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  1. sam triple


    sorry for your loss RIP
  2. Hats off to you for your generosity 👏👏👏👏
  3. same here on Saturday had relatively calm conditions to start with 3 out of 3 then wind got up and that was that ,like someone had flicked a switch , all flights lines disappeared all I could see where birds coming out of the trees then going almost straight back ,hung it out till 3pm with 4 birds all day
  4. Hi Chris I’ve just joined Langstone wild Fowler’s ,not to late to join if you’re quick
  5. Just got 6 hens from fresh start for hens £2:50 each only ex battery but good layers and cheap ,dunno what make they are though
  6. brilliant Dash cams will probably soon be a must have by insurance companies
  7. never heard of free fitting service on 2nd hand guns or is that just in oz ? go to your local clay shoot see what guns they have there and ask to try them out and if poss go out with an instructor he should be able to help out on how the gun fits
  8. great thanks for info
  9. Ok it’ll be a semi auto 3” magnum proofed cheers
  10. Just joined local wildflowers, obviously non toxic shot ,so do I go for steel or something else ? And what’s the best cartridges to use ? I know everyone favours one or another but just looking for a bit of advice,cheers
  11. sam triple

    pizza oven

    A mate built one in oz and it’s brilliant,as said it takes a while to heat up ,he uses wood to heat it and the tastes you get are phenomenal
  12. is that the same girl who was on field sports Britains news last night ? received death threats from antis
  13. sam triple

    Kids TV

    Well he does work for the beeb
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