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  1. Yellow Bear

    O2 bottle to fill pcp?

    I will second Webber's comments - I have seen the result when someone accidentally drove a greased self drilling screw into a medical oxygen pipe - it was nasty.
  2. Yellow Bear

    Wireless thermostat

    Have you looked at the salus st620 - we have the hard wired version atm which responds adequately fast, the RF version is the same unit with the added Rf. You don't want too fast response as it tends to create hunting.
  3. Yellow Bear

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Not really - they lost so their attitude is if we can't win it will be bad for all, pure spite.
  4. Yellow Bear

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Sorry Mark but the Biased BC showed the same, however the remoaners in the "so called elite" have blocked investigation of remain and the goverenment where the largest overspend took place. Even you have to admit that the government document sent out at taxpayers expense was remain "propaganda" .
  5. Yellow Bear

    Trump Protests

    Aided and abetted by some of the Biggest anti-Semites and racists going ( but that is ok 'cause they are left wing anti-Semites and racists)
  6. Yellow Bear


  7. Yellow Bear

    First shower

    Light rain here for the last 2 hours.
  8. Yellow Bear

    Hosepipe ban

    No the fluffy bunny greens will sue for emitting a green house gas
  9. Yellow Bear

    One for you plumbers

    Simple question (I think) , is the 20mm you have given the inside dimension of the female end? If so it is threaded 3/4 bsp which is what is on the fitting W72 recommended. the other side just push fits to the end of the pipe.
  10. Yellow Bear

    vets and teeth

    As bones make ours **** Olympic style we use a combination of Plaqueoff on food and a sea jerky twist from fish4dogs daily, denta sticks are both absolutely useless and not particularly good for the pooch. The combination seems to work for us and the jerky is good for the dog as a bonus.
  11. Yellow Bear

    Not "off topic"

    At least when pinned on it was easier to rectify than the 30 coats of badly applied, cheap, non drip gloss
  12. Yellow Bear


  13. Yellow Bear

    Hosepipe ban

    and often do and not just for water.
  14. Yellow Bear

    Hosepipe ban

    Sadly in this day and age of 'elf& safety it can take weeks to get permission to dig the road to repair leaks, I have experienced councils prevaricating for up to 6 months for a road dig by constantly rejecting method statements and programmes then changing the personnel so you have to start again often going back to the first MS you submitted.
  15. Yellow Bear

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    RSPB are managing the moor - they should be the ones to fill them, or at least PAY to have them filled. But since they are totally clueless about habitat management I am not going to hold my breath waiting.