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  1. a customers mrs takes longtec a type of morpheme for fibromyalgia about 6 a day i had 3 over 3 days didnt wake up for 22 hrs on the last one supposed to have one morning and night i did mornings only he played golf at the weekend sore back at 4am going to work at jlr took two in the dark from the wrong blister pack longteck by 11am spannered by 12 taken home put to bed and lost two days of his life never again some meds cause more trouble than they are worth my 10p steroids while going through chemo were the dogs danglies friday chemo sunday clays
  2. brass walnut rams horn maple oak mahogany ash (Corian hard plastic worktop material app 1/2 " thick ) i have various colors will have a look in daylight if your interested re colors can help with all except brass at the moment lead shot to weight no problem all easy to work and polish up well if anyone interested get in touch ill sort something what sizes do you need for priest caps stick ends/ caps if i can help its yours man cave clear out only to fill again 🙂
  3. concrete blades will cut conc and steal steal will only cut steel
  4. not a wuss by any means i take two in the morning and two before bed once moving sort of ok mind ocupied dont take any more now if having a tooth taken out 4 or 5 shots of lidocane within an hour tooth remved grab the door handle on the way out im on my own all gone pain there and then years ago numb for hours chemo ******* up your nervous scystem may be old age 🤣 sometimes lifes a bitch
  5. david i have shot just about every legal quarry and vermin in the uk and Ireland with shotgun or rifle and none of it was free (paid financially on game or help me out with harvest etc on vermin ) shooting down to earth folks are not freeloaders they pay their way and enjoy the day othe more affluent types expect a days sport with a lucrative kickback guys who work for a living do not fit in this bracket and never will they pay their way and owe no-one i and have been a member of BASC for probably the last 35 years or more without question my main passion is wildfowling
  6. despite the pen being métier than the sword and all the jibber jabber from the ones that dont do from those that do how are the moors looking are birds healthy and breeding well dew to idiots being on lockdown without their dogs running wild as their right to do so on the hill ie right to roam i can go where i like types are ptarmigan and grouse numbers looking good for the future given weather etc i wont ask about black cock as voluntary ban i know the answer nout in it nout spent on habitat nout left on the
  7. ok CBD oil this is seriously something i am looking into after hodckins lymphoma in 2011 treated by r chop every three weeks 8 treatments out of max 9 left from 2nd treatment with neuropathy and then fibromyalgia (stiffening of muscles and all over body pain lack of sleep no more than two hrs undisturbed sleep exhausted all the time wake up more tired than went to bed as when resting my body nervous system thinks its broken hence get adrenalin shots all night long its a bit light being frightened when asleep ) not pleasant been on all of the antidepressants supposedly to hel
  8. lazy someone else do for me pay £ or you do for free without asking wire cup brush on an angle grinder about a tenner or less screwfix or similar half hour inc prime and top cote over a day or two call it £30 max or pay £30 to £40 to sand blast to cover costs and overheads for sand blasting also inc your time and fuel to deliver and collect half a day lost a wire brush and elbow grease pays not to mention you have refurbished something a sense of pride or better your missus saying to everyone he worked hard and rebuilt that from a pile of
  9. 👍 good post i agree with this as i dont believe everything the antis say but i believe my eyes songbirds are on a serious decline not to mention swallows or martins nest robbers are 10 a penny hook billed killers are also ten a penny
  10. a 28 bore now is my go to gun a cheapie Turkish gun cant carry it for long however not a lot gets away my favorite a b2g too heavy to carry and after 20min cant lift it ( fibromyalgia and neuropathy) exhausted and in pain no amount of drugs help determination and grit gets me through a jolly however two or three days after a price to pay not good (i hurt all the time some days are worse)
  11. i can only speak from experience four or five times on grouse shooting once a year as a holiday saved up for months or all year to shoot over pointers walked up and a few days driven at the end about 12 years ago as my mind was willing but the body was weak we would shoot early/ mid September when the birds were stronger on one really windy day driven the grouse were clocked by a device by the keepers son at 102mph what a day ( missiles) however grouse with one no 9 pellet will fall out of the sky at 40 yrds one of the easiest quarry to kill and follow
  12. are you scrumping as they always taste better
  13. 1 l gin 1 lb damson 1 lb sugar freeze damson / slows/ gooseberry / or any fruit/ inc strawberries / to split / gin sugar and fruit all together in a demi jon shake weekly next year will be nectar sane recipe for gooseberry or plumb or blackberry or I cant make enough for shooting friends or family its very tasty rhubarb Ginn tastes nice then the aftertaste rips your guts out very tarte the sweet fruits make everyone go ooooh that's nice please share the recipe my daughter love voddy flavours
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