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  1. blindasabat

    aa s410 stock info

    I bought mine off a mate with a r/h beech stock on it. I went to my local gunshop and he swapped it for a l/h walnut stock. I didn't want the beech one back so just paid him a bit extra for the upgrade. Can't remember how much extra it cost me,but it wasn't a fortune.
  2. blindasabat

    Advice needed please

    You prob will feel no change after just a few days. I think they can take up to a few weeks to get into your system Dan. I think mine are 20.At first he put me on a high dosage and I lost a day or two. Was zonked out. That's why we juggled with dosages for a while.you will find a balance that's suits you. Drop me a line of you need any info Dan. Hope you feel a lot better soon.
  3. blindasabat

    Advice needed please

    Forgot to say Dan, at first the doctor juggled about with the dosages until we felt we had got the correct balance. So it might take you a few weeks to get it right. Also they really do work wonders.
  4. blindasabat

    Advice needed please

    Don't worry. I have been on these for over 15 years due to a complicated back condition. I had the same concern as yourself years ago when I read what they were. I went to my doctor and voiced my concerns on renewal of my shotgun cert. He told me not to worry at all as they are neurological and anyway if the police contacted him as they more than likely would, then be would explain all to them. I have never had any problems with renewals whatsoever, so don't you be worrying unnecessarily.
  5. Can't get pm thing on phone Oldy. Will do it on tablet thing when I get home. Technology!!!!.
  6. I will buy these if you have paypal oldy.
  7. blindasabat

    Sillosock pigeon decoys

    I have been using them for years and I find that they work very good . I also use the jackets for over my shell decoys and they work very well also.
  8. blindasabat

    Left handed guns

    i am left handed, and over the years i have tries several left handed shotguns.six months ago i traded my benelli m2 in for a winchester select 11 sporting topcoat left hand shotgun.what a revelation!!!.i cant seem to miss a shot now.this gun must be the perfect fit for me.so,after fifty years of shooting i now have a shotgun that will see me out.
  9. blindasabat

    Jack Pyke

    I got a set of Jack Pyke jacket and trousers each for me and lad.it rained and we were soaked to the skin,so I think that they are a load of rubbish.i now have Ridgeline gear and they are excellent quality.
  10. blindasabat

    Swap 10x6 Kennel for Dog Box

    have a look at ferplast ATLAS 100 DOG CRATE.i got one new for about 100 quid.fits in my quasqui perfect and fits my lab and spaniel in it easy.
  11. blindasabat

    Close season for pigeon

    go and tell your farmer you want a closed season for woodpigeon..you will be out on your **** before you know it!!!!.
  12. blindasabat

    Ridgeline Monsoon

    scott country.i ordered mine and it was delivered next day.
  13. blindasabat

    Dog box wanted

    sorry,on posting message it has gone all over the shop.technology!!!!!!.
  14. blindasabat

    Dog box wanted

    Ferplast Atlas 100 - Save on Ferplast Atlas 100. www.amazon.co.uk/Ferplast Atlas 100 Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders i got one of these.it fits lab and large sized spaniel in together easy.comes with a panel to split in half if needed.fits perfect in my nissan qashqai.
  15. blindasabat

    Jack Pyke Kit

    Rubbish gear, and when I emailed jack Pyke to complain they couldn't even bother to reply to me. I bought a jacket and trouser set for me and lad and was assured that car they were fully waterproof. One heavy shower and we were soaked to the skin!!!!. Got ridgeline gear now and they are excellent quality.