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  1. If its on the road, and has lights, they have to work.
  2. Very interesting! I like the history of Scotland, hoping to get back up again this year, but up the east this time.
  3. Two boats and a short swim I imagine 😂
  4. My last ( probably? ) Land Rover goes today, I dont have the enthusiasm for welding any more. If we go on a 40 hour week, that's only £25 an hour. You wouldnt find a garage at that price
  5. A weeks welding on a rusty land rover would need to be minimum 1k.
  6. Moderated .410 is the answer. Also what you say regards being too powerful goes against pretty much everything said about Humane dispatch. .410 is the go to for most Humane dispatch.
  7. It won't be OSR, it'll be fodder rape.
  8. 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5. 160k miles. 7 seater but rear two have been removed ( will be included). MOT 11th November 2020. Cracked passenger side front bumper. Good condition otherwise. Twin sun roof, cruise control. Rear air suspension. Tow bar. £1550 ONO Located Wisbech/Sutton Bridge.
  9. 3rd instalment, crows on the beans?
  10. Richard Askew, or ask at Cousins, they had 5000 not long back
  11. Can't tell from the photos, but is the leg going to have a shear bolt on it?
  12. How many rude words did you say before you got out of the nettles?
  13. Dickies would just laugh at you if you rang them up to complaint that the toe cap had popped out after being run over by a 4.5 ton forklift. I'd say the boot did a damn good job, could easily have pushed down at the back and chopped his toes off!
  14. My only hope before the season starts, is that all the people that are now flocking to the marsh, go somewhere else! It was like goose season when we tried to walk the dogs the other day, the amount of cars.
  15. I didn't get a pup until my last lab was 10, it was too late. My next pup will be coming next year, when my current lab is about 7, give me time to train it up ready for him to start taking it steadier around 10. I would probably get one when the older one is around 5, but we've got 5 dogs in our house and we try to wait until at least one is getting near the end of its life. That said, we'll have 2 pups coming in next year.
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