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  1. Good stuff bismuth but 28 gram could be a bit light for duck.Expensive loads though.
  2. greylag

    Sausage roll

    I have just read that a vegan pie has won pie of the year in a national competition.The world has gone mad.
  3. Very upsetting to class these geese as vermin,what next Greylags?.
  4. Canada breasts plus various spices and pork make superb sausages and quite a few other things, lasagna, chili's and sausage rolls.Waste nothing.
  5. But can you use lead shot,I don't think you can.
  6. Terrible waste of really good food.Breasted and minced, you can make all sorts of recipes.
  7. I 've got an 08 and had a problem with the pipe blowing off the turbo.Gave it to my local garage and have had no troubles at all since .Quite economic and comfortable to drive,gets me everywhere I want to go.
  8. Just back.Really enjoyed the day,plenty to see and buy.Prices were on the whole reasonable.Will go again and the three friends who came with me were of the same opinion.Also easy to park and the shuttle buses made getting to the show as easy.
  9. I agree that plastic wads left on the ground after a good day on pigeons or crows is definitely not good for the farmer to see or anyone else for that matter.If degradable wads are the way forward it can only be good.Go for a walk on a popular wildfowling area at the high tide mark and see how many wads you can pick up.They ban toxic shot and we fire and we fire over an inch of plastic out onto the foreshore.???
  10. They are talking Greenland Whitefronts not European Whitefronts.But the problem is telling the difference between the two.What could happen if the powers that be are not careful a ban on all grey goose could be put forward.There has been a monitoriam on shooting Greenland Whitefronts in Wales for many years but the Welsh Government did not take that into consideration when putting the ban into place.
  11. Fibre every time.After a pigeon or crow shooting ,walk around the decoy pattern and if you are using plastic it is quite concerning how many are left laying in the field.With steel shot the plastic wads are even bigger.The sooner some alternative is found the better.
  12. There was talk in the not too distant past that this law may be dropped,but nothing came of it.Perhaps it may be put up for discussion at the next wildfowling liaison committee meeting at BASC.Food for thought.
  13. One half of the marsh our club controls can be shot on a Sunday and the other half is out of limits.This is clearly pointed out to new members and the boundary is clearly marked.
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