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  1. All of the above, however by now, the silence from the left is deafening.
  2. Let us get this correct, as shocking as the number is it is only allegations in the last 4 years. I am told in many cases these were false to cover the female's violent behaviour when approached/arrested. That any are found guilty is not acceptable but this number is less than 10% as far as I can find.
  3. They were to be paid to STOP them, but so far numbers have increased. You should not get paid if you do not do the the job. I also suspect that moneys have been paid, but then you know the French they spent it on ribs.
  4. So we know it is probably not a shooting man, they would not have set fire to a landy🤣 The fact that they chose that vehicle makes it look like a put up job by his supporters.
  5. Probably since most of the management seem to be very left wing. I suspect like most left wing "party leaders" they aspire to become the new "nobility" as occurred in the "communist states" once they were in absolute power.
  6. Then using your own logic anything published or even vaguely paid for by Greenpeace is equally "scientifically suspect" as we know, following the UEA "scandal" most peer reviews on climate change by this group are "cooked"
  7. Stopped at a small unit in Darley Dale this lunchtime as I had less than 50 miles worth in my tank. There was a £30 limit and only premium available but this would see me for 10 days or so ( a full tank lasts about 3 weeks). The thing that I did notice was that despite the limit most of those on the other pumps were only putting in 5 /10 litres before the tank was full (you could hear the clunk). It would appear to be this idiocy/greed or panic, whipped up by MSM and particularly BBC, that is causing the problem.
  8. Just the BBC trying to whitewash History again.
  9. It is easy for them to promote rewilding with apex predators in Scotland from the safety of their ivory towers in central London.
  10. Daily Mail = snowflake The local paper where it happened said it was not a hunt, and round our way the Sabs regularly use the horn to confuse/call off hounds on a trail. We have had Sab interference (shouting /obstruction/flags/horns) when some hunt members were on a charity ride, cross country with no hounds, for local young riders. The paper local to where it happened state it was not an official hunt event so may have been something similar. I repeat that it is conjecture, particularly as police are investigating what happened as stated in most reports, and details are sparse. I am not a hunt follower but have acquaintances that are.
  11. A little research throws up that whilst the other riders were hunt members the accident happened on private land and not at an official hunt event. This being the case the antis seem to be capitalising on a tragic accident at what may be regular family activity. It is noticeable that most of the non local press that have jumped on this a calling it a hunt are well known for their left wing and snowflake views.
  12. As I was not there I can only speculate.
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