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  1. No doubt that’ll be lost somewhere
  2. Just heard ,what a man ,what a loss , RIP
  3. We all miss at times ,sometimes more often than not 🙈, as regards Ill fitting guns club I belong to sometimes has a SxS comp which is fun trying to remember the old Spanish lump of steel is non ejector double trigger the amount of time I’ve been pulling on that trigger wandering why it won’t fire the second barrel as the clay sails on past !
  4. Thanks should of had a few more but there’s plenty of time yet
  5. Well done TT never look back now somethings aren’t worth it, onwards from now on
  6. One case reported in Outer Mongolia,, I hope it’s not “ here we go again “
  7. Well the wind finally stopped blowing long enough to have a proper go for a few hours last night so I set off with the new HW110; jab Hades and ambushed a couple along a hedgerow second one was a cracking shot paced out at 46 yd’s hit it just below and slightly back of its ear really heard it crack as it hit home , dead instantly just kicked out a back leg as it went over ,got them home to butcher them I did one mrs did the other , she wants to make cushion covers from their hides !
  8. Wouldn’t have thought so personally,if it’ll scare vermin it’ll scare everything else ,and how loud would it need to be without attracting attention from the antis etc
  9. Prob 3 weeks off that here , but yes with all that’s happened this year time is marching on
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