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  1. This looks lovely, it would be a shame for me to butcher it - a little looking online seems to show I'd need to make quite a few changes:- There's a great thread here which has loads of pics. https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=344852 In the end I've got in touch with Parmoor gun stocks and bought an unfinished stock for £170 delivered. https://gun-stocks.co.uk/ If anyone is interested, I'll continue the thread with what difference this makes. Harv
  2. HarvUK

    CZ 452 Stock

    Update: Bought a new (unfinished) stock from https://gun-stocks.co.uk/ £170 delivered.
  3. Hi, Sorry if this is a daft question - what's BBS? Thanks, Harv
  4. HarvUK

    CZ 452 Stock

    Wanted - stock for CZ452. Anyone got one kicking about? Cheers, Harv
  5. Hi everyone, sorry, it's been a while, and I've been busy with work and not had much time for looking at the .22. I called round a few gun shops locally to see if anyone had a gunsmith who could re-crown it. The closest suggestion was Birmingham, about an hour or so away. I followed Saltings advice from on here and shimmed the front of the action a little to float the barrel, and the groupings improved. I also bought some Eley Subs, to try, which helped rule out the ammo. The last few evenings I've spent a little time sanding out the stock to float the barrel without the shims. The floating of the barrel has made an enormous difference- see the photo below. The flyer is down to me, and not the gun - this is at 40 yards. Since taking this, I've sanded a little more out, and tried it with the original Winchester ammo - both are grouping really well. What I have noticed is that the plastic stock has a little flex in it. It's not difficult to bend it to touch the barrel again, I think the nasty bipod I had on it could have been putting a different amount of pressure on the barrel each time from the stock. I'm now keeping an eye out for a new/second hand stock to go on it, thinking about a new, proper bipod, and maybe even fully bedding it to give a little more clearance. Thanks again everyone, really glad for not giving up on the gun. I'll update if I do more to it. Harv
  6. I'm glad I didn't use a tenner, could have got expensive if I need to send them for testing. I'll try and hunt some RWS down too! Cheers, Harv
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for all your responses. So after reading your comments, I've done the following: 1) Check the fit of the barrel The note catches quite some way in front of the forward mounting point.. Youtube video here 2) Remove action from the stock. There's clearly some rubbing happening here (see photos). 3) Clean the crown with some bore cleaner and tissue. I think the photos are making it look worse than it actually is (a couple more photos included). 4) Had a great phone call with @Saltings he's described how to temporarily bed the rifle to float the barrel. Unfortunately as I completed this, the heavens opened and I haven't got to try it out yet. 5) Re-mounted the Hawke skope for testing. Todo Give the barrel a damn good clean. Test fire - with and without moderator. Not too worried about the neighbours for a 3 shot string Go to the local gun shop and pick up some eley subs Will keep you updated.
  8. Thanks Rob,here's some more pics after a quick clean with the oily rag. I guess nothing lasts forever and if it's been used and abused then it's time to get new. Any idea how long a .22LR barrel should last? Cheers, Harv It's usually 3 shots in quick succession, then wander down to the target and faff around for a few min, so maybe 1.5/min or less.
  9. That's tomorrows job sorted, and a good excuse for a bit more plinking. Will report back!
  10. It's a long time since I've shot iron sights (old webley air rifles), that would have been a great test though. I assumed that since this is a plastic stock it wouldn't be floating - it's a tight fit. The .17 HMR (in wood) has a lovely gap between the barrel and the stock.
  11. OK, reaching out to the pigeon watch collective wisdom as I'm close to giving up on this one. What I have is a nice looking second hand CZ452, I've never managed to get it to group very well and was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it could be. I must have 4 or 500 rounds through it now, mostly plinking trying to get it to group, I have a 40-45M range I am using in the back garden, and with the CZ452 .17HMR I can group really well. Initially I blamed the idiot behind the trigger I've tried: 1) New moderator 2) 2 different scopes (it's on a weaver rail system) with 2 different mounts. A friend diagnosed as this, so I took the cheapy hawke off and put the old yukon night sight on. Both feel rock solid and don't move. 3) Different ammo, I've noticed that some winchester ammo is much louder than other, even from the same box. 4) Holding it in a workmate so it can't move (target photo is from this setup) 3 shot group with one shot not even on the A4 paper. 5) Tightening the bolts underneath a little more 6) Cleaning the barrel 7) Not cleaning the barrel The first 3 shots today grouped well, then I moved the zero on the yukon (3 left and 3 up), and now it's throwing them all over the shop. The only things I can think of now are a) Barrel knackered b) Barrel needs a re-crown c) Another scope d) Needs bedding/floating (no gap between stock and barrel at the moment) If anyone has any other ideas or can suggest an order to try more things in, let me know. Thank you PW!
  12. Give http://www.griffinlloyd.co.uk/ a go - not far from Herefordshire, and a top place! Harv
  13. What diameter is the bottle clamp - or which model was it fitted to? Cheers
  14. You have a personal message! Harv
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