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  1. How about making Fac or Sg licence wallets ?
  2. Mr L gonna miss seeing this van at all the trials 😢
  3. very fragile metal , I had one last year climbed up something gave way where a bolt was drilled through a pipe I fell as I was swinging myself into the seat ,so did my Hyme sr21 gravity took over and I was bruised and the gun snapped the stock in half - gutted !!!!!!!!!
  4. Where bouts are you ?
  5. That was a good trial for Pete with those partridge alas I only got a CoM that day
  6. Hi All I have just had my wonderful bitch Meeka scanned today and confirm that she is pregnant, the litter is due on the 9th of April, obviously as yet I am unsure of how many pups she will have but I am hoping to have a couple to sell to working homes, Both parents are experienced working dogs at home on grouse moors, low lands and woodlands, hence placing this advert to generate some interest, Dam is my bitch Vizellven Ocean Zanta an excellent all round working HPR has won numerous open GWT and numerous open Field Trial awards including a coveted 1st place Sire is my great friend
  7. I have a litter of smooth haired vizslas due in april if your interested, both to working trialling parents both won numerous field trials, but also work in the field to an amazing standard. I know their not wires but you may be interested
  8. I know its on the slower side but I use a fox load with 100 g bt with 47g vvn165 very accurate in my heym
  9. yes please for the other if still for sale can you pm me payment details thanks mark
  10. cracking concept if your going to make more will be interested next month when I get paid
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