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  1. My Cocker started being very picky with his kibble and turned his nose at a few different ones, even when mixed with 'goodies' like sardines or mince. I tried him with Langhams from Aldi which is turkey based & hypoallergenic....He's now eating well but still likes having his beef mince with it!
  2. If you live in a Police force area that does not insist on having a doctors report (ie not compulsory) do not pay. I was asked for £40 by my surgery, spoke to my FLO who confirmed that they give the G.P. 21 days to reply to their request, and if they do not receive a reply they process the application based on the information they already hold.
  3. You played a blinder...well done! 👍
  4. I think your lad has wasted his £15. There isn't anything in legislation forcing applicants to pay these surgery fees which in themselves are not standardised or agreed with firearms licensing authorities. This is why police forces like mine are giving 21 days to allow a GP to raise any concerns before processing the application anyway.
  5. The medical request goes to your GP surgery and they may do it free, or as in other cases the GP may ask you to pay...
  6. Hi, I have just received a call from my local GP's surgery asking for £40 in order to reply to a medical info request by Northumbria Police Firearms Licensing. Wasn't happy paying this without looking into it and after a bit of GOOGLING found that the request made to GP's by Police only needs to be replied to IF the GP has concerns over the patients mental health. If there are no such concerns the GP does not need to reply, and the Police continue to process the renewal after giving the GP 21 days to raise any concerns. This ties in with a comment made by my FLO when they said that they would give the surgery 3 weeks to reply. I have now informed my surgery of this and of my intention NOT to pay their fee. Just wanted to raise the issue so that noone just goes ahead to pay this medical report fee to their GP if they have never had any mental health issues. LINK The BASC say Cheshire Constabulary, Gwent Police, Kent Police, Lincolnshire Police, Merseyside Police and Nottinghamshire Police are making it mandatory for anyone applying for the grant or renewal of a shotgun or firearm certificate to have their medical declaration information verified by their GP - which would suggest that if you live in these area you may well be liable for this extra fee Have since had a conversation with my FLO who was fully aware of the situation regarding these medical fees and confirmed that it was up to me whether I wished to pay it or not, but if they received no reply from my surgery after 21 days they would make their decision based on the info they already held...... (and my licence would be in the post shortly after that)
  7. Just a pic of my little mate posing whilst out for a walk this afternoon....
  8. Bought by Many insurance. I have the Lifetime cover with 15k annual cover and dental cover for my Cocker pup at £27 a month. Much cheaper than Petplan. They do other levels of cover including existing conditions cover. CLICK
  9. Again no expert..... What kind of lead are you using? If she values you as a leader you could use an extendable lead so as you walk off a distance she may feel the need to follow... Is there any 'high value' treat she cant resist that would get her moving? (sausage/chicken/toy?) Is there another dog you can walk with to show her theres nothing to worry about and what she is expected to do?
  10. Have a look at 'Bought by Many' insurance. I got their top lifetime cover with a yearly limit of £15k includes dental cover for my Cocker pup for £27 a month. They have other policies including pre-existing conditions cover, and lifetime policies with a lower cover amount. My policy was half the price of Petplan.
  11. I find that anything over 10 mag isnt of much use at rimfire distances
  12. peek-at


    Metal 36" dog crate with Vetbed and 2x metal dog bowls. Unwanted gift. Brand new & still boxed...... 36" x 23.8" x 26" (91cm x 60cm x 66cm) Two Doors - Twin Locks - Metal Tray Collect only - Newcastle £30 (no offers please)
  13. If you cant get a reasonable response from the owner it might be worth reporting to the police. It is an offence to allow your dog to be dangerously out of control in a public (or private) place. So the owner should be keeping it on a lead or muzzled, especially if it has previous history. The fact that it has injured both your dog and your missus tells me it is dangerously out of control! If they are reasonable with the Police and take the advice given, all well and good. But ultimately, they could end up in court and ordered to keep it under control. As regards the injury/vets bills involved.....if it is an issue, this is a civil matter between the owners to sort out. A dog warden wont be of much use to you. Hope this helps
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