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  1. sam triple


    bit Radical bet you get a few funny looks from people
  2. Hi thanks , yes that was my next part of training was going to video it until battery nearly died ,trying to keep a video journal going on a weekly basis to see how hes progressing not sure if that's a good idea or not
  3. another one of their programs that need scrapping along with the rest of the BBC
  4. Steadiness and obedience training this morning
  5. Dont watch F1 ,but it’s the same for MotoGP , WSB basically if they go ahead with all race schedules they’ll be racing until Xmas
  6. sam triple

    Why do ....?

    If only it were that simple these days
  7. sam triple

    Why do ....?

    Can answer 1&3 1 the standard of driving on roads is **** these days because cameras take over from dedicated police units 3 , No respect these days all went out of the window when they stopped punishment in schools where as little Jonny got a whack , now little Jonny does what he wants with recourse for his actions ( imh only ,)
  8. Numbers don’t really mean a lot to me as long as I’ve had a good day out and is only really revalant on the amount of birds about , no matter how many we get we always want more
  9. not necessarily true her old mans got a wedge and he got it , don't think its means tested ,more something you are entitled to ,whats the worse that can happen other than filling a form and being told NO ,
  10. ok im not to clued up on this , my mrs has helped my mum a mates mum and her parents by getting them to claim Attendence allowance , not sure what it the critearia is , apart from a bit of form filling my be worth looking into though and getting a bit back
  11. just bought an f16 felt really light and nimble compared to the Browning 525 that I p/xd it for not had a chance shoot it yet as my back decided to go last weekend
  12. bargain of the year , im looking out for 1
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