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  1. Always consider the safety of the dog and if you think the end result of your shot puts your dog in danger don't take the shot.I remember one of my dogs getting caught in an anchor rope from a boat moored in my local river.I was on the verge of going in myself when thank goodness the dog became free and came ashore with the teal.It made me think hard about shooting in that area again.
  2. Thanks David.It looks as if the shooting community in Wales must get their act together and contact NRW to issue individual licences and make a real nuisance of themselves,and let these people in grey suits know they have made a complete mess of the licences.They have attempted to repair something that was'nt brocken.
  3. We cannot just leave it to our organisations to fight this.We need to contact our assembly members and vent our disgust with yet another piece of NRW dictatorship.The same as the ban on pheasant shooting on public land without any evidence, the general licences have been delivered even though all organisations gave evidence. NRW seems to be a law unto themselves.If we allow them to continue to walk all over us without a murmur then all live shooting in Wales could be lost.Some Welsh wildfowling clubs are being pressured into removing species from their shooting lists after NRW put forward flawed bird counts.We cannot allow them to succeed.
  4. Another great film.Allways a pleasure watching your adventures.Bear is coming along well,it's pleasing when a young dog starts to show such promise,he has learnt well.
  5. NRW are anti shooting ,full stop.If we allow them to dictate to us about wildfowl numbers we are lost.The bird counts are done by their own people and we all know that at certain times the marsh will hold different numbers ,and if that is the day that they do the counts that will go against you.BASC must fight every step of the way or we will be walked all over by this anti shooting government department .
  6. NRW have shown their true colours with the new general licences.Wildlife in Wales will be the poorer for the granting of these licences with poor protection for threatened species.NRW are a law unto themselves and refuse to take advice from qualified experts.NRW are anti shooting along with the Welsh government.We in Wales have a fight on our hands.All the organisations should get together and if necessary have be a judicial review of these licences.
  7. Some of the charges being asked by doctors in some parts of the country are eye watering.In this month's Sporting Gun there is an article about charges and a company called Medicert which says they will do all that is needed for 50 pounds,may be worth a look.
  8. Quite an exceptional year for sloes and blackberries,have picked pounds of both and are all in the freezer waiting to be turned into delicious drinks and pies and crumbles.Best time of the year nature's harvest.
  9. Anyone who uses the general licence should fill out this survey.If people stick their heads in the sand and rely on others to do it we could all loose out.Lets show DEFRA we care about our countryside and the activities we all enjoy,or should we not admit we enjoy it.
  10. You will love it.Best way to spend a few hours even if you have nothing in the bag you will see and hear so much.It is a beautiful place to be.Enjoy.
  11. Nice to see you back in action .Great start to the season and Ted seems to have lost none of his expertise during the summer and Bear seems to be following in his footprints.Hope to get out this week for my first flight.Keep my fingers crossed I can have half the success you have had on your first outings.Looking forward to following you throughout the season.
  12. Brave man Charlie,you were certainly up against it.If a small proportion of the audience go away and look up the true facts then some good has come out of your interview.I fear however that a huge majority are completely blinkered in their outlook and will carry on absorbing all the lies that the terrible trio put out.As regards to the shooting community we must continue to be squeaky clean and fight our corner vigorously letting the press ,public and friends know the true facts.
  13. Guess who has started another petition.Avery and his gang are chortling about the numbers who have already signed.This has already been discussed before a parliamentary committee when a previous petition was put forward.
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