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    Pigeon shooting, clay pigeon shooting, rough shooting, working my weimaraner bitch, motorbikes, walking in the countryside.
  1. Maltese Falcon


    Hello Kev, I use a pair of golf gloves which are a very soft thight fitting cabretta leather for clays summer and winter as i tend to get sweaty hands.I did not bother with Ebay as they tend to sell them left/or right only so i went to a good golf shop and managed to by as a pair left and right. They are called FJ FOOTJOY Wheathersof. Last pair i bought was about 3 years ago and still going strong. If i remember right i paid £16 for the pair and came in all black or dark blue colour. I suggest that you try them on in a golf shop first to see the feel of them. I found them to b
  2. Hi Moors Man, What i bought of them is the pinewood pigeon magnet about five years ago, expensive but very light to carry, only needs a small battery to opperate all day and has been reliable and never let me down once. I also bought their flocked decoys to put on the magnet, again very well made. I also have the shell decoys from pinewood and their spring wooden sticks are the best i have found on the market as the spring is just right and gives alot of movement even in the lightest breeze when out shooting. All in all as my old man used to say to me you get what
  3. Hello Blueue, This is the choke i am after as long it is a teague extended 3/8 light modified in good condition for beretta mobilechoke for my beretta al391 semi. Any chance of putting a photo of it so that i can have a look? I will gladly take it of you for £21 posted just need to know how you want paying. I have paypal. Regards Maltese Falcon
  4. I've always gave my dogs one cod liver oil capsule from pups, one a day but don't give the full strenght one ie: 1000mg as otherwise they might be getting to much vitamin A which my vet told me it could be harmful, so i get the minimum one i can get which is 400mg. I get it from wilkinsons. regards maltese falcon.
  5. Hi On my beretta al391 when i clean the trigger mech i use Tetra action blaster then i make sure i more or less wipe all the oil off all the parts. Once this is done i will use a lightly oiled cloth to oil certain parts that show a bit of wear on them you will know what in mean after you take all the dust of it which really needs to be blown out with an airline. Whatever you do DON'T try to take the trigger apart as you do not need to just to clean. regards maltese falcon.
  6. I know what you mean mate, but when ever it snowed especially winter 2010/2011 no one laughed at me then when i was using it everyday during the very cold spell to get me back and forth to worked 24 miles away from my house and not ones did i get stuck. Maltese Falcon.
  7. I've got one too. I had it for the past two years now and all i did to it so far is changed the tyres to A/T,never missed a beat and has been very reliable. I bought solely for going shooting,dog transport(keeps my other car clean) and greenlaning as i use another car for work. Never been stuck anywhere and when needed on rare occassions i used the diflock switch to get out of a slippery situation. It's not everyones cup of tea but i love mine as it made it much easier for me to carry all the shooting decoys, magnet etc to where i want to shoot. Regards Maltese Falcon.
  8. I own two beretta semi autos the AL 391 Teknys Sporter and the AL 391 urika game. The one you held must be the Teknys sporter as it weighs nearly as my O/U sporter. The teknys sporter has also a recoil reducer in the stock which makes it feel heavier than the al 391 game. So it is not you.
  9. I to voted for semi auto. As a matter of fact i own two semis the beretta al391 teknys sporter which is almost as heavy as an O/U which is perfect for clays and also the beretta ulrika al391game which is perfect for shooting pigeons from a hide. I also own an Zoli O/U which i have only used twice in the past year on driven game as semi's are not allowed. I would prefer to use a semi on driven game, but as it is a big no no in this country, i respect that when in Rome do what the Romans do. As i am of continental origion, Malta, i have grew up with my late dad always shooting beretta semi
  10. Must be because of safety, not! maltese falcon
  11. As it states only in Malta can this happen in the name of religion.For some reason it's only showing the last few seconds, when it finishes click on replay in top left corner for all video. Regards Maltese Falcon.
  12. Great news so happy for you and the weim. I love this breed and have a 5 year old female. regards maltese falcon.
  13. I have two semi autos beretta 391 teknys sporter for clays and beretta 391 ulrika for pigeons. I use eley cartridges but both guns cycle anything 21 grams up with no problem at all. I do keep them reasonably clean although i am not a slave to cleaning them. Regards Maltese Falcon.
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