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  1. Interesting. We generally expect birds coming to roost at this time of year to be stuffed full of rape. Goes to show what food is available, and surprising that so much beechmast is still out there!
  2. Farmers busy drilling wheat here too. I have seen this before in January though only for the ground to become frozen and covered in snow in February resulting in poor or no germination. Can't blame them for trying though, the seed has been sat in the store since Autumn.
  3. Should be ok at that as long as you are getting 12-13 litres a minute from the hot taps. Would best to get the flow issues checked when next engineer visits but should be fine for now as long as you are still getting near to those flow rates
  4. I think Schmitty could be along the right lines. Presuming we are talking about a combi boiler, many of these boilers are fitted with a flow restrictor which can fail, particularly if you have quite high pressure cold mains. Reducing the incoming cold valve below the boiler {slightly} may improve temp at the taps. It could of course be one of a few things, diverter valve passing, plate heat exchanger part blocked, thermistor etc which would need an engineer to test properly. If the boiler is only a few years old maybe it still has warranty? perhaps your installer could get a repair done under that.
  5. Excellent stuff, well done to all 3 wise men.
  6. Bloody hell J, you look like you have been sat in the ship inn all afternoon with me! Seriously though fair play to you for trying to keep in good spirits and humour. A difficult time for you I am sure. Hope to shoot some pigeons together again soon
  7. I would keep hold of them for when you're fancy new boots let you down which they no doubt will! Thats a great bargain for someone and shame they are not size 9 or i would have had them in a heartbeat.
  8. A very honest report Pc and proof that you are infact a normal human after all. A fair few rape fields scattered about here in East Yorks but very few with any pigeon problems as yet. Plenty of berries still on the hedges though and copious amounts of game feed being thrown out so plenty for them to eat. Happy xmas to you and yours.
  9. Superb as always. Thanks for posting.
  10. Can't complain about a bag of 40 odd pigeons at this time of year! Good do that👍
  11. Well done motty, a great bag for this time of year.👍
  12. A walk of the ground will give you a good idea of what pests are present, maybe not that helpful but here is a picture of some fairly bad rabbit damage on a crop of spring barley.
  13. I would say the pictures show poor crop establishment rather than pest damage. Heavy or wet land can look like this from aerial views. The first pic looks like either drilling problems or sections of black grass have been sprayed off with weed killer, a common sight these days in june/july.
  14. Nice to read your reports again PC👍
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