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  1. Lovely morning.You can't beat a nice flight,best pastime in the world and a feed afterwards what could be better.The people who are quick to deride us must have very grey lives with no sunny moments in them.
  2. greylag

    Electronic crow call

    It is not illegal to use manual calls for shooting it is just illegal to use electronics for the same purpose.
  3. Another great adventure, excellent shooting and dog work.Can't beat a great day out with friends.Hope the dog is better soon.
  4. Have probably seen more this year than for some time.Seemed to arrived early too.
  5. Another great vid.So pleased you are posting the wildfowling trips again.Pheasants are lovely ,but nothing beats the excitement of a flight on the fowl.Lovely surroundings and good dog work.Those Teal do tend to bring you back to earth quickly but what sport.May it long continue.
  6. Please do not stop posting.I think we all look forward to your adventures and watching the dogs enjoying themselves.
  7. Don't forget Boris's other half is a friend of Packham and his gang, so there may be a bit of ear bending at the breakfast table.
  8. Another great film.Both you and the dogs are performing well.Thanks for keeping posting such lovely stories of your days out.
  9. Lovely day to be out after a few pheasants.That sun in your eyes makes things difficult., but you seemed to do very well.The pups seemed to enjoy themselves too.Thanks for another great vid.
  10. Another great adventure.You could almost feel the excitement at the start of the trip.Really enjoy your wildfowling vids watching the dogs doing what they love.
  11. Quite a few about,earlier than usual and in greater numbers.
  12. Wildfowling every time,can't be beaten.Not for everyone but I have been doing it for years and love every minute of being on the marsh,even when you have nothing in the bag there is always something to see and watching night turning into day is very special.
  13. Another great piece.Great retrieve for the second Gadwall.Allways a pleasure watching you and the dogs adventures.Good to see a variety of duck in the bag.
  14. Milk trick does work,even works on shoveler believe it or not.I admit they were used in sausages with a bit of chorizo but perfectly edible.
  15. Another great adventure.Bear seems to have served his apprenticeship well and is working well.Never nice to fall over but you have to laugh,lucky nobody saw it happen.The drake mallard look in good condition and the teal too.Our winter visitors are arriving too wigeon,teal,and pintail in numbers.
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