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  1. I bought some Gamebore regal 28 grm no 6 fibre wad , do the job reasonably priced too
  2. Check Evans cycles on line they sometimes have clearance bikes for sale I picked up a Cannindale carbon framed road bike for under £1k
  3. He needs sectioning , preferably followed by a frontal lebotamy
  4. sam triple


    It needs to change or be broken up
  5. 👍 Thanks, unfortunately employers aren’t dumb the hourly wage around here has dropped like a stone £10 ph seems like the average anything over is good , but my redundancy cleared my debts so I’m saving £450 a month there all relative I guess
  6. I’ve accepted the second job as it’s slightly closer bit more money and I get every second Friday off and I can cycle there ,just waiting on DBS to come back now
  7. If this is true ( it is in the Sun so take it with a piece of salt ) I find this obscene boarding vulgar , with the way the world is due to Covid , people loosing jobs Etc , how can this be allowed to happen, this signifies everything I despise in the greedy self centred world we live in and also reminds me why I gave up on kick ball ages ago
  8. sam triple

    1st time

    Just the kind of thing you can watch for hours without even realising it
  9. Small world Typical ain’t it , nothing for a month , got a start next Monday now I’ve just had a phone interview ,another phone call wanting me in for an interview ASAP plus the other interview I already had for tomorrow
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