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  1. Not me mate, only had the house 6 months and had boiler problems since day one.. £3000 later it’s all sorted!!!
  2. After 3 days ripping up floors this is what we found, under the fitted wardrobes in the spare room... no visible wet patch as it dripped down a internal wall behind kitchen tiles...
  3. he took the paperwork and said he would drop it all off this week with the gas safety cert.. ill wait for the paperwork then get another plumber to give it all a once over and bill the first plumber for any further work..
  4. the plumber said he would do that for me, worst thing is hes a friend and i feel hes led me up the garden path a little bit... yea when i top it up the needle jumps from 0.5 bar to 3 bar then settles to about 1.5 bar in a second or so...
  5. not as yet as the boiler and rads are a week old
  6. its a brand new baxi 400 boiler, nothing i can see dripping..
  7. morning all, so after my last post about our boiler loosing pressure, we exchanged the pressure vessel, after a day the pressure was down again so on advice of our plumber we decided to go for a new boiler and rads with new valves, as you can guess after £2500 on a new baxi boiler and rads i was more than angry to find a day later zero pressure, its loosing 1.5 bar per day so after 3 weeks if there was a leak on the system im sure we would have found a wet patch somewhere, we have checked as much piping as possible id say 80% and no leaks, the rest of the piping is under floor boards in ceiling, ive phoned the plumber again this morning and hes said, "theirs nothing i can do" and left it at that... has anyone got any ideas?? what should i do regarding the plumber just washing his hands of it? cheers for any help!!
  8. Yea I didn’t see it dripping as the boiler was off pal, when I turned the heating on it started to drip away...
  9. Update.. ive had the heating on for 20 mins and I’d say nearly 300ml has dripped out of the plastic pipe at the rear...so is it the heat exchange or secondary heat exchange I need??
  10. Thanks I’ll check that.. Just checked it’s dripping into the drain out side.. 10/15 drips per min
  11. Hi pal, combi boiler on the kitchen wall no hot water tank
  12. Hi all, not been very active in here for a while, but need some help with my boiler, it about 10 years old and has been working fine.. it’s a Baxi boiler, this last week it’s been loosing pressure and throwing up E119 error code, I’ve had a local plumber change the expansion vessel but it’s still loosing pressure and needing to be topped up every 24 hours, I’ve checked as much pipe work as I can see and no leeks, nothing dripping outside either.. any suggestions ?? has it had its day? thanks in advance of any replies.
  13. Archie-fox

    Show time!

    Wanted to look at all of them, I’ve got a 6.5x55 but looking for something with a bit more for reds, like. 308 or 30-06
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