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  1. It’s not animated. It is real actors with a stylised computer filter over intended to look just like an old war comic. It’s pretty good actually and worth persevering.
  2. Google was probably responsible - you can turn this off in privacy settings.
  3. Honestly, dog licensing (although probably too difficult to police / implement) would be my suggestion. along the canal through my village I’ve now met the same stupid woman 3 times. Every time one of her designer mongrels has tried to bite my aging border terrier even tho she has it on a lead she still lets it pull as we pass. My dog is well trained and doesn’t react - yesterday I told her I’d had enough, it it happens again I will let my terrier react and her dog (despite being quite a lot bigger) will regret it. She seemed offended by this and that her dog wasn’t doing anything wr
  4. I agree it is all small scale, IUK spreading a few tens of £millions sized projects about isn’t going to get the UK into battery manufacturing. I am not sure what happened to Dyson - can’t help but think that setting up in one of the most expensive countries in the world wasn’t the best move from the outset!
  5. Tesla yes...they have very recently revealed a tabless cell which should have a massive impact on manufacturing techniques. Panasonic I would say no - Samsung and LG are probably the two largest cell manufacturers. I quite fancy a Tesla Model X but I would want the twin battery one just for ludicrous mode and would therefore run out of charge very quickly lol!
  6. A very difficult question to answer which I have spent the last year trying to answer. In my view, it will all come down to volumes. The UK absolutely has the brains and the technology to design and produce better cells, management systems and therefore battery packs than anywhere else. But, without the volumes it will impossible to compete on cost with Far East (mainly Korea and China) which is still where most of our cells come from even if packs are assembled in the UK. If the big OEMs were to club together to get volumes high enough then we could compete I would think. Whether th
  7. Agreed, I wouldn’t want one with no warranty on the battery
  8. There is a lot less to go wrong on an EV than an ICE vehicle. Effectively a battery, some harnessing and motors replacing an awful lot of very complicated / tight tolerance / high maintenance components which need servicing much more regularly than EV power train.
  9. I make electric vehicles for a living and am heavily involved in battery design, procurement and end of life for batteries. Firstly you are correct - battery can make up 25% or so of the cost to make the vehicle. life-wise they are less of an issue - the newer battery technology will last a long time. The battery management system protects it from “lifing” itself from aggressive charging or power demand from the rest of the vehicle. there are companies who will re-manufacture batteries with the goal to have a re-man battery available for older vehicles at a cost which m
  10. Ps. Don’t pay for an online newspaper subscription...most local libraries get you online access to newspapers and magazines for free, through pressreader or a similar app. I can read the telegraph, shooting times,the field etc etc and costs nothing.
  11. I read that yesterday and did think great we have an ally in the house at least.
  12. I don’t know about other models...I know on the 2wd version the button is there and does something to traction control settings but as to whether all 4wd versions have it not sure.
  13. I am a member. well worth joining, some stunning bits of the Severn and you usually don’t see another angler. If you game fish, it’s worth it just for the quality of game waters available. I don’t live anywhere near paas waters now but still keep membership for game fishing.
  14. I’ve owned both crv and Rav. crv better for comfort and bigger boot. Rav better on fuel, more sturdily built and better off road due to locking diff.
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