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  1. Guess who has started another petition.Avery and his gang are chortling about the numbers who have already signed.This has already been discussed before a parliamentary committee when a previous petition was put forward.
  2. Don't forget this is the same solicitor's that brought the case against British soldiers for war crimes during the Iraq war.They are not fussy who they take money from or what cause they fight as long as the money continues to role in.
  3. .They thought of Packham and his other directors of WJ having a discussion with shooting organisations on a filmed stage just does not compute.The knowledge that our organisations can bring to the table would blow them out of the water,it would never happen.Why do you think he refused to discuss the general licences with Dan Reynolds the BASC director for England on the breakfast programme.,afraid of loosing the argument in the public domain.The discussions at the Game Fair would have been very interesting .We will never know if he could hold it together long enough in such a heated environment.
  4. She is pro badger cull and was against fox hunting but since 2017 has become pro hunting.Give her chance to settle in ,no doubt the shooting organisations will be getting keen to find out where she stands on shooting.I'll bet our little friends from WJ will be eager to bend her ear.
  5. BASC will not be fighting this alone,as with the general licence nonsense it was a combined effort from all the various shooting organisations that got things moving.They will be be exchanging information to fight this legal challenge if it comes our way.The people who are quick to knock BASC or other organisations fail to give any constructive arguments to fight these constant attacks on our way of life.Without the backup of legal departments and wildlife expertise ,conservation experts and various other departments we would be wiped out in next to no time.Eighty pounds very well spent.
  6. Why are people quick to knock BASC.They have jumped on this challenge right from the start.Well done BASC,As has been said previously we would we far worse without them and they could not be more proactive when WJ reared their latest argument.
  7. Why has the BBC bothered.The general public have not got a say on who is going to be the next PM.Unless you are a member of the conservative party we can't do a thing about who is going into number 10.Looking at the options I am glad I haven't got to make a decision.
  8. It is up to us all to contact our chief constables if you are not happy about their interpretation of home office guidelines .If you are happy to let them get away with it so be it.It is about time we as well as the various organisations become more proactive instead of sitting quiet and let everyone ride rough shod over us.
  9. Apparently the various organisations are attempting to have meetings with the association of chief constables to get this mess sorted out.As has previously been said how can you make a legal challenge against a guide line which is not law.It seems that every police area has a different way of doing things depending upon the direction of the chief constable.
  10. Apply for a special licence,as you can for any species not on the list.
  11. Eley have developed a bio degradable wad for steel cartridges.Nothing left after about 48hrs.
  12. BASC could not have done more to make life easier for us.All the information on the new licences are on their web site.Some people are still refering to the old NE licence and not the ones issued by DEFRA.
  13. Good information on BASC website.Well done BASC.
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