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  1. Saltings

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    if supermarket diesel and you want to liven things up add 100ml of two stroke oil to £20 it will run more responsive and cleaner have been doing this for years
  2. Saltings

    Strange food combinations

    ham cheese tomato even spices but marmite all sorts of wrong sweet mother of god all sorts of wrong
  3. Saltings

    The Game fair - Ragley Hall

    if memory serves and you are a BASC member you get in for free please check BACS website
  4. Saltings

    Vegan in the family

    how will there peace in the world when we bicker over so little when all said and done your wedding day is celebrated by family and friends the least you can do is put a good spread on and cater for everyone you may not get it right but you can try hotels etc are aware of dietary needs and don't have a problem just let them know all the best for your wedding day
  5. Saltings

    Canal boat break - which route?

    is this what it mean high and dry ☺️
  6. Saltings

    Vegan in the family

    if for health reasons poor bloke if lifestyle choice vegan kryptonite smoked bacon egg over easy on a door step if that don't change him put the best vegan food on the table you can and he will rave on about the best wedding ever and a new best friend forever you can take him fishing and shooting and slowly introduce him to kill it cook it eat it may the gods be with you😂😂
  7. Saltings

    Lockable internal door

    you could fit hotel type knobs / handles to the door howdens sell then ten or fifteen quid
  8. Saltings

    Bolting aloy to steel?

    have a look at land rover forums if memory serves fibre washers were used between steel and alley to stop oxidation
  9. Saltings

    Canal boat break - which route?

    Hatton country world always something going on if you head towards Calverton locks nice country side and watch the missus getting into a lather opening the locks for you priceless Strafford is a nice place to stop for theater and eateries Coventry canals plenty of good pubs and eateries Sutton stop near Bedworth you can stop off and enjoy the air rifle shooting range if you need a day off and plenty of shopping for the fair lady a short taxi ride away there is loads of shopping in Coventry the greyhound pub excellent beer and food highly recommended enjoy holidays are not where you are but the people you are with
  10. Saltings

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    you can spray the bitumen primer on with a paraffin gun on a compressor would need topping up annually or prime and over spray with bitumen paint does a really good job but you will need an underseal gun as the paint is thicker
  11. Saltings

    Mec super sizer

    just checked some shells I reloaded earlier as above fiocchi with 22mm brass are ok eley vips and some others have higher brass and leave a ring unisized
  12. Saltings

    A400 problems

    clean the magazine tube oil and crud gets in there and gum up so they don't push the shell all the way and jam berettas don't suffer with shell lengths as others do use some paraffin /paint thinners to dissolve and wash through and you should be good
  13. Saltings

    Insurance or Cash ?

    I would go for a local guy to sort it out and pay for it yourself as your insurance premium increase will be far in exceed of the repair cost in renewal fees going forward a friend had an ifor Williams trailer stolen cost £1100 on payout his house and business insurance went up by £6000 on renewal
  14. Saltings

    which binoculars to buy

    old carl zeiss for me I prefer really good optics and because they are old nobody wants them £30 to £60 on evil bay if you need to a refurbish and clean etc is not expensive cant go wrong
  15. Saltings

    Car puncture repair kits?

    now wait and see you wont get a puncture 😂