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  1. Archie-fox

    GRS stock for a tikka T3

    sold sold sold
  2. Archie-fox

    GRS stock for a tikka T3

    Afternoon all im selling a brand new GRS stock, only sat my rifle in it to see how it feels but decided on another stock, it’s right handed and has never left the house.. £375 delivered to you’re door..
  3. Archie-fox

    GGG v Clenelo,Take 2.Sunday Morning.

    I watched the fight in the office with a mate who’s well into boxing, soon as the final bell rang we both said GGG but they will give it to Alvarez.. GGG face said it all when they gave it Alvarez.. he walked out the ring I believe and refused to give a interview... disgrace if you ask me, someone is cooking the books on this.
  4. Archie-fox

    Few pics,rabbits,pigeons,rut,stags.

    Some crackers there Dave.. im out this Thursday try get another buck, seems that a few older bucks come back to my land after the rut, I think the fitter ones push them out for a week or two..also last years kids seem to appear after being pushed away by the doe’s... good doo on the rabbits, I’ve just started seeing them on one area up here so looks like they are re-appearing after VHD wiped them out for 3 years...
  5. Archie-fox

    Rehoming a working English Springer Spaniel

    Be carefull with this Steve, a banned member from this site was notorious for getting free dogs promising the owner the world then selling them on..
  6. Archie-fox

    Sako Quad 22 lr Magazine

    York guns sell them pal if you struggle..
  7. Archie-fox

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    Loads near me in the river Dane and Calder but the EA won’t issue a licence even tho the river is full of them..local river in dobcross is showing them now as well
  8. Archie-fox

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    I’ve just been up on the moor, the fire has moved a fair bit from this morning, few dead animals..hearing stories of deer all burned up but I didn’t see anything..massive area burned up tho 2,500 acres I’m being told..
  9. Archie-fox

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    not too close to mine, about 6 miles from it, how ever i do go on those moors that are burning, hopefully most of the grouse will have escaped..i do see mountain hares on there as well.
  10. Archie-fox

    Moorland fire in Manchester

    i can see the fires from my house, its about 2 miles from me at the moment..
  11. Archie-fox

    410 or 28b

    Afternoon all im looking for a nice clean 410 or 28b if anyone has anything hanging around, not a bolt action, either a SXS or single barrel...I’m located in Manchester but will travel for the rite gun. cheers
  12. Archie-fox


    Afternoon all, has anyone got there traps out yet?? Is anyone having any success yet? im just getting mine out of the shed today thinking of getting them out this weekend..
  13. Archie-fox

    Bettinsoli DIAMOND X GRADE 12 gauge

    Great guns, I’ve got the same and it never fails..
  14. Archie-fox


    Just packing the car to head down to Exmoor again for a long weekend.. will be eating fresh crab this time tomorrow drinking cider at the Rising sun in lynmouth.. taking the fox terrier down so he can have a good swim and run on the beach...hopefully the weather stays dry...
  15. Archie-fox

    Open fire

    it just looks like cement type of stuff really.