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  1. Yet another example of the Woke chattering classes not having a clue about life outside their circle.
  2. I suspect this is Channel 5's reason for the programme
  3. Vodka works better with elderberries.
  4. 👍 agreed - on one occasion on an early Sunday run on the m6/m5 running at 65 on cruise control from Manchester to Bristol, the car electronics (yes I know they are less than accurate but a good guide) returned 63mpg.
  5. I would second these comments - used Branthwaites for many years and was never let down. A can be a bit abrupt at times, but then so can many in this field😉
  6. I used to work in Old Trafford. Just at the back of the cricket ground in an area called the Quadrant, a large roundabout with a car park on it, and for a while there was a Jamaican run caravan "butty bar" on it that served the best curry goat I have tasted, once word got out there was a queue when he opened.
  7. I will second this
  8. I had the experience of this on one major occasion when working on the oil pumping plant near Amlwch in the 80s. I was supporting my Manager (Swedish) as I often did then and he had taught me some swedish phrases to use for some things to use when he did not what the builders to understand if we had a problem or they were being awkward on purpose. We went into town to buy some food at lunchtime and check out a place for the team to stay. As we walked into the pub all conversation instantly switched from English to Welsh. Thorsten, who had encountered this before said in Swedish (I paraphrase) "these nice people are being less than polite and helpful", a statement he often made about builders, and I responded as I should and added shall we leave. As we turned to go everything switched back to English and the Landlord asked, in English, if he could help. Thorsten replied in his almost accentless English " No thanks, we know we are not welcome" as we left. It cost the landlord a good bit as he lost any chance of providing accommodation for our team 10 for 2 weeks whilst we commissioned parts of the Installation.
  9. You are perfectly correct but I have already said that - But the final comment still stands.
  10. And not a word on the BBC website - now there is a surprise edit I was wrong but it is only reported very local - a tory and it would have been banner headlines
  11. Shhhhh you must not cloud the hard left clear waters with inconvenient facts
  12. It is predictable that the left wing MSM (inc the BBC) who were calling him a crook and liar are hanging on his every word as the truthyest of truth now he is singing from their hymn sheet. Crooks the lot of them, Kuenssberg being one of the worst, I think just using him to push her own career with the left.
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