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  1. No, he will just continue to use racist terms to belittle un named individuals like most "anti racist " remainers,
  2. Yellow Bear


    We have 3 1 corded 15 years old works fine provided you maintain it. 1 battery 10 years old working fine but maintained regularly 1 battery (we inherited) 15 years old works fine provided you maintain it. and needed a new battery. SIL had a Shark, and granted it sucked, but in more ways than it should = fell apart in 9 months and despite a 3 yr guarantee it took 3 months and many contacts to get more than a wear and tear response and another 4 months to get her money back, despite having bought direct.
  3. Being a BG "engineer" I suspect he was talking out of his rear fundamental orifice and trying to "drum up" work. They do it all the time
  4. Simples - Either they are 1 high placed/payed, government employees/pensioners, labour party officials, or union officials 2 Turkeys voting for Xmas
  5. It's only like old time IZAL
  6. 3 from the Con candidate and a brief visit, ousted Lieboor last time and has been good on brexit and "country matters" including the GL debacle. Nowt from any of the others in the last 6 years,
  7. Also look at the puppy training info from Adrian Slater.
  8. True but many a true word is spoken in jest = it is likely a somewhat similar comment will be published soon by some loony group.
  9. This and that is if you actually get an answer
  10. And then there are the Amazon Prime scam calls - 3 yesterday
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