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  1. This will be my fourth Beretta, got a score of 88 to beat
  2. I worked for a pump company for 14 years most of the time it was cheaper to buy a new pump than buy spares to repair them ( depending on the size of the pump ) but it’s where companies make their money
  3. As above have entered on Thursday 17th June , I know I won’t stand a chance but it’s a good day out , anyone else doing it this year
  4. Queueing up to be shot , what’s your you tube channel name ?
  5. Anything From AC/DC if you want blood album , this album really got me into music Dead Daisies again live , Midnight Moses and American Band but anything Rock
  6. Been shooting RM premium 24 grams absolutely love them ;but as we can’t get anymore I’m looking about for other 24 gram loads https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/guns/ammunition/best-clayshooting-cartridges-47142
  7. Made these 2 from some borrowed stainless bar ends and a few bits of antler I had
  8. Horse whipping is to good for them , but knowing the legal system here if they ever were bought to justice nothing would happen
  9. https://www.thecountryman.com/ata-sporter-black-adjustable-shotgun must be some second hand ones for sale a bit cheaper
  10. Someone I used to shoot with had something fitted in his stock to reduce recoil , think it was called a kick ease or something similar
  11. What have you been using on your lessons ? And how have you been getting on with it ? If the answers ,good I’d be tempted to stay with what you know for the time being , ATA do a sporter with adjustable Combe but until you get your license you can’t buy a gun anyway unless you know of someone who will put it on their license for you , no doubt someone more helpful will be along soon , to answer your questions
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