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  1. 1974 browning A1 would be worth anywhere between £500 and £1500 depending configuration and condition. 28" barrels are more desirable than the 27 1/2, but not as desirable as 30". Normal semi-pistol grip stocks and slender forends are more desirable than straight-hand stocks on 'game' versions or wide beaver-tail forends found on skeet models. Width of rib are personal taste, they did a wide and midi rib on skeet/trap guns and I think a narrow solid rib on game guns (or rib-less which they did for a while). Chokes can effect desirability, some people are put off with 'skeet' & 'skeet' which quite a few have. I Shoot as well with one of my 27 1/2" skeet and skeet A1's on game and pigeons compared to my 30" sporter. Price wise would also depend on how quickly the person wants to sell it. Browning B25's are a little specialist as people new to the sport don't really know the history behind them. If I put one up for sale this minute it could be sold tomorrow or I could still have it in two years time. Might be worth you trying to shoot both the A1 (if that's what it is) and a Jap 525 and see how you get on. You may find you much prefer the cheaper hand built Belgium browning A1 (which would cost around £12k today) over the Japanese 525, or not!!
  2. The fact that you can watch it over and over again, knowing what is about to be said and you still laugh, must showcase their comedy genius
  3. Fletcher talking to Mr Mackay about the use of non toxic shot: Mackay- "listen here Fletcher, don't let me catch you using toxic shot on those ducks, you hear?" Fletcher- "I won't" Mackay- " You won't what?" Fletcher- "I won't let you catch me, sir"
  4. Well done for giving someone the opportunity. If you were in Norfolk I'd be taking up the offer and bringing a nice bottle of whisky or something in return. 😜
  5. Traditionally trap guns would be slightly higher showing plenty of rib, sporter's would be lower showing a bit of rib and a perfect 8 if you have a mid and end bead, and skeet guns would be flatter showing little rib if any at all. Like with anything it comes down to personal preference and how you shoot. I much prefer my guns to have two beads, but I know others who take them straight off leaving no beads at all. My browning sporter is my go to gun for game shooting especially when on the peg, originally with a sporter stock and forend but I have also done my own game stock which comes up a bit lower putting both beads dead in line. I have also had good success with browning skeet guns when rough and walked up shooting, or pigeons from the hide, still quite flat shooting. One gun I shot with that did show plenty of rib was a Funken grade 5. I thought it may have been a little too high for me but on one particular drive I was a walking back gun, the keeper told me to hang back as the odd bird comes this way. At the start of the drive he let his (some what unruly) dog off, which ran straight to the end of the cover, spun round, and sent bird after bird straight back over me. They were pretty much all head on and I had 5 or 6 on the bounce for as many carts. Whether it was the slightly higher point of aim on them driven birds or just the fact that I didn't have time to think about the shot that produced success, I don't know.
  6. My grandfather has a couple at the minute, Alex Henry in .450 BP, and a Webley .45-70. Sometimes has Browning b25 OU rifles. Gerry White Firearms, he's on gun trader if your around the midlands.
  7. XL gilet now sold. Xs and S size gilet's, and coat still available.
  8. Yes I have an XL available. PM me if you would like it
  9. A pair unused Bonart tweed breeks, size 34" waist. Satin lining and shirt gripper around the belt area, buckle fastening on the legs. Hight quality breeks made in the UK. These were £150 when available, looking for £50 collected or £55 recorded delivery. Bonart tweed coat in size 46" chest. Unused but the tags have come away at some point. Made in the UK. Cartridge pockets, very warm hand-warmer pockets. Various internal pockets. These retailed at £360, looking for £120 collected or £126 recorded delivery. Bonart fleece gilet's in sizes XS, S, XL. Zipper pockets, nice alternative colour to navy or olive. RRP was £52.99, looking for £20 each collected or £24 posted Collection near Wroxham Norfolk.
  10. It surprises me how few people shoot the calibre. Went to get some ammo a month ago and the shop manager said I was the first person to ask in about 2 years! It's a pretty busy shop for guns and ammo too. I have a Krico full stutzen with double set triggers, S&B 6x42, love it.
  11. I shot a Browning A1 wide-rib, 27 1/2" special skeet most of last year on game and pigeons. Game I was using eley VIP 30g 6's with PD wads and was pleased with the setup. So much so I bought another special skeet in B2 form with 28" barrels and midi-rib.
  12. We have had a few reds about over the years but these last two seasons we have had two good coveys of greys. Most shoot days they have been about, on at least one drive. Good point on the pen, wouldn't take much to move it down the cover crop after the adults birds have been released. I would have tried greys but read that getting them to take to your ground and their survival is a totally different ball game to reds.
  13. Does anyone have any experience in releasing ex-laying French partridge? Been offered some for mid July, we start shooting mid-end of October. We have never put down partridge on our pheasant shoot before but the ground has been holding a couple of nice coveys for the last 2/3 years. We want to try putting a few down, built a couple of pens and looking to put some poults down when we get the pheasants around august. I'm thinking of taking the offer of ex-layers first then releasing some poults later on. Any comments?
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