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  1. Once lockdown is sorted and we are able to travel I am often up into Yorkshire either fishing or taking family to the coast so it could work. She looks very similar to my boy apart from no blaze.
  2. An awful lot of new gun for the money. I nearly bought one but went for a used silver pigeon instead...just feel a lot better quality in the hand. Anyone who says the ATA is a cheap Beretta - ignore them. They are a copy but they are different mechanically and materially.
  3. I suspected your last comment would be the current situation. One of my neighbours was telling me her daughter breeds some sort of designer fluffy mongrel things, can’t remember what. She has recently had a litter of 10 and they sold for £3000 each! Absolute madness. It’s going to result in poor bitches being puppy factories and their health being massively impacted. Maybe I just need to get my brother to get a quality working cocker and they they can breed from her with my boy in a few years and we keep the line going that way.
  4. He welsh maeserderwyn (sp?) scimitar and other FTCH lines. He’s a muscular little rocket. Roost shooting with him yesterday and when I let him have a hunt as no birds coming in he found 2 woodcock, a cock bird and 2 muntjac so his hunting instinct is still strong despite minimal outings this season. He’s also still very good at giving me a dirty look if I miss. I am not after money for him as a sire, I would like to have a pup from him with a similar quality bitch - he’s not going with any old slutty dog lol!
  5. My brother and his Mrs want a working cocker and I would love to have the option of continuing the line of my own who has brilliant pedigree and has been bomb proof health wise. He hasn’t been to stud before - is it still the norm that stud fee is a pup? With prices having gone silly I wasn’t sure. Where is the best place to advertise him available for stud? thanks
  6. Managed to get off conference calls by mid afternoon so popped up to very local perm for some roost shooting. Well that was the plan - my 5 year old daughter decided she wanted to come. Plenty of birds coming into the wood but with an animated 5 year old who decided she still isn’t keen on gunfire they kept flaring away so I gave up and will go again without her. I put the the little BSA ultra in for her to have a go with and honestly I was amazed how well she got on. She’s only slight for her age (only just 5) - I put a couple of clays (an orange one and a black mini) abou
  7. Agreed, I’d rather be fishing for wild brownies on a river with dry flies but I suspect rivers won’t be suitable for that fir a while.
  8. I agree but it isn’t the case and isn’t universal....criticise Britain - that’s ok....criticise a religion which has thousands of very violent looney followers...not ok...everything should be fair game.
  9. Replace the bovril with tinned beef consommé and add plenty of vodka instead of Sherry
  10. I hadn’t seen the content of what he said...but was right just from his football shirt. If he doesn’t like the freedom afforded to him as a result of the actions of British servicemen and women, he is welcome to leave the UK. I can’t write anything else for fear of being banned from the forum.
  11. Alleged troll I should say...and I should point out I don’t read this publication, it came up in Apple news https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14075420/captain-sir-tom-moore-troll-pictured/
  12. One of the trolls has had his picture shown in the press today, based of his attire, I cannot help but assume that his dislike of Captain Tom is politically motivated.
  13. Been filling the fly box with some new creations. Today’s were some beaded buzzers in lemon and lime, burgundy and ginger flavours... Hopefully soon will be able to tempt some early season trout with them (unless the rivers are in good condition in which case I’ll be chasing wild brown trout and grayling rather than stocked rainbows). I want to get better at fishing buzzers as I often am not patient enough and end up stripping lures.
  14. I’d be insisting on a temporary permit to keep hold of the guns - the requirement for the medical has been made up by the licensing force and isn’t in the guidelines (I have had to do it too for renewal having moved area) so the delay is down to their making up the rules. I had to insist on a temporary cert when West Midlands couldn’t be bothered to renew my license in time - I ended up recording the phone call and getting the bloke to clarify that he was refusing to issue a temporary cert “because they don’t do that” and then when the recording was provided to the chief constable th
  15. Totally agree, but since people get visits from the Police for disagreeing with the professionally offended of Twitter, or for saying a bloke doesn’t become a woman for wearing a dress and a wig and claiming to be a woman, anyone who has trolled Capt Tom should also receive a visit (preferably from some large gentlemen who wear maroon berets).
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