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  1. No problem with warm feather then
  2. And that is just what the authorities admit to.
  3. It may be a silly question but if you have wifi in the house have you tested the speed using that rather than the poweline adaptors?
  4. Yellow Bear


    Ah just in time to catch all the kind and considerate "giving" people who caught the infection over the Xmas period
  5. This, of coarse, assumes the rads are correctly sized. Also preferable to have trv on return line (rad outflow).
  6. We all know these are not fitted on BMW and Audi
  7. This could kybosh the location I had in mind as it was for Tawny owls.
  8. Following this one with interest.
  9. For dog walking I have a "stockman" style coat with cape shoulders that reaches below the knees and mostly the top of wellies. Kept me dry unless there is a high wind and then the knees get wet. Got it from Cotton Traders, Windermere long (50") now in sale at £60
  10. My fear is if oowee thinks it is a good deal most will consider it is a sell out.
  11. Yellow Bear


    I fear it is not those in the job complaining but the urbanite perpetually offended on others behalf.
  12. 'Twas ever thus - daughter ended up as mum and mentor for many at Worcester when teacher training back in 2000.
  13. I was lucky in that the school I went to made everyone do both until 14 when you chose your "route", but you were still "encouraged" down both routes until you left be it 16 or 18.
  14. Sadly it often does not happen until 2/3 years after they have left academia. 🤣
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