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  1. I’m on 115 in 10 months only 2 feeders in the wood going to have to put up more only shooting 2-3 hours a week this will have to increase especially now they’re getting into the wheat and destroying that
  2. 6 this morning plus 2 jays , greys running everywhere this morning and I was thinking I was getting on top of them
  3. sam triple


    And I always thought .20 was the optimum calibre 🤔
  4. Yes rabbits seem to making a bit of a comeback all round , nice to see your hard being rewarded like this
  5. No such thing as a free , as hopefully they’ll find out tomorrow, good luck 🤞
  6. I’m guessing they’ll be moving in to the area I’ve just cleared ,
  7. Saw one of what looked liked this year’s young tiny little squirrel bolting up a tree
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