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  1. This is my oldest SxS shotgun, dates from 1862, but it will be going back into use this coming season. It has been nitro proofed but I'm going to use brass cased black powder cartridges, just because I can and I like smoke and flames!
  2. The RF is compatible with the ATN Android app that allows you to do "stuff" with the range finder (hold over/under, calibre profiles, etc.) which is why I chose it. Worked at first then when my 'phone got updated to a later Android version it stopped. This was due to the fact the app hadn't been updated. Contacted ATN and their attitude was one of "tough luck". At the time they didn't know when or even if they would update their app and they didn't seem to care less that the RF had become effectively useless. The app has since been updated and everything is once more working. As regards the RF, I think it's pricey for what it is. The app isn't that useful to be honest but the RF works OK for range finding but there are cheaper out there.
  3. Not a thermal I know but I bought an ATN range finder. The kit itself is OK (nothing special) but the customer service offered by ATN is total poo! Won't even look at any of their kit again after my experience with them.
  4. I am not normally interested in air guns but have always fancied adding a vintage BSA or Webley air rifle to my collection of things that go bang (mostly vintage or antique). Consequently I picked up not one but two BSA Improved Model D rifles recently. One is a Standard pattern from 1911/12 and the other a Light pattern from 1913/14. Both are in pretty good original order considering their age and have not been messed around with. They are really well made, real quality feel to them and both are surprisingly accurate at 25 yards. Going to give them a strip and service and put them to use once again.
  5. I've got a Ridgeline Sniper drag bag. Fits my TAC A1 like a glove and it's well put together. Quite a bit cheaper than the AIM bags.
  6. This mirrors my experience with Medcert. Not kept up to date with what's going, different reasons for the delay, etc, etc. Got my money back after 6 months of frustration as they failed to provide the service I paid them for. Never again!!!!
  7. I've recently been walking my four dogs on the marshes of the Blackwater estuary (Essex) and they are picking up ticks left, right and centre! They hunt the margins where the water birds have been and the spaniel particularly is picking up loads. I have never seen as many about as this year in the 50 odd years I've had dogs. I think it's to do with the massive bird population (Brent Geese have been about in huge numbers) on the reserves. I have not yet had one tick on the them when walking the river Crouch, where there are far fewer birds. I carefully go over each dog afterwards and pick them off, had a couple attached to the Spaniel but the rest have just been hanging onto the hair. Only had one attached to me so far!!!
  8. I have a couple of their fleece lined canvas rifle slips and they are very good. I bought the first one speculatively not expecting too much but was really surprised at the quality of it, particularly at the price point. Also have a Tourbon canvas sling on my one of target rifles, that too is very good.
  9. I've bought from Stroud Auctions in the past (have had some nice items) and never found them to be less than polite and helpful. As JohnfromUK rightly states you cannot bid via the "the-saleroom.com" or similar without first registering. I buy a lot of stuff in various auctions and, yes, you do have to be careful but there some good things to be had.
  10. I've just bought the T3 directly from Dsoon. Less than £65 delivered. Took just 9 days to arrive; 3 days from Dsoon to UK, 6 days for the Royal Mail to condescend to do their bit... It's got a much better spec than the LTL Acorns I've got and is a lot cheaper. I've give it a test this weekend and see just how good it really is.
  11. I don't think you'll do much better at the money. Well engineered, incredibly accurate, simple and totally reliable. I love them; I have three, two for stalking and one for target work. Plus you get can left-handed actions without too much bother.
  12. You really need to get the fault codes read as a start. Restricted performance can be caused by many things. Then armed with that info get on over to DISCO3.CO.UK. You'll get good advice there, not a slating for owning a Land Rover product!
  13. I did and I understood it, hence I stand by my comments. This is your original post - so this isn't a criticism then? Obviously my understanding of the English language must be lacking! Funny how some people seem to want to make a meal out of a comment that was actually a positive reflection on the service Hawke are offering and made no reference to the quality/performance of the products...
  14. Then why air the opinion that you think "they are not very good"? Isn't that form of criticism? Particularly when it's not based on any first-hand experience of the brand? As for seeing how they're doing in 30 years, be it Hawke or S & B, is, in my case at least, irrelevant as I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be around and even if I am I'm very, very unlikely to be shooting anything. I'll be imminently expecting my telegram form the monarch!!!!!
  15. I my opinion I think you're are wrong. Actually at their price point they are very good products. In the case of my binos it was nothing to do with them being "not very good" more like the fact they were left hanging from a high seat for over a month in the rain and wind! Would a £2000 pair have fared any better? I have my doubts. Would Zeiss or Leica or Swarovski been so keen to replace them with a new pair, no questions asked? I think not. Just goes to reinforce the fact Hawke offer a bomb-proof warranty and stand by it. I have Hawke 'scopes on my rimfire rifles and have recently upgraded them to more recent models. Very pleased with them as well. I've got S & B and Athlon on my stalking and target centrefires that cost very much more but in reality do no more than the Hawkes, except, perhaps, in very low light levels.
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