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  1. drill bits

    sds drill and bits if using an ordinary drill you will just burn the tips off the bits or porcelain cutters or spear drills for tiles in screwfix if a granite worktop do not use sds setup too vicious porcelain cutters / drills ordinary drill slow speed no hammer action and lubricate
  2. Closing one eye

    don't worry somewhere around 40ish your eyes change if its working for you carry on and enjoy my eyes are less than 4% different as the day goes on and I get tired my left eye takes over or if not well the left eye can take over and cant work out why I missed considering everything looks right for a clay target kill blanking the left eye/closing brings me back on target
  3. Shot range

    have you used a chronograph to verified velocities between loads or check lead load/junk metal as a lot are using junk metal as cheaper and similar to steel slows down faster than hardened/chilled lead
  4. Super Man Flu

    had the flue jab don't rate it don't think I will have it next year have found a hot toddy makes you feel better best man flue best treatment ever paddy Irish whiskey with cloves in a slice of lemon a teaspoon of sugar and must be boiling water guaranteed to kill or cure have as many as you like purely medicinal???????? notice I spelt Irish whiskey as Scottish is whisky ( yuck )
  5. Brass fittings for artists easel

    have a look at craft supplies in Derbyshire wood turning supplies if not a picture of what you are looking for somebody on here will be able to help if not the very least a diagram of what you are building inc sizes you require at the very least somebody can build what you need a really great bunch of guys all round only too happy to help
  6. Shot range

    did you fire the gun at exactly the same angle upwards I think the sweet spot for distance is about 22 degrees
  7. reloading supplies

    Folkston engineering supplies john also supplies reloading consumables powder/wads/shot/primers/and primed shells/ a google search for prices really nice bloke to deal with highly recommended
  8. Karma!

    jobsworth don't like being interviewed by police also complaint to council stating clash of personalities have worked in my favour in the past cant make you make the pond smaller as they don't know what size it was to start off with you only cleaned the edges up and got rid of weeds and their roots etc
  9. Shotgun licence holder

    mel b3 kindly done a shotgun and firearms holder for me in really nice soft leather highly recommended really well made thanks mel
  10. OK, y'all have woken me up.......

    ++1 well done guys
  11. Karma!

    remove the boot and buy a child's size the same and say it shrunk in the wash
  12. DPF cleaning fluid

    have the high pressure diesel pump checked out as they run off the timing chain the seals may have failed allowing diesel to enter the sump first place I would look keep an eye on the oil levels you are right the brain does check oil viscosity so premature service light because of the diesel a good warning system as the duration is getting shorter between oil changes tells me the leak is getting worse have the pump checked out a farmer friend has two lr with this type engine never go above 40mph as moving livestock on trailers on and off road no issues with dpf both old man drivers
  13. Not ever, never

    cant see the new land rovers get ten or twelve builders in the back and take them across an open building site like my old series three safari did looks like the new type Tesco trolly
  14. Tyre sizes on a 2005 Ford Ranger

    b2500 alloys standard tyres are 205/80/16 but 235/70/16 will give you the same rolling radius or may even be 225/70/16 cant remember also any 6 stud jap wheel will fit but the centre hub size will differ
  15. Wich semi auto

    newer does not mean better just the accountants have got to it to make it cheaper, and charge you more if its reliable and shoots straight why change unless you want a 3.5" steel magnum then extrema 1 or 2 will shoot any length of shell from 24g to 56g reliably