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  1. Rooks can be controlled in Wales,but an application must be made to NRW ,with due evidence for the need for licence. It is far from an easy process ,having applied last year for controling crows predating lapwing hatchlings on a SSI. Wanting photographic evidence,map references,and reason for wanting the licence,was told it could take six weeks for the grant. Goodbye Lapwings. I was told to apply early this year,how do you get the evidence without seeing the act taking place?
  2. I use my No 3 may for the majority of my wildfowling now,I still have the auto but I love using the S/Side.Just feels nice. Choked improved and quarter,I find no difficulty using steel .
  3. Will NRW be claiming costs against WJ. I do hope they are ,as it's public money that's involved. I know BASC has thrown a huge amount at this case and must be applauded for doing so,for I fear if WJ had been successful it would have paved the way for other attacks on the Scottish and English licences. Well done BASC. and their legal team.
  4. We in Wales lost Rooks and collared doves in 2019,after the first intervention by WJ. The 2021 licence have yet to be officially approved as once again the wonderful trio have caused a judicial review to be heard.Calling NRWs general licence was illegal.This was heard on the 23rd of Dec,and the outcome will be known in a week or so, or when the judge decides to let every.one know.The outcome could have ramifications for future licences for both England and Scotland. I do hope WJ lose their case and the judge awards costs against them.
  5. NRW removed rooms and collared doves have been off the general licence since 2019. They were removed after WJ challenged NRW 's licence the same time as the English general licence was challenged. The difference between England and Wales is DEFRA is now issuing the general licence in England but in Wales we are governed by the useless NRW which is Welsh government funded,and the whole of the Labour run government is totally anti shooting. The 2021 licences have still not been officially issued due to a legal review brought again by Wild Justice. More money going to the wonderful Lei
  6. There is a very interesting article in sporting shooter,they are interviewing a shooter from Denmark who shoots nothing but steel including through Damascus barreled guns. May be of interest to you.
  7. Once you have been bitten by the wildfowling bug ,you will never want for anything else. It's the best way I can think of welcoming the day and saying goodnight at the end.Sights and sounds to stir the sole,and if your very lucky a nice feed as well.
  8. I have used both eco cartridges the 2 3/4 and now the 2 1/2 and found both perfectly capable of dealing with the type of shooting I do,small driven days ,wildfowling ,and pigeon, crows etc and a I am very pleased to know that there is now a steel cartridge for sale that will allow me to continue using my older s/ sides. I have found that the only place I have been able to get them along with other eco cartridges is Just Cartridges. I am sure you won't be disappointed ,provided you remember the capabilities of the cartridge.
  9. Used the ,65mm /2 1/2 inch grand Prix steel this week in a 2 1/2 inch chambered 1906 Cogswell and Harrison with good effect on both duck and pheasant,not astronomic birds but good sporting shots of 35 + yards. Not cheap but cheaper than tungsten or bismuth.Very pleased and happy in the knowledge that I can continue to use my old guns.
  10. Self publicist,must be at least one TV programme a week talking as if he is the only person who knows what their talking about. All this rubbish about not wanting to stop shooting is an out and out lie.He called people that shoot psychopaths.Nice way to build bridges.I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. What does he think he is doing fronting Wild Justice with the other two glory hunters judicial review after judicial review,costing the public purse thousands of pounds.,and not a penny out of his considerable pocket. I do believe we should totally ignore him and not
  11. Well done to all the organisations who stood up to the bully boys(and girl). I wonder if they will come clean and admit how much this defeat has cost them,no doubt their legal team will require their usual high fees.
  12. Haven't shot there yet ,but went for a look last week and it looks pretty impressive.I don't think all the stands are finished but there are enough for a fair bit of sport.Talking to one of the owners and the plans sound very exciting.Going this week for a few shots.
  13. Have been trying to get my hands on some 2 1/2 inch steel for some time. Contacted ELEY and they said that due to the lockdown most stockists have not had stocks.They advised contacting Just Cartridges.
  14. This from a man who called game shooters psychopaths. How to make friends and influence people.
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