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    Shooting (Clay these days but have shot both wildfowl and pigeons in the past) as of April 2013 retired so have time to commit, therefore now looking to find permissions for pigeon again

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  1. Yellow Bear


    Every journey begins with the first step
  2. Local vet has posted that they have had 2/3 cases of lungworm recently in dogs treated in last 3 months and are recommending more regular treatments.
  3. Aldi atm. have a hand lamp - rechargable and good out to 100m - less than £20
  4. In this case and some others it is nothing to do with cruelty (they hide behind this) but everything to do with class (or perceived) class hatred fostered by the left wing.
  5. Yellow Bear


    To those who would prefer - have a Good Juul (yule == the Wild Hunt of the god Odin}
  6. Prime example of blanket protectionism creating a massive problem.
  7. without doubt - difficult to go anywhere without your head
  8. My thoughts ran along similar lines - it all seemed too pat.
  9. Reading between the lines I hope all the main movers of this in the Democrats have personal and private affairs that are whiter than white What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
  10. Unfortunately if we did his own Thugs Supporters from the likes of ALF and LACS would turn up and we would loose again
  11. The Beeb have him down as a centrist - if he is centre any true centrist will be branded a raving Nazi!!
  12. Just waiting for the howls from the left and snowflakes.
  13. Sadly for once, and it is hard to say it, he is probably telling the truth.
  14. Correct. so no discussion needed. If we spoke like her about anybody the howls from the snowflakes would be heard on the moon.
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