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  1. Stainless steel rods

    Why are you going for square instead of round? Easy enough to find round but 4mm square seems very hard to find
  2. Dog or Bitch

    We've got a mixture here, 3 bitches and 3 dogs. Personally I'll be having a dog again when it comes time to get another gundog. Yes the do have a habit of peeing up stuff at times, but I've found them to be much more tolerable to live with. If the dogs have a scrap, it's forgotten about fairly soon. Bitches on the other hand don't forget, we've got 2 that still want to kill each other after 6 months!
  3. Stainless steel rods

    Should be unless you soak them in salt water constantly!
  4. Stainless steel rods

    I just had a quick google, 304 is half the price of 316, £15 ex vat for 3m of 6mm square. 1mm cutting discs and a good file to remove burs as both 304/316 are a pain to machine!
  5. steel shot sizes

    Clay game give the sizes in mm on their website, 2s are 3.8mm i think?
  6. Stainless steel rods

    316 or 304 Stainless
  7. It'd be interesting to measure some full chokes at the start of the season, then see if they stretch after putting plenty of big steel through them. I'll try and remember and do it!
  8. one size fits all

    Same as muncher for me, 2s. I bought a whole load of 2s and haven't used anything else for duck in quite a while, as well as shooting some geese with them this season
  9. Duck and Goose

    What sort of shooting are you looking for, foreshore or inland? You've got a host of clubs on the wash who'd be able to offer day tickets on the foreshore, as well as the ouse washes nearby or even the nene washes.
  10. Speed verses payload

  11. You're the one thrashing other sportsmen for using steel?
  12. It is progress, you're just too stuck in the past to see it. The cost of a few guns as opposed to not poisoning wildlife. I know what is a contentious point but it has been proved that lead is harmful to wildlife if ingested. We have to mover forward! I think we're wasting our time, no matter how much it is proved about steel not ruining guns, it'll never be enough for these guys!
  13. Speed verses payload

    What about the ones that start planing 100/200 yards further on? It happens and I cannot believe you've never planed one
  14. Never had any that are not edible, 2s are excellent on high flighting duck. The beauty of 2s is, if I goose flys by, I don't need to change cartridges
  15. Speed verses payload

    I can't see the point of chasing 1500+ fps by dropping to a much lower payload. I'd much rather have plenty of pellets in the pattern up there doing 1300 fps. Just looking back at my notes from the season, all my best shooting was done with loads using loads 1350fps or less. That not just about speed though, it's shot placement. You could quite easily have shot them up the bum and not killed them with the same cartridges.