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  1. cheers ,managed to stream it on BBC NI all 3 races live last night will try and do the same tomorrow but at least ive got a back up now
  2. good racing last night **** those 600s were quick 176 mph down the long straights ill be at TT for Weds of practise week thru race week hoping for same weather as last year what cannel were you recording on nothing on virgin had to live stream it
  3. try looking on gun star or gun trader for your gun and take an average
  4. decided to hang up my leathers other commitments and recurring back and hip injury ,last used Brands Hatch 24/4/19 WOW with discs ,Ohlins rear ,Full K Tech front upside down fork conversion with Galfer discs all round 2yrs old ,Ohlins steering damper,K&N Filter ,Pro stack velocity stacks ,Magura hydraulic clutch ,Sigma slipper clutch ,Heatech quick shift ,PC3,Sato Rearsets ,Gear indicator ,Renthol clip ons .Q/A throttle ,Termigoni end pipe Lust racing lowering kit Spares full fairing and seat unit ,spare seat units and belly pans ,yec rear sets ,2x standard rear sets , screens ,sprockets ,header pipes ,2x brand new super corsa tyre ,1x new super corsa front ,1x front scrub ,tyre warmers ,front and rear paddock stands ,aim solo lap timer £3250 no offers ,no splitting cheers pics on request cant seem to upload pm me ill whats app /email some across
  5. beast of an air gun they certainly have moved on ,bit rich for me at £2500 though
  6. is there enough police to police this and any other new laws that they bring in ,I doubt it ,my local police station is open 3 days a week from 8am-5 pm which according to local plans will be knocked down to make way for flats
  7. prob doing to regain confidence in lost voters during local elections
  8. sad ,another genius gone not pc enough to show on tv these days
  9. So all in all a bargain for £290
  10. I’d love to see shows like field sports Britain on tv like a modern day out of town ( showing my age now ) no doubt Packham et al would complain though
  11. Hi yes seen a few on the web who do them for this gun John Knibbs sells them at £12.50 for a full set so it would daft not to
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