. Where do i get this info from; Personal experience mainly. I have several guns and none have any rust problems, except the 525.
  4. 525 are good guns, criticisms are: 1. rust like hell due to not enough chrome 2.firing pins are easily damaged, although easily replaceable. 3. 725 were better made in all regards. For the record I have a 525 and it does all i need.
  5. +1 I do not know the farm or the businesses. Either way i guarantee that Maize will not be there in 6 weeks time.
  6. Normal aim points. Getting the range and wind right should be the main concerns. If your good enough to be worrying about rain droplets you don't need to be worrying.
  7. Both are very good rounds but the 270 would be my choice. They was very popular for plains game in Africa and for good reason. Deer size animals relatively close, 308 takes some beating. Deer size animals over long and varying distance 270 every day.
  8. Not a massive fan I must admit but I still think the dog has a better life than most Circus animals.
  9. I would argue there is a very big and very real difference. A dog is a domesticated animal which over century's of close human interaction, selective breeding and its natural instincts can be assigned a job like picking up, im not too keen on Crufts . The dog is still allowed to express its natural instincts to hunt albeit in a control manner. A horse is also an animal which has been closely associated with humans for century's, again racing and jumping are all extensions of there natural desire/abilities to run fast and jump obstacles again in a control manner though. A lion balancing on a ball or an elephant standing on one leg on a stool are not extensions of their natural abilities, they are acts which are completely alien concepts and contrasting to their natural desires and abilities. If the act was to have a fake Gazelle and the lion's raced to try and catch it, this would be more acceptable.
  10. Whilst I do not agree with methods of the animal right protestors. I personally do not agree with animals being used in Circus's.
  11. https://www.a1decoy.co.uk/product/bouncer-floater-pole/ I have just bought 3 for £30 from A1. If I was you I would stick to just buying a bouncer or two and putting dead birds on them. They will work better. I bought one of the ultimate ones with the decoy, and all it did was loop de loops. Maybe ok if the wind if just the right strength but didn't like much.
  12. Up until last week I had never used A1 decoys. Was very pleased with them, quick competitive on price and good quality.
  13. Low risk Bitcoin High risk Alt coins
  14. Could be maggots. I was surprised the other day. I shot a few pigeons a week last Saturday. Put them under a tree to reuse on my magnet etc on Monday as it was bank holiday. I was shocked to return to find them all very decomposed with maggots crawling all over them. That was within 48 hours.
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