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    Shooting (Clay these days but have shot both wildfowl and pigeons in the past) as of April 2013 retired so have time to commit, therefore now looking to find permissions for pigeon again

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  1. Please specify what your definition of far right and far left actually is. This is necessary before any discussion can take place.
  2. But it's not a sport- It's practicing a post apocalyptic life skill whilst harvesting a free range food source.
  3. If they start that game I may try being miss sold the common market back in the 70's and claiming for hurt and distress over the last 40+years - should be good for a few bob
  4. Yellow Bear


    So your compatriots ask for evidence - so your turn to supply?
  5. Hazel or blackthorn then - If you pop to Donny on the weekend after next you can probably pick one up reasonably southyorkshireshootingshow.com
  6. I use SS prescription snooker glasses with photo-chromic lenses and they will do a tint.
  7. This is the way I used to get pistol templates from folks but I have made long arm slips over sized to ensure carving area is sufficient when particular "picture" required.
  8. Not if married on 29 February and there is not inner scottishness in me
  9. Doyle sports do a shooting glass with 4 lenses and an insert for prescription lenses
  10. Two possible reasons: 1 the maker did not have access to the (or any) shotgun only measurements when constructing. 2 It was made larger to give a better carving surface/area or possibly both.
  11. IIRC the shorter one was to hold an umbrella.
  12. Yellow Bear


    You mean just like the MPs are doing by taking "no deal" off the table
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