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  1. Colston Bassett is the one the go for...the smallest of the 6 and therefore the most expensive but the nicest in my view, a bit creamier than Long Clawson or Cropwell Bishop although if left too long it can get a bit fierce.
  2. Inbound. thanks for a great offer.
  3. Yes please. My daughter would love that - she’s been asking for camo clothes and come with me!
  4. And they are usually the first to say “he only wants to play” when as dog owners often we can clearly tell the difference between play and aggression...
  5. Would have to be proper Stilton...only 6 creameries produce it and 3 of those are within 5 miles of my house.
  6. Both I am my father have old English sbs and would like to find alternative loads - if there are any carts available to test - we can also distribute for the lads in wildfowling club and on our syndicate to test too if there’s a slab available?
  7. Agreed - aids are great and reduce the chances of stupidity causing accidents. You really would have to try hard to have an accident in my Volvo but if you left it entirely to it’s own devices I suspect it may be able to crash itself.
  8. It could fail of course - but I would suggest the chance of it failing is significantly lower than a human being tired / distracted / drunk / drugged / plain stupid
  9. Same here my Volvo has it - as long as keep a hand on the wheel it’ll do everything, takes some getting used to but it’s brilliant. The car is also capable of reacting to hazards more quickly than I do (I’m advanced driver trained with a copper for an old man when learning to drive) - sometimes tho the safety systems react when they don’t need to. I would much rather have cars like this on the roads than the standard of driving too many of the population have - once they become more widespread they will be “connected” so will know where each other are become even safer. I w
  10. There are birds about in the vale of Belvoir where I live but not massive numbers like I saw in March. My permissions are mostly still covered in maize for biofuel and it’s 6ft high with the odd stubble field with a few birds on them and hedgerows but no sign of flocks feeding. Will have to see what happens when the maize is cut. At the moment I am restricted to hanging about by the river seeing if a duck comes in.
  11. You’d have loved the Mk9 then...positional presets, flying the gripper head from the console, much better cameras, LED lighting....a massive improvement. sadly the factory in Coventry has closed now I believe. I loved working there.
  12. I managed the development and test of the Mk9...latest one which was for export. It had things like touchscreen controls and actual joysticks instead of those awful switches on Mk8 which the UK forces were afflicted with! The Met have some but I am not aware of any other Mk9s operating in the UK. My Browning Maxus has a chuck out of the foreend as it first started life on the robots!
  13. I watched it hoping to see one of the Wheelbarrows I used to make in operation but then realised it’s the RLC chaps so they would have had Cutlass anyway (the successor to WB) - had some fun times training the operators on the robots and have nothing but huge respect and admiration for them putting themselves in harm’s way. Their wives are also amazing...wives I met were some of the strongest people I have ever met with their husbands out of contact in some far away desert country dealing with IEDs day in day out.
  14. I think you will be getting a few PMs! Great offer, I would definitely help but a little too far away sadly. I hope you get the help you want from the right person.
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