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  1. i gave you options the 12valve is not for you the twin cam bt50 yes as same engine or as mentioned a reconditioned engine
  2. maybe not the same gun but i had a 3 1/2" browning gold would only cycle 3 1/4" as built on a 3" action despite 3.5" chambered they would not eject so a 3.5" single shot strip down and remove empty any shell less than 2.3/4 70mm would not cycle eley print 70 mm on the case however 67mm or 65mm will not cycle if you want all sizes all loads buy a berretta i have the extrema 1 it shoots everything in all length up to 3.5" inc 2" roll tops every time my 10p worth a berretta semi auto is superior
  3. give angel myres a call as Alan has passed away she may be able to help you out 01995 604251 Alan's wish sort the bid boys out if she can help she will if she doesn't pick up leave a message you will get a call back if all else fails pm me i may be able to help
  4. go get a 28 bore you will not be disappointed they shoot well if you load your own even better as anything other than 12g is expensive load your own you will enjoy the pastime making something that kills better than off the shelf my experience
  5. drill a hole through and use a bolt and nut if you have room would be my get out of trouble fix or a local one man engineering firm to make you a replacement paddock at matlock are good for lr bits
  6. show us what you have done when your happy
  7. im with ditchman on this you thin the varnish with turps / white spirit / substitute anything that thins oil based paints so it soaks in i always recommend this and if you wish oil finish on top will last longer and look better years later im a cabinet maker we always seal timber before colour or finish if you don't want to scrape off old paint a pressure washer can work but be care full you can destroy really fast and drying time after a heat gun and scraper for the stubborn bits keep it simple use what was around before marketing so many oils ets sunlight damp
  8. in case you change your mind and fix RECONDITIONED CYLINDER HEAD FORD RANGER MAZDA BT-50 2.5 12V WL 1998-2006 | eBay For Ford Ranger PJ PK Mazda BT50 Complete Cylinder Head WEC WLC WEAT WE | eBay HEAD GASKET BOLTS FORD RANGER EVEREST MAZDA BT50 3.0 CDVi TDCi 2006 on WEC YN | eBay or buy gaskets and bolts have your head crack tested then skinned any more than £80.00 you are being ripped off usually £45 for a skim they are not hard to work on a strip down and rebuild by home time so app a days labour or COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD + GASKET SET FORD RANGER MAZDA BT50 WLC 2.
  9. hi jim if the chassis and body is good and your happy fix it or your buying someone else's problem only to spend much more money to get it right maybe even a head gasket temporary get you home fix junk if happy with truck fix it new does not mean better it costs more on electronics
  10. up to 06 as said after half a day strip down etc modern day eco friendly worth less than 3k scrap im lucky i do my own work i understand engines and gearboxes despite I'm a trained cabinetmaker i can get the old mechanical stuff running even cartridge start HOWEVER modern day computer electronic problems knackered mechanical i can fix and make it work and still know how to set points lol
  11. you can turn brass on a wood lathe no problem using a bowl scraper or grind and old screwdriver / tool steel into a smaller scraper with excellent results free hand shaping and design nout better buy stock brass bar and play offer the tool up as timber and lift hand do get desired cut rate if in doubt pm
  12. could be a bad rad or pipes pressurise the system up to about 12ft lbs and watch for leaks cold check footwells for damp could be heater matrix hot water evaporates fast a sludgy rocker cap and if head gasket in doubt the temp gauge will fluctuate a test of evilbay Combustion Leak Tester Kit Head Gasket Block, 30ml Fluid 15 tests Petrol/Diesel | eBay or similar either way they are not hard to do about an hour to strip skim head an hour to put bask gaskets and stretch bolts if you search about about £50 easy to work on good luck it could be a perfo
  13. the innocent loose in every way while solicitor win if you own nout a win win re taxman or debts if you own you are ****ed
  14. he was a straight talker and a jovial sod / chap which i liked an excellent horseman while i explained to my kids at loather game fayre why he reached forward to to pull two and three reins different at the same time i explained what he was doing to create a wide swing as others did its about bending horses a true horse man / a shooting man/ a true/ wildfowler / and above all a true countryman RIP GOD REST
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