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  1. Extreme cold weather gun oil

    ++1 for edds red does not freeze up and easy to make for pennies quite a few friends use instead of commercial gun oil
  2. Painting barrels

    aldi stove paint works for my marsh guns spray close up and at distance to get a stipple finish leave day or so and use a gas torch to do a final cure on the paint lasts well edds red as gun oil cant go wrong MOP gives a nice matt finish
  3. For the English lads

    paddy's day its all party all over the world even the plastic ones celebrate drink Guinness be happy and all welcome
  4. Outbuilding flooring

    Aldi are doing some foam interlocking tiles work out app £5 a sq metre
  5. Baikal o/u light gun and shoot 21g loads worked better for my lad than a light 20g and a 28g load and a lot less money for gun and cartridges
  6. Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    only had to do this once nobody had my one and only charger and lead so waited for the kids to go out for the evening then went and trashed their rooms beds upside down wardrobes and drawers emptied you get the picture found the lead before I started told them when they got back I found the lead and then waited for the screams they had to put their rooms back before sleep works a treat
  7. Andy nice chap don't know others by name probably would to see have not been there for a while shame they don't have a sporting as they have the field at the back of the tower going to waste as I enjoy sporting more than the disciplines
  8. I enjoy shooting the tower from the road Tash said it cant be done she was wrong pump actin 3 for 3 did not do any more went for coffee
  9. OMV Press

    siarm do omv rto and crimp finishers very good to deal with as well as john @ Folkestone engineering
  10. pattern plate at the priory if I'm not mistaken cant go wrong with regulated chokes
  11. Vitara GV1600 16V 2003 parts advice

    jap parts mvc euro car parts Quinten hazel / dayco timing belt kits are to manufactures spec or genuine Suzuki part may not be a expensive as you think evil bay may be cheap but still supply the two manufacturers mentioned without the mark up
  12. Terrible decisions

    i feel for you sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind you must do the right thing for the dog and that does not mean the dog suffers vets will spank your wallet in a heartbeat and do the emotional blackmail
  13. anything other than 12g you will save money reloading a nice pass time as well and you can tailor your loads to your needs a lee loadall and a powder scales a good place to start components from clay game Folkestone engineering or siarm if you go on the mec site calculator and put component costs etc to check if worth while or buy ready made cartridges before spending any £ American site so 2.2lbs to a kg for powder and shot uk reload the way forward
  14. Another blind

    pot belly stove off grid living lol
  15. .22lr

    may be a duff scope try another scope also make sure the barrel is floating and not touching the woodwork or the sling swivel pin if fitted is not touching the barrel