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  1. Well done chaps, very testing birds in that wind I imagine
  2. Nice to see you are still getting amongst the pigeons👍
  3. Nice report, had a similar session on peas the same size on tuesday and many of the birds had green wheat and barley in their crops. I feel bags on the peas may become lighter from now.
  4. Nice to read you are out again Old Boggy
  5. Well done gents. A bit too warm for me to be out past few days but we are generally shooting similar size bags on peas which are the same as in the picture. Ours were drilled, first week of June.
  6. I have plenty of the regular reed warblers at the back of my house on the banks of the river Hull. Been an absoloute joy to hear them singing their hearts out well into darkness on an evening.
  7. Well done J, you are an ambassador for the sport👍
  8. Top drawer as usual gents. Seems you are going to get on fine with that little gun muncher, hasnt taken long to christen it! Nice report and lovely looking lab👍
  9. Possibly Lupins grown for seed.
  10. Some good sport to come off that ground by the looks of it. You are indeed a fortunate chap👍
  11. aga man


    probably some pfte and the seal washer you suggest. if the bolt head sticks out a bit perhaps it would be easier to notch out space in the inside of the stock rather than countersinking the cylinder. My mates had the hole for the gauge anyway so that wasn't a problem. Good luck.
  12. aga man


    Yes you can. A mate of mine bought an old Webley fx2000 and the gauge was missing and had been replaced with the type of bolt you describe. He was going to get round to replacing the gauge but has got used to the rifle without it and it has suffered no problems. Not too sure on the thread size but the bolt will need some sort of thread seal / o ring and will need to be tested for leaks after filling.
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