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  1. Yellow Bear


    where did you find this scare mongering - the numbers are 1,311,731 visas granted in 2021, 59% less than 2019 as a result of the global pandemic, but 36% higher than 2020. Of the visas granted in the latest 12 months, 33% were for study, 31% were to visit, 18% were to work, 3% were for family, and 14% for other reasons. I make that 150 K ish that could, and I say could, be immigrants legal or otherwise.
  2. Yellow Bear


    You mean that?? - their policies try to out red the reds and out green the greens so more of a muddy brown. I have had the misfortune to live in an area that was under lib dem council control - total disaster for many residents particularly if you had to go to the town centre.
  3. May be only 3 but you can bet the Remain stream Media will be all over it like a bad rash if even 1 changes hands with the biased broadcasting cohort to the fore.
  4. Strange how this has started just as by elections are ongoing - just call me a cynic😉
  5. Two reasons, one is pure Greed, the second and main one is purely political. They are well paid but still operating as if it were a low tech world with excessive staff numbers. Simple example a tram of 4 cars operates safely with 1 staff member on open roads for some of the route, a 4 car train operating on closed areas, according to the union, requires 2.
  6. Use a standard one operating a relay with what you wish to switch on make on fail/off contacts.
  7. Is that counting or ignoring the cyclists
  8. If they go they should take their share of the national debt, calculated, of course, using the same Barnett formula as is used to calculate how much uk tax output they receive. This should be made plain before the vote,
  9. Time has come to put the skids under those financing it all, here and abroad. Start with no legal aid and Full costs for each failed case, and a thorough check on the "charities" funding.
  10. Yellow Bear


    With the unions involved and demanding even more left wing policies there is little risk of that!
  11. Yellow Bear


    Magic money tree to throw money at those that don't work and the big union paymasters. 2 fingers to the average working family and pensioners that have made some provision.
  12. Yellow Bear


    How short is your memory - he had none as health minister under "call me Dave" . He is a wet with a cob on as he lost the vote, nothing more.
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