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  1. Saltings

    The Admirable Gordon R

    some really good all round guys on here willing to put themselves out for the good of others ditchman you have helped others no good turn goes un punished 👍
  2. Saltings

    multi choke a slug barrel ?

    get in touch with saddlery and gun room they may have a multi choke barrel that will fit may work out for you
  3. Saltings

    Waterproof moleskins?

    spray the moleskins with scotch guard works well on loden jacket and caps don't see a problem dirt wipes off easily £6 or £8 a can on evilbay
  4. Saltings

    Untrained terrier

    been on a shoot where the owner of a brand new range rover opened the top tailgate and another guns Labrador jumped up clawed the paint on the tailgate ran around the cream leather interior and shook himself after being in a muddy brook said gun smiled my dog gets everywhere at the next shoot very depressed as he got a bill for respraying tailgate a new headliner and some of the leather resprayed as they could not get the staining out now the dog is on a lead an expensive lesson on obedience
  5. Saltings

    electrician help

    no kite mark but have ce mark 👍
  6. Saltings

    electrician help

    if you cant smell or taste it and it can kill you get a sparkie to sort it and you can prep fit lights / sockets positions where you want and get a local sparkie to run wires ring mains etc inc armoured cable to shed and a sperate fuse board +a 16a socket for welder etc outside lighting cctv etc stay away from the diy sheds you will get the same product far cheaper locally with a better customer service heads up b +q products do not have a British kite mark stamped on their produce
  7. Saltings

    Are mice cannibals

    baking soda / flour /sugar in equal quantiles kills rats and mice fast all other animals / poultry are safe rats and mice cannot burp or **** leave the rest to your imagination
  8. Saltings

    moped scum, gloves off?

    if fully legit car or moped rider no worries if scrote thieving chav scumbag be worried in the eyes if the law if no mot uninsured if no road tax uninsured stolen also uninsured should not be on the roads and as seen recently will run red / pedestrian lights footpaths do not abide by traffic codes etc stabbings drug dealings etc or care about any law abiding citizen police are in a no win situation its time joe public grows a pair and helps police sorts these scum out rather than hiding behind curtains and whinging and whine sorry my honest opining confront these chavs and make their lives a misery and film everything they soon get the message and stay away they (don't like being on camera )
  9. if varnish thin down with 50 /50 varnish and thinners will soak into wood better to seal multiple coats over time will give you a harder long lasting finish rather than shiny sit on the top finish can apply oil after if mat finish is required also any cooking oil/ boiled linseed oil will also works and hardens (raw linseed oil works as well but stays tacky longer ) applied regularly to water proof until it will not take any more and sits on top for days wipe away excess oil and polish
  10. Saltings

    spray underseal

    bitumen paint £15 a gallon inc vat will do two vehicles twice no problem like **** to a blanket have used shuts in the past as well as wax oil bitumen paint works for me refresh every two or three years with one coat to top up does a really good job air compressor shuts gun tube into gallon can about an hour to cover the entire double cab underside from front to back a good job a hell of a lot longer with a paint brush
  11. Saltings

    Family of swans shot dead

    looks like a close range shotgun small shot pattern density compared to what's looks like 22 cheap pellet a broken neck which one killed it and by whom ????? are they even the same bird paper does not refuse ink do we know this to be true no sportsman / licence holder that I know of would shoot a swan could the swan have died of natural causes and be shot by shot and pellet as propaganda to gain charitable donations ????????
  12. Saltings

    Proud owner

    we are not field trialing when picking up or walked up shooting or wildfowling my old lab bonnie put many dead in the air birds in the bag after other dogs and handlers searched an area calling their dogs off scent to rework an area I work my dogs into an area when they go to scent their body language will let you know I leave them be and let them go to work and have been told your dog has ran off and out of control etc (I can stop and recall at any time) by said field trial trainers only to come back with a strong runner dogs in the hunting field job is to retrieve wounded game to be dispatched as quickly as possible if a bird is dead and you have a runner you must be able to work your dog retrieve the runner first to save suffering the best dogs in a shooting field nobody knows their name even if your dog embarrasses you on the next retrieve they can redeem themselves be patient good things come to those who wait
  13. Saltings

    Car scrappage scheme

    have had new vehicles in the past depreciation is not worth it older vehicles have less electrical problems that anybody can fix some really low mileage offers based on older vanity plate no body wants just bought the missus 52 plate Peugeot 206 1.4 petrol with 48k on the clock with service history tidy vehicle runs sweet £450.00 she did not want a newer car as carpark shopping centre damage from trolleys etc fed up trying to look after a decent motor now a decent motor means on lease and not owned don't care will get a new one soon so quality older vehicles are sought after and any mechanic can work on them without your guts being ripped out by main dealers that cant fix the numerous electrical problems though mechanically sound
  14. Saltings

    Slippery ***** Gun Wax

    water based lacker can turn white if enough water gets on put into slip to sweat use some very fine wire wool in impregnated in boiled linseed oil in a circular motion clean off residue and palm a small amount of oil onto the woodwork let it dry then repeat may take a few weeks or if you want a light wire wool to remove raised grain seal the grain with sand and sealer or 50 / 50 polyurethane varnish and thinners allow to dry then go to work with wire wool and oil will take less oil and time to get a good finish
  15. Saltings

    moped scum, gloves off?

    looks like a Skoda not a spitfire may make the chav thieving scum think they are being targeted and give up before being taken out saves the chase and innocent public getting hurt all good