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  1. Given that the cameras can show the shot, i'll be able to see if i'm consistenly behind or infront. A coach cannot tell me that from the clay ground. May i suggest unless you actually have a useful suggestion about camera choice, you naff off somewhere else. You're just an unpleasant old troll
  2. Perhaps time for a hard cover? Less convientient but less likely to be a seal hammock! You couldn't dream of keeping a punt at moorings round here, it'd be stolen or sunk
  3. Thank you, I though someone would have experimented with them. I've seen some that are 60fps which might be more suitable.
  4. I do spend money with a coach, but that coach doesnt then come and sit beside me on the foreshore to see why I'm missing geese. Also, what does that have to do with cheap barrel cameras? Are you going to recommend one?
  5. Hello all, Has anyone tried one of the cheaper barrel cameras of ebay or amazon, sub £100 range? I've no desire to spend £500+ on a shotkam, I'm not shooting videos to share, just enough to see when/why I miss. thanks mat
  6. The trouble is, they're more wall hangers with a limited audience than practical pieces these days. Its a shame but that area of our sport is dissapearing. Is it the only punt gun you have?
  7. https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=S0122+++2062A&refno=++171729&saletype=
  8. Cut the breasts off, pan fry medium rare like a nice steak, then order something more predictable for Christmas Dinner, we're having stuffed crackling joint
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-59321845 There is the link to the article for you marsh man.
  10. My lab was fine with them until someone decided to hire a "professional" and put on a display in the garden of a midterrace down my road. Half an hour of solid bangs that were shaking the house and he's been a mess when fireworks are on ever since.
  11. Its a BASC article, on the BASC website, what exactly do you expect? May i suggest, instead of whining on the Internet, you provide us with your scientific findings? This article shows, in a simple form, the information that people need about steel shot, instead of the nonsense spouted by most.
  12. Why don't you ring the university and ask them if they took an envelope of cash to promote BASCs agenda?
  13. Its not the beef, its the other junk they put in them.
  14. Just shows what quality goes in the normal ones then! Was this an intentional trip out to try one or did you forget to take lunch to the office?
  15. Still breathing HCC, main goal in life! I'm sure it'd tidy up with the edges polished. Might take a look at one, mind I've got several air rifles already
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