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  1. Yellow Bear


    It could - it might have been Hunt, Gove, Javid, Stewart, or even JC then things would have got a lot worse
  2. Yellow Bear


    He wants his Idol Idle JC
  3. Oh where is the sarcasm emoji when you need it
  4. Yellow Bear


    Typical old style remoaner response - those who voted for him are Old(senile), Thick, Did not know what they voted for.
  5. This was what he admitted to in interviews - the facts may be different reading what he said about the Volvo does not tie in with what friends have said about it.
  6. It is noticeable that there are very few of the "V" brigade that lived through "tight" times during their life.
  7. Wonderful - sums up the EU behemoth to perfection
  8. But we are not yet in a post brexit period and the EU have given no backing to UK ships, the initial action was in response to EU sanctions so it shows just what a ineffective grouping the EU actually is.
  9. Even better if they refuse to admit him as a public safety risk due to deliberate actions- and make sure the law and press are present an filming when it happens.
  10. That is another case we won't see reported on the BBC news then
  11. This is the elephant in the room that no one dare mention
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