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  1. My Mossberg hushpower had the opposite problem and threw the pattern low. Raising the stock comb with foam helped sort it so the reverse would probably sort your problem. Either lowering the comb somehow or raising the rib/bead? Never did get the hang of mine even after 30 years of shooting shotguns. sold it in the end.
  2. A while since I have seen a decent line, the pup is looking well.
  3. British army issue desert trousers, cool and lightweight for summer and perfect for shooting, scaring pigeons on the stubbles. Nato size 80/96/112 which equates to 32/33" inside leg and 38" waist. Selling as i have lost a small amount of weight! {no laughing JDog} £10 posted.
  4. A great afternoon for it, wind was good over this side.
  5. Looking great that Jacko, i really do rate these products and Paul is a really helpful bloke👍
  6. Seems the local council here is growing more of these mixes now on central reservations and verges, which is great for wildlife and saves on grass cutting which is a no brainer. Pigeons certainly seem to like them too.
  7. aga man


    A simple barrel mounted chrono/chrombo would tell you if there is varying power between shots. Perhaps you could borrow one or invest in one, well worth the £50. Variation in power would certainly affect the grouping and would suggest the rifle needs a service. Perhaps cleaning the barrel is worth a try also.
  8. Was nice to meet you sir, a pleasure to deal with.
  9. The farmer has tried other non lethal methods which are failing, you are authourised by him/her to protect the crop by shooting the pigeons as per the terms in the Gl. Crack on.
  10. The filtered out word is short for Richard, with an 's' on the end Here's mine I recently did using his oils,
  11. Have a look at slippery ***** gun oils. Think there is some vids on YouTube too. I would highly recommended these oils.
  12. Yes I agree Scully, we are not likely to be challenged and I dare say many people were still shooting pigeons last week ,blissfully un aware. As we pigeon shooters are mostly country men and conservationists I am sure we will all abide by whatever rules are set before us, but nice to be ahead of the game. Not that difficult really! Keep up the good work chap
  13. I will shoot pigeons there once they are causing a problem and all of the other deterrents have failed, which knowing the ground well ,they will. As within the terms of the GL.
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