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  1. Another tale of woe

    Certainly a difficult time at the minute. I have still have some drillings to go in but I fear that warm soils and frequent rain showers will mean quick germination, giving a small window for the birds to find it. Pigeons here seem to be leaving buds and going back to rape and clover.
  2. Carrion crow nests this week.

    Job well done Fuddster and some very sage advice. I am also keen to kill Carrion crows and magpies at any time of year but tend to make more effort around spring time.
  3. Just started drilling

    Only ever attracted corvids at drilling when we grew it on the dairy farm, no pigeons till harvesting. Great chance to hammer the corvids though.
  4. osr last day

    Great result👍
  5. Drillings can be good!

    The first of many good bags to be reported on the drilling with a bit of luck! Pleased for you motty you was due a good bag.
  6. Darling Buds of April

    Great bag for the time of year
  7. Darling buds my ****.

    Shot a similar number and a Carrion myself this evening on some backward rape patches. Didn't start shooting till 4pm and all the pigeons I shot had empty crops. Seeing a good few on clover in horse paddocks here now.
  8. Packing in the Fags.

    I went to my doctor and he gave me some Champix tablets which helped me stop. I smoked for over 20 years and never thought I could stop as I loved my tobacco. Been stopped for 6 years now and never really looked back. I have gained 2 stone though since, so now starts another problem! Keep focused, good luck.
  9. Home Made Hide Net

    Well as we say in Yorkshire you don't get owt for nowt"! No shame in wearing the Wife's slippers sir, I do now and again.
  10. Home Made Hide Net

    The net looks great out in the field. I cannot resist asking though, are you wearing your Wifes slippers in the first photo?
  11. Definitely a Karma Day

    Nice to be shooting in short sleeves for a change. Hope to be out myself later today, but for a much smaller bag no doubt. Well shot.
  12. Yes no doubt out of silage and possibly had to buy in over the past couple of weeks at great expense. Fingers crossed weather looking to improve next week so should be all ok
  13. Same here, and not to mention the extra foot problems with cows being on concrete for far too long. Nature always has a way of balancing it self though and things will come good in the coming weeks, grass is growing well, and from what I can see wildlife/ birdlife is doing well despite the conditions.
  14. Fiocchi

    I would happily buy them at that price. Great cartridges.
  15. Just a text.

    Well done JDog, even more land! You picked the better day looking at the forecast. Very wet tomorrow. Why the 20bore, neck again?