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  1. did you sort the pics out m8 thanx sean.......
  2. Any pics. Is it german/hungy. Is that 280 posted as i cant see on fone were your from Thanx sean .....
  3. second dibs on the thumhole stock if its still 4sale thanx...............
  4. were abouts exactly are you as you have (whitly bay, Northumberland) isn't whitly bay tyne & wear. Im only in wallsend so would like to arrange a meet or can you send me your number thanx ............
  5. ill take this if u have paypall thanx
  6. is there any warranty left on it or have u reg it in your name
  7. got a 3 gun cabinet bit tatty could do with a coat ov paint 2 sets ov keys just upgraded to a 10 gun looking for £50 pickup
  8. bulldog_uk


    thanx anyway was looking to tow a trailer my self
  9. bulldog_uk


    has it got a towbar and were abouts in the north east ??
  10. second dibbs if it hasnt allready been sold to the man above plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. any pics of the simmons plz
  12. ill take the red dot sight if u pm me your pay pall thanx .............
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