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  1. The B25 is a different gun. They were still being made in Herstal when I was at the factory a few years ago. The 125 was called a 'bitzy' gun because the parts were made in Japan and put together and hand finished in Belgium in an attempt to make a more cost effective gun. Browning were so impressed with the guns from Miroku that they got them to make the 325, 425, 525, 625, 725 in Japan, Portugal, and possibly a new plant in America for their market. Browning have released a new B.15 or something like that. Very expensive Jap gun supposedly finished Belgium but still not a B25. The origional hand crafted B25 range as I understand it is still made in the Custom Shop at Liege.
  2. Where are they being built after 1980?
  3. 1) Browning B7 12 bore 2) Browning D1 12 bore or Browning Diana 20 bore in 30inch
  4. I really don't know but it's getting beyond a joke. Organisations are great at sending out emails to shooters stating how they contacted the BBC on this matter, wrote to the RSPB on that matter, fighting the cause! Yet another restriction slides in under the door and there's not a thing they can do about it. Maybe it's our fault, maybe we're not doing enough to be taken seriously as shooters, sportsman, country folk... Or maybe it's just inevitable as the countryside continues to be built over, we will just be seen as the old deluded animal killers who shouldn't have any rights, while the rest of them run off to Primark and continue to fill up our planet with cheap **** from China. Rant over.
  5. Becoming a bit silly if this is true. As far as I'm aware it's not even law that you need a cabinet?
  6. This. Keeps him in conversations, even on here. He has made waves in recent times and he will keep on and on and on because its a proven tactic. Whether he's coming across as the leader of a rebellion or as a potential peace keeper, it won't matter to him as long as his face is out there being seen.
  7. My family's from Roscommon and from Creggs. Another non story but made me smile seeing it mentioned ☘
  8. I have a Teals one which I'm pleased with for the money. Thicker leather than my Parsons one. Also Quality Gun Slips in Wales, I have a short one of theirs, no top flap but generously padded. Could try ebay for a second hand Conway of London, have one of theirs for over 15 years now, never had any faults or problems. One thing to consider. The full lenght zip with buckle at the top which is also my preferred type, I do find on some that the zipper stops on some just under the toe of the stock, resulting in scratches where the wood rubs against it. A 32"slip for a 30"gun may overcome this?
  9. Someone told me they used vaseline to finish a silvers pad they had fitted. Cnt vouch for it but might be worth a look into.
  10. It's whatever you feel comfortable in and how you view the day. I mainly attend farm shoots, 8-50 bird days but usually always wear breeks, colourful socks etc, because I enjoy to and I like to make the most of the few days. Foxing, pigeons or whatever is different. It was the same with rugby, some didn't want to dress up after a game but I always liked shirt, tie and smart shoes, especially after a week in Steel toecap's and hi-viz's.
  11. I bought one with game birds on it a few years ago, very comfortable with shirts that would otherwise be tight around the neck with a tie. I like the look of them, but I also don't care how I look when I'm back down the pub after, starts a conversation with the locals! P.s I was early 30's when I got it.
  12. It's been covered on other threads. BASC + £100k investigate in game processing + A new game meat org. backed by an MP + contract waiting with meat firm supplying Waitrose = Lead ban
  13. The paper is written by the Labour Party. Might as well have been written by the RSPB. What importance does this paper have?
  14. Certainly something to consider for the future. I think asking for an image of the person's certificate is a good shout. You can tell them it's to cross reference the person who shows up on your cctv (even if you don't have cctv!) Might put off criminals try their hand at your place.
  15. Imported by BMW Arms aka browning UK. Don't know how much involvement Fabrique National (owners of browning and joint owners of miroku as well as others) had with the Medalist or knew about the gun at the time. As I understand it, Medalist's were brought in by the UK Browning agent and shipped out to retailer's; dealers put 2&2 together and got a "Browning Medalist" with no mention of the company anywhere on the gun or packaging (so I believe).
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