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  1. Splash of seasame oil in the dough works nicely!
  2. You just need the 16, 28 and .410 to complete the goose set 😂 I might need to rob some of those wads back, once this lockdown is over I can get my "new" 20 ( well hers really!)
  3. Thanks for all your opinions
  4. Was that EoE? Been thinking of going for a round
  5. Hello all, Does anyone own an Armsan A620? Looking for opinions on them. I was going to buy the misses a 28 bore, but the 20 bore looks like a better option as I have reloading gear and cartridges already. The Armsan fits the bill, the model with the junior and adult stocks. Any opinions? thanks Mat
  6. We use one of 5 different vets depending on animal and issue. 3 are collecting animal from your car. 1 will allow you in, wearing mask etc. Other one is livestock vets and they're operating as normal, just wearing masks and distancing etc. None have cancelled any routine stuff, inlaws are taking one of their dogs to get jabbed today.
  7. I've been upgraded from "Bird watcher" to " Conservationist" now 😂
  8. I'll go one better, two wigeon decoys full of shot holes, and half a pack of worthers that have been in the truck for months
  9. You'll be alright, there are no big cats on our foreshore 😂😂😂
  10. He's done plenty of guided flights, and quite frankly I'm disgusted by the attitude some members are having towards him not having a dog. As you say, we loose a lot of new members, we're a dying breed and should be more welcoming. Whilst I don't like shooting without a dog, it can be done. In fact, I shot my first pink, in the fog on the same foreshore as Manish was on, and retrieved it myself as my dog was at home, and motty's dog was busy fetching his pinks!
  11. If you're planning on dying out there, leave a marker so we can find your gear to share it out! 😂
  12. I don't like going without the dog , no matter what the weather conditions. In the fog just makes it trickier, you can soon loose a goose into some of the little ankle breakers.
  13. I hear the 18 in 9s in good on duck, I've yet to invest in any to try through the 12.
  14. is that the TSS 15 or 18 you're using?
  15. That would be the plan, she only ever comes shooting half a dozen times a year. I bet it makes a nice fast duck gun
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