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  1. Reabrook

    Getting into wildfowling

    Fen Tiger I never for a minute took it that way and apologise if I came across that way. I too was looking to put a different view based on my personal experiences. Already people are taking a guess on which Club this is and that can’t be good. In my opinion if your making such a statement on an open forum then you should be prepared to back it up with fact. It’s not about shaming anyone. We’ll perhaps have to agree to disagree.
  2. Reabrook

    Getting into wildfowling

    Some great advice and thoughts in the three posts above. Most of which I agree with. The one thing I can’t agree with is that naming the Club concerned is in anyway futile. I accept we all see things differently and that may be the case here but whilst that Club remains anonymous it remains subject to unfounded rumour without the right of reply or the chance to defend its actions. Roll on 1st September!
  3. Reabrook

    Getting into wildfowling

    If you honestly believe yourself and others have been mistreated by this Club then surely you should name it and save prospective members problems in the future?
  4. Reabrook

    Getting into wildfowling

    I’m in Wiltshire and Fowl on the Severn with Gloucestershire WA all the info is here http://www.gloucestershirewildfowlers.co.uk/ feel free to drop me a message if you need more info or a chat
  5. Reabrook

    Sad loss

    Despite having had many dogs over the years I always find it incredibly sad at the loss of anybody’s fowling dog. They are all special, just remember the good times
  6. www.gloucestershirewildfowlers.com


    1. Reabrook


      Very surprised you’ve not heard back from Gloucestershire WA though it is a busy time of year for Club officials. Try a message through the website http://www.gloucestershirewildfowlers.co.uk/ if that doesn’t work or you want to know more drop me a PM for details
    2. Reabrook

      Wildfowling Coat - any new ones to buy?

      I wore a Rivers West Eider for several years. That was a jacket that seriously divided opinion. Mine was amazingly waterproof but others had no end of trouble with the seams etc. Funnily enough the zip was my only complaint on that Jacket.
    3. Reabrook

      Wildfowling Coat - any new ones to buy?

      I’ve only worn mine a dozen times so not exactly tested it in full. However one night last week was about as wet a night as I’d like to be out in and it stood upto that. It’s certainly wind proof. No different really to other brands. My lad bought an expensive Nomad smock which he found brilliant. I bought one and it leaked like sieve!
    4. Reabrook

      Greylag call for beginner

      I’ve never got on with the DJ but couldn’t be without my Eddie Nixon Solway Call. We’re all different! There’s plenty of Solway calls come up for sale on various forums etc
    5. Reabrook

      Wildfowling Coat - any new ones to buy?

      Another advocate for layering. Especially if I’ve any distance to walk. I recently bought a Ridgeline Mallard. Extremely lightweight but so far it’s impressed me with its resistance to the weather
    6. Reabrook

      Really struggling to get a chance at a first flight!

      Yes I’m a member. I’m happy to answer any questions you have by pm
    7. Reabrook

      Really struggling to get a chance at a first flight!

      Two hour run but you’d get a flight http://www.gloucestershirewildfowlers.co.uk/try-wildfowling
    8. Reabrook

      Widgeon finally arrived

      Noticable by their absence on the Severn!
    9. Reabrook

      SX3 who uses

      Me. Think this is its 9th season. I did consider chopping it in for an SX4 when they were launched but changed my mind.