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  1. he ****ed up the rest he did so we will do
  2. we use the ribbon type things £1.50 on the kitchen door no flies the odd wasp if windows open as well one of those electric tennis racquets zap things love watching the kids push the button and forget while poking a finger in the wires bits its a larfff PVC Door Strip Curtain Stop Flying Insect Mosquito Bug Blind Screen Flies 90x200 | eBay this an idea your local pound shop will have for less a half bottle of beer kills all sorts while working on site most machines yellow attracted undesirables a half bottle of beer kept the driver safe from wasps and flies
  3. i need to drive my eyesight is found to be lacking what a gob****e
  4. Hi Steve dont know you take it easy and heal work will always be there find a hobby you always wanted to do and didn't and rest
  5. to bulk up a load you could use rice / wheat / a pea or two / tea leaves / grass seed / even popcorn got to be better than a leaching plastic of any kind into the land or rivers and sea as it is full of all kinds of plastics and micro beads already and yet non toxic shot has to be used over wetlands maybe a fibre wad and lead shot would be less toxic in the long run something you use for bulking could feed something next year so all species benefits
  6. your ok now add a bbq and you are golden
  7. cant post a link rock and blues weekend Derbyshire next weekend custom bikes rat rods etc about 1/2 hr north of derby from Thursday evening onwards a neighbour rattled my cage rock and blues and a burger living the dream
  8. history has good and bad in it to remind us not to repeat bad daylight robbery come from taxes on the size of windows in thatched cottages usually two very small ones while the aristococarcy lived in grandeur huge everything my grandparents in Ireland on both sides lived in thatch cottages until the 70s and after inc out side privy and water from a well worked hard manually every day to survive as subsistence farmers running water in house was unbelievable to either grandmother cold i dont read and right verry well was not through lack of trying the rest of my family got it i just got beaten more and more every day while grandfather could copper plate wright coach me and wrote beautifully i didnt get it not stupid good with my hands and can figure things out but beaten every day school was not a pleasant experience for me dyslexic was i wrong or teachers who couldnt help me who can only read a book but i can build the house they live in and possibly repair the car they drive and what doesnt work in their home i can fix who was stupid nowadays help is available (so from history we have learned ) the good or bad can be improved history is a reminder learn and go forward when so called students who protest who affords the lifestyle from overseas or daddy while others work their buts off it frustrates me soon we will be bllllaaah history will begin at the snowflakes birth self important gob****es an irish word and unless they are called out on their **** or told to **** off if they dont like it you come here to learn
  9. if in doubt pop the sump off about 10 min clean all the junk out with parafin or jizer or similar and a scraper check pickup pipe and strainer is clean and if not remove and clean refit new filter and cheap oil run it up hot drain and redo filter and good oil you should be good the diesel side clean tank pipes taps etc and new filters water wrecks injectors
  10. add a baffle to the back and side to direct grain similar to a fertilizer spreader
  11. battery angle grinder would be my go to if a lot to do or a KNIPEX 200mm Steel Fixers End Nipper Twist Cutting Cutter Wire Plier,KPX-6801200 4003773011699 | eBay i use both
  12. I'm Irish we normal stay with mother and buy grub and a meal or two out for hosts extended family included Ireland has usually double the uk re cost of a holiday i have just been looking possible break for her indoors in September off peak sweet mother of god Ireland inc travel is half the price inc ferry to trot up and down the shannon on a boat for a week fishing go to Galway city not to mention b and b even cheaper i have just been looking at holidays whitby to norfolk devon to barmouth 4 nights self catering again sweet mother of god 5star would be cheaper we are not sun worshipers i like to explore old buildings arcetecture history steam ralleys muckelborough collection etc and similar mrs fed up aft a day on the beach wants to explore what was £600 last year is now £1800 for 4 nights what are they going to do next year when the uk tourist can go anywhere remerging being ripped off at home my daughter two nights camping 2 person tent £130 was 30 quid 12mts ago you can only rip someone off once holiday gazumping is now popular then your on your own home grown holiday industry has ripped off home grown support instead of promote it in tough times they will pay dearly in the future rip people off they can buy a holiday cheaper anywhere else next year good luck to the uk holiday industry what a disaster so much to see and do here and explore rip off Britain im not going anywhere this year mrs and i will have days out i shouldn't doubt a uk holiday next year and the years after will be a struggle to sell anything good luck
  13. they do put the steering wheel on the right side were about years ago a bit underpowered however driven right could hold their own used to wrote like a pear but at 12k its less than depreciation on other vehicles in 3 yrs
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