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  1. haynes

    Dirt flask!

    Milton works wonders on all sorts of stuff
  2. haynes

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Henry. They last forever. Well nearly.
  3. haynes

    Leather 2 to 2.5 mm

    How about old horse saddles. There's usually some nice sized bits on them.
  4. haynes

    Bird ownership

    We have a shoot next door. With one of there drives being a piece of wood that has two side bordering our fields. It started off can they put a picker up in our field. Of course they can. But just the one. Anyway over the season it went from one picker up to 3 guns stood in our field and ended with them dogging in a piece of our railway and two fields. Thats where it stopped. Now they loose a lot of 'there' birds over our farm. Tough.
  5. haynes

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    A mate has an 09 petrol vitara. And although has a better 4 x4 gearbox than the rav4 his mpg is at best high 20s.
  6. haynes

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    Ill have to do it the old fashioned way. I was surpried buy the readings too.
  7. haynes

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    Ive just bought a rav 4. On a 06 plate for 3k. And so far its brilliant. 2.2 diesel 140hp will tow 2 ton and on a 100mile trip i averaged 54mpg. Just pottering around near home its still doing 46-48mpg. Not a propa 4x4 but with it so dry ive not challenged it yet. Time will tell.
  8. There are magnets with a countersunk hole in them so they can be screwed on to stuff. Think they are the super strong neodium type magnets. Ive seen them for holding tools etc.
  9. haynes

    243 variation dsc

    I dont really get this mentoring. Just because somone has been doing something for a long time, doesnt mean they are any good at it.
  10. haynes

    First shotgun

    This where my knoweledge runs out. I have no counter argument to that. So to that ends as on dragons den. Im out. Good look on your quest to find a new gun. Dont forget its a slippery slope, it dont stop at 1.
  11. haynes

    First shotgun

    Dont forget every action has an equal and opposite re action. Light weight cartridge in a heavy gun will recoil less than a heavy cartridge in a light gun. So a 28g cart in a 12 will recoil less than in a 20 bore. Generally speaking. There are always exceptions to that rule.
  12. haynes

    First shotgun

    I tried a 20 bore. A beretta 30inch. Used it twice and sold it. It was too light and whippy. I prefer my browning 525 now. Much more deliberate. Im 6foot plus and 14 stone. The 20 didnt suit me. But thats me and not you. Were all different.
  13. haynes

    Cutting steel with chop saw

    I bought a titan chop saw from screwfix. Its been brilliant. No mo bending down with your foot on top of the piece your cutting and the sparks burning your other trouser leg. It was only 70quid
  14. haynes

    Fixing cabinet to the wall

    If your wanting to see where the studs are. Take a good strongish magnet and rub it over the wall. This should then attach itself to the screws in the plasterboard. Thus denoting where the studs are. You can fix to these.
  15. haynes

    Cutting steel with chop saw

    The evolution saws i have found a are quite well built for the money. There blades last well too. Iirc there blades have a 1 inch hole in them as opposed to a standard 30mm. So might not fit a normal mitre saw.