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  1. Same for me, few quiet moments on the house but tend to keep out of the crowds
  2. £1500 straight swap for a baxi with ten year guarantee
  3. Hi Kev.. yea it was a fair lump, used a quad to get it up the hill..fair Head on him..
  4. £300 for a quick sale or it goes on the sako quad.
  5. Morning all, myself and the mrs are thinking of buying a holiday home in Devon, to rent out and to use ourselves, we own a couple of other houses we rent out but thinking of a holiday let type of thing, just putting our feelers out regarding tax implications? has anyone any experience in the holiday letting game? we would use a management company to take care of the cleaning/washing etc.. cheers.
  6. He had 4 hinds around him, and another stag hanging around about 100 meters away.. but he wasn’t ideal for a shot.
  7. Afternoon all Ive decided to let go my zeiss 4-12x50 scope, 1inch tube, condition is 9 out of 10 and around 18 months old, been in optilock Mounts from day one.. looking for £355 delivered to you’re door.. thanks.
  8. Managed to take my first Devon stag a few days ago, 8 pointer, watched him for a couple of hours then about a hour of crawling around we managed to get a shot..used my tikka 6.5x55, with Norma ammo..next on the list is a sika stag..
  9. Archie-fox

    12 or 20g AYA.

    Morning all, looking for a 12g or 20g AYA must be 28inch barrels, a nice yeoman or something will be perfect.. based in Lancashire but will travel.. thanks
  10. Nice mixed bag there mate.. if you ever have a good session on the hares and struggle to find a home give me a shout, one of my favourite game meats to eat..
  11. 1400!!! we moved 20 miles into a 3 bedroom house and the removal company used a 7 and a half toner lorry and did it in about 8ish hours and charged us £400 id be fuming if someone pulled a trick like that...
  12. Couple of weeks ago I had my cross hairs on a buck with a huge fox sat 30 ish meters away just looking at me, that was about 9am...
  13. Made me feel sick that stuff mate, dried my lips and gave me a sickly feeling..
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