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  1. I'm not sure about the best way to attract the ducks, but it does look like a lovely spot! I'm up your way of the world ( well just across the water) at the end of the year, what time do I need to be round for evening flight? 😂
  2. I don't recall getting hitched? 🤔 Must have been too busy this year to notice 😂 Sunday is Wildfowling day mainly, due to being in Lincolnshire, although I have two weeks holiday just after the November moon so I imagine ill be about chasing geese and ducks!
  3. Glad you're keeping the fowling up marsh man. I managed to shoot a couple of wigeon a few weeks back, my fowling trips have been very infrequent so any duck in the bag is a good bonus!
  4. You can buy all sorts of junk on wish HCC, try not to get carried away!
  5. any and all game minced up, chuck it in a burger, bit of pork, seasoning to taste etc. Good way to use up game that other family members might not eat! Cheese topped bun, stilton, lettuce,red onion, bit of gherkin and a dollop of mayo!
  6. They'll do well to get those soya beans off now! I think getting any shooting in-between this rain is a stroke of luck, I can't recall any of the ( few) flights I've had on the shore this season where it hasn't rained
  7. I think we'd all have done similar! I had to have a rethink and reposition sunday night when the tide came in faster than expected. Even what should have been a safe dry spot, ended up underwater!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm off to the west coast of Scotland at the end of December, Loch Caolisport area. I've not fished since I was a kid, but spotted a couple of old rods in the house today and wondered if there is any point taking one and having a crack while I'm up there? We're going away for some peace and quiet and relaxation so thought a spot of fishing might fit in nicely. Is there anything that I might catch or would it be a waste of time? thanks mat
  9. If he wants all the cartridge cases he left on the floor, or the two flapper batteries he chucked in the dyke, they're in the back of my landy!
  10. Abit of oil before you go out does the trick. I must admit to havent given up worrying about rust on the outside, as long as the bore is spotless and the action cycles, that'll do for me! My main gun has several wraps of tape stopping a pin falling out at the moment 😂
  11. He's not fussy as long as he doesn't have to make it or carry it 😂
  12. And not forgetting a full flask, motty likes a coffee during morning flight 😂
  13. Keeps your ears open more than your eyes! Which club are you going on?
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