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  1. Very impressive well shot.
  2. Great result and well deserved for all the fuel and time you use looking. Well shot.
  3. My father was a keeper for many years on a very reputable estate here in east yorkshire. He was old school and killed a lot of vermin and reared many birds with good results. If the tennant farmers there asked someone to shoot pigeons id didnt bother him. The same as farmers using gas guns to protect crops. Many small syndicate keepers nowadays look to blame anything for a poor show of birds. Much more to good keepering than just throwing feed out.
  4. I have met a few of these type keepers before, nothing more than pheasant feeders most of them. In my opinion if you are shooting pigeons and pests for the farmer then the keeper should have a word with the farmer and then the farmer can talk to you. {just my opinion of course}.
  5. I have not been out on the pigeons for a few weeks now, a busy work load, bad back and not really having a proper outlet for my shot birds are just a few of my many excuses. The latter is probably the one that bothers me the most. I have seen pigeons on stubbles that I have access to but I have chosen not to bother. Perhaps getting older is playing a part too. After yet another busy week I managed to free up a few hours this afternoon and I had spotted a line heading to what I think is standing beans a way off. I took a few boxes of shells and Bob my young lab to intercept the line at 2pm this afternoon. With only a magnet out in the stubble Bob and I got tucked into a hedge and tried to shoot some fairly rangey pigeons as they came for a look at the magnet. It was a lovely sunny afternoon with a slight breeze and pigeons on the out going line were fairly high as I had hoped. We got going by 2.30pm and knocked off at 5pm with 24 pigeons and 2 carrion crows for 47 shots. Pretty dismal by some standards but the birds were all 30- 50 metres high and Bob and I had just the sort of afternoon we like. Bob worked his socks off retrieving the fallen and even managed to find the only ditch in east Yorkshire with water in it! Gamebore super steel performed really well and killed some corkers. Thanks for reading.
  6. Good result boys, well shot.
  7. Well done J, you certainly make short work of those longer birds. That Miroku fits you well.
  8. The problem here is not gas related, it is illegal( if not gas safe registeted) to remove the combustion cover to access the pilot burner. No doubt you could do the job but thats what the law states. If the pilot is good and the new thermocouple dosent fix it then you will need a new gas valve, which will need an engineer anyway so use a good local independent engineer is my advice. Speaking as a gas safe registered person👍
  9. Great to see your videos again, thanks for posting. 23 of those birds are worth more than a hundred over the decoys any day! Well shot.
  10. I don't shoot many duck nowadays. Only ever inland flight splashes when i did but many of the ducks i am seeing here are still very young birds, perhaps a while off being ready to shoot?
  11. I have also noticed stubble fields busy with pigeons and very few folk out shooting them. I think many folk, both farmers and shooters alike are unsure about the GL terms of stubble shooting since the farse caused in spring.(if only people would read the terms of GL). Good news for pigeons perhaps but winter rape crops could be in serious trouble.
  12. Thanks Wilksy, yes pigeons still a bit tricky here, think you and Gord have shot them all! Not sure about planking but wife says i'm an expert at a very similar sounding activity Have a good holiday pal.
  13. Many thanks, I hope your surgery was a success. The back problems seem to becoming more frequent for me now, yearly at least. I really hope I won't need any surgery but if that what it takes I will. Very difficult being a self employed one man band and struggling on with back pain. Very frustrating. I hope not, if his shooting was anything to go by yesterday, he would far better at taking care of things than me Haha, very good Ditchy
  14. I am once again in a fair bit of pain with my back tonight after sorting the birds etc but I am happy. It was a great afternoon as always and give me the encouragement I needed to get out. We have both shot this line a few times now and it never fails to satisfy and produces a fantastic spectacle of birds at all height and angles. I was quite surprised at the number we shot but pigeons decoyed really well to trusty old homemade magnet. My shooting was off as I expected but JDog shot very well indeed {and no he didn't pay me to say that!} the best shooting I have seen in quite a while topped with a nice 60yd+ driven bird dead in the air. Great stuff.
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