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  1. oscarsdad


    What an absolute *****. It’s a shame the video didn’t end with him being shown the error of his ways by some of the residents of the barracks.
  2. 5 min from me…go to the Plough too or a walk along the canal. Lovely spot.
  3. This. the definition of poverty is farcical…5 children so “need” a six bed house so they all have their room? Nonsense. If you don’t have room, don’t have children and don’t expect taxpayers to fund your choices.
  4. I just noticed where you are, if the right side have a look here, that who I used https://www.arpeetstoves.co.uk/home/
  5. I’ve just had a Woodwarm one installed…made in Devon as I didn’t want any Chinese ****. Not cheap though, £1500 for the stove for 5kw inset one, 10 year warranty though which is more than a lot are.
  6. Fair enough, do you know how long left on it?
  7. Presumably these still have full Apple warranty being sealed? I’m interested in a pro - whereabouts in Lincs are you?
  8. /\ this. Not liking Boris and an incorrect assumtption that Latin is useless are the main reasons for the posts. Latin is very useful in some areas, as said foreign languages can be better and more easily understood even if you haven’t been taught them and biological / medical terms also all based on Latin.
  9. The programme should be an embarrassment to Beefy. Ghillies who probably know about game fishing but without the first clue about pike, not using traces until bitten off so there were two lures at least left in pike. it paints fishing in a really bad light in my view.
  10. I have owned a CRV and currently still have an old RAV4 D4D. I would certainly consider a Rav. Capable off road where needed and 50mpg running costs with bombproof Toyota reliability. CRV good too, more car like and not quite as solidly built but still good.
  11. I’ll have a go at putting it back together? my daughter would love to learn with it!
  12. I have a freebie yeti one, it’s brilliant. Coffee too hot if use the lid but I use it daily for my morning coffee and like you say, great for a g&t too
  13. I have had my maxus for over 10 years, it takes some getting used to, eats gloves with the speed loader but no longer eats my thumb...keep your thumb on the edge of the cart and as above 90 degrees to breech
  14. Check the GLs…magpies have a lot more protection now.
  15. Maybe the Olympic committee need to rethink their classification of athletes? one group who can reverse park and one who can’t?
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