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  1. aga man

    Spoiled For Choice

    Nice report mm and a very tidy bag. That dog is a beauty.
  2. aga man

    nice day

    Great bag that Daz. 20 on the flighttline is some real bonus sport. well shot.
  3. aga man

    Barley stubble

    Yeah, some great vermin control there, well shot.👌
  4. aga man

    A start to 2018 harvest

    Thanks motty. The hide was fine, like I say a few yards back you would se the tree base almost as thick as the double hide. Tan is very discreet with his photos and dose'nt like to give much away about the location. I often like the shorter/lesser sessions nowadays. the big bag decoying days are great especially if shared with a pal but I enjoy the 30 bags over peas or shooting these return lines back into the towns with JDog beside me, perhaps 40 or 50 birds but up there with the best of sport.
  5. aga man

    A start to 2018 harvest

    Nice one Daz, I hope you find a regular outlet with the steel shot situation. All new to me but so far they seem a very hit and miss round this way. Hope you get under some pigeons at weekend. Thanks PC we could have shot more but chose not to for now. Sorry about the presentation I was in a rush to get home as wife was off to start a night shift in 40 mins and was starting to get slightly aggressive!- {hope Greece is lovely}.
  6. aga man

    A start to 2018 harvest

    Thanks, the hide is at the base of an old ash tree and didn't look too out of place from 30yds. Thanks Clodhopper, yes seems to be plenty of pigeons about the area, hundreds hitting the wheat in a few places now. Thanks J. still plenty to go at so will be in touch very soon. Yes, they are certainly spoilt for choices of food now. It was really noticeable that pigeons got onto standing wheat the day after a night of heavy rain, perhaps they find moisture in that too? Thanks fudds, yes lovely and cool under the tree today, but still a pain trying to keep dead birds cool and free of flies!
  7. aga man

    A start to 2018 harvest

    It seems that through putting in some effort and also by the power of the internet I have people wanting dead pigeons from me. I have an order for 200 steel shot birds and folk generally wanting pigeons for their tea are waiting for me to shoot some. The field I had earmarked, hopefully for a day with JDog has been frustrating to watch. The field is rape and had been swathed for well over a week. Pigeons had been busy feeding on the laid swathes but I wasn't happy about shooting it as picking the birds would of been almost impossible due to the size of the huge swaths. The field was harvested on Sunday and I was hopeful of having a day here. Sadly following the heavy rain at the start of the week, pigeons turned off like a switch and started to feed heavily on standing wheat, many birds in fact and they have not bothered with the rape field since?? My old mate tan has access to some rape and although they was not as many birds here, they have still being feeding on the standing crop. At a loose end this afternoon we decided to have a decoy session there as the combine had started there at 9am. When we arrived the combine was still working its way away from our chose spot, a sitty tree. We set up a dead bird magnet and 8 deads on cradles. Birds were not here in numbers and any that came for a look at the decoys headed for the tree and made it very difficult to shoot them through the tree canopy. As the day progressed things got better but not fantastic as the combine kept birds off the opposite end of the field, many birds showed interest but did not decoy real well. We shot most of the day with steel to fill up my freezer with steel shot birds before moving onto shooting lead towards the end. We were very selective with our shots as we didn't want to lose birds in the wheat behind us having left the dogs at home. At 6.pm we packed up with 103 on the clicker and picked Exactly 100 . Our shooting took some explaining at certain times of the day but we made up for in the last hour bringing down some real long birds using Hull superfast 6's. The Gamebore super steel in no5 also proved deadly today. My phone camera packed in so tan took the pic. Thanks for reading.
  8. aga man

    Could have shot 100+

    Sounds like a great day and well done Ryan, a chip off the old block by the sounds of it.
  9. aga man

    This is Barney Sprockett.

    You are a gluten for punishment! He looks lovely and I am sure you can make a very good dog of him. Hope Jasper approves.
  10. aga man

    harvest at last

    Bought some from here http://www.humbersideguns.co.uk/index-3.html But he only carries limited stock 1000 or so . The gun room at holme on spalding moor stock Eley so I will be ringing them next week.
  11. aga man

    harvest at last

    Thanks that is a good price. I am currently on Gamebore super steel 32gm 5 [when I can't get home loaded } which are 60 a slab and do the job. I must admit ii have always like Eley cartridges so will look out for those.
  12. aga man

    harvest at last

    How much did you pay for the cartridges mate?
  13. aga man

    harvest at last

    Nicely done Daz, still waiting for the harvest here but hopefully have some rape stubble this coming week.
  14. aga man

    Bee attractor

    One of my wife's lavender bushes has been covered in bees this week.