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  1. always bought older good vehicles from auctions or private sales when we had nothing a vauxhal viva 5k on the clock £65 while others bought rotten metros for a £2500 because of the badge on the bumper have had new vans and cars not lease or hp we bought them in the past haggled a deal or walked away in recent years older vehicles i can fix no electronics that dealers cant fix as mrs said not scared about carpark trolly damage she drives a 53 plate c3 1.4 diesel 50+ to the gallon and goes like a scalded rat and loves it i toe a lot a shoot vehicle a work horse b2500 mazda 230k bullet proof they start and run every time i can service and maintain myself mrs car 5 yrs ago £700.00 cost us nothing other than tyres and pads mine 02 bought 2010 as a jolly vehicle b2500 £ 2100 80 tm on the clock now 230 tm brake pade and oil nout else down sized got rid of vans as i got crook toyota previa from new as kids growing up didnt need anymore never bought on a whim or bought a vanity plate i see a solid vehicle low mileage well looked after finger in the exhaust spit on the soot washes off not burning oil if greasy soot walk away many years ago a triumph 2500 absolutely mint plastic covering on everything 6k on the clock burning oil like nothing i have ever seen went to tescos once a week scrap a vanity plate sat on the drive costs money no milk in the fridge
  2. i use a camo tarp behind me and of these Electric Vest Heated Jacket Socks Winter Body Warmer USB Thermal Warm Heated Pad | eBay after chemo cant get warm all extremities burn nerv damage on the foreshore insulated gloves with the finger pad cut our or peacock parafin heater in my pockets they are the dogs danglies my lab when really cold has a neoprene vest as hes kenneled outside half a mars bar each we are both golden been in scotland goose shooting up against a dry stone wall put hessian bags windward side everything lands into the wind put your shelter on the other side
  3. this may help Tire Size Calculator i wouldnt worry too much speedos are abour 3mph off you may be bang on if in doubt use a sat mav until you know exact speed around town a 30mph at 32 mph you have a fine i dont see a problem
  4. im an immigrant i worked my **** off while home grown sat on theirs fat lazy ***** i did it properly and build a buisness to pass on to my son i didnt kick the doors down and say ime here what can i take these types boiles my **** as already said one bomber spoils others been there got the tee shirt Birmingham brighten ira bombings while working on mod jobs in portsmouth i had the the highest security clearance go anywhere while english lads were sent home i have deleted ********e coments a life lost for peace its one too many why cant politicians fight it out and save innocents send them instead of squaddies one ****** dies instead of a million
  5. im a cabinet maker i wish i could carve you are gifted dont stop
  6. a triangular diamond file and a few minutes fettling 10pc Diamond Mixed Type Needle File Set - Craft / Hobby 5060028094233 | eBay you will be golden
  7. gluten or wheat intolerant inc lactose bad guts within an hour rough for days lethargic as hell for a week or two until it passes and it dont take mush fried on a griddle plate cross contamination to be safe i cant eat out unless they understand i cant have a coffee from a machine as the powdered milk has gluten it distroyes me hence others have a full fat fry up i have an instant coffee black nout else until something in the car boot to tide me over home cooked simple foods ok bisto best ok nout else fast foods of any kind are not gluten intolerant despite advertised **** pizzas gluten free at £16 are un edible and **** not many places do gluten intolerant i cant have loads do vegan /vegetarian life choices ( but none intolerances) i cant have i would love a burger in my household mrs and kids order in i have a baked tater and beans with ham no cheese maybe goats cheese one chip shop miles away does no batter grilled cod and chips inc mushy peas in a tray £9.80 once a week a treat and its really good no bad guts an Eccles cake black or white pudding fry up an egg sausage boiled egg once a week i cant have any week i have to watch everything by mouth eating out is a nightmare if i get it wrong my guts pay for weeks i crave an Eccles cake now ant then but i daren't i like game foods hell a bowl of soup nout else while mrs had a full meal i would love an anything crumble and yet eateries pander to life choices not intolerances and allergies our latest family outing out of 16 the only gluten free option £22 for a bowl of rice and 4 prawns and 2 ousters called tapas all other meals steaks and mixed grills £14.00 not doing that again it was **** food mrs and i will cook for everyone at least all will enjoy and be full inc me eating out with an intolerances is found lacking other known as **** i cant buy an apple in a motorway service station every journey is a picnic sometimes to enjoy a coffee without bad guts i dont have a choice its not a lifestyle choice its an intolerance eateries are pandering to the latest fad for people like me we bring everything we cant take a chance if i get it wrong i can spray **** for days
  8. looks like getting a juvenile drunk texting messages to whom ever anti sematic im sorry fixes all a pay out i wish i kept the names of the ******** that made my life a misery that were thick ****ers and couldn't do what i did they didnt have my skills couldn't read technical drawings or steel fixing drawings i could i built the difficult stuff the intricate stuff as a cabinet maker i ****** on them from a height i cant read every day words easily i need time technical drawings i can read no problem and have taught many how to read a drawing and yet im thick paddy i dont care i dont have an axe to grind i dont have an agenda i dont care its in the past life is too short for hatred tomorrow will be a better day every day
  9. a friend is a vegan his body cant process meat protein however we both hunt he cant have but his mrs and kids love meat of any kind he loves hunting hes not a veggie burger telling everyone their wrong heys not that type he doesn't have a choice he processes everything for mrs and kids he cant have any they enjoy it puts a smile on his face a relative for the last 55 years has lived on white bread and butter only for every meal inc weddings he cant handle anything else intolerance is not a choice im gluten intolerant look for intolerances in any menu none but you will find life choices everywhere vegetarian vegan no intolerances you have to ask can you do this without this the answer 60% of the time is no you sit there with a coffee others dive in to a full anything day or night i always put something in the boot i can have when i nip out as nout else to eat if you want a diet try gluten intolerant its good if you can find it
  10. have shot on shoots after the first drive cold game on the cart ok lads count what you kill game keeper come here look at this we shoot we pay whats in the hedge from yesterday with a different colour string bought from a neighbouring shoot we are not paying for all counted we paid for what we shot nout else you have been had over by a scrote he paid for a days shooting if he couldnt shoot its his problem he pays and he never comes back
  11. i use a few different mecs the 9000 12 g is the danglies i use crimp spinners on all other calibers (case quality is questionable ) however when spun look good
  12. a bullet proof mazda b2500 or a wlt ford ranger same vehicle mine has done two hundred and thirty thousand miles drags a builders trailer or caravan ok doesnt use oil or water it just keeps going easy to fix my lad has an amorock auto its a big old buss for a 2.2l engine its constantly changing gear without towing a friend had a great wall and loved it however tools in the back or towing kicked it many times aft 3 yrs gone no grunt lads with many other double cabs would not have then after 3 years ok without warranty as they couldn't afford the problems i like older well looked after vehicles built to last with grunt anyone can fix a discovery 2 a good one should not be ruled out i can tell you how to crank it up will pull better than a 3.9 v8
  13. before i left Ireland at 21 i knew of four within my area who died from slurry tank agitation / silage clamping tractor rolled over before roll bars or cabs / a bull gored him / and a turf / peat cutting machine which used railway sleepers as tracks he slipped and went under at least a dozen times before found others lost limbs to pto shafts and belt driven machines get blocked up out of gear still in tension free the obstruction something goes missing always at the busiest time of year lack of sleep got to get on no help no other industry can work solo
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