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    l 200

    if you ran out of diesel may be air locked undo the injector nuts turn the engine over until you have fuel squirting under pressure then tighten up should be ok
  2. hard wired for me I am afraid the house and workshop arm or disarm from either or split and arm one or the other the guy that fitted for me when he really has too he uses wireless with hard wired other than that hard wired he has less callouts warranty issues a lot to do with distance between sensors also wifi hub and boiler wireless controls affecting signals a bit like being at a game fayre your mobile doesn't work because of the tannoy system
  3. would this be for sale as it is I would be interseted
  4. midge repellant foil blanket just in case
  5. I do not have a problem with any game in season being used, out of season culling to me the meat must not be wasted as in my eyes its slaughter I have shot for many years ,have always asked for more pheasant / partridge than a brace as much as eight or ten brace as others walk away with nothing, geese out of season on gl if the meat is used again I don't have a problem , throwing any resource food away bothers me I have been brought up to respect the life you are taking and must respect life , taught to me at about 10 yr old by my grandfather in his eighties , respect your quarry and any food source taught by a man who never heard of supermarkets, or a sub sistent lifestyle, with all sorts of farmed beef / lamb / goat/ pork / game pie / rabbit stew /venison stew/ not to mention / pike / zander / perch /fresh water eels / trout /salmon and the joy of putting said foods on the table with nothing wasted the scraps from the table fed the dog potatoes and veg from the garden etc I still think this is the best lifestyle with many seasonal foods a varied food sources rather than supermarket **** is the way forward
  6. you are somewhere on the east coast I am guessing, please do not tell us you sent this photo before mid morning to your good lady
  7. looks level to me nicely done
  8. how is the project going is the woodwork cleaning up ok
  9. leak was before and after boiler and rad valves were changed so only thing left is pipework in upstairs floors leak would be visible on ceilings , down stairs floors ? if had an extension sometimes the pipes are cast in concrete / screed without being wrapped hence acid eats the copper and as suggested use some rad weld in the system you should be good the plumber was quick to change the boiler, first place to look for are the packing glands on the non thermostat valves on each rad weep when hot but not cold , pressure dump valve in the boiler next put a balloon on the exhaust pipe usually turned inwards on an exterior wall if it catches water swop the valve , sorry you are out of pocket you should be having a serious chat with your plumber as he was brought in to fix a leaking issue
  10. a lovely time of day watching and listening to nature wake up seeing what's about a few rabbits on the way home , and fresh liver for breakfast
  11. the only time I use bright dummies is in early training putting multiple dummies in an area so the dog will not fail on a blind retrieve the bright colour is so that I can find the remaining dummies, all dummies are kept in the food bag to gain scent teaches them to use their nose
  12. feeding time bang the feed bowl, clap your hands, burst paper bag, slap newspaper on countertop, anything to make as much noise at feeding time then noise becomes a good thing introduce slowly and not so loud and over time more frequent and louder as part of puppy training you shouldn't have any trouble later on, noise will still be a good thing a retrieve has worked well for me over the years
  13. if standard thinners it will evaporate fairly quickly some times thinners / acetones dissolves stains / varnishes and pushes them deeper and are difficult to wash off without a compatible detergent have used engine cleaner gunk /jizer in the past to get rid of oil residue other times thinners are not compatible as they do not react with the lacker finish applied then nitro Morse / caustic soda paint remover which will also bleach apply and wash off a few times until you are happy leave to dry completely before refinishing
  14. if you fancy you can get some grey foam carpet underlay from your local carpet shop cut out the profiles you need and paint to suit your needs cheap as chips you can make sentries / feeding / resting /sleeping decoys a bit of foam / a bit of time /a bit of aerosol paint / from a £ shop you can build a really good decoy pattern for peanuts a nice pastime until the season starts
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