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  1. I don't think you'll do much better at the money. Well engineered, incredibly accurate, simple and totally reliable. I love them; I have three, two for stalking and one for target work. Plus you get can left-handed actions without too much bother.
  2. You really need to get the fault codes read as a start. Restricted performance can be caused by many things. Then armed with that info get on over to DISCO3.CO.UK. You'll get good advice there, not a slating for owning a Land Rover product!
  3. I did and I understood it, hence I stand by my comments. This is your original post - so this isn't a criticism then? Obviously my understanding of the English language must be lacking! Funny how some people seem to want to make a meal out of a comment that was actually a positive reflection on the service Hawke are offering and made no reference to the quality/performance of the products...
  4. Then why air the opinion that you think "they are not very good"? Isn't that form of criticism? Particularly when it's not based on any first-hand experience of the brand? As for seeing how they're doing in 30 years, be it Hawke or S & B, is, in my case at least, irrelevant as I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be around and even if I am I'm very, very unlikely to be shooting anything. I'll be imminently expecting my telegram form the monarch!!!!!
  5. I my opinion I think you're are wrong. Actually at their price point they are very good products. In the case of my binos it was nothing to do with them being "not very good" more like the fact they were left hanging from a high seat for over a month in the rain and wind! Would a £2000 pair have fared any better? I have my doubts. Would Zeiss or Leica or Swarovski been so keen to replace them with a new pair, no questions asked? I think not. Just goes to reinforce the fact Hawke offer a bomb-proof warranty and stand by it. I have Hawke 'scopes on my rimfire rifles and have recently upgraded them to more recent models. Very pleased with them as well. I've got S & B and Athlon on my stalking and target centrefires that cost very much more but in reality do no more than the Hawkes, except, perhaps, in very low light levels.
  6. My 3 year old Hawke 10x32 Endurance ED binoculars wouldn't properly focus and I was getting a double image (out of collimation, remembered from my apprentice days a long, long time ago). I contacted Hawke, got a returns number and put them in the post Friday lunchtime. Had an email from one of the Hawke technicians yesterday confirming the fault and that a NEW pair had been sent out for delivery today. That's pretty damn good service I think, no false promises with their no-fault lifetime warranty, well done Hawke! This is the sort of service that engenders customer loyalty and enhances sales. Shame a few more companies out there can't do the same...
  7. I took out an RAC Platinum warranty when I bought my last used car and so pleased I did, although I thought it expensive at the time. Car was 5 years old, had a full service history although not main dealer and lower than average mileage. Had a total engine faliure about 18 months after purchase which resulted in a bill just short of £15K. The manufacturer and the warranty company shared the cost (manufacturer paid the larger proportion). The work was carried out by a manufacturer approved service agent (labour rates very close to those of a main dealer). No arguments or quibbling of any sort from either party. The claims limit on the policy was the vehicle purchase price. Obviously, therefore, not all 3rd party warranties are "not worth the paper they're written on" and I speak from personal experience. Read the small print and buy carefully!
  8. I think you'll find it's a Tucker tube foresight. Designed by Andrew Tucker who was one of the best target rifle shots of his day. Shame you don't have the rear sight to go with it...
  9. I recently abandoned my DSLR in favour of a decent "Bridge" camera, no regrets at all. Purchased a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000 and it's a lovely bit of kit. Does everything my DSLR could and then some. It's particularly good on the video side of things. Only downside is it's a little bit bulky but I can live with that. Worth considering a bridge camera perhaps?
  10. I had a Transit Connect and, without any doubt whatsoever, it was the worst vehicle I've ever owned. In every respect...
  11. No. They were made of tough stuff back in the day!!!!
  12. My No. MkIII has a long butt that's still a bit on the short side so I use a Pachmayr Decelerator slip on pad. Works a treat. Also use Sellier & Bellot 180 grain FMJ in preference to 174 grain PPU - I find them a bit more forgiving.
  13. Bear in mind that Hellebores can be toxic to dogs.
  14. As per the title. Anyone have one of these please?
  15. Sorted now. It doesn't appear to like Firefox on my laptop. Works fine with Microsoft Edge (which I don't like!).
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