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  1. those boys are seriously not well in the head ,got a few mates who are into that and it is pretty impressive to see them at work ,fourtunately it never floated my boat, if my front comes up 6inches im off the throttle with my clack valve working overtime but hats off to those that can do it and do it justice
  2. As a mate says if it’s got tits or tyres it’s going to cost no matter what 😂
  3. Tried a bit of drag racing on a bike for a season back in the day but the cost was astronomical 1/2 mile to a gallon of methanol tyres etc spent a shed load of money to reach a quarter finals to win £15 🙈😂 soon gave that up
  4. Hi yeah Bautista is certainly up for it ,but 6 out of 6 and the margins he’s winning by is in my eyes wrong I’m not knocking him or Ducati as they’ve built a beast of a bike my worry is you’ll get the same as the last 4;5or 6 years where one will just walk it whilst the others are playing catch up I’m with Jamie Whitham when he says Wsbk needs a drastic overhaul,just have to see what the rest of the season brings but I think it’ll be more of the same As regarding your track day just do it ,get it booked and don’t be afraid to get an instructor to help you for a session or 2 ,we all have to start from somewhere no matter what it is ,bikes ,shooting etc ,No Limits instructors are free of charge too
  5. Some brilliant racing here in this years Philip Island classic
  6. Brilliant need old boys like this in every sport
  7. sam triple

    Decoys Free

    Great thanks very much
  8. sam triple

    Decoys Free

    Could I have them please due to do my first decoying shoot next Saturday,can pick up Sunday after clay shoot at Wallers Ash thanks
  9. HI SpringDon will see you at Brands
  10. I use app called splice on ipad
  11. easily done ,took me a while
  12. No Msv bike day ( I hope ) did you look on msv web site. had To double check 😂
  13. https://www.motorcyclenews.com/sport/motogp/2019/march/motoe-championship-in-doubt-after-catastrophic-fire/
  14. Moto E paddock destroyed by fire this morning at Jerez
  15. unfortunately losing people is unavoidable whatever you may be doing ,got Goodwood not far from me so the revival or the festival of speed is good to older stuff plus newer bikes ,plus the breakfast club on the first sunday of each month thru the summer always throws up some good stuff whether on show or just in the car parks
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