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  1. Sorry can't edit my fat fingers typo in the title! I have my first child due in a few weeks so having to thin out fishing and other hobby equipment as apparently I won't have the time for fishing soon... Firstly, Dragon Guide Select Skinner Cast trigger grip 1.95m and casting up to 80g. The finish on this rod is just brilliant, really really nice rod I just don't really use it and it is sat in the wardrobe. Really nice condition - only evidence of use is some of the rubbery finish on the grip has worn ever so slightly. £50 Secondly, a rod I bought earlier in the year for a trip to Florida and due to a change in the fishing I did out there it literally only got used for about an hour. TF gear Outlander travel boat rod - now I know this is a boat rod but it is rung for multipler or fixed spool and I was using it casting 15g jigs with a fixed spool and it worked really well and even better with heavier lures - it is absolutely perfect for tropical destinations where something a bit heavier is required and I was going to keep it for fishing in the Caribbean and Florida again but since it is very unlikely that I will be going there for a while I may as well sell it whilst it is new! 20lb class technically, 5 piece in its own hard tube. £35 Or If you wanted a travel boat fishing setup I have a Rovex Multiplier to go with it loaded with brand new 25lb mono and this reel has never seen water - £60 for both. I would prefer collection From Solihull area, although could post if needed, especially the travel rod. I can take some photos when I am at home if anyone is interested. I'm not on here very often so please PM if interested.
  2. If you'll take £20 I'll have it?
  3. Deerhunter "waxed finish" cargo shorts, brand new with tags. Ordered the wrong size and cant be bothered taking them back. Deerhunter EU size 52, which is apparently large, 36" but I would say they would fit a 34" waist a lot better. Terrier not included. Very tough hard wearing material, would have liked them to have fitted me but clearly I am too fat... bargain at £15 posted. PLease PM me as I don't get on here as often as I used to.
  4. Wear sunglasses and a hat to protect you head and eyes from your own fly when learning to cast (I always wear them anyway after 25yrs of fly fishing since I was 8). Take breaks from casting, your arm will get tired and your casting will deteriorate. Don't try to cast too far...I nicely presented fly 20yds away is better than a heap of line crashing down 30yds away.
  5. Black maribou tadpole lures, orange maribou tadpole lures...stockies love them.
  6. I agree it is increasingly becoming similar to carp fishing (which I do not do) but there is something special about being out on a beautiful stretch of river.
  7. For those coarse anglers out there the Severn has really picked up this week and I have had some nice fish - photos and write up of two sessions on my blog in signature if you are interested. Any local anglers fancy meeting up for some barbel fishing let me know.
  8. The IT weirdo on there is from little Britain - I cant post a photo easily but the character was called Des Kaye. I can't stand that little Paul conman Hollywood.
  9. Great news that it is working and well done...but do wonder whether it is primarily the exercise regime and lower calorie intake than anything to do with their products... I suspect a calorie controlled diet and the exercise would have the same results but if it is working for you then that's good news.
  10. The whole Herbalife thing is a con...just like Homeopathy it has no basis is science. Calories in > calories burned = get fat Calories in < calories burned = lose weight I know it is not as easy as that but ask these people selling this stuff what qualifications they have or understanding of physiology...just like that horrible witch who looked at people's poo on tv...
  11. great buy for someone looking to start beach fishing...
  12. Another post up from sea trout fishing is Wales this weekend
  13. oscarsdad

    Bridge Camera

    Agreed...I have a Samsung NX300 and it is fantastic
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