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  1. Have a look on Partzilla web site for parts
  2. I should have added earlier that I was offered a chessie pup but after seeing my mates I decided it was too much dog for me after a long time without one , so I went for a lab
  3. As Lloyd said shot with a mate who has one he’s a big strong male dog an absolute tank , but a lovely dog , gun dog training classes are a must , if you can get on any with this COVID stuff going on ,I’ve had to training my lab pretty much myself with a little help because of it and I know if had the corses been open he’d be a lot better than he is , but my mates Chessie shows what an be done with them not only does he take it fowling but stalking also My mates was a first dog ,but with a lot of things in life he may have just been lucky
  4. Speculative at the best all America ever cared about Is oil look how that back fired with the destabilisation of the Middle East and the rise of ISIS , America has always been and will probably all be war mongers , I’m not saying other Super powers are different
  5. Bought an Affinity after getting rid of my Hatstand can’t fault it
  6. Doesn’t that go for every American President that’s led their country into phoney wars , from Bush ( and probably way before him ) in the first gulf war all the way thru to the present , Obahama was no saint believed to have dropped more bombs than any other , and his time also probably saw more black Americans killed by police etc than under Trump , but because he was branded a “ racist “ because of his out spoken ways you had the likes of BLM starting up and Trump made no secret in hating MSN media in its lying and fake news which they used against him , Trump did a lot for peace with North
  7. Not yet but pulled the Speedy out for a quick start up first one since September,
  8. Sturgeon is nothing more than a punch drunk dictator that we’ve seen so many times from around the world , clinging on to an ill gotten dream of a second referendum going her way and saving her from certain doom , if memory serves me correctly didn’t a certain Argentine general try this with the Falklands , didn’t end well for him either
  9. Lovely gesture from my home town member 👏
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