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  1. Jim Corbett omnibus,

    I'll take this please if it's still available. Pm me your details and I'll send that over.
  2. Dubarry leather gun slip

    Now Sold
  3. Dubarry leather gun slip

    A nice used quality brown leather gun slip by Dubarry of Ireland. 49" long external. Some light scuff marks. A catch to the leather trim at the top measuring 9mm, been glued together ( 3rd picture). Apart from that over all a very nice slip, with Dubarry detailing over it. And grab handle. These retailed at £280 for the limited time they produced them. Looking for £125 posted
  4. Vintage motorbike/ moped fuel tank

    Found this today in my shed. Don't know anything about it apart from being in my mums cellar for 20 plus years. I kept it after clearing out her house 5 years ago. Looking on the net it looks like a Raleigh rm6 runabout tank. Some writing on it says about mixing up 2stroke. Looks complete, no signs of damage. Original paint and rust! £45 collected Northants.
  5. BMW 5 series e39 pads

    Found these today clearing out my shed. Unused Textar Germany brake pads. Not sure if they are for the front or rear. Quick look on net shows between £40 - £73. Wanting £20 collection only Northants.
  6. What's you newest purchase ?

    Is that a President? They brought another version out some years later and called it the Presidential, I think that was a side plate. We had one and it had an unusual slim forend.
  7. What's you newest purchase ?

    Very nice. If you don't mind me asking whats the serial number of your one. I shot with one for a few years in my teens, no.99911PT It had a Mother of pearl front sight, ivory mid sight. Grade 11 or 12 (I can't remember) Built by Miroku to show the guys in Liege they could build a Gun equal to a B25.
  8. Browning A1 Ribless Game Gun 12 gauge

    These 2 browning A1's are being sold by me Michael White. These are a private sale from my own shotgun certificate/ browning collection. Buyer can see the entry dates on my certificate when I bought these if he/ she likes. I have used my grandfather's gun trader account to put these up for sale on there. As it states in the add "please contact michael on ......" as these are not Gerry's guns and are not being sold by Gerry White Firearms. Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Regards Michael (not Gerry)
  9. Tales of the old Gamekeepers book

    Tales of the Old Gamekeepers by Brian P.Martin In very good condtion. £9 posted
  10. Browning A1 Ribless Game Gun 12 gauge

    Do you know what catalogue you seen these in. I have some but mainly from the 80's and 90's.
  11. Browning A1 Ribless Game Gun 12 gauge

    ye you don't see many about. A Lightning model is mentioned on page 64 of Ned Schwing's book `The Browning Superposed`, with a "with-out rib" gun pictured. That one has a matted barrel with a stripe running up the middle which my one doesn't.
  12. Jack Pyke Thermals new in box

    All sold now. Thanks
  13. Jack Pyke Thermals new in box

    X large now sold. Large top and bottoms left Size small 2 piece set left Jack Pyke size chart has Small as 38-40" chest and 30-32" waist
  14. Jack Pyke Thermals new in box

    Hi Jack Pyke has XL down as 44-46" chest. Large as 42-44" chest. In trousers XL 36-38" waist, Large 34-36" waist. I'm 36" waist and took Large Size medium sold