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  1. It has been noticeable that most of tv and press coverage has been remoaner or anti brexit this weekend.
  2. I suspect he may be one of JC's p=mv brigade
  3. TM out on 7th June - allegedly.
  4. At our last house in a suburban setting had a hawthorn hedge which we left to thicken up to 5 foot thick 8 foot high and 10 foot long with a mature holly 5ft square and 8 ft high at one end The Magpies and greys still got all the nests. Someone is not telling the whole truth.
  5. whilst waiting outside with the dog whilst SWMBO voted a group of 5 went in " who you voting for says one", "brexit says another" " me too said at least 2 others" Looking good methinks.
  6. Sadly this is the way Corbyn's left wing "Momentum" movement think is the correct way to behave like previous "national socialist" organisations.
  7. Great - except the parliament has no power, it's just an illusion of democracy.
  8. Yes - correctly screwed and taped it should hold better than any bond to "artex" especially if it has been painted at any stage.
  9. 9.5 mm board and max 3 mm skim - half inch at worst for what amounts to more secure finish.
  10. However they are keen not to let it when it suits their own agenda, sic re introductions and artificial feeding of "chosen species", Kites being a prime example.
  11. That nose is getting longer as the pain increases from the gunshot wound in his foot methinks.
  12. Unless it is Scots or Welsh in the UK . One rule for some another for others.
  13. Using their system they seem to have forgotten the 66% who did not vote to remain
  14. Nah he will just import it from south America to increase his carbon footprint even more and the damage soya production is already doing.
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