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  1. Well i dont think hes gonna miss much with that, but on the odd occassion he does he could always poke the rabbits eye out with the scope lol. that looks one hell of a set up. lucky lad. Good luck to him, hope he has many happy times shooting with it.
  2. The defender has its downsides, but i would call that character. i can only comment on what i saw at the time, am sure they are good with the right tyres however you can only put certain types of tyres on them due to the speed ratings. whereas i can put more aggressive tyres on my defender which means i will go further then most people. its horses for courses the defender fits with me perfectly whereas some people like speed and comfort lol. nice pic by the way, shows what land rover can do. all the best Charlie
  3. Thanks guys, good to know for the future. the chap was towing a trailer across a field with about 4 inches of snow. he slid sideways down the hill and couldn't get away from the fence. so got a good old defender to tow him out and i hitched the trailer up to my defender and towed that out. nothing beats a defender lol. thanks again. charlie
  4. Hi guys, Just a quick question for all/any of the disco 3 drivers out there. Does the disco 3 have any front recovery points? was pulling one out of a field yesterday but couldn't find a recovery point or even a tie down point at the front. just wondering if i missed it or if it doesn't have one? would seem a bit stupid not to have anything at the front. Thanks. Charlie
  5. would be intrested if you had more info. where are they please, and do you have any pics of the parents. thanks. charlie
  6. if i were you i would consider getting some steel modulars, they look great and are stronger then the alloys especially if your going offroad with it. i know alot of offroad guys use the mach 5's but i have heard a few bad things about them with trying to get them balanced, aparantly they arn't great on road. and well done thats a lovely truck, im pretty sure you won't be dissapointed. just my 2 pence. all the best charlie
  7. Hi everyone. thank you very much for all your help and suggestions, i have read through them and tried various different things while testing it today. from the looks of it, it is soot/oily substance which is being blown back into the barrel after shooting, which then effects the poi. i am going again tomorrow to try a different round using a different and hopefully cleaner powder in order to see if i get the same amount of soot coming back into the barrel. so it may well not be the moderator but as the moderator won't strip down you can't clean it making this a harder process. t
  8. thing is there isn't much consistancy even after 5 or 10 shots, also i am a big believer in a clean rifle, to prevent fouling etc. the gun was factory screwcut. but i will ask my mate if i can borrow his mod today and see the results. thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated. charlie
  9. Hi Guys, was hoping some of you may be able to help. i have a 223 which up till now i have shot without a moderator, i decided because of the noise mainly that i ought to shoot with a mod. so after a long chat with gun shop and a few people it was decided i would get a pes scout. i have now tried 2 and both haven't been very good. the groups arn't great but also the shots keep climbing higher and higher after the first shot. i have tried cleaning the gun, ensuring the moderator is on tight enough, where i could get a half inch group at 150 yrds without the mod i now struggle to hit a
  10. i wouldn't get your hopes up mate. we have a few fields of oats here every year and have never even botherd shooting over it. the pigeons just don't seem to like it. i would be very surprised if any pigeons around you went for them but personally i would keep an eye on your wheat. just my opinion maybe someone else has had a bit of luck. just none down here. atb charlie
  11. another vote here for the tom tick remover thing from the vets. i have to deal with loads of ticks through the year between me and the dogs and it always works, its painless, its quick and its almost impossible to leave any of the tick in the skin. well worth 3 quid!
  12. from the last couple of threads where i have seen ur posts you have been as bout as usefull as a glass hammer. just simply being rude to those who disagree with you and your opinions. it may sadden you to know that their opinions are just as important as yours. so maybe having a bit more respect would be a better idea. And you knew exactly what i meant by that phrase. i do spend most of my time either in the field or with my nose in books or on the internet researching this stuff. which is why i dont take it lightly when called an armchair masterbating walt.
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