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  1. No that is only north of the border mainly in the Forth/Clyde belt
  2. If you put the light switch external to bathroom you can put in a double unit with single feed to but separate returns to lights and fan. Fan would normally have a permanent L/N/E and a switch feed from lights, all you are doing is putting the start signal on it's own switch and will still run-on on timer when fan is switched off.
  3. I'm a 52 chest and it is just too small for me so would say no more than 48 in shirt or 46 if you wear a jumper.
  4. Hoggs of Fife field pro tweed shooting coat measures 25.5 in pit to pit but lable says XL Wife bought it to wear over jumpers but decided after one winter it was too big particularly after some weight loss. Cleaned and reproofed and in good condition with no rips or tears, all studs and zip ok £45 collected (NE Derbyshire) or £50 posted
  5. A stottie is an oven bottom bread, slow cooked and containing white pepper, about a foot in diameter and inch and a half thick. Commercial breakfast stotties are usually only a third or half bread.
  6. another regional delight is a north east breakfast Stottie.
  7. It soaks up all those tasty "juices" - nowt waisted.
  8. Can't help with venue but it won't be a decent Stoke breakfast without hot Oatcakes.
  9. The mere fact that both of them are against it makes it certain sure it is the correct thing to do to be rid of EU interference.
  10. Large "Kilner" Jars work better and easier to fill empty and clean.
  11. Conspicuous by it's absence on the good old biased broadcasting corporation - largest police raid in the country and nowt, nada reported. Says it all.
  12. Looking at the video I would say you are not far off the mark or, considering where it was, a "****phobic" attack.
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