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  1. I like to use Italian trap cartridges whenever I can get them. Far cheaper than those made here in Hull too.
  2. Good effort guys, nice to shoot over the swaths for a change even if only for nostalgic reasons. I had the chance to shoot some last year but the swaths were huge, biggest I have ever seen, could have lost a dog in there! I declined and shot the stubble afterwards taking some decent bags.
  3. This man speak sense on the matter.
  4. aga man


    Yes it sounds like a purpose built oil model. If you contact Barry@agafixspares.com and maybe send him some pics he will tell you if it is possible to convert it to solid fuel but i suspect not. For the record it will use probably 40 litres of oil per week during the winter but is much more than a cooker. Wont need its chimney sweeping as often as a solid fuel and is totally independent of electric, so power cuts wont affect it. A leg of lamb or rabbit caserole cooked in one of these is something else. If you're engineer is worth his salt he will give you useful pointers at the service.
  5. aga man


    I am not familiar with of 601 usually of 7 or 22. Does the bottom left door have a chrome air damper wheel?
  6. aga man


    If the Rayburn does the central heating it will probably have pressure jet oil burners (400 series). It is not possible to convert these to solid fuel due to the internal flueways and combustion chamber. If it is the old wick burning type it should be possible to convert to solid fuel (good chance it was converted from that to oil). You may have to buy a few parts to convert it back though. Speaking as a Aga/Rayburn repair man.👍
  7. Great result for you marshman. Personally i still prefer to shoot pigeons flighting but the stubbles certainly open a lot of area to explore and make things easier to reduce numbers for following rape crops. Still a week or so off for us yet so i will stay here in the canary isles for a while longer😎
  8. Yes i have fired plenty through full fixed choke. Factory loaded gamebore 32gm no 4. The gun was not steel proofed. Cant comment on any bigger shot sizes though.
  9. Very good of JDog to give these opportunities to new comers. What a gent.👍
  10. Nothing wrong with that and i certainly didnt mean anything by comment. I guess i was trying to imply you 2 pigeon shooters tend to shoot some bigger bags over stubble. Perhaps i should have worded it differently.
  11. Great bag Daz. They certainly like the barley. Hard to keep em off it at times. Well shot.
  12. A great result PC. I see on FB that your pal bunny_blaster is getting all the pigeons!
  13. A mediocre bag shot over stubble by you 2 no doubt but a great result non the less. Well shot.
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