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  1. All sold post them out tomorrow All the best mick
  2. All 22 mags sold just waiting to here from another about 17hmr mags post everything out monday
  3. Sort it tonight when I get back gents
  4. 4 X 452 22 rf mag 10 shot 3 X 455 17 hmr mag 10 shot £20 each posted
  5. Got 4 all 10 shot
  6. I have some altbergs grade one can't fault them
  7. The last squirrel the little gun put an end to was cursing like a good un as he tried to avoid what was coming his way, actually made it to a third tree
  8. Got the 28g cofs great little gun for a walk round, it comes squirrel aggravating as well
  9. ended up getting the certus in 17 hmr, can't fault it nice stock, good trigger straight out of the box, good grouping at 100 yds and they only charged me £399
  10. croohur how you finding the trigger straight out of the box
  11. Eldest daughter and her feller live on one, water jipoes, they more at Sutton stop every now and then very nice??
  12. Sounding good so far, will be going with a cz looking more like the cogswell and Harrison one, still be good if some one has one to give there opinion
  13. Think I will go and have a look at one at the weekend, lot of the lads I now shoot a cz with no problems other than a harsh trigger, brooks trigger kit should sort that still if there is anyone out there got one still value your opinion
  14. Looks like a bit better stock, just wondering if they have mucked about with it in any other way was hoping some one has bought one
  15. Thoughts on this rifle , in 17hmr any one bought one
  16. Helping out doing the electric perimeter wire on the pheasant pens ,9 ******* bites on me back through me t shirt, nothing on me arms ,face , neck where I leathered some stuff on
  17. How did you get on in the end sounded a good start
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