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  1. probably briefed to not intervene don't upset anyone and it will go away I have extended family in the met stand back record and if we know who they are pick them up early doors no dramas 4 yrs in the met ****** off lacking backing from higher up and all the way up most races arrests carried out no dramas black cover all bases and your own **** so you cant be thrown under a buss or train as the race card hits the ground despite handguns tasers drug dealing prostitution high end car theft slavery etc they need a leader with choana's male or female to have their backs what's in charge today has been found to be seriously lacking we need someone coming through the ranks not a fast track university type protected type who cant loose their lucrative jobs who know jack **** re what the officers on the ground have to deal with and never will as deaf to logic be nice they will be nice back (absolute **** ) the only thing that breeds respect is fear history tells us that may be its time a copper slaps their superiors all the way up the line so they listen as their cloth ears don't work when I was young the local gardi gave you a slap and when you got home god help you as you looked guilty respect the badge if you are legal you have nothing to fear as law abiding shooters do
  2. a pleasure to see anyone working their dog not always remembered by photograph (and it should be) some remines about the shot they had a photo of the event would be priceless as yours are 👍
  3. I feed after a days shooting they curl up in the dog box on shredded paper all good a friend uses a blanket type sack type thing you put the dog in and tie round its neck keeps the car clean and dries the dog off looked pretty good I cant tell you what they are called or who makes them https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Microfibre-Dog-Dry-Bath-Towel-Bag-Quick-Drying-Dog-Bags-Doggy-Cleaning/174259619229?hash=item2892aec59d:g:ZfYAAOSwwH9eAJFC something like this
  4. outstanding workmanship long may it last
  5. sporran possibly tobacco pouch the list could be endless ditchy needs some inspiration please help fly tying the norm
  6. I wouldn't reuse steel wads dew to perforation lead wads un opened from clay busting help yourself reload lead shot
  7. looks like jasper carrots idea of a swivel chair flashlight and a shotgun come to mind or simag
  8. Saltings

    Wasp sting

    be careful next time may be an eppi pen for life ive been lucky on a motor bike stung in the throat and another 6 times to my belly button before I could stop worked on site with a lad as a banksman sting on Thursday again Friday off the next week in hospital back the week after with an eppi pen for life serious
  9. a hunting dog puts game in the bag a field trial dog does what its told even when told wrong what ever training you do make sure the dog cannot fail use the wind (dummies tennis balls in the dog food bag etc re scent ) always use a tractor track / fence line / sheep track / for the run our so they turn in to the wind you always send down wind to turn in one ft up wind will be lost with frantic commands even if you see the retrieve send your dog 20 yrds down wind to turn in the more you intervene it breaks the dogs confidence send your dog and handle as you need to get into the right area sometimes much further than the retrieve to pick the wind and scent the dog will turn in/ back watch the dog its body language changes be quiet its retriever and on the way back no need to do the recall whistle when they come back if you talk to them as silly as a baby they will do anything for you its all about the fuss at the end of the day the dog will trust you to put it in the right place to be successful if you are consistent obedience first / second make sure they cant fail in training / the rest falls into place increasing distances obstacles its all about fun and praise not guide by numbers field trialing dogs as now its own sport ask a field trailer to get on a runner they wont send their dog iv been on field trial training days two or three greedy guns centre line all day walked up everything blown to bits 15 / 20 yrds big whoop I shot a 40 +yrd pheasant dead in air on the outside of the line flapping on the ground dead I picked it up myself as no one would send their dog as it could have lost points as too far I was discussed and voiced my concerns and walked off the field they are there to retrieve dispatch game as quickly as possible out of ten dogs that day not one worth a penny to me my dogs are obedient I shut up they hunt they don't mis a lot inland or day or night on the salt marshes
  10. +1 keep it fun don't rush you have two years to get it right it will be worth it
  11. I have always had working dog breeds from a nipper training sheep dogs in grandads shadow the same dogs flushed pheasant and retrieved however would never walk with you and looked upon the shot gun as a thunderstorm / beating stick with fear has springer cocker cross a blistering dog worked to exhaustion then labs which leads me on to trials as hadn't handled retriever's went for a look at a trials session to understand what its all about and came away disgruntled as all dogs tail down afraid to move and came straight back fast I train my dogs to take direction on the way back as well suppose / ice / electric fence / barbed wire / send it 10 yrds along to a gate / style / keep the dog safe / before trained my first black lab up from keepers stock ( trials are a different world ) she put so many lost /runners in the bag after the trial boys did their best one even told me my dog was out of control when she took off and came back minutes later with a dead in the air runner they couldn't find a working dog you put in the right place using the wind and let it work (ie shut up its nose is on scent ) a trial dog is guide by numbers out of view of the handler a shivering wreck awaiting a whooping I even heard one handler say go back 2 ft rather than use the wind working dog are still the right money an accident / designer mongrel is stupid money a pup you can nurture to your way of working without knowing its being trained a gift a yearling you have to un do bad manners unruly behaviour disobedience sadly like military training break and rebuild to the way you want it hard on the dog and you for a few days ten minutes training at a time I have the tee-shirt but worth it for all parties a year old handful a few hundred with pedigree in training you put the consistent effort in you will be rewarded with any animal horse cows sheep bull dogs goat pigs sheep chickens ducks quail etc ( all and I mean farm animals are trained )and the best stockmen are quiet the best dogs nobody knows their name I have watch Alsatians sheep dogs and great Danes and jack Russel king Charles spaniels German pointers English pointers red setters dash hounds spinonys work in the shooting field each work differently however the end result is the same a game dinner and a top day out
  12. can I ask now and again you cook your missus a really nice steak done to her liking with all the trimmings it will mean so much to her
  13. sorry to hear about your friend and neighbour he sounded like a good un please pass all our condolences on from the shooting community we have lost one of our own RIP
  14. Saltings

    BBC again.

    birds of a feather flock together so more of the same junk nout worth watching news negative three stories everyone is wrong and analysed to death soaps same **** storyline no decent factual documentaries unless happy times nothing dies on camera ever everything good in the vegetarian world meat is killed by nasty men and not nature as nature is /does and so are vegetables when removed from the soil are killed but that's ok in the wild everything dies to feed something bigger no decent films car crash tv reality programs why pay for this junk when other channels are free and factual covering world incidents positive or negative good films new and old why should the bbc try to justify a licence fee as nout worth watching if we dont watch this junk why pay a licence fee
  15. hell they are not even stretch jeans barleys looking good after some rain
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