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  1. Sorry to read it JDog. These type of gentlemen are sadly a dying breed never to be replaced. I'm sure you made an impression on him same as you do to everyone lucky enough to chat with you.
  2. Sounds like great way to blow off the cob webs. Well shot👍
  3. Great video, well shot. Thanks for posting👍
  4. Can't blame them for wanting to be out of that wind. Evil chill to it today.
  5. Interesting🤔 looks like the stems of something chopped up. Maize perhaps. Can you think of any such thing in the area?
  6. I thought elephant grass was another name for it? One of my farmers has grown for the past 20 years (as game cover) and that's what he's always called it? http://www.recrops.com/miscanthus
  7. 👍yep I call it elephant grass as i can never remember the proper name😅
  8. Some sort of bio fuel? Elephant grass?
  9. Looks a lovely place to spend a few hours and the dog looks as happy as can be! Great result👍
  10. Thanks J. Some drilling done there but some of the ground still tacky! It has been seriously wet over the winter
  11. Well done on shooting the crows. A big help to songbirds at this time of year 👍
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