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  1. Can’t beat a good crumble only pudding I’ll eat but has to be apple
  2. Love my little 20 bore can stop pheasant and pigeons at reasonable ranges 28 gram size 5
  3. sam triple


    Not an F1 fan can’t even remember last time I watched it but found this on you tube , truly scared especially the way it punched a hole in the Armco
  4. They do sell angled extension mounts for these
  5. That’s why they are reporting it/ him
  6. Just found this on a FB page , cheeky or what , people are reporting this as fraud also
  7. Absolute idiot public flogging to good for these Feral scum that are knocked out these days , should never have banned whacking kids in school because this is the outcome of decades of “ you can’t touch me I know my rights “ does
  8. Had a pair seemed ok at first but quickly went down hill didn’t even last a year bought a pair of Percussion now
  9. I’m guessing that was the hand of god too
  10. I’ll just leave this here
  11. Have absolutely no sympathy for her or the other several hundred # holes there they know the rules but choose to ignore them. It’s really time to get tough on these persistent law breakers , any other place in the world would water cannons and gas canisters out to disperse them
  12. Out again this morning and another Canada retrieved
  13. Tried ringing them twice that evening was just left with god awful piped music down the phone for 20 min at a time before my patience cried enough , that’s when I looked on the web to see what was happening, next day I got a email asking me to leave feedback on their service, probably not the feedback they were expecting but they got it anyway, as my mum used to say “ if you don’t like the answer don’t ask the question “ im in no doubt that I won’t get anything knocked of the monthly bill for all the inconvenience caused by them
  14. They seem to be having a bit of trouble I’ve had no tv all evening and a quick look on the web shows I’m not the only one
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