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  1. Big Mat


    Put it on a dolly, then he won't have to worry about overloading the drawbar, just reversing the Damn thing 😂 I've not had much to do with quads, but they'll pull more than the drawbar will hold. Sometimes a few old bowsers knocking about already with baffled tanks, maybe cheffins?
  2. Big Mat


    It'll drag that I'd have thought. Were you refering to that sort of tow on the first post, or a loaded trailer?
  3. I use .308, I'm happy with how it performs with regards to meat damage on the smaller species, I dare say if I had a .243 or .25 06 or 6.5x55 or 7x57 or .338wsm, the deer would still be dead. Personal choice, all the calibers will kill
  4. I do not believe that you were at Jules house at 8:30am
  5. Lincolnshire did that to me and it messed things up as their office lost bits etc. Tell them not to send it back
  6. £1500 is even worse than the £850 springers that were for sale on here!
  7. This is my gun, can meet at local clay ground ( East of England at Holbeach St John ) if someone wants to try before they buy!
  8. It may have gotten taken off Facebook, but now the page just directs people to it in their website. Until people start getting locked up for their criminal activities, whether written online or physical action, nowt good will happen.
  9. I personally think you're wasting your time chasing 1500fps, 1350-1400 is more than adequate with 42gr of BBB from a 3.5" 12. I've not loaded BBB in a while as i ran out, but BB or 1s have done the job on any foreshore geese I come across. I save the hevi shot for the big gun on geese
  10. I'd say it depends on how long your breaker bar is!
  11. Welding fumes are bad for you, you'd have to be really thick not to see that
  12. No, single projectile is fine, but lead shot still isn't
  13. I take it to a local butcher that I do alot of business with, he makes them to his secret recipe and I pay him by the kilo for it. They're very tasty!
  14. For me personally, there is no more dog more elegant to watch work, than a goldie. We're thinking about one in a few years time. Anyone who's shot shep whites on the wash, will have bumped into the marsh warden with his goldies
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