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  1. Big Mat

    FAC wording

    It says any other lawful quarry, therefore if the caliber is legal for deer, you can use it on deer as they are lawful quarry.
  2. Big Mat

    Fibre shot cups

    I can't honestly remember, was 2 or 3 season ago. I think I've still got a few left so perhaps might try them again in the 10
  3. Big Mat

    Fibre shot cups

    I'm fairly sure I put a gas seal/fibre wad under the shot cup when I loaded some. Only did half a dozen and it was 3 seasons ago so i've forgotten!
  4. Big Mat

    Fibre shot cups

    When I loaded some with steel , clay game advised me to just use my normal data but with a fibre shot cup.
  5. Big Mat

    Another one crossed off.

    Motty isn't tall enough to suffer altitude sickness 😂😂😂
  6. Big Mat

    Floating Gunslip

    What's that in £s? What made you choose that over all the good ones avalible in this country?
  7. Big Mat


    Don't set him up to fail, ie practice with nothing that with distract him from his recall. Practice and practice on the recall, the most important thing in my opinion. Really praise him when he comes back, he should love coming back to you. Get that simple thing right and you're part way there.
  8. Big Mat

    The longest 10 minute job ever.

    I had one of those quick jobs yesterday, a bunch of chewed wires in the back of the misses van. Simple enough solder back together, oh now, 1 plug was nearly trashed that that had to be rebuilt, then he'd eaten all the trailer wiring so I had to figure all that one with a wiring diagram! 5 hours later it was done
  9. Big Mat

    Lil-Gun Geese

    I read your post as Lil-Gun Grease for some reason 😂 Good load though isn't it, I've had some good success using 3s and 4s with lil gun
  10. Big Mat

    1st sept

    I shall have a wander out with the dog, no where too far, watch the sun rise and listen to the sounds. Might stay out for tide but I'm due back working by the afternoon so perhaps not
  11. Big Mat

    What to mix with raw food

    Ours get raw, and more raw. Girlfriend has spent ages sorting it out so it's all balanced so they don't need anything else
  12. Big Mat

    ITM non toxic

    I'll swap you it for a tub of steel powder bob, its got a fair layer of dust on it now 😂
  13. Big Mat

    Steel through tight chokes and ‘older’ guns?

    The same example of steel shot damage gets brought out time and time again, then there is a "mate" whos a gunsmith who sees damage all the time. There is no solid evidence being shown about the damage. Hundreds ( if not thousands ) of fowlers use steel in full chokes, and through older guns, with no damage. It's up to the individual to choose. Too much scaremongering. One of these days I'm going to fire some steel through a full choked non steel proof gun, measuring the bore at the muzzle before and after say 10 shots. I'll measure it down to the 10s of microns just to be accurate. Then i'll fire steel shot through it without a enclosing wad, just to see what really happens. If any one wants to donate a cheap 3" single barrel then feel free!
  14. Big Mat

    Bic Boat sealing and repair advice.

    Polyethylene from what i can gather. It doesn't bond with much so best to find something designed for it
  15. Big Mat

    Bic Boat sealing and repair advice.

    Plastic welding or some sort of 2 part glue would do it. No experience of it mind, mine is fibreglass and covered in repair patches!