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  1. Use giants to level up using a bow. Climb up one of the stacks of rocks where the giant can't get you and pepper him with arrows, eventually he'll die and you will have levelled up the bow skills. I've gpne on to play Elder Scrolls Online, using the free option. Not as good as Skyrim but after 500 hours of playing I would say that 🙂
  2. We recently lost 2 chickens and then my wife saw a fox sitting on a fence post staring at our ducks and geese, and then it legged it. Put the trail cam out last night and first one came at about 17-45 and then there were 2 at just before 8 this morning. Probably waiting for me to let the ducks out! I'm hiding out this evening ! I'll post pics if I get any.
  3. Vet tried to get me to buy some incredibly expensive joint care supplements for my dog, these contained turmeric but I bought them as human supplements for a fraction of the price. My mate's wife buys sackfulls of turmeric for her old horse and she reckons it helps. Turmeric is a mild anti inflamatory which is why it works.
  4. From 2017 https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/big-cat-sightings-been-reported-13878099 I can also remember a BBC Wales new report / documentary interviewing a guy who found a half eaten sheep in a tree in the Brechfa forest.
  5. Use a fee free card such as Starling bank or Revolut so no exchange fees
  6. Just got a Hatsan FieldHunter pump to go with my Baikal MP-153 😁
  7. most vets have stopped doing vaccinations, our ESS pup picked up 1 week before lockdown can't get her 2nd course and I tried loads of vets in south Wales
  8. 3" 50gm BB loads and no bruised shoulder - brilliant semi
  9. Hi Steve is this still for sale? If it is I'll take it. Cheers Simon
  10. I work for a finance multi national and under the covers they are shifting everything to Europe now. I work in IT and the migration of IT stuff is getting scary and this is common. We have good European guys who who will no longer consider a posting to UK and we are having to offload stuff to Eastern europe to keep going. From my perspective Brexit is insular and approacing xenophobic.
  11. We've had Polyfloor down in our living room for a few years and its brilliant. I've got 3 dogs and its survived their many tests! If laying onto concrete, they will want to put a laytex floor levelling compound on first, so that it very smooth and as a good surface for the adhesive. you can get it on Ebay for half the price some shops try and sell it for, but get a proper fitter.
  12. Also add a powerline wifi extender and then you will have internet and SKY Q with a mini box
  13. First fox last night!! After losing 30 chickens and 13 ducks to a daylight fox I finally shot a vixen last night. I've tried traps and they won't go in, waited out waiting for them to go after the ducks and when I was out they didn't show. Last night out of desparation, I tried my homemade fox caller, which was a Lidl bluetooth speaker and my phone with some sample fox calls. so went out last night at about 10-30 and started the speaker and waited, Nothing for about 15 minutes so I reluctantly went further down into the woods and shone my head torch about and to my amazement I saw gold
  14. 2 cans of Stella and now on red wine :blink:
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