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  1. I wonder what he tells his eco brothers and sisters about his little sideline.?
  2. Done !.Let's hope everyone signs up.Come on get signing.
  3. To put this man in the top position in NE was always going to be inflammatory.Wild justice have an ear direct to the top.He must be removed from his position to allow a level playing field and fair arguments.
  4. I have nothing but contempt for the man.He is allowed to say as he wishes without comebacks.I have recently heard he is challenging Natural Resources Wales on their general licence.More fights ahead.
  5. I do hope they will reply but unfortunately they don't feel the need to answer your text.The countryside organisations cannot get their voice heard on national television.
  6. Threats real or not he never mentioned the real agony some farmers and their families have been subjected to by the Badger groups.,over the cull.Buldings damaged ,livestock realeased,and threats to wife's and children.Seems there is one rule for one and one rule for another.
  7. The reason Peckham had free reign was that he said he would pull out if he was confronted by an appossing argument.ITV buckled .You will not get a balanced discussion from any of the national networks.The tree huggers rule.
  8. BASC has published this on their website.They have been ready for this programme since last Friday,only for the broadcaster to pull it at the last minute.BASC can shout as much as they like but if it is not a level playing field what are you to do.Packham and his cronies get as much publicity as the like because they have Freund's in the television who will give them air time.
  9. BASC were supposed to have a representative on the same program this morning but Peckham refused to have a confrontation and said he would not be interviewed,so BASC were told they would not be needed.Fair interview ,I don't think so.
  10. Surley Gove and his department can see what a pig's ear the idiots at NE are making of the general license debacle.Someones head should role,which I very much doubt.
  11. I think it is about time that photographs of piles of dead crows and pigeons were not published.We are doing ourselves no favours and giving our enemies fuel for their arguments.Packham,Avery,and the rest of the pack do not need any more ammunition.
  12. Sorry for delay in getting back.Have decided not to go for it,but it looks very well built.Thanks.
  13. Would you consider postage?.
  14. As these organisations NE,. and other government agencies are being staffed by people who have little affinity with our way of life and you are always fighting a rearguard action.
  15. It's not BASC you should be knocking,they were taken by surprise just like us all.They have been keeping the web site informed.It is NR who should be getting the flack from us all for being totally inept in dealing with Peckham and his pals.
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