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  1. I'm glad I didn't use a tenner, could have got expensive if I need to send them for testing. I'll try and hunt some RWS down too! Cheers, Harv
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for all your responses. So after reading your comments, I've done the following: 1) Check the fit of the barrel The note catches quite some way in front of the forward mounting point.. Youtube video here 2) Remove action from the stock. There's clearly some rubbing happening here (see photos). 3) Clean the crown with some bore cleaner and tissue. I think the photos are making it look worse than it actually is (a couple more photos included). 4) Had a great phone call with @Saltings he's described how
  3. Thanks Rob,here's some more pics after a quick clean with the oily rag. I guess nothing lasts forever and if it's been used and abused then it's time to get new. Any idea how long a .22LR barrel should last? Cheers, Harv It's usually 3 shots in quick succession, then wander down to the target and faff around for a few min, so maybe 1.5/min or less.
  4. That's tomorrows job sorted, and a good excuse for a bit more plinking. Will report back!
  5. It's a long time since I've shot iron sights (old webley air rifles), that would have been a great test though. I assumed that since this is a plastic stock it wouldn't be floating - it's a tight fit. The .17 HMR (in wood) has a lovely gap between the barrel and the stock.
  6. OK, reaching out to the pigeon watch collective wisdom as I'm close to giving up on this one. What I have is a nice looking second hand CZ452, I've never managed to get it to group very well and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it could be. I must have 4 or 500 rounds through it now, mostly plinking trying to get it to group, I have a 40-45M range I am using in the back garden, and with the CZ452 .17HMR I can group really well. Initially I blamed the idiot behind the trigger I've tried: 1) New moderator 2) 2 different scopes (it's on a weaver rail system) w
  7. Give http://www.griffinlloyd.co.uk/ a go - not far from Herefordshire, and a top place! Harv
  8. What diameter is the bottle clamp - or which model was it fitted to? Cheers
  9. You have a personal message! Harv
  10. Hey, Where are you in the country? If you're in the midlands, I'll take it... Harv
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