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  1. Saltings

    Travel of steel shot

    costs too much for proper lead shot and with a little anatomy to harden is expensive alloys are cheaper if you want some soft lead shot to try and compare I can supply you with some to reload and make your own mind up
  2. Saltings

    Engine carbon clean

    if used on short runs the bores have glazed up on synthetic oil hence oil getting past rings three choices use a handful or two of vim powder onto the air intake as a mild abrasive on the combustion side to scrub the bores clean or mineral oil changed every 4k inc top up in-between until oil burning stops or a strip and re-bore new pistons etc
  3. Saltings

    Recommend sat nav for Canada

    if you are hiring a car in Canada it may have sat nav fitted if not google maps on mob lee
  4. Saltings

    Can you swallow this Box Browning please

    man up its a good tv program beats strictly etc etc and your out first for breakfast fast the wooses are 4pm onwards
  5. Saltings

    Travel of steel shot

    modern day lead is really hard dew to other metals alloys my post said home made lead / soft lead made from roofing lead without additives so similar to old school tower dropped shot does distort on impact shop bought shot does not and will pass through same as steel hence 1450 fps on the box hence old lead shot could not be sent faster than 1250 fps as it blows the pattern in black powder guns excellent patterns tower shot was soft lead and then chilled lead came along harder and today we have alloy shot very similar in weight and pellet count to steel hence 1450 fps and does not distort as proper lead does larger shot could not be dropped and were cast in a mould using soft lead hence would distort on impact and would not pass through soft lead distorts on impact modern day commercial shot does not and will pass straight through to fly on and succumb later
  6. Saltings

    Credit card or not

    any fraudulent expenditure you can claim back on a credit card but not so easy on a debit card also foreign currency can work out cheaper you are also covered on purchases if something goes wrong when you get there make a point of a walkaround video of car rental for future reference make sure rep sees you as well saves problems going forward
  7. Saltings

    Can you swallow this Box Browning please

    as above had the spray not uncomfortable stomach biopsies the camera is smaller than your little finger air and belching is embarrassing did not want to wait around as self employed had a job to finish my issue before camera were soar stomach bloated feeling **** all the time bad guts most if not every day exhausted all the time turned out to be gluten intolerant
  8. Saltings

    Muntjac died after getting caught in fence.

    supposed we have really have a real tough winter what would Chris Packham/ muppets think hunter kill per chance rather than environmental changes without looking at the bigger picture migration for food can cost live and wire fencing has always been an issue
  9. Saltings

    Engine carbon clean

    two stroke oil does the same thing but far cheaper raises your flash point to getter a better burn cleaner emissions
  10. Saltings

    Travel of steel shot

    clay shooting junk metal alloys have the same effect as steel which is why advertised at1450fps cannot run steel that fast cip ruling proper lead 1250 max or you blow the pattern black powder runs about 900fps some of the best kill I've ever had shop bought shells and yes one pellet in the right place stone dead or fly to the nearest tree and fall out 10m later with loads of holes straight through home made lead/ soft lead flattens out on impact massive trauma dead straight away even from one pellet
  11. Saltings

    Travel of steel shot

    done a lot of research and development over the last 20 years don't know about distance but if buying commercially loaded steel compared to lead shot lead shot a win for striking energy if home loading steel to American Sami recopies a steel win every day even going to Scotland I use home loads to Sami recipe patterns better at range more pellets on target shoots tighter than lead wildfowling my choice is steel home loads not that long ago commercial steel was a viable option on clays more pellets per oz cheaper than lead only problem cip ruling not going fast enough compared to sami regs slows down faster so needs to be sent faster to have same striking energy at 40 yrds some people reckon steel shot is no good and does not kill anything with it but they do not kill everything with lead if you home load steel your averages are far better than shop bought steel (my honest opinion)
  12. salesmen will tell you anything to empty your wallet effective range of a shotgun is 30 to 50 yrds depending on how good you are beyond that cripples / pricked birds (not sporting) and a lot of people cannot judge distance against a skyline as no reference points grass field woodland you have reference to judge distance and even then 25yards sometimes becomes 40yrds old school 70/80yrd shots were the domain of foreshore shooters using 8 bores and 4 bores and even then spray and pray something may fall out
  13. Saltings

    Is reloading cost effective

    if loading 12g 1oz for clay busting no real saving if loading heavier loads for game /vermin in plastic or fibre a small saving if loading non toxic a good saving and if any gauge other than 12b a substantial saving also you can tailor your load to what you want to hunt without a trip to the gun shop if you drop your own shot you can save a few more £ but more time consuming cleaning drying tumbling with graphite etc if any zinc in the lead the batch is no good as it will not drip it will run like water however home loading its nice pastime beats the tv
  14. Saltings


    my sister-in-law takes part in strictly armature competitions in aid of Zoey's place charities not tv publicity had a really good turnout in the snow last year raised a lot of £ looking forward to this xmas show in Coventry all for charity /fun will post dates soon/ venue