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  1. Hector Vector

    Muscle/joint tablets

    Put my very nearly 12 year old Lab bitch (non working) onto Synoquin EFA. She's a different dog - much more agile and generally happier. Made a much bigger improvement to her than I though possible. Prior to that she was getting very slow and creaky. Also giving it to my oldest Basset (he's also approaching 12). Seen improvements in him as well but not quite as dramatic as in the Lab. Not cheap but well worth it to see the improvement in them both.
  2. Hector Vector

    thinking of getting a pup but what

    Try one of these then: Bigger than a Lab (at less than 9 months old), certainly different and has character by the bucket load. He's also coming on fine as a rough shooting dog and has started off really well on blood tracking (deer dog). Fantastic temperament as well. Lovely breed.
  3. Hector Vector

    Side by Side Club

    Yup , he's still very much a puppy. He was 7 months old last week. Took him out with a .410 as it was his first experience with bangs and I don't like subjecting them to the noise of a 12 or 16 bore at that age. I think he's going to be a big boy when he's filled out a bit...
  4. Hector Vector

    land rover descovery td5 53plate

    Look for the blanking plug for the unused water take-off on the oil cooler housing. The part number is PYB500040. Pattern parts are very expensive for what it is. The genuine LR part is absolutely stupidly expensive. Just do an internet search on the part number!!! Do as matgriff says and improvise your own. It's not under any great stress so it's easy enough to do.
  5. Hector Vector

    land rover descovery td5 53plate

    Don't worry about it - it's supposed to be blanked off. Yours is a later vehicle (as mine was) that is configured slightly differently to the earlier ones that did use that particular connection. Go to the D2 Boy's Club website if you need more info on this. Loads of good (and correct) info on there. Just fit a new blanking cap. However, be aware that it's really awkward to get to and the part is ridiculously expensive.
  6. Hector Vector

    Side by Side Club

    Took the .410 out again this afternoon. Also took the puppy out for his first shoot. He did really well, very steady little man, so pleased with him.
  7. Hector Vector

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    Just get a D4. Goes anywhere and economical...
  8. Hector Vector

    Side by Side Club

    Lyalvale Express Supreme Game. 2 1/2" case, fibre wad (don't use plastics in anything these days),14g No. 6 shot. Seem to work for everything I'm likely to shoot with a .410. Tonight's birds were all shot at around 25 yards. Keep the range sensible and they kill well.
  9. Hector Vector

    Side by Side Club

    No, it's a non-ejector. It's been restocked at some point but still retains a good percentage of it's original case hardening colours. Barrels were reblacked by Phil turner of Bozzard and Co. All all a very nice little piece. Good .410 SxS at sensible money are not easy to find. This one took me years...
  10. Hector Vector

    Side by Side Club

    A quick impromptu session on some Wheat stubble this evening. The little Army & Navy .410 did a fine job.
  11. Hector Vector

    Adrian Flux 4x4 & off roading insurance

    Agree with dodeer - Flux are incredibly unhelpful, worse insurance company I've ever attempted to deal with.
  12. Hector Vector

    chip change between mobiles

    I've never had a problem with "3" SIM cards in "non-3" 'phones either...
  13. Hector Vector

    Disco 2 V8 ace bypass kit.

    Just where exactly is it leaking? The rear pipe job I did recently was about £200 for parts (two pipes and a couple of compression fittings) and it's not a difficult a job. The fronts are a bit more tricky as they have to be joined. The original one-piece front pipes are fitted to the chassis before the body is decked and therefore cannot be removed/refitted as a whole in service. If the valve block seals are leaking and/or the block is corroded then you are in a bit more trouble...
  14. Hector Vector

    Disco 2 V8 ace bypass kit.

    I've never fitted an "ACE bypass kit" but I have replaced the pipes on my own TD5 (all of them) and a friend's vehicle (just the rears). In my opinion it's a sight easier and a far better option to do this than to de-ACE the car. ACE is a very good system and makes a significant difference to the way the car drives - I know this from experience! The seals that go into the valve block are a rubbish design and, unless they're leaking, are best left alone. Mine were leaking so I re-engineered the block to accept stud fittings sealed with Dowty washers; it's not going to leak there again, ever. Even if it did , it's now a simple fix. Apart from the pump and maybe it's immediate pipework, I would think that the TD5 and V8 ACE components are the same in any case.
  15. Hector Vector

    Centec Milling Machine

    It is one version of them and I've already found that picture. It doesn't show me how they fit to the knee and what means of clamping them around the feed screw is used. That's what I need to see...