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  1. We were wondering the same! No pigeons in Hampshire and a mate has just come back from visiting family in Lincolnshire, same story. Two farms we shoot have 4 fields of peas , usually suicidal but nowt! Where are they all?
  2. Pleased to say have got some roost shooting in these past weekends. The pigeons I have shot have had ivy berries or acorns in their crops. Some had maize, presumably from chopped game cover. Haven’t seen any with rape in. Cheers all
  3. Great responses and dialogue between fellow shooters. Of course the days are lengthening now so roosting time gets later accordingly. Weather looks better next weekend and so hope to get out. Watch this space!
  4. Thanks Jim, for taking the time to write such good advice. Definitely reconnaissance always pays off and a windy day better. Cheers
  5. Thanks guys. I will take note and watch much earlier. Does anybody practise roost shooting this time of year? The leaves are off the trees etc. I have only ever done it in February after the game season is over. Cheers
  6. Hi All, what time do pigeons come in to roost this time of year (end of November)? It is dark by 4.45pm. Might seem a silly question but I watched a wood 30 mins before and reckon they were all in! Cheers
  7. Hi Davyo, Thanks for your reply to this topic. I assume from your in depth knowledge of the subject you are an HMRC employee as well as a pigeon shooter. The problem I face as I'm sure many hundreds of other members do is that (correct me if I'm wrong) being employed in full time jobs and on PAYE tax deductions, taking days off to go beating, we cannot be officially self-employed as well. This is even though the beating activity has nothing to do with our main job and we are effectively self employed, working from home when going beating! The self employed person can claim business mileage and I for example appear not to be able to. This is discriminatory. The other anomaly is that pickers up, who run a dog can claim all their expenses, again discriminatory as we are all key components of running a driven day shoot. Finally if beating is considered to be a job and income is taxable, one should be allowed to claim the expenses incurred in getting to the job to be able to do it. Theoretically too one should be able to claim for the cost of providing their own lunch if this is not provided and certain protective clothing which has to be replaced due to wear and tear doing the job. All this of course arose because the shoot I help out on has to report wages paid to beaters to HMRC against their NI number and I got a tax bill! This is however not all of the simplistic story or picture. Am I missing something here? Wishing you and all members a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Cheers P
  8. Hi everybody. Does anyone have experience of claiming back expenses such as car mileage and protective clothing from HMRC as a beater? There is a Form P87 you can fill out and send in as long as your total earnings don't exceed £2500. Apparently pickers up are entitled to because they run a dog (any logic in that?) As a beater we are casual employees, non contractual and operate from home, taking our 'tools' i.e. sticks and flags driving to and from the job, which can be several different shoots etc. If you are already in full time employment and on PAYE, this sideline activity is not your main job, so different rules should apply. Even the employers tax code will be different. I tried it recently and they didn't seem to want to play ball, but often it is down to the individual. If there is anyone who has succeeded it would be good to know as we can build up a case law file. There can't be one rule for some and another for others! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year for 2017 and some great beaters days! Cheers P.
  9. Hi, if you want to go down the fitting route and I highly recommend it. You will be very lucky to get an 'off the peg' gun that fits. Those of us who can't afford custom made bespoke stocks can do the next best thing. I got an adjustable comb fitted by Doveridge Claysports Club resident gunsmith Simon. You send him your stock and he cuts a piece out of the comb and fits Krieghoff metalwork. Does a superb job and the comb can be adjusted,raised or lowered in height and moved from left to right. You can get the sight line down the rib bang on. Cost is around £200.00 about the same as a 100 bird tuition lesson! Call Simon first to discuss tel. 07816 918301. Worth every penny, if the gun ain't shooting where you are looking you're waisting your time and ammo. Good luck and staright shooting! Piers
  10. Go for it! Pumps are great to shoot, quite quickly you will not even think about pumping it it just happens subconsciously. Easy to strip and clean, easy to reload in a hide just feed shells in underneath. I had a Mossberg 500 before the Hungerford massacre, handed it in under the buyback program. Now have a Magtech 5-shot on a FAC-1, they are made in Brazil. Absolutely deadly on 1/2 choke. Bought it from A E Clarke in Camberley. The only problem is they are not in the stiff British culture! Cheers
  11. I own a Mossberg hushpower .410 pump. Its a brilliant bit of kit. I also decided to overcome the rib being lower than the moderator can by screwing on a strip of hardwood, painted black and the sight line is now good. Man shouldn't be without one!
  12. As requested, have a look at the attached three photos. Inertia weight on LHS and in-line hammers are unique. Cheers
  13. Likewise,my favourite all round gun would be (is) a pump action..not mentioned in the survey! I have a 16 bore sbs for fun days, and have to have an o/u for formal game days. Cheers
  14. Good job there. Hope you are gonna eat them? Squirrel is very good, cross between chicken & rabbit, casserole or on barbie in the summer. Note April Sporting Gun mag has cottoned on to it. Cheers
  15. Never forget the man who invented gunpowder!

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