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  1. A walk of the ground will give you a good idea of what pests are present, maybe not that helpful but here is a picture of some fairly bad rabbit damage on a crop of spring barley.
  2. I would say the pictures show poor crop establishment rather than pest damage. Heavy or wet land can look like this from aerial views. The first pic looks like either drilling problems or sections of black grass have been sprayed off with weed killer, a common sight these days in june/july.
  3. Nice to read your reports again PC👍
  4. On the money with the flightline as usual. I could feel your frustration at the start but you made up for it with the long crow and the pair of pigeons towards the end. Well shot and thanks for posting👍
  5. Great result. Nice to find birds that are not focused on the beechmast!
  6. Good result, I almost went out shooting pigeons myself this afternoon but took the Mrs out on a lunch date instead which also yielded a good result! Happy days
  7. Well done gents, nice to read.
  8. I have been busy brewing too, what I thought was sloe gin. I always thought Bullace was another name for Sloes?. Not sure now as my secret tree looks very similar to yours JDog.
  9. aga man

    RWS Supermag

    Never tried them before. Sorry.
  10. aga man

    RWS Supermag

    I used to shoot a fair few rabbits using the super h point in.22. People always warned about poor groups but they worked well enough for me at 30-40yds. Gone to .177 now and just use the superdomes as they suit my rifle. The super h points killed very well. (Sub 12ft).
  11. I think the rotary is an essential bit of kit for anyone who does a fair amount of pigeon shooting and there is no doubt they help bring birds in from range in most situations. The placement of it can be crucial some days though and i suppose only the pigeons know the answer as to why. Some days they flare from it but moving it can change the game? It can be very rewarding to have a decoy session with out one occasionally though {old school}.
  12. Good shooting. The dogs look knackered but very happy
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