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  1. Yellow Bear

    What a spineless cabinet we have

    This would be obvious to anyone who listened to the snake Starmer this morning.
  2. Yellow Bear

    14 million in poverty

    So now you are saying that we need social workers to teach life skills - In reality the job is the parents but the state will do everything mentality is still in the ascendance.
  3. Yellow Bear

    14 million in poverty

    And we have teaching unions who think this is NOT a teachers job.
  4. Yellow Bear

    14 million in poverty

    At this point the "usual suspects" are taking up the cry "tax the rich more" - but as yet, like the poverty question they do no specify what constitutes rich? If you listen to the current opposition it is anyone who actually is payed more than £30k and/or has savings. So come on the "tax the rich" callers actually define what YOU term rich not just some left/marxist "think tank*
  5. Yellow Bear

    Budget tires

    Hankook all weather tyres from Black Circles - had these on 3 cars
  6. Yellow Bear

    14 million in poverty

    OK then put up - what do YOU consider poverty to be
  7. Yellow Bear

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    Had it been a tory or indy involved the press would have been all over it like a severe rash.
  8. Yellow Bear

    Rules..for the many, or the few ?

    And is it any surprise that it is awfully quiet on good old aunty Beeb about it
  9. Yellow Bear

    Confused . Com Today

    Obviously identifying as a smurf
  10. Yellow Bear

    Thule Wingbar

    Pair of 118 wingbars (sadly now just too short for new car) retail at about £90 £60 posted. note BARS ONLY
  11. Yellow Bear

    FAC advice for a new member

    Sorry to be pedantic but 10 acres on a square would be 220 yards per side and 311 yd on the diagonal. 600 yds square would be 75ish acres
  12. Yellow Bear

    Standards - what happened to them?

    Lets face it - the whole thing started to turn to carp when the "allegedly" PC left started to continually bang on about "rights" whilst totally neglecting "responsibilities"
  13. Yellow Bear

    3 gun cabinet

  14. Yellow Bear

    More JOBSWORTH's - Road markings

    Only if it was council direct works or some other government agency.