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  1. As above ,want to fit a magnetic one to our back door ,one that allows dog in and out but stops other wildlife from coming in ,anyone got one ? And where did you get it from , cheers
  2. Tried them in my 686 had nothing but problems with them would fire ok but then I had a real job opening the gun afterwards so they all went back ,no problem with other cartridges
  3. Some parts of NSW have had heavy rain down side is its washed ash into the rivers killing hundreds of fish ,cattle also dying from ingesting ash too
  4. Just bought a For life policy from Bought By Many ,( covers everything) bit pricey and probably over insured but after a mates dog broke its leg and it’s cost him 10 k out of his own pocket because he was under insured
  5. Nothing for my 14 plate 1.6 diesel civic
  6. have you tried looking at 2nd hand Yilditz , try free adds etc
  7. sam triple

    Ferrets as Pets

    where I used to live a girl used to take one for a walk on a lead
  8. Why not take a cheaper gun in px against it ? Then you still have a gun to go out with and cash in the bank
  9. I don't think a 20 bore semi auto with light clay load should bother my daughter to much but like I say shes big for age ,at least with the Armsan with junior stock fitted its kind of made for youngsters with hopefully minimal faffing to get it to fit her properly
  10. been thinking about the same thing for my daughter shes only 8 but shes a big for her age been looking at an Armsan 20bore semi with junior stock
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