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  1. Charlin also made sliding breech shotguns very similar to the Darne.
  2. Mine is size C52 (41" chest) and measures 24" armpit to armpit, zipped up and laid flat. It's a good fit but with room enough to get it on over a lightweight fleece. Very nice jacket.
  3. Best of luck with Eastern Sporting!!! You might like to give K.D. Radcliffe in Colchester a try. They have a workshop and gunsmith on site (but only works part time I think). Proper gun shop and decent people to deal with.
  4. Why, out of interest, wouldn't you want to know when your rifle was built? However, in my case I suspected the rifle was older than the selling dealer was claiming. Tikka confirmed my suspicions; it was older by about 8 years! Additionally they confirmed it had not been screw cut by the factory, which the dealer also claimed... Have you ever looked at the proof marks on a Tikka T3/T3x rifle? They carry the Lion head mark which indicates that the rifle was proofed in Finland (Helsinki I think) and, on my later one, also the CIP N mark which is the current compulsory proof mark. There is no means of dating the rifle from the applied proof marks! The serial number is the only key to ascertaining the date of the rifle.
  5. You can contact the Tikka factory via Facebook. I asked them how old one of my T3 rifles was and got an answer back very promptly.
  6. Already dropped Mick Vokes a message. Guntrader is about as much use as a chocolate teapot in my experience!
  7. As per the title. Must be in decent order, 3" chamber minimum, preferably synthetic stock. Not too fussed about the make. South east Essex area. Thank you. Forgot to add MUST be proofed for steel shot.
  8. Put my very nearly 12 year old Lab bitch (non working) onto Synoquin EFA. She's a different dog - much more agile and generally happier. Made a much bigger improvement to her than I though possible. Prior to that she was getting very slow and creaky. Also giving it to my oldest Basset (he's also approaching 12). Seen improvements in him as well but not quite as dramatic as in the Lab. Not cheap but well worth it to see the improvement in them both.
  9. Try one of these then: Bigger than a Lab (at less than 9 months old), certainly different and has character by the bucket load. He's also coming on fine as a rough shooting dog and has started off really well on blood tracking (deer dog). Fantastic temperament as well. Lovely breed.
  10. Yup , he's still very much a puppy. He was 7 months old last week. Took him out with a .410 as it was his first experience with bangs and I don't like subjecting them to the noise of a 12 or 16 bore at that age. I think he's going to be a big boy when he's filled out a bit...
  11. Look for the blanking plug for the unused water take-off on the oil cooler housing. The part number is PYB500040. Pattern parts are very expensive for what it is. The genuine LR part is absolutely stupidly expensive. Just do an internet search on the part number!!! Do as matgriff says and improvise your own. It's not under any great stress so it's easy enough to do.
  12. Don't worry about it - it's supposed to be blanked off. Yours is a later vehicle (as mine was) that is configured slightly differently to the earlier ones that did use that particular connection. Go to the D2 Boy's Club website if you need more info on this. Loads of good (and correct) info on there. Just fit a new blanking cap. However, be aware that it's really awkward to get to and the part is ridiculously expensive.
  13. Took the .410 out again this afternoon. Also took the puppy out for his first shoot. He did really well, very steady little man, so pleased with him.
  14. Just get a D4. Goes anywhere and economical...
  15. Lyalvale Express Supreme Game. 2 1/2" case, fibre wad (don't use plastics in anything these days),14g No. 6 shot. Seem to work for everything I'm likely to shoot with a .410. Tonight's birds were all shot at around 25 yards. Keep the range sensible and they kill well.
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