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  1. The link takes you a LACS piece about the number of people against game shooting.I think if there was an official survey out there one of the organisations would have flagged it up.
  2. Kenzie Wildgoose man.Brilliant,never get tired of reading it.
  3. No choice in Wales . Can't shoot them without special license.
  4. I would bet it happens in Wales first ,with the lack of backbone government we have.Always the first to role over and quick to hand responsibility to NRW . Alw
  5. I see the person from the New Forest has got his step daughter a job as a guest presenter on spring watch on the BBC.Another thing I can't watch.The BBC is the worst news channel at giving out fake news.No evidence and goodness knows how old the photographs are that they put with these news items.Funny how so few prosecutions there are.People who do take pot shots at any protected bird deserves everything that comes to them and are certainly not doing us in the shooting community any favours.
  6. Backs against the wall,only one way now,come out fighting.
  7. I do hope NRW and Natural England are not reading this.No consultation ,All based on the scientific evidence? So easy to twist the evidence.Let this be a warning to our organisations and the general shooting fraternity.
  8. On WJ Twitter blog they are still determined to go after NRW on the general licence and they mention that if successful they will go for NE and the Scottish equivalent.They are now showing their true colours and are an out and out anti shooting organisation,and it makes no difference what the three leaders of this mob say they want to see the back of any shooting in this country.BASC are going to fight the review in Wales but non of the other organisations are willing to help.,if this judicial review is successful then it could open the floodgates again.
  9. Are there plenty of camp sites along the route or is it best to go B/B.
  10. Welcome from one Southern Welshman to another
  11. All the more reason to belong to one of the organisations.If you pack in WJ have won . Don't give them the satisfaction of people finishing shooting.BASC have registered as an interested party so hopefully will be called on the Judicial review,if they get away with this challenge Wild Justice will no doubt go after Natural England again.The reason they are taking on NRW is they consider the Welsh government as weak and will fold.
  12. The three directors of WJ are twittering today about the demise of the forthcoming shooting season,and that they now have the money to challenge Welsh government about general licences.The three directors are the driving force behind these judicial reviews and do nothing constructive toward conservation.They are left wing activist's who wallow in their own importance.
  13. greylag


    Hardly ever saw them years ago but their cronk can be heard quite a bit all over our area.
  14. greylag


    They drop into a local RSPB reserve late spring but are long gone before the cold arrives.Nice little duck the drake is a handsome thing.
  15. +1 Timex,had it for over 25 yes and never missed a beat. It can be illuminated when needed,handy on the marsh during early morning or evening flight.
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