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  1. Back up for sale due to time waster...
  2. Still here, make me a offer.. ta.
  3. Yea shame I’ve put on a bit of timber or I’d keep them..
  4. Hi all found in a local Forrest, dark thick pine Forrest, roe are present but these look a little large for roe.. sika are in the area but not in any real numbers.. what you all think? ta
  5. Hi all i have a pair of harlila pro hunter trousers for sale size 48, I’m a 34 inch waste and these are 32 inch, no rips or damage and rinsed in cold water with a gore tex water resistant additive, £140 Ono delivered
  6. That’s what I’m hoping to do, hopefully the weather will be kind to us, I’ve found 2 campsites that I will book as soon as they say we can which is 4th July, then hopefully a couple more weeks after that we will be on our way... looking at the news this evening things look to be going the rite way..and in just under a month things could be so much better.. ( as said tho if not safe to travel we won’t be going)...
  7. Had a fair few wins lately, doing at least £25 per month some months £50, seems to happen all at once, then nothing for two years then every month for 6 months..
  8. It will all be over soon enough I hope.. then life can get back to some type of normal I hope..
  9. Still a month away yet and I’ll be keeping a close eye on things and if it’s still a closed shop to visitors we won’t be going,phoned a few tourist information places and they said by then it should be all open, on the internet lots of campsites opening on the 15th July, so could be ok..
  10. So popping round for a brew and cake is out of the question?
  11. just paid the deposit.. will chance the weather as its the only time we can get away.. fishing rod will be packed and bbq, first stop woolacombe beach.
  12. Thanks Dave, Sabden is a nice village, we just need to get away and unwind.
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