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  1. I don't think surrounded, but the minorities get a much louder voice because of the loony left wing snowflakes shouting about their rights without considering the same for the majority. We should not have many of their (outlandish) ideas rammed down our throat consistently and at every opportunity by the MSM.
  2. The trannys and virtue signallers. That is a very small proportion of the population, but hey ho small minorities are "entitled" to special treatment over the majority
  3. More examples of the tail wagging the dog.
  4. I would suggest it is not just curlew but all wildlife if this is the standard of all masters students.
  5. I suspect the activities of the so called "conservationists" are more of a danger than the released beavers but I still cannot see the point in upsetting the current ecosystem for something that has been extinct for centuries is a positive act
  6. Sadly in this day and age of extreme partisan media one needs anything published with a large pinch of NaCl (other salts are also available)
  7. But you can let a sparky or plumber in for a day's work. Just a convenient excuse not to issue.
  8. How does it preform on Copper or even Silver.
  9. Basically high tech pyrography so should do.
  10. It is easy really the MSM will not report anything remotely successful even started under Trump, or even BJ, and are only interested in promoting their left wing agenda. You just need to see the coverage they gave Starmer this week for his "non" announcement.
  11. You mean like they told us back in the late 60s we would be in an ice age by 2010.
  12. You forgot the Starbucksūü§£
  13. Either clueless or more likely thinking of selling to (or conning) the, shall we say, "less savvy" masses. I suspect the latter.
  14. And low key about the promise of more government control of business (that is nationalisation by any other name) = they don't change.
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