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  1. haynes

    FAC Grant

    My licence came back with .22rimfire written on it. When quizzed can i get a 22wmr then. Er no i dont think so whats a 22 wmr? Was the reply.
  2. haynes

    "Mainly" %$&^&*()((**&..owwww !

    Your trying to mend him not baste him.
  3. haynes

    Petrol garden tools.

    I never bother. After about 10 years the diaphragm goes all floppy so i change them when they struggle to start. Seems to fix most problems.
  4. haynes

    Lambs in November?

    A few years ago we were due to kill a lamb in oct when the rest were going. Didnt have time and it got left and from previously finding out they can get really fatty late on it the year. So we left it till spring. So about a year old. It tasted amazing. Not bland and fatty as is sometimes the case.
  5. haynes

    Boxall and Edminson

    Theres no mention anywhere i can find. They look to make some excellent stuff. Fingers crossed for bigger and better things.
  6. haynes

    Ear defenders

    The bluetooth ear defenders are great. Ive just bought a pair of stihl ones and my mate has some 3m worktunes ones. We use them in the workshop when machining timber. Wouldnt wear them out pigeon shooting tho. Thats the whole point of being out. The peace and quiet, also i listen for the birds coming.
  7. haynes

    Cocking problem. Bettinsolli diamond

    For stuff like that i like to use wd40 to free stuff off and it cleans stuff really well. Used along side a toothbrush and the compressor. Cleaned and dried and put back together with some napier gun oil to finish off.
  8. haynes

    Lamping Lamp RED FILTER

    I use an optic fire t67 with interchangable led pills. Its great. And not too expensive. I use a similar t50 mounted to the rifle too.
  9. haynes

    Making beachcasting rigs

    I used braid once. First cast it turned into a birdsnest so i cut off 20quids worth of braid and replaced it with mono. Dont overfill your spool as i did. It slips off the reel very easily.
  10. haynes

    Making beachcasting rigs

    You can buy tapered shock leader. It goes from 60lb to about 15lb this makes the knot much smaller. Grinner knot or tucked blood knot.
  11. haynes

    .17 hmr range

    I was told similar by leics firearms. I applied for a 22cf. And got it. The gunshop had never seen it written like that on a license before and actually rang firearms to confirm. As theres a big difference between 22hornet and the 22250. Got a 22250 and im well chuffed with it.
  12. haynes

    .17 hmr range

    All are great guns but bang for your buck the cz has all you need. What you want is a different matter. All will be more accurate than you are.
  13. haynes

    What would do this?

    Town fox? Fight with a dog, knock by a car? Two seperate bits of mis fortune.
  14. haynes

    .17 hmr range

    Ive got one that might be for sale. Its too noisey. And i favour my 22lr over this for 99% of my shooting. Im happy shooting rabbits to 100yrds with the 22lr and about 140 with the hmr. But that itch must be scratched.
  15. haynes

    Making beachcasting rigs

    This. There is very little stretch with braid and the idea is with a shock leader is just that. To take the shock out of the cast. Tight lines