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  1. Big Mat

    Dad's day

    Some fancy cakes that looked like burgers, along with short bread chips! Then girlfriend and the baby went off to a flyball competition all day as I pottered about the house with the dogs.
  2. Big Mat

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    440 hectares? One of the biggest growers in the country? Laughable at best! However given your location, I'd hazard a guess as to what you're shooting over, so numbers of pigeons are too be understood! Try a bigger shot size in steel, it does kill. It's no less lethal than lead
  3. Big Mat

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    How many acres is than that? Must be 50,000 plus.... or you're tellingtall tales!
  4. Big Mat

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Interestingly you can purchase chemicals legally, but the law puts the responsibility on the purchaser to ensure the chemical is applied by someone with the relevant qualifications! Bizarre I know!
  5. Big Mat

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Thats politer than what I was going to say! I spend hours in the classroom and field doing my tests, but then any tom **** or harry buys the stuff, splashes it everywhere and no one cares! If i spilled some from the sprayer, I'd have the EA on my back quick that i could say oh dear!
  6. Big Mat

    Car puncture repair kits?

    That looks like just the sort of thing I'm after!
  7. Big Mat

    Car puncture repair kits?

    Simply because it's something I'm more than capable of doing myself, and I want to be able to get a repair done at odds times of the day! I've not got time to drive around to get them repaired as I've too much to do!
  8. Big Mat

    Pump or Semi?

    Pump works nicely for me, I bought one in 12 and one in 10 so i didn't confuse myself swapping from pump to semi auto!
  9. Big Mat

    Car puncture repair kits?

    Does anyone on here repair their own tyres? I'm talking screws in tyres etc, that sort of repair. I'm posting this sat waiting for another tyre repair, at £27 a go on a Sunday, it's getting expensive!
  10. Big Mat

    .655 & .675 chokes for steel

    I've got some more hw-13 so hopefully my 20ga will fetch one or two down this season!
  11. Big Mat

    .655 & .675 chokes for steel

    Field craft can get you under them, but if they get up 1/2 mile from the edge and sit up at 50 yards, no fieldcraft is going to get them to come lower! You can try asking them nicely, but believe me it doesnt work!
  12. Big Mat

    .655 & .675 chokes for steel

    No my point is it does not work with some gun/cartridge combinations, exactly the same as lead sometimes doesn't work well with certain choke/gun/cartridges combinations!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Big Mat

    .655 & .675 chokes for steel

    Sometimes steel doesn't work well with 1/4 or 1/2 choke, I know my old gun didn't! Can't see any bull**** on this thread, just honest opinions from wildfowlers who use tight chokes, that's what the OP asked for.
  14. Big Mat

    .655 & .675 chokes for steel

    I've got briley light full in 12 and 10, they've stayed in all season for everything from decoyed duck to flighting geese. I've found them to pattern well and even at close range I did not smash any birds up. The season before I tried mottys gun with extra full and had no problem with making birds inedible even at decoyed ranges with big shot, a few pellet holes maybe but definetly edible! I'm very happy with my light full and I don't think I'll change them any time soon. I use them with 5s up to BBB and up to 4mm hevi shot and bismuth and itm
  15. Big Mat

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    About time you cut down on the pies then!