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    Shooting (Clay these days but have shot both wildfowl and pigeons in the past) as of April 2013 retired so have time to commit, therefore now looking to find permissions for pigeon again

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  1. Now is then the time to start accurately documenting ALL wildlife and conditions in the areas effected and continue to do so following the ban--- This is the only way the effect of the ban can be proven to be to the determent of other wildlife as I believe it will be. Even better if this is done in conjunction with NRW then a biased report is more difficult from either side. Unlikely to happen without a lot of pressure, but it is what is needed to put the brakes on the narrow interest fluffy bunny brigade.
  2. Yellow Bear

    Beretta white onyx

    I find the balance suits me better than the pig.
  3. Yellow Bear

    Midland game fair

    Heard from my Daughter that one of the A1 Decoy staff had their pup "go missing" at the show, hope they found it
  4. Yellow Bear

    Leather 2 to 2.5 mm

    Failing Mel look up the Identity Store website - I get most of my stuff there but they are only about 6 mile away. You will also have to decide whether to use Veg tan or chrome tan, depending if you want to decorate.
  5. Yellow Bear

    Free pigeons shooting!

    Yep seems to be mostly gravel pit and green space
  6. This strikes me as a bit like the label I have seen printed on a bag of mixed nuts - Danger may contain traces of nuts - H&S gone bonkers
  7. Yellow Bear

    Shirts for Shooting

    Just leave your cheque book and cards at home if you visit their shop though
  8. Try telling this to the "perpetually offended" in this country who insist we must not offend minorities and must change ourselves.
  9. Yellow Bear

    And Now John Lewis are Blaming Brexit for their Poor Profits

    No, but I also thinks they should not constantly broadcast Doom and disaster when they don't know.
  10. Yellow Bear

    Clay shooting coach/lessons

    Without a doubt you wont be disappointed hard to think of a nicer, more patient guy than Brian. Web page - www.clayshootingcoach.com/
  11. Yellow Bear

    Gordon Brown Fears Another Economic Meltdown

    You mean the Gordon Brown that robbed the pension funds then told people they were not saving enough for their pensions, sold gold off cheap then spent all the gains 5 times over and left a broke country due to his policies - he has no credibility in my eyes.
  12. Yellow Bear

    Home made sloe gin

    Even easier use a Kilner Jar - wider neck - cheap as chips at IKEA
  13. Yellow Bear

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Beat me to it
  14. Yellow Bear

    What do you say?

    Reply "we are just harvesting for others who can't"