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  1. plenty of used pumps on evilbay for less than £100 or a reconditioned unit a bit more and a local garage to fit or a mate and your back motoring
  2. take engine out to work on and while its out weal fit a new clutch just in case £++++ makes sense as the engine is out . I would pull the rocker cover off and check valve clearances first if bent the offending valves will have a larger clearance than recommended , I would say valves are bent if running rough given what you described , take the head off new valves and seat / skim head +full gasket set + labour may be cheaper to swop engine from a reliable downer vehicle
  3. top bloke standing up and sorting a threat while others looked on, given everything going on these days with terrorist attacks ,acid attacks ,possible stabbing , many others needed to grow a pair and help him, maybe society is the way it is with feral youths and gangs as nobody wants to get involved leave it to the police a bloke protect others and gets ridiculed for it uninvited guests and still victims I despair
  4. on tweeds and Lowden jackets caps etc I use scotch guard works really well available on evilbay for a few quid
  5. got a 52 plate with 218000 regular servicing , easy to work on been reliable cant fault it
  6. try the saddlery and gun room they should be able to sort something not expensive
  7. I have this set for a Mossberg first rate for the money only ever use the mid range with steel as pattern tight long range with lead flighting pigeon cant go wrong
  8. Saltings

    National Service

    against their human rights , 30yrs ago in Ireland you did two weeks work in the community to get a months dole /cleaning litter /graffiti/cutting grass in graveyards and repairing headstones etc/ painting old dears housed /cleaning rivers and canals/repairing heritage derelict churches etc and were happy to do the work as not receiving a handout how times have changed now they aspire to be drug dealers if not playing Xbox
  9. I have always taught my dogs to sit to receive a fuss and if they moved fuss stopped also reiterated to others to do the same makes life easier later on an old training trick for stopping a dog running in was a long lead blow the whistle and pull the lead at the same time stopping the dog dead in his tracks even upending the dog as a last resort when all else has failed , nowadays electric collars, but only when basic training has been successful and after time the dog has become self employed and ignores you, if you have not done your basic obedience training its time to start a lot of problems can be traced back to basic obedience training a lot of gundog trainers do basic training classes / videos
  10. run on propane no congestion charge 🤣
  11. mira agile , I think the pipes are similar distance rather than the standard 150mm
  12. for quite a few years have been using industrial glass cleaner from eurocell or any upvc supplier pour what you want into the washer bottle and top up with water do not get that rotten egg smell or black sludge a gallon goes a long way costs 5 or 6 £
  13. I hate when vegetarians and vegans push / impose their ways on us with all their serious health issues , ( its a bit like bible bashers god looks after you in their tribe ) and still tell the ones with a healthy balanced diet they are wrong, man / woman have always been hunter gathers (nature) prevails, take supermarkets out of the equation with their bland hydroponic food, a hunter gatherer will be very popular when hunger sets in vegetarian and veganism is only ever seen in affluent countries ,all others eat what they can get to stay alive. hunger is good sauce
  14. grew up in the countryside and so many comments on said program by presenters posing as animal lovers makes my blood boil , cameras in all sorts of nesting boxes / burrows showing hatching / birth (awe) , but not showing predation , starvation illness , death of infantile bird or mammal . Nature is cruel which no presenter has the ******** to show on tv. Bring back David Belamy a bloke who tells it how it is the snowflake types need a reality check
  15. Saltings

    recycle ?

    plastic and food waste in green and blue bins end up the same or exported , brown bins converted into fertiliser and sold back to public its all about the £
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