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  1. you have been brought up properly onons neps the irish way cabbage must include gamon or bacon in the same pot to get the best greens
  2. the new system edit like submit a bitch
  3. better people who do good inc charitably without monetary reward or recognition deserve this better than lewis h many others steps up to help a comunite every day 365 with no reward celebs turn up for a day or two bs solves nout they feel better
  4. im with you snotty brat loyalty to his dad and step mom / partner who spent absolutely everything to get him there discusting sacked his dad as manager seriously lacking his dads sacrifices everything inc his partner house got him there i have friends in motorsport industry rallyart and others who say if you can do the job the best you have it tec or driver ethnicity dont come into it and never will as any country employs the best driver the best tecs mechanics you got to be the best every day howe
  5. a suggestion which would then lead to a gunsmiths door to be checked over chambers worked on then reproofed https://www.brownells.co.uk/SHOTGUN-CHAMBERING-REAMERS-Straight-Flute-Reamer-2-3-4-12-Ga-729-185mm-Bushing-CLYMER-12-Gauge-Chamber-Reamers-184052729 not everyone has similar to this lying about for a 28 bore
  6. i agree shot the wash for many years how will our sport survive greedy selfish types who share nothing with pressure from non hunting types the youth are the future teach them my 10p
  7. never done a whole pheasant in the slow cooker but have a sliced and diced a couple into a korma curry Aldi 2 jars inc veg for color and some diced tates to be served on rice
  8. had a Renault capture on hire in ireland a couple of years ago 900cc 3 cylinder didnt drive too bad then realized kph wet **** on the flat up hill ? 4 people flat and caning the loud pedal one day found the eco button it was like putting a 50cc engine into a 400cc motorbike frame my fuel bill at the weeks end was more than my Toyota privia 2.4 auto petrol i had there the year before all from mothers house running about days out etc wouldn't be many miles in the difference as seeing outlaws older son had his a4 est remapped more horses less on fuel younger son
  9. you could have it reemed out to 2 3/4 as pressures are the same or reload your own
  10. might be worth a look https://www.ballisticproducts.com/loadoftheweekarchive.htm what powders do you have i may have some other data
  11. Saltings


    piers morgan an obniuus pece of **** shouts over everyone while asking a question its all about him
  12. last shot on the ground center pattern move smoothly and maintain lead averages will improve use the bird silhouette to measure lead (old school) ie 3 4 5 or 6 birds or more lengths for any quarry use them to reference lead grandad said if 5 back end use 6 in the head same applies to all species inc ground game imagine a spot x lengths in line despite angle of flight and shoot there (imagine any bird in any direction up down left right climbing diving quartering decoying etc needs 6 birds lengths shoot the imaginary spot 6 length in front may be a ft left of the body give
  13. bought some bison boots a few years ago may be worth a look still ok
  14. from what i remember you are right a bored out 10g however a tight 8g bore to leave more meat in the barrels dont know about using steel shot have only used them with lead shot
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