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  1. Not been up woods since last week due to rain etc mate filled feeder Thursday, it takes a full 5 gallon bucket full to fill it I popped by this morning on the way to shoot some pigeons , and it was empty the little darlings had been knowing their way in , I filled it up and returned about 5; 30 this afternoon they’d been back on it so I covered the hole with a bit of plate I blagged earlier this should stop them for a while I’ll be out first thing tomorrow morning
  2. Well done πŸ‘ sir , result
  3. Yeah good totally different to the 110 takes me back to being a boy again with the noise etc and having to reload after every shot
  4. Yup sorted now thanks Gordon
  5. Hi I’ve taken 4 in the garden this year from upstairs windows , as !ice says the bird life increases we now have all kinds of tits visiting the feeders plus a family of woodpeckers , great to see
  6. No illl do it now thanks Gordon
  7. Will do , lates next week so I’ll try and do a few mornings
  8. My biggest problem is time working double days I can only get out one end / beginning of the day but walking the dog takes priority when it’s hot , he has to go out before the sun rises then I’ll miss the evening because I’m at work
  9. As above wanting a 3 slot 20mm picatinny rail , cheers
  10. You were actually spot on πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
  11. Yes she’s a big old girl
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