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  1. if a one piece outer shell pressed in no adjustment, just torque to settings as they are preloaded , as you have mentioned a retaining clip sounds like it is, if two individual roller taper bearings they usually have a fair distance between the bearings you tighten down until you feel a resistance in the hub then back off quarter turn and pin the castle nut / locking tabs if in doubt have a look on you tube would have thought someone has done a video
  2. depends on the vehicle and age if you removed roller bearings that's what goes back in, the machining on the hub is different for either bearing , same applies to trailers
  3. maybe I should explain my daughter did events waitressing, menu on the night was beef or turkey and any other requirements pre ordered, app 400 sittings however there was a couple there aware of all of this and had too much to drink and were absolutely vial to my daughter as not having a vegetarian choice at the table very shortly after they were escorted from the event , now move on a few years they opened a vegetarian restaurant, my turn, so the had a little bit of what for re meal choices etc then I mentioned the night they were thrown out and how do you think my daughter felt on that night they did not know where to look
  4. ok, how many guys who have shot geese under gl over decoys as crop protection /health and safety etc are now in a couple of weeks going to shoot geese legally given they have full plumage no longer sitting on eggs or feeding fledglings up until the end of the shooting season, and put some food on the table, (not having a go just really interested given debates throughout the offseason ) are the geese still going to be culled/ harvested within the shooting season , again not having a go just trying to understand why shoot in the summer months if numbers are depleted enough in the shooting season and end up on the table
  5. Saltings


    hi guys have got some blackberry / gooseberry and rhubarb Ginn on the go already , all from last years picked and frozen , going to do some fresh strawberry , raspberry, slow. damson, blackcurrant and blueberry also, any other flavour ideas as being used as gifts to land owners and spouses also work clients and spouses , any natural fruit flavour would be helpful for x mas this year or next don't want to do a blend fruits
  6. seen as how most if not all restaurants cater for food allergist / intolerances as I am gluten intolerant / as well as lifestyle choices ,vegetarian /vegan diets, I though it would be fun to go to a vegetarian restaurant and order up a meat meal not on the menu . can you imagine the row that followed (every restaurant caters for your needs and you do not cater for me a meat eater , you are a restaurant why do you not cater for a meat eater ) and a mate and I were the only ones in with a possible seating of 40 + (empty ) their answer we do not serve meat ) so why not , no sensible conversation to be had, so we found somewhere else ( so are we being meat-eaters . now becoming persecuted because we like meat with our veg etc ) why do moppets think they can make a fortune off the latest media fads, when most want good quality wholesome home cooked meal , on a family meal out , not carvery (I have only found this problem in city's and have never come across this in country pubs first class food without attitude very accommodating to dietary needs and top rate food to boot ) its time we stand up for what we like, and stuff it to the ones who tell us what we should be doing because they do it , most people know what they like but some times feel bullied / intimidated to conform to social media latest fad
  7. mm ok given shooting season is not far off and if you need a hand , I do this for a living, I shoot Holbeach marshes and don't mind nipping round with all tools needed etc to help as will save additional expense, however it will cost you a coffee and a gluten free biscuit PM me if this works for you
  8. might this be the dead victim of illegal trapping proudly held high by Chris Packham recently hyping the dead and starved carcase (now this bothers me if those rat ******** photo graphed the injured bird with a trap on its leg why was it no caught and helped or humanly dispatched to save suffering and starvation and ends up many weeks later to further an agenda) not saying the picture is enhanced or not, but its the SAME leg broken as/in the trap as Packham holds it up for the media , no proof where the picture has been taken or of proceedings are been taken towards an estate or individual ( why not) (those ******** did not help an injured bird) , how come the main fixing ring on the end of the chain is missing way too many things do not add up , ok suppose caught in a trap not set in a tunnel ,and set for vermin , a no gooder comes along rather than free the bird cuts the chain allowing the injured bird to fly on photographing all the way only to find it later starved and dead for Packham's agenda again , its nothing to do with conservation or even save the hook billed killers as their population is growing on managed grouse moors as all of the data points to managed areas being productive to game and non game species / so can I ask that when you guys / gals are out in the countryside you photograph / record what you have seen in a diary etc , types of bird or mammal / predication species / etc your help is needed when allegations are made we need facts and data to slap WJ types down, other than that we are making accusations as they are, facts win the public vote every time
  9. +1 on this brush painted a few land rovers in my time prep everything wipe down with white spirits warm the paint on a in a sauce pan of boiling water and keep the water hot while applying paint, rather than thinners, goes on easy and as it cools the brush marks fade if you are not sure have a look at coach painting / canal boat painting tutorial , brush paints are still available can be thinned slightly and warmed up to put through a spray gun , takes a day or two to dry and a week or two to harden properly
  10. distraction tactics to make the dog concentrate on the handler is key excellent video demonstration 👍 100% obedience above all else ,well done sir, before game and even then pick up 8 out of 10 retrieves yourself given terrain the dog must not hunt every shot, saves, running in , obedience handling is key , the dogs breeding will retrieve naturally (obedience is paramount) most problems can be traced back to basic training, the dog can retrieve itself, calling it off a dead bird and cast it to a runner is down to handling ,or leave to picking after shooting ends on the pond , its down to handling to work his/her dog to retrieve and dispatch game as quickly as passible to save suffering , handling is about putting your dog down wind in an area putting your hands in your pockets, shut up , and let your dogs nose go to work into the wind and retrieve, (the quietest handlers and the best dogs) nobody knows their names , a self employed dog fighting others running a muck spitting retrieves out to pick another , doing what they like is never welcome
  11. up until 30 or 40 years ago all farms were mixed farms a bit of everything you had a continuous income through out the year , things changed when supermarkets got buying power so go big or go home , so most concentrated on arable or livestock depending on the environment since then the need for more food has meant gm foods for higher yield , rare breeds are just that because they did not produce or yield a high quality product , since foot and mouth a lot of farmers did not go back to livestock farming, this issue is driven by the demand for food by a growing population now sourcing different foods cheaper from all over the world other than the home markets in the last 100yrs the farming areas has reduced drastically to the urban sprawl / more gas, more electricity , cars ,personal entertainment devices ,to name a few / way too much food waste at home as well as eating out going to landfill , just look in a Mc D carpark , food thrown out of windows too lazy to use the bins ( farming is not the problem ) all of the activist do not realise that they are also part of the problem causing disruption to industry /lives, none of them look malnourished and have traveled to said protest by car train buss plane , am I missing something
  12. many years ago people clung to religion in tough times , now non religious types cling to a cause and want to convert everyone same as some religious sects , worrying times (given extremists are kicking off all over the world) extremists will not listen to fact or reason , but will fight to eliminate twenty species to save one, common sense or an enquiring mind does not prevail in modern times , I worry as the future of our country as is in their hands . did their parents not teach them to think for themselves or is social media leading the fools
  13. marmite hell no I mean hell NO my Mrs gave the kids marmite, I reported her to child line ,😥 for an assault on the taste buds, and the four of them now grown up hate it
  14. you have not licked the plate clean what's wrong with you 😂 first class grub
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