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  1. My hob went missing earlier in the year, fed him at 10pm, shut the cage. At 1am he was spotted on the side of a main road 3 miles away, I suspect human intervention. Anyhow, he stuck around that spot, and a passer by managed to catch him 2 nights later, we'd left a cage out and she stuck him in there for me to pick up.
  2. It worked if you clicked the link , I just looked at it. I wont post my sunrise photo , there is too many bits that give away my location on it!
  3. I would say it's more due to a lack of Fowler's on this site now, I read but rarely post anymore. 1st was as busy as usual where I went, my recon paid off and from what I could hear, others had a good morning.
  4. Big old lump for high geese! I have just sold my pump as well 🤔 Holding out for a Browning A5 "Sweet Sixteen", when they'll sell it to me
  5. As per the poster below, definitely a Nova due to the stock, and definitely a 3 1/2".
  6. Knives looks lovely, suprised to see you back on here!
  7. Ex army altbergs off Ebay, my last pair was under £40.
  8. At the rate I'm going, It'll be Christmas before I get to the clay ground 😂
  9. I'd forgotten it was getting close, all the gear was sorted months ago while we couldnt work. Having not used a shotgun since February, i best get out on clays soon!
  10. Big Mat

    European bison

    There are several herds of water buffalo in the country. IIRC a farmer was killed or serious injured by one very recently.
  11. If its on the road, and has lights, they have to work.
  12. Very interesting! I like the history of Scotland, hoping to get back up again this year, but up the east this time.
  13. Two boats and a short swim I imagine 😂
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