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  1. DEFRA can't even get it right for those of us who have livestock to check, so I wouldn't hold you hopes for them sorting pest control
  2. I think any issues that may arise from someone going shooting at this time, will boil down to which police officer stops them. For instance, the current rules state that I can check my livestock that are off site, once a day, whilst combining it with my daily exercise, now who thought that up? I've got to be there twice a day incase any give birth, now if I get pulled, techincally I'm in the wrong, but will common sense prevail? Who knows. Will I go shooting at the moment? Probably not, unless I'm asked to, then I might. For risk of getting or giving covid 19, I'd have far less chance whilst out shooting than I did going to Morrisons on sunday.
  3. Big Mat

    8 bore auto

    I've found it, i wasn't completely right. If you look for TOZ-123, you'll find a 4 bore pump action shotgun, a smooth bore 3 shot version of the military KS-23.
  4. Big Mat

    8 bore auto

    No but I would have ordered one if I could, if i recall it was a 26" barrel? It was an odd advert and didn't translate very well. I'll see if I can find it again
  5. If you've got just over a million laying around, you could buy the marsh! It's up on savilles website
  6. Big Mat

    8 bore auto

    Not related to the one you're referring to, but there was a Russian? Gun makers website claiming to have a made a 4 bore auto
  7. I think it was 4 slits, 3/4 way down. I cant say I remember looking at the wads after firing
  8. How thick is the card? A 10ga card cup wad from clay game has approx 1mm wall thickness, being made from a rolled cardboard which appears to be impregnated with a oil/wax. The base of it is just the sides folded in, coming to approx 3mm thickness. I've just measured a few to check they were all roughly the same. I've shot a few of these with big shot, BBB mainly, and suffered no damage.
  9. To be quite honest, I'm more concerned about still having a job in a few months, never mind the ducks!
  10. I'd suggest getting them done into sausages, but our usual sausage maker can't kill pigs quick enough to keep up with the panic buying!
  11. Stomp aqua most probably, turns everything yellow. Very difficult to get off sprayer wheels! Available food will effect pigeons far more than the spray.
  12. My favourite one to eat, I've a couple I need to catch up with to get the freezer topped up again.
  13. You'll have to take me out at harvest to polish my skills ready for the season! Get some cartridges through this new gun
  14. I usually manage to shoot one a season marsh man, usually a hen. To get a left and right with both being drakes was very lucky!
  15. Mediocre, couldn't get out when it was right, shot like a muppet. Alot of other pressures meant I didn't shoot when i wanted to. Bagged a couple of nice pintail last weekend. Next season will soon roll around
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