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  1. ACF 50 is brilliant stuff use it on my bikes even used it on my hatsan semi around the piston crud just wiped off after a few hundred cartridges thru it ,bit more expensive than wd40 etc but worth it
  2. Like I said it was bought new 4 yrs ago so hopefully and rusting issues should have sorted by the factory by then ,I’ll go look at it and take it from there , cheers all
  3. So do I take this correctly if your a slow walker you age quicker 🤔 ,does this take into account the number of steps taken daily or other excercises the condemned may have taken ? Seems flawed to me ,I’ve got short legs but walk an average of between 4- 5 miles a day weekends I cycle 33 miles in just over 2 hours ,hats off for appearing on Gladiators
  4. Not really a fan of any particular manufacturer got a 686 e evo and a 20 bore 686 ,a hatstand semi and an old Spanish s/s ,this Browning came up for £900 reckons only a 100 shells thru it was going to look at it today but weathers been gash
  5. Cheers guys ,one I’m looking at 4 yrs old ,v little use
  6. Anything to look out for one these guns good ,bad or indifferent ,cheers
  7. plenty of charities to give to, under funded sports people ,not to mention family, friends etc to help out
  8. seems to be happening all over the country not just in rural communities but small towns to ,my mum whos 84 cant use her local Barclays because of closure so its either a 5 mile bus ride or been told to do it on line ,really!
  9. My Mrs Uncle is part of the RFS in a small town in NSW ,for weeks they've been fighting a bush fire in land ,temperatures this summer have been hitting mid 40s to 50s now coming into winter daytime temps are still mid 20s to 30s only dropping at night ,even had snow reported one evening inland but as soon as the sun comes up the temperatures shoot up ,everywhere with more than one fire truck is loosing one to try and contain this fire fighting it is no longer an option ,first face timed him about a month ago he looked dead on his feet at that point the fire had claimed 90000 hectares of land to drive around it was the equivalent of driving from Sydney to the Gold Coast ,speaking yesterday it was now over 1 million hectares gone that's the size of Hampshire twice over plus a bit more ,hes fitted pumps next to swimming pool and pumps to his water bore to douse the house in anticipation of the fire swinging around ,so next time we get a few days of rain think of these poor devils
  10. Just seen on a FB page they’re using diesel generators 🙈
  11. I agree something needs to be done ,but to me this isn't the answer instead why don't they pitch up at unilever ,johnstone and johnstone ,Tesco ,Sainsburys et al and start demanding the use or investment into bio degradable plastics ,these seem to be the big pollutants of our world at the moment if a relalivitily small company as Ely or Hull can do it with their eco wads im sure the big plastic producers/users can
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