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  1. Andycf

    Squirrel Feeder

    Thank you for the reply, I have sent you a PM
  2. Andycf

    Squirrel Feeder

    Anyone got a Squirrel feeder made to FAC specifications please as I would like to purchase one (or maybe 2) ? I am based in the West Midlands DY9 area and prepared to collect (approx 50 mile radius) and pay cash!
  3. Thanks Steve What is the internal height of the jaws please?
  4. Hi Steve Can you please let me know what the internal measurements are of the pig saddle and do the two internal jaw faces have a finish that will grip the stock?
  5. Wanted Randolph Sporter RX frames 62mm with 160 cable please contact via PM if you have any that you would like to sell
  6. I am looking for a Revo K200 Duck Blind 12bore O /U in excellent condition please if anyone has one gathering dust in the cabinet Thank you for looking and 🤞crossed
  7. Flying pigeon decoys (with poles) & Static pigeon decoys (with pegs) Has anyone got any of these for sale please?
  8. Hi Andy read your wanted add don’t know if you would be interested in a Franchi Raptor712

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    2. Marka11


      Ok give me 5mins as I have take a pic of your email it’s a long one that’s is and I can’t memorise it only thing missing on it is the case as I’m too idle get it out the loft 😆😆

    3. Andycf


      Thank you for sending the pictures but it’s not for me, I wish you all the best with the sale

    4. Marka11


      No probs mate


  9. Looking to have a few sessions on inland ducks & geese this season, has anyone got a Browning Maxus Mobuc or Winchester SX3 or 4 preferably 30” with 3 1/2” steel proofed chamber that they no longer have a use for and would like to sell? I am based in the Midlands but prepared to travel for the right gun Thank you for looking
  10. Could you post a picture of them on the forum please as I am interested in buying them?
  11. Has anyone got a Bush Chair Single Hide made by Bushwear in good condition that they would like to sell? Please PM with details of what you have available
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