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  1. Would be nice to see it published in a daily paper and perhaps on the radio,but I doubt it will.
  2. Basc has been refused an application to be an interested party in WJ judicial review.The judge has said because NRW and DEFRA are both defending this review Basc was not needed.I do hope that both NRW and DEFRA put up a vigorous defence and not allow WJ make further reductions to the shooting practices in Wales.I fear NRW will role over as it is a puppet for an anti shooting Welsh government.It is the last thing the farming and conservation bodies need,is to have more restrictions put on them when the breeding season arrives next year.
  3. You must be joking.NRW run affairs in Wales and as previous history shows are far from pro shooting.We have a fight on our hands and I hope our organisations are up for it.
  4. Does it matter where it comes from, it's about time we got back at the deadly trio and their army of petition pushers.Let us hope that it is not a false dawn and the beginning of putting us on the front foot and not fighting rear guard actions all the time.
  5. To be honest the Welsh government is determined to do completely opposite to the Westminster government.Drakeford wants his 15minutes of fame.It is just a huge gravy train.The politicians are either on their way up or on there way down.They have devolved education and health and are making a mess of both.Shooting and any wildlife laws are taken by NRW another waste of money.The money this Senedd can and do waste is eye watering.If they do run a party for the abolition not the Senedd I think they would have surprising following.?
  6. Don't subscribe, it's what they want you to do,giving them more publicity.
  7. With you all the way.Wildfowling is safe on the vast majority of marshes in England and Wales and it is on a few marshes where the consent has not been given,due to the inefficiency of NE. NRW is no better .BASC fortunately are fighting NE on the refused consents.
  8. I am afraid I quoted incorrectly on my last post.I am sorry Mick feels that way for I find if me and my friends are being attacked by the narrow minded people of WJ. we cannot standby and give them a free hand.We must come out fighting.I for one am sick and tired of having to defend all that I hold dear to people who wouldn't know a woodcock from a woodlouse.For goodness sake, the whole of the shooting community should be up in arms about this disgraceful judicial review, and make no mistakes if the terrible trio get this through other more onerous things are coming our way.
  9. If all goes well it will not impact on shooting in years to come.My grandchildren need good representation to allow them to have the pleasure and enjoyment we have today.
  10. Wild justice have been granted a date for the judicial review of game bird release into the countryside.Now is the time for all the organisations to get the legal eagles together and fight this review vigorously.We can't allow these anti shooting bunch have their own way.
  11. What an utter pile of horse ****. What about all the other things,off roaders , scramble bikes,horse riders,runners,etc etc the list goes on.Have a go at the wildfowlers ,there in a minority and haven't got any clout.
  12. First minister and the Welsh government are afraid of their own shadows.Quite a few of the decisions are purely political,and as regards shooting, this lot in the Senedd wouldn't worry if we never started back.They don't worry about the financial difficulties of the companies that rely upon shooting for their livelihoods .Gamekeepers,hotels, restaurants,pubs,clay grounds,the list goes on.They don't give a hoot.
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