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  1. Certainly something to consider for the future. I think asking for an image of the person's certificate is a good shout. You can tell them it's to cross reference the person who shows up on your cctv (even if you don't have cctv!) Might put off criminals try their hand at your place.
  2. Imported by BMW Arms aka browning UK. Don't know how much involvement Fabrique National (owners of browning and joint owners of miroku as well as others) had with the Medalist or knew about the gun at the time. As I understand it, Medalist's were brought in by the UK Browning agent and shipped out to retailer's; dealers put 2&2 together and got a "Browning Medalist" with no mention of the company anywhere on the gun or packaging (so I believe).
  3. Drew a blank. He never stocked that model and can not find it in any of his catalogues. I wonder if its an 80's/ early 90's model with a short production run.
  4. Thanks I'll do that. Still no luck on the Internet!
  5. Has anyone heard of the above 10m put over pole. After 15 years away from course fishing I started again the other week and picked up one of these poles the other day. I can not find anything online about the model what so ever. Any info (years produced, origional price, etc) would be great.
  6. After doing my research on the first five authors to this paper and finding out that as well as writting articles for their universities, they all work in some capacity for the WWT, I didn't bother looking up the final 3 as there seems to be a clear theme to this paper. 1. Is this paper not going to be biased on the lead issue as it is written by employers of the WWT who wanted lead shot faised out by 2017? 2. Why is a shoot org promoting the work of such potentially biased papers by those who wish to see the shooting of birds stopped altogether?
  7. Done it a couple of days ago. Whether they pay any attention to my concerns is another thing.
  8. Don't know? I only researched the link between BASC - a food processing company up north - Waitrose. I did talk to a big partridge shoot keeper who said a lot of his days are for wealthy Middle Eastern clients. Every bird is packed up and flown back with them. Not sure where they stand on lead.
  9. Turkey dinosaurs or chicken nuggets. If she was interested in cooking pheasant or partridge she or the other half would be involved in shooting in some way. Like someone said on a different thread before, "if there was a market demand, they would be farmed like chickens and turkeys and not shot at all".
  10. It does nothing to put shooters in a better light. Those who want to know about shooting and Conservation will seek the truth, those who want to seek an end to blood sports will always continue on their quest. For everyone else they really couldn't give a fiddlers f*rt.
  11. These are nice scopes, have a revolution Accu-Range on my .22 rimfire. Believe they were made after Leupold bought the company so good quality. Good luck with the sale.
  12. Lintran dog box complete with lock and key. Width 26 inches, height 23.5 inches, depth 24 inches. Collection just outside Norwich, little plumstead. £140. Advertised elsewhere.
  13. For the stock and forend pull up Gerry White Firearms on gun trader in Northampton, he may still have a couple.
  14. I would be supprised if the French hunters allowed anymore restrictions on their shooting. My dad has lived there the past two years and apparently they run things, historical rights allowing to hunt on any land they deem fit. Local police and majors side with them and not the landowners.
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