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  1. How many council employees have you got hid up out of sight building that HCC? 😂
  2. I've had two Lintran ones now, can be had second hand cheap enough, easy to clean. Transk9 are stronger. Why not go for a set of semi fitted ones, that's what I'm supposed to be putting in the ranger, bit like what I've got in her van.
  3. Plenty of pigeons been feeding on spring drillings when I've been riding round lately.
  4. If I'm remembering correctly, there is a filter on the bottom of the tank, in the screw in fitting, need to drain the take it out, chances are that's blocked. It's only a little inline filter, it gets overlooked. Oh and its got 1 cylinder too many!
  5. I don't know off the top of my head. A telehandler will run rings round a tractor in the yard, but its all going to depend on budget, the hours you are doing and the plans for the future. Oh and how tall your sheds are!
  6. If you've got a big amount of loader work to do, spend some extra money and buy something with a clutch less shuttle. Not having to use the clutch everytime you want to change direction really saves the knee!
  7. Keeping well, how are you doing? Might be worth asking in Bearts, they often have dogs advertised on their notice board. Any you after dog or bitch? colour important?
  8. Are you on facebook Mani? There is a chessie page which is worth a look at. Might be some litters of fowling labs in the club, I'll ask around.
  9. He Had a Bedford rascal cut down into a pickup. Paying good money for them as well
  10. If you're on facebook J, theres a chap in Emneth who was buying up engines, I sold him a lister d on the weekend.
  11. Trouble with goat meat I find, is people automatically think its only good for curry or tastes naff. Then you've got the cost of production being higher, so the price needs to be higher but then people don't want to pay it. I've got about probably 25-30 to sell as carcasses this year.
  12. If you have a spare phone, you can use an app called Alfred camera. Just connects via 4g. I've got it set up in the goat shed as we live 11 miles away.
  13. Been there done that with old side by sides, can't get on with them. Have been using a Beretta Silver Pigeon 3 1/2". Modern synthetic autos are the way to go for the muddy stuff I end up in.
  14. Given the varying restrictions, I had a pretty good season. The only bad part was making a mess off my new gun, but when you spend every weekend on the shore, it's to be expected.
  15. 6.5 mile as the sea Eagle flys from the proposed release site.
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