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  1. Just got one ignore this post now, thanks.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to buy an Alan Wood Woodlore knife, but finding it hard to find anyone who is selling them. Been on a number of forums and this is the last place that may have one. I'm also looking to buy a Woodlore clone made with antler scales and red fabric. If you are selling or know someone who wants to sell either of these two knives, please PM me. Prepared to pay a very good price for an unused good / perfect condition product. PM me or reply here. Many thanks!
  3. Get the M/C as long as it fits. Although I've got 3/4 and 1/2 in the SP1 and never change them now, it's nice knowing I can. 3/4 isn't too tight for clays - load of rubbish. Chokes make next to no difference, accept instil confidence, if you’re on a bird you’re on it, yes you are more likely to get the odd chipped clay with really wide chokes, but it's minimal. If you can hit a clay with 1/4 you can hit that exact same clay with Full. The only disadvantage I’ve found using full chokes is that they sometimes blow the pattern of low antimony lead shot hence why I go 3/4 max.
  4. I wouldn't buy it, if you really want to, use no 7 or 7.5 shot as this will fill the pattern. From what I've been told even 7.5 shot is effective on pigeons at 30 yards, but thats a whole different story that has been covered countless times, lets not start it again.
  5. No not the strap I'm going to buy, the metal strap that comes with the omegas are.
  6. It does! Considering the strap alone is around the £500.00 mark lol. I might try one of these http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=rolex+watch+strap&view=detail&id=4FBC49D1F90A1BAEB3C624B3E2E01AF89282222C&first=121&FORM=IDFRIR will stop the watch sticking to my wrist.. Any thoughts?
  7. Does anyone else find that their wrist sweats a lot when wearing bigger watches with metal linked straps like the seamaster? I have also got a very, very slim light watch that never, and I mean never makes me sweat. Its not tight around my wrist, but when Im wearing it the watch is pretty heave and kinda sits in one place. Do you have this problem? Also Im looking for a new strap something like this http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=black+watch+strap+with+red+sticching&view=detail&id=6C68664B24C2387850FB463198FF98D1B00A98DF&FORM=IDFRIR Have any of you got one ?
  8. Contact your local FLO and if you're a member, the BASC.
  9. Hi guys, As in title, what do you advise I get? Looking for 4 - 5 years old, 40k MAX miles price range 3 - 5k. Looking at Astras, but never had one before what do you think?. Nothing too showy e.g. BMW's or Audi's. ATB SD
  10. Hi all, Have any of you used the SureFire E1L torch? I'm looking for a torch for camping, something smallish, bright with different light settings and robust. I've come up with both E1L and Surefire P2X, what are your thoughts? Any other recommendations? Many thanks
  11. No worries, I'm glad I could help. My personal favourite shake (they call it a weight gainer - It's not when compared to some shakes, I'd consider it an every day shake) is Muscle Fury's "MASS FURY" The best shake I've taken and I stick to it. If you really wanted to take creatine, take it with your shake and use Reflex - Creapure creatine, a refined pure creatine. All the best!
  12. No worries, I'm glad I could help. My personal favourite shake (they call it a weight gainer - It's not) is Muscle Fury's "MASS FURY" The best shake I've taken and I stick to it.
  13. Yes, protein is made up of amino acids, when converted into glucose is known as Gluconeogenesis.
  14. Just to add, Ketosis only really happens when there is a near complete depletion of carbohydrates in the system, Gluconeogenesis is when your body converts lean muscle tissue (Amino acids) into blood glucose still causing atrophy, but Ketosis happens when you are purely using fats or amino acids as energy, not just for conversion into blood glucose. Either way, it's not cool!
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