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  1. Are you part of a club? If so could you point me in the right direction please Cheers Richy
  2. If you ever venture down to Newcastle I would take them off your hands.
  3. tricka

    decoy stuff

    bit on the short side. thanks anyway
  4. tricka

    decoy stuff

    what height is it mate
  5. tricka

    decoy stuff

    would you sell bucket seat only?
  6. cheers graham. with the permit do you get put with another member or do i need to know a current member to take me
  7. Travelling doesnt bother me although it would be nice to keep to north east, but as im asking to tag along i cant be too fussy o suppose would just love to try it
  8. any chance i could join anyone in the north east for a spot of wildfowling. been shooting for 15 years but never done any real wildfowling just flight ponds and decoying. fully insured and safe! currently dont have a dog although i have a pup arriving next week so that should be ready for next season if anyone could help me out please drop me a PM richie
  9. 2nd dibs if falls through please
  10. Looking for some goose shooting in county durham / tyne and wear area Please get in touch if you can offer me any
  11. 2nd dibs on these please
  12. Visit this ground quite often with few mates. Great place and good prices
  13. Only fires the 1 barrel. Dropped it into john foster today and he said it sounds like an inertia block problem
  14. That will be why i havnt been able to get an answer haha I will call him on monday
  15. Cheers i will give him a call tomorrow as im probs goin to spenny clay club on sunday so could drop it into sedgefield
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