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    Shooting (Clay these days but have shot both wildfowl and pigeons in the past) as of April 2013 retired so have time to commit, therefore now looking to find permissions for pigeon again

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  1. look in sales one there
  2. Maybe, just Maybe it is the thin end of the wedge and those that disagree will get airtime. - we can only hope.
  3. Yellow Bear

    Raccoon Dog

    Yep a dead one was found at the roadside about 2 miles from us.
  4. Particularly with all the paperwork that follows.
  5. This may be the case now but my last contact was December - contact first in UK then transferred to India where the service went rapidly down hill.
  6. Sadly not with broadband -- still Indian call centres
  7. I believe it is not so much the wildlife as the fleas on it as creatures are sold live.
  8. Yellow Bear


    So, have you thought this through, have you considered :- Those Rural livers that need to come into town for shops, services etc. Those urban livers that need to travel out of town for work Thought not - just another urban green that thinks the organic veg shop and vegan deli is just round the corner no matter where you live and your job is always a short cycle ride away.
  9. Try this - made for your task I think https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kair-Threaded-Connector-Flexible-Fittings/dp/B004X4SG0A/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=125+ducting+connector&qid=1593605118&quartzVehicle=35-441&replacementKeywords=ducting+connector&sr=8-6
  10. Yellow Bear


    They will just break the law and ride on the pavement ---- and nothing will be done about it.
  11. Sorry Raja but on this occasion both Brexit and the Guardian are involved so to be taken with a pinch bin full of salt.
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