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  1. nothing educational or factual and tons of reality **** / soaps / vegan / vegetarian / lgbt if I have all the letters right/ afraid to upset anyone and yet the normal is now the minority (heterosexual are becoming the minority as afraid to speak in case it offends a snowflake) bbc are supposed to be unbias absolute BS for god sake call a beef burger what it is meat if its plant based its not a beef burger its **** / vegan bacon no meat **** no such thing as plant based meat balls hello no meat still **** beef burger means meat all day every day beef means cow however vegan meat flavour alternative for all of the above call them as they are chemical flavoured plant material for taste and flavouring the base is what it is the flavourings may differ and can cost lives as chemical process and toxin which cannot be absorbed by the body can make you unwell flavourings can kill companies don't care if you live or die as long as profits are up plant based doesn't need to taste/ fake flavoured like meat plants taste good as full of flavour especially with a piece of seasoned meat
  2. hell two pints and a packet of crisps they'll fall on your barrel time and time again and scream o god for hours lol 😁
  3. its all about the £ have worked on many historical listed buildings in sensitive areas for many years now the thinking is ultra modern so as not to look like fake old I despair the only one in a historic village being an absolute eye sore standing on its own may as well be a pizza hut steel building would fit in better
  4. why not a documentary in the artic and ant artic for a few years doing ice samples until puberty kicks in then love island its reality tv in it
  5. its all about ratings and not content ill not be paying a licence for that at the moment I only watch local news looks like on line or newspapers for me going forward
  6. I'm with you anyone in any of the service who puts their life before yours or mine paid or voluntary are hero's in my book as a truly selfless act and not as damage limitation despite the inner circle knowing for years
  7. it appears these days there seems to be more oxygen thiefs about relying on their mobile for help if the have a signal
  8. ++ 1 for this breakfast and dinnertimes are best as every one distracted and hear nothing
  9. Saltings

    Storm Ciara

    found to be seriously lacking Warwickshire huffing and puffing no drama to date
  10. I have a bread maker you are more than welcome too only used gf ingredients ( so no cross contamination ) for free I dint mind paying postage if it helps you out too many different types of flour / ingredients for me I just want a bacon sarnie I can eat rather than picking bits off the floor I will happily post at my cost to help your gal out pm your address if you find a palatable bread its the only payment I need I live on rice flour tortillas with bacon for breakfast / broths / beef stews / plain simple roasts bland foods / chicken fried or roasted / no gravy I crave a pint of Guinness and some a pizza a kabab not to mention a decent curry / a full fat breakfast batch the most simple pleasures can become the most important when you cant have bad guts and backside like a blood orange weeks of feeling **** bland foods win Irish whiskeys is ok 👍 Jamison's / paddy's anything wheat based is not good
  11. if you can pick your felt wad intact within twenty yrds as many do if you care to look the pattern blown if after a shot cant see for confetti a good pattern have loaded shop bought hard as hell fibre wads and home made flexcell confetti similar to old fashioned ely fibre wads if the wad stays intact being lighter and solid it will blow through the shot giving an inconsistent pattern true felt wads are still wanted / pinned for in muzzle loading rather than fiber wads have a look on you tube re wad types I have reloaded just about all shot types toxic and non toxic all sizes inc plas wads and shop bought fibre the best patterns have been flexcell home made confetti as disintegrates straight away leaving the shot pattern intact old muzzle loading wildfowlers used a card and a mix of tallow and beeswax +a card as a wad + shot and a card on top for long range shooting fibre wads are not the same as thirty years ago cheap **** components by another name fibre not felt pattern plates don't lie home loading is an eye opener when you get into it a chronograph makes liars out of suppliers don't believe everything in print its sales blurb
  12. Saltings

    Six Nations

    rugby just gets better and better as the tournament goes on (its not football) a good clean respectful game hard won what's not to like both sides in the same pub after no dramas my daughter is in Dublin for a few days she cant believe the atmosphere with Ireland and wales supporters a clean game hard won is sportsmanship in my opinion win or loose have a pint after no dramas
  13. if I remember correctly the above were known as chains end to end 22 yrds as used in laying hedges measuring land ets the lead seals if I remember correctly were used for bushel weights of corn back in grandads time also potato sacks as a grading system
  14. Saltings

    Six Nations

    pay your tv licence 😂
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