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  1. I don't think there were many had a game licence,I bought one once,only because I had been invited to a day's shooting,a friend of mine asked the girl at the p.office for a game licence and she gave a bit of a blank look and asked what type of game he wanted it for. So many things have changed,but there must be a future for us,we can't let people who are anti everything to stop us.The countryside and the wildlife will be the poorer for the loss.
  2. Drake Gadwall is one of the most handsome of birds along with the Drake Pintail.The hen Gadwall must have taken a fancy to that handsome Drake mallard.Nice shooting.
  3. Well done ,I do hope the restrictions remain sensible and you are able to continue your adventures.,wildfowlers are not renowned for being sociable,and it is so easy to self distance when out on a pheasant day. Thanks again for your videos.
  4. Yet another brilliant video.Pity about not getting the geese on film,but nevertheless it is always a pleasure to watch you and the dogs having such a good time. Are you being effected by lockdown.
  5. They haven't stopped you fishing as long as you walk to the venue,no driving ,you must walk.They like you to exercise.,I am classing wildfowling as exercise.I may be on my own.
  6. I have been advised that providing you can walk to the marsh without transport it counts as my daily exercise.I can walk to the marsh so I feel that I will give it a go.Early morning or evening.
  7. Thanks for the good luck wishes.I am ever hopeful and won't let the so and SO's grind us down(can't believe I never swore)I am lucky that I have my wildfowling and you can't be more self isolating.The feeling in the Principality at the moment is they have crossed the line,and although nobody wants to see this horrible virus take over a common sense approach should be taken. Think positive.
  8. The same all over Wales,big shoots ,small shoots,all on hold until the 9th Nov.Then what????? The pheasants still need to be looked after, shooting or not you can't just walk away,and it all costs money.I am sure we will come through this ,and with a little bit of luck have some shooting,beating and picking up before the end of the season. The problem in Wales is that the idiots running the assembly are far far left labour so could easily stop shooting just to prove a point,they are anti at the best of times.
  9. Providing you have a letter from your permission saying you are carrying out pest control there is no problem.If you go on BASC coronavirus website it will give you all the advice.I can still carry out pest control on the farms I go to and also feed the pheasants as this is said to be essential work.Make sure you always carry your letters with you.
  10. Great result,well done. Can only be a good thing when you meet up with like minded people.
  11. Interesting,I think they are starch based so probably not toxic to livestock,can't be sure though.
  12. I remember my father coming off shift and all the men from his shift went up to help.Never said much about it really but you could tell it affected all the people there.Rest in peace .
  13. All shooting in Wales apart from pest control on stop for at least two weeks from Friday.Everyone hoping that after Nov 9th when the lockdown ends we will attempt to get some shooting in.
  14. No ,not really wildfowling ,more duck flighting.Make sure the land comes with sporting rights.
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