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  1. Saltings


    Hermes picked up an industrial cool box for me and lost it between Northampton and Coventry after many e mails and offers to cover costs I spat dummy out described the size and markings on item they found it in lemington spa depot delivered two days later which was three weeks after their recorded delivery date on line you pay cheap you get cheap royal mail a bit dearer and gets delivered sometimes only a £ or two dearer no drama
  2. Saltings

    Grounds for divorce?

    as blokes we will never ever understand the faire sex many have tried before us and failed we will never work it out so be happy we are always in the **** only the depth varies
  3. Saltings

    Hold the Porsche.

    Brexit media scare monger people panicky buying dried foods etc as 10 days after the date all food supplies will stop bla bla scaremonger panic buying just about every other car on the motorway is German wait until the **** hits the fan as all other industry's are doing once a decision is made we can go forward and sort better deals how does the USA buy a German car 10 to 15k cheaper than the uk or a continental shotgun or continental reloading powders at about half that we pay why do countries like Romania Russia and others outside the EU buy Nissan Toyota Honda cars / pickup trucks 8/10 k cheaper than we can buy them is it rip off Brittan or are we being ripped off 😨
  4. Saltings


    try using a swade brush or a stiff nail brush or similar on the stippling it will take off the fine hairy fibers that grip your clothing like Velcro you can also flat down with some fine sandpaper you will still have effect just not as sharp
  5. Saltings


    again sorry for the late reply checkering / stippling will not help with gun fit as is only a cosmetic appearance more information needed you may need stock alterations to get line of sight to shoot where you are looking gun fitting is more important than anything else as shotgun patterns where you are looking a rifle is where you aim with scope or sights
  6. Saltings

    First Labrador

    john Hallstead senior had a really nice training temperament on video or you could try Walter Harris at Sunstar kennels training weekends at Dorchester he teaches you to handle your dog and gives you an insight into where your dog goes wrong because of you and putting your dog in a position it cannot fail to build confidence in itself and your handling worth the money cracking bloke your dog instincts are to work and its up to you to handle / obedience the most important element in all training stop on the whistle is everything while its backside is on the ground its looking to you for direction cut corners pay the price so a self employed dog scream your guts out and it will not come back until its had enough and / ruined the day for everybody else guns and beaters not happy you may not be invited again even if shooting pigeons an obedient dog is everything the moral of the story is the best dog in the shooting field nobody knows its name
  7. Saltings

    Stove fan

    why not put a back boiler into wood stove so your can have heat cheaply and run in conjunction with your central system to top up and save on gas or oil
  8. Saltings

    career change

    move up in the industry to management as you have ground floor experience compared to that of university graduates that don't have in todays industry experience comes before reading about it
  9. Saltings

    career change

    nothing ventured nothing gained have worked in all aspects of building industry if you don't have a go you will always regret an old dog can learn new tricks and then some more always strive to improve skills and ££ greed is an excellent motivator employed / self employed / sub contract / agency / tool hire co / are all available to you grit your teeth and go you will not regret all the best going forward always strive to improve yourself no matter what 👍 there is also night school at your local collages etc to improve on business management studies etc only you can hold you back push your self out of your comfort zone you will be surprised what you can achieve
  10. Saltings


    sorry for the late reply have never been able to buy what I wanted and ending up making a punch to get the finish I wanted a nail and a file you can make what you want for wood or leather embossing
  11. Saltings

    Makita 4" belt sander

    belt sander to flat after planning / remove saw cuts belts from less than 40 grage down to 150 sanding with the grain will give excellent finish orbital / da are finishing sanders 150/200 grade to 3000 + grade rustic work you can use what you want to gain required finish from adz to disc sanders if oiled or sealed will show up cross sanding scratches terribly above eye level nobody sees cabinet making you can use conventional hand tools hand sand or sand with a belt sander to keep flat ie sand a table top after being glued etc then use cabinet scrapers to get a superior finish on hardwoods rather than an orbital sander have been using belt sanders orbital sanders cabinet scrapers adz etc for nearly 40 years its all about the end product and material green oak sopping wet cannot sand to a high finish but can flat out saw cuts with a belt sander no problem as it dries will warp twist and split terribly if making them look old then whip them with chain chop them with axe / adz and burn /scorch then wire brush to lift grain etc its all about the end result and end finish that's required / character
  12. Saltings

    Im not dead yet........

    ditchman they have been watching you on here working on all sorts things that can hurt you then you make some really smart knives then hit yourself on the turnip with a torque spanner refurbish knives with stag horn (real smart knives ) need we say any more big brother is watching stuff it to them keep up the good work 😀
  13. Saltings

    Makita 4" belt sander

    Makita or Hitachi built to last and good clearance on the front roller handy for radius work
  14. Saltings

    Stuffed pheasant breast

    if you can hang the pheasant two weeks or three depending on ambient temp before using the meat the gamy tasty goes and you have a top meal all meat needs to hang after slaughter to breaks the enzyme down to make more tasty turkey makes you sleepy game meats give you a lift pheasant partridge inc salmon / venison lifts you and makes you want to do more 30day old beef looks black but god does it melt in your mouth aged meat is the way forward our ancestors did not have freezers but knew how to preserve meats history can teach the uneducated Tesco's shoppers to seasonal game etc is not the way forward ask your granny how she looked after her kids and do the same home cooking
  15. Saltings

    Pigeon breast suggestions please

    many years ago with little winkles breasted out a dozen pigeons showed them how to dice up and flash fry add spag bog sauce / pasta / etc mrs would no eat kids asking for more gave them a piece of bread each to mop up afters and said (to mrs they do not fight over your cooking love) sometimes it pays to be quiet 🤣