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    Shooting (Clay these days but have shot both wildfowl and pigeons in the past) as of April 2013 retired so have time to commit, therefore now looking to find permissions for pigeon again

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  1. Skoda Kodiaq

    No - I think that is the Karoq, very much a hatch back design and smaller in the rear than the Yeti (4 up with adults would be "cosy" in the back unless they were less than 5'3") and only 4x4 at top of range. Kodiaq is longer and almost an outlander clone.
  2. Skoda Kodiaq

    They have some pre-registered but not the model or colour I want, plus you loose out on warranty .
  3. Skoda Kodiaq

    Want to replace and they have stopped making the Yeti last summer
  4. Skoda Kodiaq

    Anyone have any experience of this model particularly in comparison with the Mitsubishi Outlander
  5. Dog boot?

    vet's wrap - otherwise known as cohesive bandage - as said a quarter the price in Wilco
  6. Dog boot?

    You can get boots quite cheap from amazon but they tend to fall off - we overcame this by holding them on with cohesive bandage (expensive from vet but cheap in Wilco) holds on the boot but does not stick to fur.
  7. carillion

    The subbies and small business owners have been getting shafted by Carrillion for 20 years so nothing new there.
  8. carillion

    And the subbies might actually get paid in full and in time.
  9. carillion

    They should be treated the same way they have treated their subcontractors over the years - those that have dealt with them will know exactly what I mean.
  10. Well thats that then.

    Mitsubishi outlander commercial??
  11. DPF cleaning fluid

    Quite correct - however following recent research it is currently virtually impossible to buy a medium sized 4x4/suv that does not cost a small fortune and is not diesel and fitted with a DPF.
  12. bottles for home brewing.

    No four candles...........
  13. bottles for home brewing.

    From where??
  14. Best Flea treatment

    Bravecto - ticks and fleas - one tablet every 3 months - not cheap but very effective
  15. Knew it was a biased broadcasting company report when I saw who was doing it - turned off before I threw something at the tele!