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  1. SIDEWINDER 30 SF 6-24x56 20x HALF MIL RETICLE Has the sunshade metal flip covers and side wheel only a few months old with sportsmatch mounts £300 posted inbox for pics
  2. coming into stock 03/09 mines been ordered nv007a
  3. not that im making one now
  4. they are back in the shops in the next month or so and then you will be offered £250 better to take an offer
  5. i will offer you £400 posted
  6. cooky

    pard 007

    cheers would rather wait for the stock than pay £450 for a year old one lol
  7. cooky

    pard 007

    prefer a 12mm one if anyone selling one cheers
  8. me and my brother are looking for land for air rifles in the north east dont mind paying for it cheers
  9. cooky

    meat wanted

    sounds nice my dad and uncles had a butcher make a load of pigeon sausages/pork around 20 years ago i was like im not eating that OMG was the best sausage i have ate
  10. cooky

    meat wanted

    yep i know mate its gonna be around 80% lean 20% fat give or take till i get it right even the plain old beef will have pork in it to give it a little fat water ? the meat will have enough water in the damp rusk plus the fat
  11. cooky

    meat wanted

    I mate i was gonna pm you will let you know when its here will be making them by next weekend so if your out next sat/sun i will have anything you can get for 50/50 :good:
  12. cooky

    meat wanted

    Ok guys im getting my sausage making kit in the next week or sooner depends when it arrives so im after meat rabbit pigeon anything edible and fresh so the sausage can be frozen if need be i can either buy it from you or give you the finished product half of what i make in exchange i will be making a variety of different mixes so and if you want to trade meat for sausages you will be a test guinea pig lol of course if you have allergic reactions to certain things i would need to know only asking as i have a 3 year old that is allergic to a number of things so i would feel bad if i gave you a item that was bad for you :good: will let you know when the gear arrives so i can start collecting meat :yes:
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