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  1. BrowningB7

    Unused Bonart tweed coat, breeks, fleece gilets

    XL gilet now sold. Xs and S size gilet's, and coat still available.
  2. BrowningB7

    Unused Bonart tweed coat, breeks, fleece gilets

    Yes I have an XL available. PM me if you would like it
  3. BrowningB7

    Unused Bonart tweed coat, breeks, fleece gilets

    Breeks sold pending payment. SOLD
  4. A pair unused Bonart tweed breeks, size 34" waist. Satin lining and shirt gripper around the belt area, buckle fastening on the legs. Hight quality breeks made in the UK. These were £150 when available, looking for £50 collected or £55 recorded delivery. Bonart tweed coat in size 46" chest. Unused but the tags have come away at some point. Made in the UK. Cartridge pockets, very warm hand-warmer pockets. Various internal pockets. These retailed at £360, looking for £120 collected or £126 recorded delivery. Bonart fleece gilet's in sizes XS, S, XL. Zipper pockets, nice alternative colour to navy or olive. RRP was £52.99, looking for £20 each collected or £24 posted Collection near Wroxham Norfolk.
  5. It surprises me how few people shoot the calibre. Went to get some ammo a month ago and the shop manager said I was the first person to ask in about 2 years! It's a pretty busy shop for guns and ammo too. I have a Krico full stutzen with double set triggers, S&B 6x42, love it.
  6. BrowningB7

    Shooting game with open chokes

    I shot a Browning A1 wide-rib, 27 1/2" special skeet most of last year on game and pigeons. Game I was using eley VIP 30g 6's with PD wads and was pleased with the setup. So much so I bought another special skeet in B2 form with 28" barrels and midi-rib.
  7. BrowningB7

    Partridge ex-layers

    We have had a few reds about over the years but these last two seasons we have had two good coveys of greys. Most shoot days they have been about, on at least one drive. Good point on the pen, wouldn't take much to move it down the cover crop after the adults birds have been released. I would have tried greys but read that getting them to take to your ground and their survival is a totally different ball game to reds.
  8. Does anyone have any experience in releasing ex-laying French partridge? Been offered some for mid July, we start shooting mid-end of October. We have never put down partridge on our pheasant shoot before but the ground has been holding a couple of nice coveys for the last 2/3 years. We want to try putting a few down, built a couple of pens and looking to put some poults down when we get the pheasants around august. I'm thinking of taking the offer of ex-layers first then releasing some poults later on. Any comments?
  9. BrowningB7

    Artichoke cover crop

    Thanks for the replies. Yes we are looking to leave them in, wanted something easy to establish on poor ground and not having to do it each year is a bonus. We had chicory as part of a mix one year which was very good, but didn't know we had to strim and fert it after the season. Other shoots around us use artichokes, the cover is very think, 7ft tall and hard to push through until December, hence me thinking of bunging some in. Was thinking of plating them quite close together (maybe 200-300 apart, the same for row spacing) staggered, to try and produce a narrow wall. Thought about using Canary grass or Miscanthus but thought it would be more hassle getting it in and established. (Don't know anything about them regarding planting). Quite right, I do think about that when I'm looking at our covers. We place small square bales around in areas to try and help with this. Something to think about over the next couple of weeks.
  10. Looking to put in some artichokes alongside some cover crops as a windbreak, and as a crop on its own. Questions: Can I set a double furrow plough down a few inches, pull some lines and place the chokes in rather then making thousands of holes with a bar? Do you need to strim or clear away the previous crop for the next year's to come through? Anything else I need to do apart from bung them in and let them grow? Thanks
  11. BrowningB7

    Jim Corbett omnibus,

    I'll take this please if it's still available. Pm me your details and I'll send that over.
  12. BrowningB7

    Dubarry leather gun slip

    Now Sold
  13. BrowningB7

    Dubarry leather gun slip

    A nice used quality brown leather gun slip by Dubarry of Ireland. 49" long external. Some light scuff marks. A catch to the leather trim at the top measuring 9mm, been glued together ( 3rd picture). Apart from that over all a very nice slip, with Dubarry detailing over it. And grab handle. These retailed at £280 for the limited time they produced them. Looking for £125 posted
  14. BrowningB7

    Vintage motorbike/ moped fuel tank

    Found this today in my shed. Don't know anything about it apart from being in my mums cellar for 20 plus years. I kept it after clearing out her house 5 years ago. Looking on the net it looks like a Raleigh rm6 runabout tank. Some writing on it says about mixing up 2stroke. Looks complete, no signs of damage. Original paint and rust! £45 collected Northants.