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  1. Big Mat

    Yildiz SPZM 12 gauge

    I've got a 20ga for sale at a reasonable price, not a million miles from nottingham either!
  2. Big Mat

    Earith Wash

    You can find them on the track all season long, if there's enough dryland, the graziers will leave them out
  3. Big Mat

    Ear protection for fowling

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001T7QJ9O/ref=asc_df_B001T7QJ9O57297454/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22110&creativeASIN=B001T7QJ9O&linkCode=df0&hvadid=225361196069&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15750100901410223336&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9044880&hvtargid=aud-545671390501:pla-368869285639&th=1&psc=1 Thoseare the ones I'm using, on my second pair as the first went overboard and didn't like it!
  4. Big Mat

    Ear protection for fowling

    Why is it that anyone who disagrees with you, is wrong, out ofcontext or has a problem?
  5. Big Mat

    Ear protection for fowling

    A couple of shots while out fowling is excessive noise
  6. Big Mat

    Ear protection for fowling

    Any exposure to excessive noise damages the hearing to a degree. It's irresponsible to say it isn't going to.do much harm. Electronic ear defenders, can't remember what my current ones are but they're very effective. I wouldn't shoot without them now, I definetly haven't noticed a drop in bag numbers due to not hearing the birds
  7. Big Mat

    Earith Wash

    My local butcher grazes his cattle on the ouse washes for 6 months of the year, not strictly salt water but when the cattle come home, they go back onto grass. It's by far the tastiest beef I've ever had. The closest I've found to the taste is some from a farm in the lake distric that keeps native breeds out on the hill all year, very tasty!
  8. Big Mat

    Earith Wash

    They can go freely between all the rspb and club washes down there though can't they. I thought grazings rights were done on 1st november but i've known them on there into december before
  9. Big Mat

    Silma Mod 70 20 gauge

    Still here!
  10. You've got it all wrong, these are the most elite guns in the country, a bird under 60 yards is just too easy for them! I'd hate to pick up on that shoot, runners left right and centre!
  11. Shall I come along with my range finder to verify the ranges? Factory cartridges only, so as we can verify that yourself and your other 4 guys are not using lead illegally?
  12. I've never used lead on wildfowl, my fowling career began long after the ban. Never once have I found myself wishing I had lead shot in my gun, I have killed ducks and geese at all sensible ranges using steel shot. On a flight a couple of weeks ago, 2 pinks taken with ounce and a half steel 1s, at the upper end of range, both stone dead. The very next day, a single pink taken, at the same range, with 2 ounces of hevi shot 2s from a 10 bore, tightly choked. Far superior shot, but the bird recovered just before the ground and was picked well out on the mud, what was the difference? Simple, I put the shot in the wrong place. All this lead does this, steel doesn't do this, oh no you need ground unicorn horn as buffer, load of tosh. The cartridges we have avalible to us today, can and will kill at all sensible ranges. I'm not talking about the 100 yard nonsense, that's comparable to what comes out of a bulls behind! Keep it 50 yards and everything is dead if you put the effort in.
  13. It doesn't have to be in the head
  14. A point that has just popped into my head, if steel really was as bad as you claim, why would wildfowlers use it? Birds being dead is far more critical on the foreshore than why you're shooting tame pet ducks in a stubble field . I conclude that you're a troll
  15. They obviously can't shoot then