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  1. Good summary of the weekend; forgot all the scoffing and taking the P tho ?
  2. Why oh Why? Does a license for air rifles, as in Scotland; prevent these idiots, who have done this from attaining guns? Somehow I doubt it. ?
  3. Great couple of days, good to see the families taking an interest too (unlike mine ? ) Looking forward to seeing further pictures... Slacker
  4. Thanks for a great weekend guys great meeting some of you for the first time.... PS Thanks Darren for giving me a nervous disposition around a 50 launch lol ??? Martin
  5. @"TURN HERE" should be a sign saying "Over Cassock". If you reach a cattle grid on B709 u have gone too far.
  6. If anyone is traveling up on Saturday morn and is **** at navigation, I shall be traveling up on the day and I know my way....just shout up and we can arrange to meet somewhere.
  7. wont do any of us any harm...if u can keep it cool enough. lol ?
  8. Hi just an update for the non local folks attending this meet; the weather up here has been fantastic since early May with only Hector depositing rain in our region; temperatures into the early 30's regular. The local forecast is good to great for the next fortnight. Hopefully this will continue til the end of July. ps dont forget the factor 50 and the midgy pellant. Remember the ground everywhere is dry and unintentional fire risk is high. I also will be considering wisely my cooking methods prior to visiting. I suggest others do the same to minimise risk of fire.
  9. :) looking like some work prepping those heads is required....well done.
  10. This may help some people who don't know about ATA shotguns. The design of the action is the original Beretta 686, which ATA had the rights to use; i know of a few issues which have surfaced one of which included bulged barrel after firing and a small amount who's blueing was imperfect upon leaving proof. However, the wood used on the shotguns is impressive when you compare it to Beretta cheaper grades.
  11. This was what I recorded when the first 2 gongs went up at 600 and 800 yds. This was before any buildings were erected on site:
  12. I'm a club member at Gardners, there is plenty on photos on the Gardners Guns FB page and the rifle club page for us saddo's on FB. Marcs been asking me for a while to get up to the range to do another video & photo shoot for the range for him. When i manage to get up I'll post some shots on here.
  13. There a temple close by who are always looking for guests
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