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  1. An RTO test is the most exciting - heat pack and brakes are allowed to be on fire and melt...makes it exciting in the test house!
  2. I used to make aircraft braking systems - usually given away to the constructors for free and the the spare / wearable parts are sold at huge margins.
  3. Going unused sat in the garage as I never need to carry the amount of gear it hold and prefer to travel light. Also good for lure fishing (which is actually what I bought it for). Good condition, some minor evidence of use on a couple of zips but all zips still work and use of foam fly pockets. chest freezer and assorted garage detritus not included £35 posted
  4. Very good, hardly used it as never needed to carry as much kit as it holds - I’ll sort some pics when the dog gets off my lap.
  5. The whole front section is removable so you can use it as just a backpack
  6. an example from a quick search - toy / replica military kit mish mashed together and worn and played with by grown men running around pretending to be soldiers. Just sign up (or try to). This one is particularly odd with the bloke having ready made tie wraps as if he thinks he’s going to capture Bin Laden. this one is even more amusing and sadly appears to be British
  7. There is a simple answer to that. Military firearms are designed and intended for killing people. Sporting guns and rifles are not. I like many am of the opinion that “tacticool” and replica military firearms are preferred by those who in my view want them for how they (as in the firearms and the shooter) look when using them and this in my view attracts people who are questionable in terms of their suitability and in my experience safety.
  8. Agreed - I found a lot of pigeons just now walking the dog around the village. About 50 all on either lawns or ivy berries.
  9. Today I’ve been to three farms, two in east Notts and one into Lincs - all the pigeons seem to have vanished! None at all seen in Notts and in Lincs where there are two very reliable flight lines I only saw 4. Anyone else struggling to find them? All I shot today was putting a mixy rabbit out of its misery.
  10. I have very little experience of Atlantic salmon, from what I understand, the fly isn’t so important as trout fishing? Apparently 2 or 3 patterns in a variety of sizes, sparse and more heavily dressed flies are all that’s needed. Probably more that it makes no difference as so few salmon in our rivers the chances of the fly being seen by a salmon is minimal! These big shrimp patterns are an awful lot easier for fat thumbs me to tie than some of the intricate small dry flies I have attempted and failed at.
  11. Possibly the same people I’ve seen turn up when I was zeroing my deer rifle who turned up with long barrel pistols and cowboy hats and boots and proceeded to wave said pistols about all over the place making me decide to go home to avoid getting shot. I’m sure such dress works and is practical in Wyoming and Montana, but when they turn up in a Vauxhall Corsa and have Brummy accents it seems really rather strange!
  12. Thank you. I don’t trust bought ones much now - too many tied in Africa and China with awful monkey metal hooks and rubbish materials - seems nonsensical to me to risk losing a fish on rubbish hooks and also I would rather catch one on something I’ve tied. I think I need to tie some smaller shrimps and other patterns too as these are pretty big.
  13. I have one of these (not this brand but exactly the same. Backpack with removable vest with about 3 thousand pockets. How does £35 posted sound? ill add some pics of actual item if you’re interested.
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