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  1. aga man

    Weather over the Wolds.

  2. aga man

    Gun christened!

    Thanks J, yes great sport but bitterly cold. The gun is a 5500 sporter with multichoke 30" barrels.
  3. aga man

    Gun christened!

    Always wanted a winchester but either never had the dosh or was unable to find the right one. Recently i sold my trap gun and had a bit of dosh due to working really hard before christmas. By chance i came accross this gun in a local gunshop. That was last week and i have had little chance to use it which has been frustrating. Pigeons here are on the rape as you would expect but with all the game shooting some areas are out of bounds and all the shooting is making the flocks 'twitchy' so i have not bothered trying to decoy them. With little work to do today and a good wind forecast i headed for a spinney which has rape growwing around it and birds have been holding up in. I managed to get my timings wrong with the forecasted showers and got slightly wet but once the rain stopped i put the magnet on the outskirts of the spinney and waited for pigeons to show interest. I wasn't waiting long and pigeons came into the tree's at all angles and with the wind made a real test for me and my new gun. The cartridge count wasn't the best but the sport was fantastic and i shot some corkers. The nearby game shoot was banging away but i knew where i would rather be! I shot for 3 hours and picked 15 pigeons and 1 unlucky Rook before returning home to the warmth. A nice way to christen the gun and i dare i will get on fine with it. .
  4. Surprised they have any left at that price! I agree probably over kill for pigeons but would be a useful load for roost shooting etc.
  5. aga man

    Short and sweet.

    Good result
  6. aga man

    Are side by side guns obsolete

    Great picture JDog.
  7. Rumour has it that these are a 6.5 shot in terms of actual shot size and in a 36gm load are a close match to pigeon extreme which everyone raves about on the high stuff but these Bornaghi are selling for £50 a slab in some shops. Sounds like a good shell for that money.
  8. Apperantley chris potter guns in Kent are stocking these in no7 shot at the moment. Just been reading about them on another forum. Sound like a good load.
  9. aga man

    Nsi .410

    I have used these, they kill very well as with all of the NSI cartridges. I found them very punchy {recoil wise} though compared to Eley etc but I have only used them in my single barrel coey.
  10. aga man

    Parker Hale 700 trap 12 gauge

    Gun now sold.
  11. aga man

    New shoots

    That's the way to do it! but always remember, {although you are doing the farmers a favour} to show respect and only leave foot prints and a few feathers.
  12. aga man

    Pigeon breast suggestions please

    Stupidly simple but very good.
  13. aga man

    Land Rover 2.5 tdi belts.

    The td5 has no cambelt as it is chain driven and I think you will find it has one big rubber auxiliary belt. You should be able to find some info on changing it through google.
  14. aga man

    Not Always to Plan

    A bag many of us would be very happy with at the moment none the less, great effort. The dreaded gas guns will be everywhere come the 2nd of feb, no doubt.
  15. aga man

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    Weatherhead butchers in Pateley bridge North Yorkshire are the best I have ever had. The one bought from the deli counter in Morrisons is not too shabby either!