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  1. Back to the original post - It seems to have gone very quiet on this front, particularly from the BBC Methinks there may be others of his comrades about to be outed. If a "donation" of this size had been made by a foreign national to a tory MP it would have been banner headlines, as it is you have to dig for facts.
  2. Is this the one "Mischievous' New Forest owl Boris escapes from home and is looking for love"
  3. Undoubtedly yes to those thrown by Corbyn during Lockdown that the MSM saw fit to quietly drop.
  4. Yes - if you were a civil servant they are gold plated.
  5. Just like any politico. But the same could be said about the baying mob of "journalists" who, in the main, were even worse offenders than the politicos they hound at ignoring the rules. I see Starmer has it for the second time. Obviously obeying the guidance and rules to the letter then, but not a word said by the press.
  6. Perhaps you should remember a few of conveniently forgotten facts It takes 7/8 years to train a doctor and that is once the places at uni are available. The last socialist (and I use the term advisedly) government encouraged people to go to uni but led to a proliferation of less than useful courses like media studies to the determent of medical training. Bear in mind it takes 4/5 years to get a course up and running so from lack of places it is 12 plus years until they start to come out of initial training. It was also was AB that reduced the training places for all medics. Similar situation with nurses but the time lag is less. However the course requirements are higher than MS and such so are less attractive to those who want an easy ride. Plus you have to continue training one qualified. Police is less attractive due to the flack they receive.
  7. It wont, it is just another costly, trendy, vanity project by the Labour council.
  8. Is the mount such that he is looking straight down the rib. I had a similar problem and it was found that I was looking "diagonally" down the rib when I mounted "eyes shut" and needed more cast off to rectify. Is the lad wide shouldered? If so this would explain it.
  9. It is simply a class thing - "Toffs" don't use them so the lefty element don't care.
  10. We should have had one from Hermes - posted 10 Dec. - left in safe place 19 Dec. The picture showed a field with a stock and post and rail fence. No such place within half a mile if the house but the tracking showed them near us that day so it was "Delivered" according to Hermes. A neighbour had a delivery the same day. the picture showed the package still in the van. We are aware of at least 30 such instances in the village in the 2 weeks before Xmas. If I could specify no Hermes I would.
  11. Similarly but used in a crumble rather than a cake and served with clotted cream
  12. The word "work" is an insulting 4 letter word for many of these "protestors" . They would not know where to start.
  13. Keeping Ok provided I don't put too much stress on the shoulders👍
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