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  1. A tale of two flight lines.

    Good numbers to shoot given the conditions. That wind was bitter here yesterday afternoon.
  2. Hushpower update.

    A easy way to describe it, as somone did to me is imagine the stock comb as the rear sight on an open sight rifle. If you raise the rear sight it raises the point of impact of the bullet. The difference raising the comb on my gun made, suprised me!
  3. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    I wouldn't suggest relying on the safety catch entirely, but if safe handling and the safety catch used as intended are used both together, then surely we are as safe as can be.
  4. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    In my opinion yes, there is certainly a potential for an unsafe situation. More a pet hate of mine really.
  5. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Personally I only take the safety catch off when mounting the gun for a shot. That is the way I was always taught back in the day. I agree awareness of where the muzzles are pointing is far more important but to me the safety should be on until the gun needs to be discharged. People who shoot with me in a pigeon hide and leave the safety catch off seldom get a second invite.
  6. Lure fishing

    Great fish Penelope. Until 10 or so years ago i used to do a lot of pike fishing and on the rare occasion that I used lures during the colder months I would always carry some of these. They can be fished deep and slow or sink and draw style in the shallower water. The rubber tails give very lifelike movement and they sink like a stone. The single hook on the top has less chance of catching snags like many treble hook lures often do. They used to be call Toothy critter shad lures { I think} and I have caught fish to over 20lb on them.
  7. Thieving Scum

    Something very wrong with todays world/people. I hope the rest of the day gets better for you Steve.
  8. Reasons to be cheerful

    There has been some very big bags posted elsewhere on the internet from up and down the country and also similar reports of big numbers. Perhaps these are normal as I have only just gone over to the dark side of the internet, impressive all the same. Numbers are looking about average here, but any birds I am dressing for the table are in tip top condition, that's for sure.
  9. I have a similar budget to you and I am expecting to buy a diesel with 70-80 000 miles on. The modern diesel are good for 200.000+ miles. My mechanic who I trust completely tells me a good service history is more important than the miles. I prefer a diesel for my work etc but I will be looking for one that does not have a DPF {diesel particulate filter} which I believe came out in 09 reg.
  10. Choke combo

    1/2 and 3/4 for decoying, 3/4 and full for roosting/flighting or when on the crows.
  11. The Octavia scout does fit the bill, but having owned one I can't really say too much good about them. Perhaps I was just unlucky but my 09 plate suffered engine failure at 90 000 miles, and had a few abs problems prior to that. I only had it 2 years but it cost me a fair dollop of cash in the end. I am currently looking at Mitsubishi outlander as my work/shooting bus, a few around your budget marsh man and another thing I like about them is the boot has a drop down tail gate which is handy as the labs get older. Worth a look.
  12. Game cartridges

    Typical that Mike!
  13. Shooting in fog

    In my experience {very limited}, the pigeons will sit up trees, very reluctant to move until the fog clears.
  14. A Dry Saturday

    Great bag, well shot sir.
  15. Game cartridges

    I have four boxes of heavy game loads that I am unlikely to use so I am hoping to swap them for 20 bore shells of a similar value. There is 2 boxes of Hull high pheasant extreme 36gm no4 fibre wad and 2 boxes of Gamebore black gold 36gm no5 plas wad. Not the usual black gold with silver head? Perfect for all you Dave Carries and George Digweeds out there! Face to face with certificate Hull, East Yorkshire area.