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  1. Best boot we found was the Mitsubishi Outlander.
  2. Mustn't upset racial sensitivities must they.
  3. I had an identical response and the same thoughts
  4. Don't think so. this was mid 80's (IIRC 86/7) like a little greasy spoon, you came in were asked meat or veg and were handed a bowl of curry, a small one of rice, half a naan, and a spoon all for 75p. Seating was long benches. Always cracking curry tho'.
  5. Would that be the place down near the Alhambra? If it was we used it for lunches whilst working on the Alhambra refurb.
  6. You must remember there is an election in a week and they can't fault performance much in the circumstances so they resort to mud slinging. I suspect it will go quiet after next Thursday.
  7. I suspect there are many here that totally agree, limit of two children or 2 live births whichever comes first (this allows for multiple births) and then Tax subsequent births heavily
  8. off the wall I know but how about Nula/una (depending which source) Queen of the fairies cos if she favours her Dam she will be stunning.
  9. Ploughmans punch - Norman Thelwell
  10. Bear in mind most of this happened well before privatisation. That is not to say that the PO is not useless now, however, IMHO they were even more useless and expensive before as a state monopoly.
  11. I suspect some of the jury may have been less than safe.
  12. If you can manage the Wednesday it is the best without comp, not too busy and lovely surroundings. Mind you the downhill clays (if on )can be challenging sometimes if you have not met them before
  13. Thanks Chris I should have been more specific as, sadly, we are over 100k as the corvid flies from the nearest salt water.
  14. Proper the other isn't fishing
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