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  1. Something special being on the shore in those conditions.Makes you realise how fast those old ducks fly.Gives me plenty of excuses for missing. Nice to see a variety of duck in the bag ,the hide looked a snug fit. Thanks for another great adventure.
  2. Natural Resources Wales are at the beck and call of the Welsh labour government. They are at this moment attempting to put magpies on the protected list in Wales. All Welsh fieldsports are under pressure from the " conservationists"in Cardiff Bay. We have a real fight on our hands ,and only today they are launching a save the curlew project when one of the reasons for their demise is predation along with habitat loss etc. NRW are not fit for purpose.
  3. Another great vid.Glad to see it's not only my dogs that anticipate a successful shot ,must be the wildfowling instinct. Looking forward to the rest of a hopefully successful season.
  4. Another great vid in challenging conditions.Great to see the dogs working together,some nice retrieves. It certainly has been a mild wet year,visitors just arriving in numbers,we could do with some nice blows now to get amongst them. Thanks again .
  5. Another great vid, brilliant long retrieve on the Shoveller,you must have been very pleased. Never a waste of time going out even if you blank,so much to see and hear,and the dogs love it.Thanks for posting.
  6. Another great adventure. Good to welcome another season.The dogs look to have had a great flight as well as you. Still waiting for my first outing.wpWeather has been like mid summer. Thanks again for posting great vids.
  7. NRW have put out a public consultation for a review of the general license in Wales. I think that anyone that shoots in Wales should make an attempt to reply to this consultation. It is a bit strung out and needs to be read carefully.I fear that if there is a poor response they will just go ahead and bring in the new restrictions. Just as an example they want to remove the Magpie from general license because of the decrease in numbers,this along with several other recommendations. Some of the proposals are common sense and would not be restrictive,but with NRW being government run and with the Welsh government being heavily against shooting we have a battle on our hands.
  8. The shooting community in Wales have a battle on their hands when dealing with any department of the Welsh government. From NRW,the minister Leslie Griffith's and the majority of the government would love to see all shooting stopped in the Principality,driven,wildfowling,any form of vermin control,crop protection etc etc. Drakeford and his team of far left wing reformers will make life more and more uncomfortable for us to pursue our way of life. Every certificate holder in Wales should contact their SMs ,MPs and the ministers in charge of the department's telling them what you think of their unfair and perhaps illegal treatment of the shooting industry. Don't hold out much hope of a joined up reply.
  9. A big congratulations to all the organisations who contributed to this debate. The usual rubbish from the hateful trio in replying to this overwhelming bashing given to them. Well done.
  10. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Yes thanks for replying,thought of putting the seat down to allow for more room,but was hoping that someone had the name of a box that fitted without putting the seats down.I may use one of the strong boot covers.
  12. Has anyone fitted a dog box in a Suzuki Vitara,and what type ?.Just asking.
  13. You prey for weather like the last few days,when the weather god's shine on the wildfowler. Fowl on the foreshore and perfect conditions to make a bag . I must admit it got to a point when the thumb was so cold I had trouble getting the safety off. The dog was a bit chilly too. Pintail,teal,wigeon and mallard in numbers.Mild weather on the way and the end of the season in sight,had to make the most of it.
  14. I've used steel all season,when allowed to shoot.Had no problems with it , mostly Ely bio wad. Have been using steel since wildfowling became non toxic ,what seems to be a lifetime now,but it has improved 10:fold since then.
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