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  1. Dunlop purofort + after killing many wellies these arnt pretty but do last.
  2. We had this kind of quantity to do last year. And after a bit of sweat and obscenities especially with knotty timber 400 quid was spent on a 10t hydraulic splitter for the tractor. I do the chainsaw work now and dad does the splitting. 👍
  3. This is exactly it. Ive been asked for more photos than a little. We did them all in 10mins after work. Pics of him using all the machines. Stupid really as it doesnt help anyone. I made a window the wrong size once. Guess what i didnt get paid for it. I made them a new one that was right. Whats the point of setting a spec, then ignoring it and passing them anyway.
  4. I understand that its my job to train him. But i took him on half way through his apprenticeship. So not sure how much hes already been taught. He works well with me and hes a good lad. And the work he turns out is of a good standard. But he did this door thing on his own for college and i didnt see it till hed finished that part of the course. And why they had signed him off i dont know. If in the eyes of the college his not up to scratch then why sign it off?
  5. Dont cut a hole in the plasterboard. It should be fire proofed. As any potential fire in the garage should be contained there. To find the joists use a magnet to locate the screws in the ceiling. Giving you a dot to dot of exactly where the joists are.
  6. There are few mechanically poor and bad made guns these days. You can get some great buys that arnt in fashion. Lanber, lincoln, bettinsoli all very good and for about 400 quid. Buy what fits and spend the extra on lessons or cartridges and enjoy.
  7. My apprentice went through citb to do bench joinery. What a crock of .... They didnt teach him anything or check at what level he might be. The classroom/ workshop time he had was pathetic. Some days spent bringing in some delivered timber for most of the day! Workshop woefully behind current practice. Spent more time learning how to be safe using the internet and race relations than how to make stuff. His exam piece which he passed with, i was disgusted with. A door not fit for a dog kennel. Whats the point. And all the time i was paying him to be there. Hopefully getting a rebate but i wont be getting another apprentice. Dont get me wrong im all for training new blood but this kind of education is rubbish. Add to that, hes now more qualified than me. Rant over.
  8. Id be more concerned the fixings pulling out. Especially if into thermalight blocks. The vibration will have them out in no time. Ive tried all manner of fixings but nothing works very well. Put a 6x2 onto the ceiling to span 2 joists and fasten your bag to that.
  9. If your desperate to use the bracket to stop the bag swaying too much put a piece of rope on to a ceiling joist and round the top of the bracket. Or if the joists are covered with plasterboard use a bolt on ring that horsey people use. Then tie to that. Job jobbed.
  10. haynes

    Gillette ad

    Buy a proper double edge razor. Its not for girls. My wife says.
  11. I waited till my visit. Then i asked them about suitable locations etc. Put the ball in there court.
  12. I had this in a stihl. So took it apart. And the piston had stuck bits of itself to the cylinder. As the cylinder is chromed i took a fine flap disc on the drill and polished off the lumps to find out the cylinder was in perfect nick. New piston and rings for 30quid and back to as good as new.
  13. Are the barrels thinner to account for the extra length or is the gun barrel heavy as some prefer a more deliberate swing. Liking the look of the guerini guns. Definatly on my list!
  14. Just curious. But why did you buy 34inch gun? Is a big jump from 28inch.
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