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  1. Sounds fantastic J, I was in a wood Friday afternoon during the storm. Crazy some some say but the pigeons were the most challenging I have shot in some time. (All stuffed full of rape) Roost shooting in a good wind certainly takes some beating👍
  2. Some of the older bettinsoli take Mobil but not the newer models. My old betty sideplate takes Mobil but a friend had a newer betty diamond & that was totally different. Hope that helps a bit.
  3. RC professional game 28g no6 (65mm) Lovely & smooth, kill really well.
  4. Great effort PC, farmer should be happy with that👍
  5. UK size 7 (2.4mm). Used plenty of them to shoot pigeons in the past. Great cartridge, like all of the Nsi 👍
  6. Very Nice, sounds great sport. The birds there look very healthy. Shot a bag myself over Xmas on rape & I have to say the shot birds where in tip top condition and have since fed the family very well.
  7. A nice read. Happy new year mm. stay well.
  8. Surely you mean Charlock growing amongst a crop of rape? if so yes many times👍 or maybe you mean it has been sown as a mustard/soil conditioning crop. not sure in that case keep an eye on it!
  9. Hopefully not the virus! Happy New year to you & your good lady👍
  10. Another very decent bag off winter rape.👍 Merry Xmas to you & yours PC All the best
  11. They would have been an ideal cartridge for bolting foxes flushed by terriers from haystacks etc. Many folk would use them for ducks too back in the day.
  12. Nice session J & your type of sport I know. A spinney is a great place to be this time of year. If are lucky enough to find one away from the game shoots!
  13. I would take these if you don't manage to sell as a lot👍
  14. I would be happy to take these if you don't sell them please 👍
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