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  1. back in the day mid 80s used to shoot cbc 1000 in a wooden crate for £68 while mates paid £130 for white gold (young family mortgage etc skint ) shot twice as much for the same money still won the purse regularly mates too sore to shoot also on crop protection the bulk of the pigeons to the game dealer best cartridge ever trap 100 7.5 at clays or game Winchester zz for fitasc still got some to date victory challenger 5s for pigeon / game ( brilliant) now home load all loads for the last 20 yrs for my sons and myself clay loads / game or vermin / steel wildfowl / a nice pastime to boot don't like tv reality or strictly also home made lead shot before zinc ******** it up with good results and clean kills on live quarry however the cartridge is the cheapest part of any days shooting be it clays pheasant pigeon grouse goose shooting etc buy the best you can afford the bar bill /digs will be more make the most of the day out shoot the best you can afford
  2. should be four bolts where your rear diff bolts to the frame drill a plate to the same centres then weld a 2"x2" box section central with projection to suit your needs and tow ball on the end about an hour or two to make and fit + materials all n all should be less than £100 all in can build what you want if you supply measurements
  3. been with aa for years then rac followed by green flag all over £100 for recovery only (now in small print is relay multiple pick up and drop off at services) about five yrs back changed the above for smart rescue £38 per anum only used once were with us in 30 min and on our way excellent service .. previously the aa on the way to work at 4.30 am crank knocking un drivable had to wait for local garage until 8.30 /9.00 to confirm caput and need recovery waited another two and a half hrs for wagon 👍 but not quite dropped me off 15 mls away at local services to wait for another wagon overall 14 hrs from breakdown to home 52 mls covered lodged complaint as only break down in 18 yrs no joy canceled there and then mrs still uses smart rescue / I have recovery only with ins broker for £38
  4. try this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3V-35V-12V-24V-PWM-DC-5A-Motor-Speed-Controller-Adjustable-Switch-LED-Fan-Dimmer/312535660228?epid=755474423&hash=item48
  5. b2500 pickup same as a ford ranger 222000 mls no dramas junk / dogs in the back car up front right shoes go anywhere 28/ 30 to the gallon
  6. Saltings

    London bridge

    I don't have a problem with this if the public are under threat ,,,take the threat out ,,,, and thank the police for keeping us safe and shake their hand as its a thankless job anyway (sadly) given what they have to deal with every day (forget politics' bs for the moment its all about votes ) the public needs to step up more to confront scrotes chavs unsociable types thieving lowlifes before they get out of control as our parents and grandparents did (as seen this weekend top blokes saved lives got involved and pinned him down ) so help the police rather than walk past with their heads down and whinge behind closed doors leaving it up to the police / council to sort it out stand up and get a spine questioning what they are doing in your area confront these individuals every time you see them pier pressure sorts things out if not the police should be a last resort as already overstretched
  7. jealous as hell my good lady did sandwiches put them in the fridge app 7 pm for work the next day always took them to work don't like soggy bread in the bin at 10am cooked breakfast 2 min later couldn't tell her as once said nice cheese sandwiches today love 8 years of cheese don't like cheese anyway didn't want to hurt her feelings, new job food supplied she said ok so workmates mrs cooked broths / stews of all sorts / kill it cook it eat it / curry's all sorts / breakfasts in a can / her analogy put it in a flask I did have a lean six pack now got a plump 24 pack every year she gets a top notch xmas present a right good lass now semi retired the six pack is coming back not happy preferred pleasant and plump lol
  8. ok will sort a day or two spring / summer will be in touch
  9. got it on Betamax with Brexit going on I likes a good yarn and larf 😂😂
  10. zzzzzzzz done that zzz 😂 dream 😂 if you fancy a go in Warwickshire on summer pigeons ill do my best to sort you a day to remember while the girls go shopping
  11. can take you to the same field spinney to flight to a sitter tree 85 yrds from shooting position will do my best to come close to the best day ever jelly turkey choke 80 tho constriction so double full extrema 1 new gun syndrome you can have a go and I will coach you to kill consistently given same conditions no wind pigeons floating to the sitte tree or come clay busting to wedgeock Warwickshire haven't been there for over 12 months a sporting layout ill buy the coffee and bacon sarnie before win or loose either way not shot in 18 mts be gentle or shoot where you want ill still buy bacon sarnie and coffee either way however I don't like to loose
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