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  1. Big Mat

    Budget bipod

    I've got a cheapo one off eBay on my .308, Harris copy style one. Not as heavily built but seemsfairly strong
  2. Big Mat

    10g sizing ring

    You should be alright like that, I knocked it off using a wooden dowel and hammer
  3. Big Mat

    10g sizing ring

    Having just looked at it, I'd say make the .86" a fraction bigger. Also, you'll hit a problem on a Lee loader, you can't get the sizing ring off the brass, I've just tried it on some Remington cases
  4. Big Mat

    10g sizing ring

    I'm sure it is correct, I'll look at mine tonight just to make sure I'm not going crazy! I'll try remember and take it with me to work tomorrow, then I can bore mic it to give you the best bore size to make it
  5. Big Mat

    10g sizing ring

    For some reason your drawing just doesn't look right to me, but I can't work out why. I'll look at the mec10ga sizing ring if I remember tonight
  6. Big Mat

    10g sizing ring

    I think there is another supplier of mec spares in the UK but the name escapes me at the moment!
  7. Big Mat

    10g sizing ring

    You can buy that ones that fit on a mec from clay game for not alot of money. Thats what I did Edit: I've just looked, £6.42 but out of stock at the moment. Not even worth firing the lathe up for that price!
  8. Big Mat

    Silma Mod 70 20 gauge

    This is still avalible and open to offers as I need it gone!
  9. Big Mat

    Jack Pyke roe sack

    I'd have thought that ticks and blood would be just as close as when you gralloch. I don't usually have all that far to carry, butif the weather is sopping wet, then I do!
  10. Big Mat

    Jack Pyke roe sack

    Thats nice for you, but it my situation, a roe sack will suit nicely
  11. Big Mat

    Jack Pyke roe sack

    Hi all, Is anyone using a jack pyke roe sack? Can't find any reviews online for them Thanks Mat
  12. Big Mat

    Steel rated shotgun

    Any of the Spanish,Turkish etc made 3" guns from any time up until the 2000s, alot of American guns, they didn't adopt steel proofing until recently. In fact most guns made up until the last 10 years or so, won't be steel proofed.
  13. Big Mat

    Humane dispatch

    Tried that, all I got told was that it was up to the decision makers, who won't be named and I can't speak to them. I got the feeling that I'd be better of having the conversation with one of the goats! I guess you have pistol or such for slaughtering? I just wanted it conditioned on my rifles, should the need arise as there is every possibility I'd be seen dispatching and wanted to be legal.
  14. Big Mat

    Humane dispatch

    Personally I wouldn't have anything to do with! My licencing department won't even give me humane dispatch on my rifles for dispatching my own livestock if necessary, let alone rta deer!
  15. Big Mat

    Brownells Free Shipping

    I've just checked my order, shipping was £5.99 So not horrendously expensive. £18 for the rear trigger pin for my nova was! Unfortunately as I'd lost it, I didn't have the measurements to get one made at work