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  1. panoma 1 smooth talker your spot on the industrial revolution was in the midlands you name it was made here first be it the Birmingham / gun trade / Juley quarter/ ironworks / steam power / potteries/ the black country , iron was used long before steel yet the design is similar , not to mention car plants in Birmingham and Coventry inc black cabs , now we build nothing , only cov uni warwick uni student dwellings we produce nothing other than sell education to date i hands on industries are suffering relying on their brand name cant go off road and pull a couple of ton animals in a trailer across a plowed field where many others can step up, land rover was just that now a yuppie Tesco's trolley farmers need a workhorse every one else does a Tesco's trolley farmers are now buying series two and series three workhorses or reliable Japanese 4x4 a better build quality double cab , land rover are now a designer ego massage not a work horse good for nothing than opening your wallet with electrical issues,,,, do not own one more than your lease
  2. a rifle hunter takes many more foxes than any hunt ( agreed ) I grew up in Ireland in the 70/80where a hunt was the norm then a fox cull came in , a fox was worth £25 or £30 a pelt (wages for a tradesman were £150 a week ,) just about every individual with a house on wheels spent all night driving round shooting of the road ( against the law ) on the dole / child benefits etc , without regard for any farmers property or after the shot casualties for a couple of years , then the rats came as no predator took a few years to get a sustainable level back never been repeated to date , now farmers control all predication , on their land whatever the threat while striving towards conservation (a balanced environment )
  3. apparently the French citizens are kicking the **** out of them regularly no longer reported by bbc family report the muppets have gone too far disrupting peoples lives and are now paying the price , protesting numbers are reducing by the day the morel of the story ,they only have power while we bend over and take it , so stand up tell them to go home if they don't understand explain it once
  4. dam must have been really cold ill stay as I am lol
  5. accidents happen , driving the wrong side of the road happens , even on motorways here be it old ****, or chav thug / drug dealer in a stolen car , however the offending driver stands trial and does the time she took a life and ran, so now should feel the full weight of the law here, do the crime do the time ( as she ran thinking she could get away with it ) punishable by clink
  6. if both are low and bent knees its a no win situation, the media will hype the hell out of it , those guys are built like out houses tackle and control impact to reduce serious injury to the other players regardless , rugby is not soccer / football, rugby is a hard contact sport (when was the last time anyone was stretchered off out cold or a broken limb in rugby ) way dirtier play in football on and off the ball, however not many sin bins or red cards all round first rate sport , if quality is lacking media will highlight the good , if the quality is good the media will highlight the bad (media drama) jibber jabber
  7. I have this setup in 12g 300 to 500 shells an hour depending on the mood cracking piece of kit with an adjustable charge bar cant go wrong conversion kits are available from clay game
  8. pillow cases shooting not impressed try/ Exeter/ wales /Cotswolds / Scotland/ Norfolk /the wolds stretch your barrels a bit or just pick your birds not impressed shooting fish in a barrel not impressed at all excuse me edited re first day driven shooting forgive me as inexperienced ,, you didn't know any better now try to strive to a better quality target with pheasant shooting its all about the terrain flat is ****. mountainous woodlands excellent stretch your ability and kill cleanly regardless shooting in a ravine with woods on top given a 20yrds lead, , shoot empty your gun, reload close your gun , before a target folds up dead consistently you will remember every kill to your death bed two quality birds are better than 100 non descript got the gold cufflinks for shooting the bird of the day a woodpigeon a hell of a distance dead in the air pheasants flapping about all over the place ( be a sportsman kill cleanly consistently not greedy ) as a sportsman you will get invited where others fail overstep the mark you will sit at home non greedy is welcome anywhere only you can ****** it up enjoy the season and the future seasons
  9. right first time is the cheapest, ( if you have to make it right do it right it will be cheaper in the long run ) , cut corners it will cost more to pit right in the future throw everything away and start again ,cheap costs money every time , strip and re lay lead with a new deck incorporating a decent slope no more problems in the future been there done this cheapest fix my opinion
  10. my son uses an on line bank where can pay in cash / cheques at any PO or pay on line no transaction fees for payments cash withdrawals have a small fee however if you have a private ac with them you can transfer £ to private acc and no charges incurred , all bank business acc inc charges for every type of transaction also inc a monitoring charge if you are interested I can find out which on line bank he is with he rates them highly , for thirty years I have been with Lloyds business acc x per cheque written / x per deposit /x per 100 cash / x per deposited cheque / x per cashpoint transfer / x per direct debit/ x per management fee per month / as a sole trader cost a weeks wages a month
  11. extension rebellion muppets , we have limited police resources to tackle organised criminal gangs / every day crime , and yet the police are tied up dealing with these muppets we are far too soft here other countries would be cracking skulls / water cannons / army , may be peaceful now a few more weeks some wrong uns will kick off a riot the costs to every day lives and businesses , not to mention emergency services etc , they are loosing support from the public by the minute / what airport / train lines / buss station / car plant / power station / hgv transport companies suppling food / taxi company /house building contractors / waste incinerators / to mention a few, what do we shut down to save the world in their eyes (no answer) yet they ignore scientific evidence they are starting to sound like a cult (brain washed ) common sense is no longer I am afraid snowflakes rule we are doomed
  12. Saltings

    Back pain?

    without a good chiropractor I would be in a lot of trouble today 30 yrs ago a contractor I worked for was an animal, it took 4 of us to lift a 12" x 6" purlin wet sawmill timber into position to be taken into a traditional roof , he came along and pushed it out of the way in a temper tantrum I was underneath (chiropractors are gifted people my opinion) a good one is a god send been to my old practice on Monday was told on the phone my old chiropractor Bob had retired new guy before examination and without my notes said 5 /6 visits Mondays and Thursdays then re assess may need more treatments (went in to have my neck cracked) then found out Bob did one day a week at his other practice seen him Tuesday evening full examination then works hips spine shoulders and neck, you will be soar / stiff for a few days then you will be ok, give everything a couple of weeks to settle down any problems come back felt a lot better straight away an hour later walk as much as you can exercise helps a lot after an adjustment there are good and bad in all trades agreed , don't let that put you off going to get help
  13. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/future-controversial-atherstone-hunt-doubt-17057494 had loads of trouble over the years with sabs
  14. strip the lead off, adjust the deck if you can if not put some tapered fillets over the existing deck and new plywood over and re lay the lead it will last a lifetime
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