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  1. aga man

    Running ear buds

    Wife does a fair bit of running ( Usually 5 k max). She uses some called Mpow, beleive she got them from Amazon. She likes them and she has tried a few.
  2. I have resisted the temptation to go out on drilings, but having just been out on a call to repair someones oil boiler I did hear someone shooting on drillings and must admit I was slightly envious hearing the sound of a busy session. Well done dad on bagging a few and respect for making sure the shot birds are used.
  3. You can also see at the start of that video that the peas there have dressing on Kitch. I suppose there is no given certainty in this game, just when you think you fully understand pigeons they go and prove us wrong. All part of the thrill of pigeon shooting I guess. Atb aga man.
  4. The bird at 1.45 looks like a stock dove. Lucky you missed it!
  5. Might be easier to get the recipient's email address and send it that way?
  6. Well done, good result and at least you know you have some decent grub in the house!
  7. A decent year for you so far. Well shot.
  8. This subject has bothered me for quite some time now since i lost my main gamedealer. Although i choose not to shoot big numbers on stubbles anymore i shoot a fair few throughout the year protecting crops. For me social media has been great, i have given many pigeons away for free and also made contact with people who buy steel shot birds for falcons etc. We also eat a good few at home and yesterday i processed 30 birds and cooked them so i can supplement the dogs dry food. Although i dont get much return for my cartridges, i am happy to give them away through social media sites, after all it gets people eating woodpigeon which can only be a good thing. Its suprising how many people are wanting to take some and try the meat. I have had all walks of life at my door to take pigeons. I also keep 2 chest freezers going, as i always did. Like you marshmsn i can't bear to waste pigeons.
  9. Nothing much beats a busy looking decoy pattern on drillings. Well done gents.
  10. You can see in this video that the spray applied mid session does little to deter the pigeons. It maybe is possible pigeons are put off certain fields after being sprayed but I never seen it before having shot pea fields for a good few years now.
  11. Great stuff, well shot.
  12. Yes correct. A great load for decoying pigeons too.
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