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  1. Racist or not racist.

    Having now been retired for a number of years I personally do not want the Hassle - but it does"twist my melon" when I see folks disputing it happens. Sadly PC and the snowflakes appear to have the upper hand at the moment.
  2. Racist or not racist.

    No reference-able source unfortunately just personal experiences of acquaintances/work colleagues who had been assaulted both in Manchester and Birmingham by groups of youths, of SE Asian ethnicity, when leaving sites late in the day due to work commitments. Personally it was only abuse from young teenagers in Birmingham where we were told to ignore the abuse as the perpetrators would just play the race card and had the upper hand due to numbers.
  3. Racist or not racist.

    Some people will still not see what is before them - in this PC world it is only racist if the perpetrator/s is/are white. Person of colour on white is not considered as racist despite it happening to a large extent in the larger conurbations.
  4. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    And this is reliable? - they too have their own agenda and will only "leak" what suits them.
  5. Why....and what do we do about it?

    If the councils could keep the fines they would be all over it like a rash - a prime example of this already in place is parking.
  6. Jeremy Corbyn

    I must remember this and remind you next time you complain about the current government or brexit which IIRC you have done on a n umber of occasions.
  7. Range Rover

    Tag line on Subaru forum - Subaru - life's too short to mend range rovers

    Predictable response, I have done and personally think it is as accurate as the "tosh" put out by your remoaner friends
  9. Swedens non existent problem

    I see Vince Cable is busy again at the limp damps conference saying in effect that anyone who voted for Brexit is a nostalgic racist.
  10. Aldi

    Not just yours - we have only found one branch in recent years that was not like this.
  11. Fox hunting

    they were doing exactly the same as everyone else but were better at it - It was the church that gave then the bad name because they were not paying "their dues".
  12. Why....and what do we do about it?

    As the stuff is branded it should be possible to bill the supplier - The government (of all colours) seem to be able to insist on portion sizes and everything else so why noit charge for cleanup - it would soon stop.
  13. Why....and what do we do about it?

    Can't have anyone but paid operatives doing this work - unions get upset and complain it is putting people out of work (have seen this stated a couple of times in the past before the naysayers start)
  14. Shooting Grounds

    On the news and events page = from the home page - 4th sunday iirc
  15. Shooting Grounds

    In that case try the monthly 100 bird at Catton (you can shoot birds only) they are also open for practice on a Wednesday - far better than Worsley There is also Coniston (near Skipton) Webber's ground at Astley - close to Worsley You don't give a location but I assume Lancs somewhere.