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  1. trolls are ten a penny worth nout criticise others achievements and yet do nothing themselves stood to toe toe would **** themselves in awe of a true gent
  2. i have a b2500 same as a ford ranger rebadged a £1000 cheaper now at 26800 .00 miles one head gasket starts every time front clean back carcases right tyres go anywhere owned series 2 2a 3 soft dash range rover no regrets my go to b2500 a true workhorse if it dies i wouldn't know what to choose given electronic gremlins who can fix mechanically me electronicky only god knows buy old anyone can fix freelander have their own problems not for me rd unit failure £1000 .00 excess tyre wear head gaskets water pump failure leading to head gaske
  3. older 205 80 16 you can do a rolling radius calculator 235 70 16 same roiling radius there are calculators available give + or - rolling radius google your size comparison
  4. i have done this for years salvaged shot and bullets if not melting and scooping dross off dont use clean lead dripped into fabric conditioner cheap stuff works well no dross kills clean better than shop bought been doing for thirty years nowadays zinc is an issue looks like lead but not blue tinge lead shiny mercury zinc dont use
  5. you unmentionable person enjoy and i mean enjoy had to pass on a hi 500 kawasaki tripple two stroke refurb in bits gutted lockdown project tax man wanted more £ clouded fund both gutted
  6. not a poet sadly i enjoy unspoilt countryside (un commercialised) i struggle with words when tired dont make sense get frustrated make les sense its not easy i cant describe frustration thmk god for spelckeck good food grab a fish and chips takeaway at the magpie whitby drive out about 10miles sit on rock on the moors listen to the grouse going to bed i cant describe the simple things mean the most sometimes you hear pinks out of range you lay back on your dog as a pillow as i have and listen whats to say listen to the marsh wake up and an
  7. bear with me not good Pickering steam rally outstanding inc north youkshire steam railway sometimes uesel engine as voluntary a night out at the magpie at Whitby eat in recommended take out as others outstanding deep sea fishing you landed served up linkonshire east Kirkby air show outstanding a 3day event inc muckle borough collection norfolk copper plate diaries back in the day i remember wells next the sea lincolshire outstanding the Cotswolds new age travel i in England i haven't seen all i wor
  8. For the last thirty years i have holidayed in Galway (family) and all over England Scotland and wales never needed to go to the sun being irish lobster burn easy not enjoyable however seen more of Ireland after i left it than when i lived there so much to see an do so much to see and do here explore and help local businesses its time to explore home turf and help out a week in the sun or four long weekends in different areas an hour from home can someone jump in on this recommend places to visit at home i explore whats over that hill just
  9. original mint used untouched will be passed on to my son as Miroku 800 hsw mint for his 18 th birthday b25 b2g i dont buy guns to sell i buy the best i can affoard at that time to keep and enjoy and pass on to kids inc many others i have a cheap turkish 28 bore to trade in its the only one in 35years when lockdown ends just need a true 28 bore ejector or old hammer gun i dont mind it must be light as health issues i cant carry or walk far i need a light gun
  10. dair i say a rockon two wheel drive go anywhere motorbike would be the dogs danglies i am seriously looking into building similar honda engine 2 wheel drive bike so i can go shooting anywhere inc salt marshes already have a two stroke 50cc go ped similar home built with grunt low speed a project lock down since whenever its parked up when i get a chance il post pictures / videos it goes well gets a bloke to a spot inc gear for a day out brum and go
  11. oh dear i thought tt as the norm seen picture didnt read get well soon its not tt i speak from experience light a candle redden a paper clip and pierce the nail to relieve pressure it hurts like hell but next day all good you will loose the nail freaks the mrs out when you leave it by the kettle i taped mine to the tv remote a win win no more soaps 🤣🤣
  12. sorry not in your budget b25 b2g mint Belgian browning
  13. i remember being askes the same about Ireland its green my answer because we are over here waking on yours 😁🤣
  14. north york moors listening the grouse bed down pickering steam rally a three day event worth a visit steam train from Pickering to Whitby a doggies danglies meal at the magbpie in whitby or others outstanding some deep sea fishing for nout or east kirkby linconshire air show about end august words canot say lancaster taxy spit fire huricane dog fight loolk to their website i cant copy other than that norfolk beaches and senery inc water mills 20mls from home discover support local economy help out
  15. or buy a downer vehicle mot failure and breakers yard after if yours is solid vehicle rebore and rebuild would be my option they are easy to work on or as above 300tdi turbo position is different may have to fit existing manifold and turbo or alter exhaust header a rebuilt engine is also an option and fit all ancillary's off yours dont scrimp a scrap engine or a good engine the labour the same drama or no build it fit it you know its right
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