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  1. aga man

    A day at the Seaside

    Sounds great, the bag of pigeons just a bonus really.
  2. aga man

    Barley stubble session

    Well shot Mr Wilks, that is a good result. I have a beard trim kit here if ever you need to borrow it! Just saying like
  3. aga man

    Just what the doctor ordered

    Nice bag fella's, well shot.
  4. aga man

    Mossberg Hushpower 20 gauge

    Gun now sold chaps, thanks for all the interest.
  5. aga man

    not a bad week

    Nice to see you are still chipping away at them Daz. I have been doing similar but have not been out much due to workload and stress at home etc. I did share a lovely flighted bag of 67 pigeons with JDog a fortnight ago but sadly never got the chance to report.
  6. aga man

    Mossberg Hushpower 20 gauge

    This is mine folks, Would prefer face to face sale but any questions please pm.
  7. aga man

    Stopping drinking

    Yes I have basically stopped the drink already but I see what you are saying. I enjoy a drink but I am so out of shape its unreal so I need to take a break. I stopped the fags 6 years ago after 25 years of smoking, so never say never!
  8. aga man

    Stopping drinking

  9. aga man

    Stopping drinking

    No, but I am right beside you. I need to do the same.
  10. Yes their website shows the WG 8's as 2.3mm {uk 7.5} . Not all their clays cartridges use continental sizes those using diamond shot do. https://gamebore.com/uk/clay
  11. aga man

    115 in a few hour! 🤯

    Great effort. Well shot.
  12. aga man

    Promises made.

    The deadly duo strikes again! Well shot guys.
  13. aga man

    System boiler questions

    My thoughts too providing it is flushed properly.
  14. aga man

    Lazy Sunday afternoon

    Fair play to you. I chickened out yesterday and like marsh man i opted for the shade of trees. Good result.
  15. aga man

    How Long Do You Shoot Rape Stubble ?

    I think maybe 10 of the birds I shot were youngsters. I saw a fair few young birds but not in bunches or groups as yet. Pretty much what I would expect for this area in early August really.