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  1. I've just purchased a Berretta Silver Pigeon with a 3 1/2" chamber, I hope this will be the one gun that I need, allowing me to shoot the larger steel loads. If money wasnt an issue, I'd have kept my 20 bore and shot geese with TSS.
  2. You'd have to refer to the correct map/marine chart for the area
  3. It's far from vague, law states that all shooting of wildfowling above the mean high water mark, ceases on 31st January.
  4. Big Mat

    Punt guns

    You've more chance of getting my Labrador to paint the Mona Lisa than get that info out of punt gunners!
  5. They're very long, with a long stroke to pump. Not everyone likes them, I like mine, it took another goose this morning. Worth noting to keep the chamber very clean, they can become difficult to pump if not. The chamber is quite tight
  6. Pick ups are handy when you want to chuck in the junk in the back, and keep the front clean, hence why i'm selling my disco and getting a pick up!
  7. Out of interest, have you always been into collecting the books and memorabilia or is it something you started later on? I only ask as I'm 25, I own a handful of wildfowling books, not really any memorabilia, but I've not enough room in my house to put it that would do it justice. As regards to books, is it perhaps there being too much info available on the internet for people to bother having books around? I know when my old man died, mum cleared out all his books(none shooting related) and no one wanted them as they just took up too much space. I always keeps an eye out for any interesting books, particularly punt gunning and wildfowling on the wash. Theres one or two mentioned on here that I would like to add to the collection
  8. Excellent work Grandalf. I had a run of blanks recently but ended it with a roe doe just before Christmas in a spot where I wasn't expecting her.
  9. Occasionally borrow one off a mate if I've broken my gun3, good bit of kit, shoots well. Only gun I've managed a left/right on real with
  10. Big Mat

    Punt guns

    Here's an interesting question for you mudpattern, which would be the better of the two, a larger bore gun, or a smaller bored double barrelled gun firing half the large bore guns charge out of each barrel? I suppose to define better, I'm thinking in terms of pattern and ease of firing/recoil. Would the punt need fitting out differently to hold a double gun? No great reason for the question, more of a curiosity. I use work on a lathe all day every day so I often stand there pondering what I could make!
  11. Big Mat

    Punt guns

    It obviously sounds the way to go for the future, especially with lack of ITM these days. I'm not a punt gunner at the moment, but like to learn these things as when I finally get set up, any stocks of ITM will be prohibitively expensive in the rare case they come up for sale.
  12. Big Mat

    Punt guns

    What shot size did you go with for steel? Kept shot weight same as using tungsten or upped it?
  13. I see little point shooting 28 grams through a 20 bore, I have done in the past, but it was unnecessary. If I want to shoot 28 grams, I'd use a 12. I cant remember what make of cartridges I was using, but 24grams of 6s was more than enough through my 20.
  14. Big Mat

    Punt guns

    I know no more of it really, other than a friend had viewed it and mentioned that it look in good condition. I dare say it'd be cheaper than having a new one built!
  15. Big Mat

    Punt guns

    There was a punt gun sold in Holts today, 1 1/4" breach loader, £1000
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