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  1. ill take these please, pm me the payment options..
  2. Archie-fox


    There a funny breed for sure.. I got divorced at 34 and have spent the last 4 years with another, however she’s great, let’s me shoot/stalk/fish when ever I want and also joins in on my stalking leases with paperwork and deer extraction, yesterday she was gutting trout for me... she’s not perfect by any means but she’s good enough for me..
  3. You packing in decoying pal?
  4. My Vizsla has pulled roe from under some thick brush but nothing like that!!! Great pic..
  5. Archie-fox

    410 Shotgun

    Hi all as above I’m looking for a 410 to add to the cabinet anything considered but no bolt actions, prefer a double barrel ta
  6. Saw it a year or so ago, well worth a watch
  7. £30 per pair delivered
  8. Hi all, I have a pair of 30mm blued rings with inserts ( high) and a pair of inch medium hight blued rings with inserts both in excellent condition £40 per pair delivered. cheers.
  9. My Vizsla Indiana is a very useful dog, great on deer and flushing game, retrieving isn’t his strong point but as a general dog he’s ace..
  10. Hi all i have some inch medium height optilock rings in mint condition for sale with plastic inserts £50 And some 30mm high optilock rings with plastic inserts in good condition but very very slight scratches that will polish out £40 both blued not stainless delivered to you’re door. thanks
  11. Morning all i need some 30mm optilock medium rings if anyone has any in a draw? Blued and in mint condition if poss, cash waiting Thanks
  12. Hi all I have a zeiss Terra 4-12x50 sat in the loft doing nothing, it’s a 1inch tune in un marked condition sat in medium optilock rings, no base mounts as there still in use, looking for 300 or may swap for night vision with added cash if required.
  13. I’m working all Xmas up to the 30th December, my mrs is picking me up from work and we’re off on holiday for a week...will have our own private Xmas when we are away...she’s away now with her family as there is no point being with me when I’m at work doing 12 hour day shifts
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