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  1. go to gov.uk website, search census and you will find an option to request the code by text message. Be patient as it took over an hour for my code to be sent. Also, if you filled it in online, I believe you can go back in and revise the inputs
  2. I don't really do FB, but apparently there is a group called The Free Church of Country Sports and that will be going in my Census.
  3. Googled this - Rule 3 is the one to watch https://www.westmount-living.co.uk/outbuildings-planning-permission-and-building-regulations/
  4. They're plucked and drawn, so only the feet available to age.
  5. I've remortgaged the house and bought four grouse from a butchers. In one YouTube clip a keeper mentions the toenails/claws being smooth on a young bird and the older one having a ridge. Would the ridge be across the nail, or down the centre length of it?
  6. I have just tried green box launcher blanks and even those were very loud and fired the dummy too far for what I want. I then tried a short starting pistol blank and it fired about 15 feet, so was about to order 'long' starting pistol blanks when I read they are black powder and will gum up the launcher. I've just seen "Light load (Fiocchi red tips): pack of 100 launcher blanks", which are described as reduced power from standard load. Does anyone have experience of these and know if they the same, higher or lower power than Green box launcher blanks?
  7. What does "11/2 -2inch long" bit mean? Serious question.
  8. My Springer used to have bouts of upset stomach until we switched to Markus Muhle cold pressed complete food - very limited outlets, so I purchase online. Put the puppy on their Junior option. https://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk/dog-food-reviews/0341/markus-muehle-natural-dog-food
  9. I've bought pre-owned phones for myself without problems. I got my wife a NEW Google Pixel 3a for £399 and it's amazing for the money. Pre-owned of these are starting to appear and if my current phone dies tomorrow, I'll be getting one of these.
  10. I've had my eight year old ESS dog since 8 wks old and he's our first and only dog. Lives in the house, ground floor and on the floor only. Well behaved and obedient. When we first got him, I put him in a shut crate in the lounge at night for a while, then open crate, then plastic bed. He seemed perfectly happy with this and it all worked out well. Hopefully picking up another 8 wk old ESS dog pup in a couple of weeks, but have no idea how best to introduce him into the household. Do I keep them in separate rooms at night for a while? If in same room from start
  11. 45-50% The Brexit Party 25-30% Lib Democratic 20-30% Others
  12. We need BASC, CA and NFU to fund the summarising of any existing study results that show the non lethal methods don't work, generally. Then make it available on their websites, so we can all refer to it if asked.
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