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  1. hypocrites the only foods left in supermarkets as of late plant based burgers plant based meat balls etc and other plant based substitutes inc Quorn the shelves are full and un touched as you can buy this junk anywhere and nobody wants it maybe there is nowhere near as many true vegans/ vegetarians as we thought in the country in a time of need they panic buy and fill the new chest freezer with meat so none left for the rest of us all gone I am gluten intolerant and a scabby pizza is £3.00 + the mrs and kids can have the same size and toppings for .69p each inc gluten lifestyle choices vegetarian and vegan pizzas overflowing and untouched compared to all others gluten and lactose a dietary and not a lifestyle choice gluten free beer Peroni bought a box for paddy's day £14 .00 to celebrate 5 boxes left as not greedy my son went in 4 hrs later as pubs closed all beer gone wine as well some whiskeys remaining I am absolutely discussed with all the hoarding and **** everyone else as long as im ok the people who have nothing will share what they have with anyone in need the people with everything will share nothing as greedy ******** id be surprised if Packham Avery or tingly would give a sausage or burger or a coli flour or a carrot to family in need as greedy ******** I have lamb munty Rowe trout pheasant and maybe a mallard or two maybe a turkey inc veg tates ill have to check tomorrow in daylight I will share happily with anyone and I mean it if you need it you can have it with a blessing from cv6 area all I ask if you can help others do so (pay it forward) help an old deer mow a lawn help someone in need chop some wood fix a fence you get the idea an hour of labour for a meal ( pay it forward ) if you cant dew to bad health its also ok as I have the same struggling a game meal is yours to enjoy all I ask if you can help someone less fortunate help them my 10p
  2. nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning frankly my dear I don't give a dam play it again Sam if you build it they will come ill be back et phone home he ll regent it to his dying day if he lives that long
  3. Saltings

    If needs must.

    my mom made bread for the first time with grandmothers ingredients we couldn't eat it and lost the will to live as well even using tools so chucked it out the crows ate it but couldn't fly after j dog is an equal opportunity's employer 👍 never ever take your eyes off the blade girl or claret will be spilt I cant say to you don't put your fingers where you wouldn't put your pecker 🤣 other one (children and fools don't play with edged tools ) on a more serious note I hope j dog is on the mend and doing well and wanting more food and getting his apatite back
  4. have found whirly gigs can put them off when they first came out many years back they worked brilliant I now go back to old fashioned fieldcraft ( less is more ) in the flight line nothing needed / or a single roosting pigeon / 6 decoys in the field far enough out so they fly between the wood and decoys as they will not be interested but go for a look and veer off decoys may give you a chance
  5. Saltings

    The Repair Shop

    some gifted people re the few programs I've watched the gifted woman who does the leather restorations the guy that rebuilds clocks / mechanism gifted I am a cabinet maker so not always impressed with skills given I served a 5 year apprenticeship and went on to studied listed building design and structural property's re strength inc furniture of the time and expenditure of different households of that time to understand wealth to lifestyle choices / affluent and train others in the skills needed to restores renovated listed buildings inc restore original interior fitments using tooling from the period inc making tooling to suit the period by forging listed buildings are just that and need to be preserved and taught my son to use an adds / drawknife strike a beam and fit Inc scorch hew distress so looks like old like 200 yrs + old its an art by feel and touch hands on beats computer on every dat
  6. enjoyed the show over many years a disappointment however one life saved 👍
  7. stop one shot type at a time no more shooting stop reared birds one at a time same result you only have to look to Holland non toxic and native wild birds only no reared at all or migrating birds of any kind to be shot as informed by a Dutch guy shooting at Gams estate 15 years ago one chip at a time the oak tree falls
  8. used to shoot victory changer 5s back in the day on pigeon mid seventy's onwards ratios were better than shooting 7.5s pigeons are tough so still shoot 5s as grandad taught me don't wound kill clean
  9. you and me will get on fine kill it not wound it don't matter what jacket it wears I see chips and peas / gravy around a pink or mallard we must have a breakfast at the Anglia motel on the A17 sometime a really decent fry-up breakfast and ill pay my treat
  10. steel as lead has a sweet spot to use an annularly a carburettor too lean or too rich **** just right spot on steel the same lead the same however shop bought you cant choose home load you can develop any load to suit your needs fast or slow heavy or light your choice Sami data is the way forward
  11. steel loaded properly will kill better than lead at distance as tighter pattern however off the shelf cip steel lacking reload now to develop a load for the coming season you wont be disappointed plenty of guys on here will give you data
  12. over many years many hours at a duck pond and many many hours on the fore shore many hours shooting pigeons through the summer developing loads inc chatting to mates wildfowlers working efficient loads researching loads to Sami regs and continental data was discussed with off the shelf loads on the fore shore well within range on wigeon with my son and I shooting together picked up two out of twelve down still alive others not found frustrated to hell ( we both cant be wrong) a good dog who worked hard if shooting lead I can say dead next visit home loaded steel eleven for thirteen shots all within range and 25 yrs on still reloading and haven't bought a lead or steel cartridge to date and couldn't tell you the cost of a of a slab of clay busting shells if you shoot steel i can send you some for the season you can make your own mind up
  13. two pellets in the head / neck beats ten in the backside don't matter what shot type or cost however if you home load steel you can tailor your load to what works for you its all about the pattern and hitting power every one has their opinion what works for them does not work for others some if it kicks like a mule it must be good lead or steel some spray and pray hope something falls our others one shot one kill not every one kills with lead every time and blame steel as no good initial setup a reloading press and scales for as cheap as you can find shot powder and wads the same if you kill consistently with a home load it will be worth it and be cheaper than shop bought loads less cripples and clean kills steel loaded right kills as all lead and non toxic if loaded right off the shelf steel found to be lacking others will disagree I load to kill consistently with all shot types the rest is down to me
  14. what he said or re fit the offcut with xtra long screws / fit a baculite or wood extension or slip on leather extension boot doesn't have to look pretty however must work
  15. have a look for a trap stock on sales sites or phone a few gunsmiths Wisemans at Cannock Elderkins at Spalding the gun trade Birmingham or similar they will have something as some change the woodwork as not matching (too light straight grained bland ) will be cheaper than alterations a few 10p calls and a bit of time cane save you hundreds
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