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  1. jez that's taken me back ,The Sussex Armoury ,used to cycle over to Hailsham every Saturday morning to ogle at the guns they had in there
  2. these chain seem to be all the same I doubt nothing is prepped in house , all bought in ready to serve when the microwave pings ir am I cinical
  3. sam triple


    SNP already calling for another referemdum
  4. sam triple


    yup looks like a few in the party are already calling for her head ,this election could be Jos Swansong
  5. as above any receipts photos to show good condition of car inside and out all help
  6. sam triple


    yes they need us in there to keep paying billions in to prop up the bankrupt countries , if and when we leave do you think we will be the only ones ,? or will there be an exodus ,what have Greece etc to loose by giving the EU the bird
  7. fair play to the lad ,hopefully he will get a good work ethic and go on to great things
  8. sam triple


    Remember Dunblain they were quick enough to erraditcate all legally held weapons and put countless people out of work for what was no more than a callous vote winning exercise
  9. sam triple

    scam or what

    im guessing if you never entered the comp its a scam
  10. sam triple


    wealth (part from his own), sounds like that other well know Labour ex pm who has a personal fortune of over £30m ,remember all men are equal
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